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Can the guarantor renounce the satisfaction of the creditor in Emoji?

In addition lawyers of the kingdom Emoji had to write something in the legislation of the Emojis. An assigned counsel absolutely wanted to describe from his experience a case:
In Laughing Emoji Emojis wanted to open own hairdressing salon. However, for that Emojis needed an amount in money. So they agreed on an appointment at a local bank. The bank owner was exceptionally no stingy. That's why he could lend easily desired 5058 Circus Bitcoins to the Emojis. Later a miser from the Jupiter took over the local bank. The new owner required of the Emojis for the check of the documents that they should absolutely have a guarantor.
For this purpose Emojis looked feverishly for a guarantor in a job advertisement. A foreigner from the Uranus did not understand for linguistic reasons what a guarantor should make. So the alien from the Uranus applied with the Emojis for the activity as a guarantor. Then they explained to the alien from the Uranus that he should take over with his function as a sort of guarantee for their loan. However, thereon the alien from the Uranus also tried to get a job with the Emojis. They promised to him that he could work in their enterprise as a hairdresser. Thus they agreed on a cooperation.
Afterwards presented Emojis the alien from the Uranus to the stingy bank owner with big pride. Thereon the guarantor from the Uranus with his both hands had to sign. At this time Emojis had another 60 months for the repayment of the loan. In the meantime, they might receive in their hairdressing salon actively customers. Emojis repaid regularly and very on time their credit. All receipts kept they quite a lot in their expenses folder. After 900 days the stingy bank owner from the Jupiter felt very growing stinginess in himself. That's why the alien from the Jupiter wanted to halve all loan repayments timewise.
Also Emojis with the hairdressing salon received a letter from the bank. Therein it was informed to the Emojis that they had only 15 months instead of 30 months for the repayment of the loan. For affected Emojis this was a real shock. Thus they were strongly threatened by a bankruptcy. In the interim the alien from the Uranus returned to his native country.
Emojis had to appear urgent before the stingy bank owner. They explained that they can repay their credit according to contract after 30 months. The shortening of the time threatened the existence of their hairdressing salon. The stinginess burnt in the body of the stingy bank owner very strongly. That's why he rejected a compromise because of his stubbornness.
Instead, he required from the Emojis that the guarantor would take for this responsibility. Emojis explained that finally the alien from the Uranus left some time ago the kingdom Emoji. They had no contact with him. So the stinginess of the bank owner threatened to explode. Nevertheless, the bank owner required the international search for the alien from the Uranus. Later a legal aid request was provided in Uranus in this connection. The bank owner alarmed even his home planet Jupiter in this connection. With handcuffs the alien from the Uranus was brought back to Emoji.
There the bank owner required the immediate fulfilment of the agreed upon duty as a guarantor for hairdressing salon of the Emojis. The alien from the Uranus looked on the contract at it between both parties. At this time the alien from the Uranus could understand the languages of the Circus Union very well and speak. There he thought that the last repayment should take place anyway only in 30 months. The stingy bank owner reacted to it very furiously and required the repayment for new terms of business within 15 months. Therefore Emojis would have to repay the double amount monthly. The stingy bank owner could not agree with the Emojis thereon. That's why had to go the alien from the Uranus, credit grantor and business Emojis for a solution to the court.
Every judge had to analyse with his magnifying glass and other devices the contract between Emojis and the bank. I as an assigned counsel had to protect the alien from the Uranus against indebtedness. The present judges decided the following principles after long research: The guarantor was released from his duty because of changed conditions of the contract. The stingy bank owner had to accept his change as invalid. The argument of the judges was: The contract was concluded under certain conditions. After the expiry of 70 percent of the repayment time the duration cannot be shortened so dramatically. Judges thereby wanted to protect the relatively new enterprise against a pointless bankruptcy.
After the announcement of the judgment the miser felt unwell. He had to take patience strengthening means to himself. Thereby he could teach a little bit more patience his internal stinginess.
After lawyers listened very patiently the story of the assigned counsel, somebody knocked at the door. The recollections of the kidnapping of the Emojis came to the brains of the present lawyers. That's why the main lawyer took a saucepan in his left hand. Then he opened the door. Outdoors there stood an alien from the Venus and said that only laws from the Venus were right. He asked the lawyers to stop with their silly inventions. Thereon expected Emojis that the alien from the Venus would make something criminal.
Really the guest from the Venus planned something. In addition it did not come. The alien from the Venus was released from a well coached special unity of the former circus army by an electromagnet of his aggression. Afterwards arrested soldiers this alien from the Venus. In the meantime, Emojis laughed before the television so strongly that lawyers heard the laughter of their spectators. Then the phone rang with the lawyers. An alien from the Saturn wanted to know: What does mean in the Emoji founded anew the concept Bankruptcy?
In addition a young lawyer with specialisation on the financial death of a person or an enterprise wanted to express himself:
In Emoji this means that the affected Emoji or the enterprise was classified after extensive examination as insolvent. Therefore the creditor must be allowed to receive consolation from a psychologist. This is written in a notification thus.
Many Emojis applauded thereon even stronger than before. Some lawyers complained of earache.
At this time a former notary public wanted to discuss the subject of the limitation again. The other lawyers answered this: Finally in Emoji all demands come under the statute of limitations after 404 days. The court can grant exceptions. In particular with the conviction of the creditors to the long-standing patience.
But also Emojis sometimes repay their debts after a court judgment in a slow tempo.
The notary public said that 404 days are not enough. The main lawyer answered this that with this law all contracting partners are forced to the immediate check and realisation of the clauses of a contract.
By this second reacted official of the mighty tax authority in Poop Emoji very much stunned. Thereon the uppermost tax collector came to the lawyers and required a correction of the limitation for the tax liabilities of the Emojis.
He wanted that tax liabilities no limitation became. A lawyer supposed a cheeky Emoji with stingy roots behind the tax collector. All lawyers like an individual answered this: On no account. The tax authority must treat as equal itself to other areas. No special treatments for the mightiest authority of the country!!!
The tax collector left the room of the lawyers with furious expression. At this time said a lawyer when he switched off his microphone that anyway the tax authority will die in some years as a result of its stinginess. After this sentence the present lawyers remembered the future ball.
Suddenly lawyers heard how Emojis loudly applauded. Moreover, they would shout: Death to the bureaucracy!
For lawyers was clear that Emojis supported their step in the shortening of the period of limitation on 404 days as a bureaucracy dismantling.
Thereon originated in the law book the following sentence:
§ Finally all demands come under the statute of limitations after 404 days. The contracting parties can agree judicially on unlimited repayments. In these cases the court with the help of its aid determines the repayment for every month. Professional specialists like certified mathematicians also belong beside pocket calculator to the aid.
When does the limitation in the kingdom Emoji begin?
A former judge asked this his occupational colleagues. A lawyer answered this: Ordinarily after the last day in which the debtor paid the payment. Otherwise if the creditor did not react during 404 days, on the 405th day the limitation begins definitively.
Are there obstacles for the beginning of the limitation in the opinion of the Emojis?
A concerned alien from the Mercury asked the lawyers this. Thereon said a lawyer: The only following events delay the beginning of the limitation: The first April, public holidays, emergencies of the debtor and creditor.
Can limitation be interrupted?
An Emoji from the south of the country asked this by telephone.
In addition said a defender: A limitation can be interrupted only judicially for negotiations between contracting parties. Requirement is: The creditor reacts as fast as possible. Otherwise 404 days will be over.
Will the limitation anew begin after the interruption?
A very concerned stingy alien from the Jupiter wanted to know this.
In addition immediately seven Emojis answered together: On no account. Present days are drawn off.
With it a lifelong imprescriptibility should be prevented legally.
Many misers from the Jupiter reacted to the ban of the lifelong imprescriptibility with big misunderstanding. They wanted to protest. Thereon reacted Emojis very furiously on the hated aliens from the Jupiter. They would shout to their direction: Damned misers go back to your Jupiter!!!
No Emoji will miss you and your stinginess here.
After this event lawyers still wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ The judge must consider the limitation of 404 days anyway if the creditor failed to claim back his demand on time. Previous arrangements are excluded to the repayment of the debt.
By this second many misers from the Jupiter reacted very dissatisfied with the new laws. Emojis would shout to their direction over and over again hostile slogans. Then several aliens flew to Jupiter. For lawyers another day of their work ended with it for the law book of the modern kingdom Emoji.

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