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The extinction of the bonds in Emoji and the adventure of the lawyers

After Emojis discussed the extensive laws on the subjects like completion of the contract, fulfilment of the duties of the contract and non-fulfilment, the lawyers also had to define the end of the duties of the contract legally. In this case thus the former judge spoke about an Emoji: A tenant discontinued his tenancy to the Saturn's renter in Heart Eyes Emoji on end of August. At the end of July the second half of the rent paid the Emoji for August. On the last day from August the flat handed over the Emoji to his former renter. The contract ended with it between both sides. With it the case was clear to the Emojis what should land in the code of the kingdom Emoji:
§ If the contracting parties fulfilled their duties compared with each other, the fulfilment of the contract ends. By the end of the contract everything must be checked immediately. Afterwards a contracting party any more cannot complain in Emoji of the non-fulfilment.
The last sentence led to a protest above all among the aliens from the Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Together these aliens appeared before the door of the gathered lawyers. They knocked at the door. Then a retired lawyer from Emoji Opinion opened the door. Among the protesting aliens was a former imprisoned from the Neptune.
By his friendship with the aliens from the Saturn he learnt the Saturn's methods. Thus the alien from the Neptune ran to the other lawyers and commanded his Saturn's colleagues to kidnap the lawyers. Together with the aliens from the Saturn they attacked these lawyers. Outdoors they tried to placed with several lawyers on the flying saucer. On the other side several attentive Emojis were on the move. Among them was also an alien from Makemake. In the meantime, aliens from the Saturn and the alien from the Neptune tried to take the kidnapped lawyers as hostages on a foreign planet.
They could not agree in the flying saucer, however, on where they should fly. A strong quarrel thereby broke out between aliens from the Saturn and the alien from the Neptune. Concerned Emojis feared that the whole legislation of their lawyers could get lost. This is why they asked the alien from Makemake for help. The alien from Makemake had a water pistol with himself. He started to shoot at least 7676 bytes in water to the direction of the flying saucer. After 76 shots the electricity of the flying saucer was totally damaged. Then Emojis ran to the flying saucer. By this second aliens from the Saturn with the alien from the Neptune still quarrelled.
The kidnapped lawyers found several stolen fingerprints in the rear seats. They took these papers with the fingerprints. On account of a trick a lawyer for his time remembered as a magician in his time as a student of the jurisprudence. This Emoji could produce several toxic worms from the fingerprints. Emoji used this trick in the fight against aliens from the Saturn and Neptune. In the meantime, also came Emojis and alien from Makemake to the flying saucer. Besides, Emojis hit the Saturn's aliens with their furious fists so strongly that aliens from the Saturn left the flying saucer. Outdoors they were hard attacked by the worms. The alien from the Neptune celebrated his success.
He pressed a button very fast. Then the saucer flew in an extremely quick tempo to Neptune. The stunned lawyers could hardly stop him. At this time the alien from Makemake felt that he completely did not succeed with his method. That's why he commanded the Emojis that they urgently deliver a flying saucer to him. Afterwards listened Emojis to the alien from Makemake. In the meantime, Emojis flew under his guidance in another flying saucer. The alien from Makemake had especially good contacts with the aliens from Pluto. He contacted specialists from Pluto. Then handed over all co-ordinates about the flight of the saucer of the alien from the Neptune with the kidnapped Emojis.
Moreover, Pluto delivered exactly information where the flying saucer would land in Neptune. In the meantime, the remaining lawyers trembled in their room. The main lawyer had to express himself for the kidnapping of his occupational colleagues. He said that alien from the Neptune succeeded the escape with the Emojis. Against it aliens from the Saturn could be arrested after the attack of the worms by the police of the kingdom Emoji.
By this second the alien from the Neptune landed on his home planet with the kidnapped Emojis. There the alien from Makemake with his group waited for the alien from the Neptune. He noticed that another saucer was nearby.
So the Neptune alien alarmed his land people. Pluto sent an electromagnet also at this time to the scene to Neptune. In the meantime, Neptune's policemen tried to help their alien. Besides, they were taken by far away electromagnets by its magnetism upwards. Then the alien from Makemake could complete his work. The kidnapper from the Neptune could be hit by Emojis and the alien from Makemake at least 66 times. Finally, then the kidnapped lawyers were released. Then they flew together to Emoji. All Neptune's policemen from the electromagnet were thrown at the return of the Emojis to their native country, to Neptune.
There another problem expected the lawyers before the entrance in the room of the gathered lawyers. This time Emojis were hindered by the aliens from the Jupiter. They required that the end of the fulfilment of a contract is valid only after the entire unanimous fulfilment of both sides. They wanted to extinguish the word "immediately" anyway from the law. Thereon the lawyers on the following supplement agreed in the law book of the Emojis:
§ The fulfilment of the contract in the kingdom Emoji begins at the end of all claims of both sides in the mutual agreement. In the dispute both sides must run to the judge by emergency. Then the court with its varied judges decides only.
With this law aliens from the Jupiter could live somewhat.
At this time one concerned bank owner wanted to ask a question to the gathered Emojis:
How does the contract end between a bank customer and the bank in Emoji?
Thereon said a lawyer: Actually, quite simply. The customer discontinues his bank account according to the clauses of a contract. Then the bank must balance the account.
At the same time an Emoji wanted to know whether the bank may punish him for the account closure.
Several lawyers said that it is a good question. They discussed this subject very intensely. In the meantime, several aliens from the Jupiter knocked at the door.
They wanted to bribe the lawyers with sweets from the Jupiter. Thus they wanted to get laws in their favour. A lawyer from Crying Laughing Emoji said on this subject: The bank may require at most the regular fee portion with the account closure. Besides, the bank has to settle, if available a positive interest with the fees. An Emoji required thereon an example. The lawyer: For example, a bank customer on his bank account has 1000 Bitcoins. The account processing costs amount to 12 Bitcoins per year. Because the customer has no debts at his bank, in this case he has a positive interest of 1 percent. Per year Emoji gets 10 Bitcoins.
At the same time the bank customer must pay 12 Bitcoins per year for the account processing. Therefore the bank to the customer charges 2 Bitcoins. At the end the customer has 998 Bitcoins. The stingy from the Jupiter applauded very loudly this statement. Then an Emoji asked for what does he need, actually, a bank account if he has less money at the end?
A stingy bank owner answered this: If the Emoji exactly applies, for example, the law of the thrift, he profits from the bank. This led to an other discussion under the Emojis, lawyers and aliens. However, for lawyers the story was with the regulation of the account processing fees with the positive interest completely ok.
Finally, nobody must have in Emoji a bank account. Even employees can have paid out from their employers the wage directly on the hand. This is why all participants of this discussion on this law agreed. With the account closure the portion of the cost guidance fees with the positive interest is charged.
What is valid in Emoji if creditor and debtor meet in a person?
An Emoji and alien from the Mercury wanted to know this. The reason: Before the alien from the Mercury worked with the Emoji as a door opener. The Emoji as an employer still owed to him the last month wage. In the meantime, the employee from the Mercury was upgraded professionally. He wanted to take over together with the Emoji the management of the enterprise.
Thus the former employee was the new member in the administrative council together with his former boss. In addition a former lawyer expressed himself: In this case the creditor and debtor have become juridical in a person. The debt is cancelled thereby. Therefore Emoji must not pay the month wage any more. Unless which used former employees this wage for the share purchase. Or the former employee had to endure in the salaried employment up to the end of the month. In this case the present debt would have the Emoji to repay to his present subordinated quite normally.
What happens with the demand if the Emoji had the former alien again in the previous function?
A retired judge answered this: In this case the boss must repay his debt anyway normally.
Thereon a concerned Emoji knocked at the door. The main lawyer opened the door. In the hand he held a frying pan to the self-defence. Thereon asked the Emoji: What should I make?
Today my employee died, although he would have to work today at this time. After this event said a defender: In this case the employment contract has already went out. The dead employee is not to be produced any more obliged his achievement. With this formulation the present lawyers were contented.
Suddenly an alien from the Jupiter remembered his special story. That's why he knocked at the door of the lawyers. Thereon he received after an examination by Emojis the access to the lawyers. His special story: The alien from the Jupiter paid to his former employee instead of a wage a new car. Both sides agreed on this speciality. Thereon lawyers wrote the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ If two contracting parties each other owe money or other achievements, they can charge the considerations with the mutual debts. If an achievement of a side is not of the same kind, the creditor can require an other achievement or a repayment of the balance.
With disagreements the court must calculate the remained value of the achievement.
With it all lawyers, Emojis, aliens and other listeners were contented exceptionally. Afterwards finished lawyers their day meeting.

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