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Emojis for Android

This is the story Emojis for Android (Google Android images).6666 days ago a Pluto alien visited Emoji. At this time he already had a plan in his pocket. The subject concerned the future of the Emojis on the operating system Android of the planet earth. At that time people not even knew that there would be in future the operating system Android for Smartphones and Tablets. At this time the guest from Pluto wanted to inspire Emojis for Android. Finally, he knew the future of the forthcoming popularity of the Emojis on the planet earth. Thus the Pluto alien visited a futurologist's team in Middle Finger Emoji. The uppermost researcher was called Emoji Copy. Because of the valuable soil quality in Middle Finger Emoji the research team had to emigrate to Emoji App.
Finally, the researchers were also ready there to find out information about the future from the Pluto alien. The visitor from sophisticated civilization told about a big inquiry in 5555 days to Emojis for Android. Not a single one researcher understood what should be this Android. At that time one knew only the robots which resembled the people of the planet earth. These were named as Androids.

What did the Pluto alien tell the Emojis about Android at that time?
He began his speech with the following words: In nearly 4745 days an enterprise with the name of the same name will be founded in Palo Alto in California. 🏦👩‍💻🔍👩‍💻🤚🌕🌎🛒🖋️🔍️🚂🌐. Thereon the researcher Emoji Copy shouted completely irritated:
For what do I need this information about Android?

What deals Android with the Emojis?
The impatient researcher Emoji Copy asked this. Moment, said the extraterrestrial from Pluto. 🤚📴☎️🗺🤚🌕🌎🅰️🤚👫🎃🤢🅰️🎲🍖🌕. That's why Emoji Copy had a shining idea: He wanted to meet the tourism minister Monkey Emoji on this subject.
🐵🙏😀🌐. 👫🛰➕🛒➕🤚📱🗺️🌐👥🤒➕📞🆕👥➕😀. A short video will be produced shortly.

How does it further go with the Emojis for Android?
Pluto will further support Emojis in this area. 🐵🍖🔍🌕🌎. The research team and tourism minister wish a lot of joke with the Emojis for Android the people.


Emojis for Android from Tablet

Happy Emoji Happy Emoji Closed Eyes Happy Emoji Open Mouth Happy Emoji Open Mouth Closed Eyes Happy Emoji Open Mouth Closed Eyes With Tears

Enthusiastic Emoji Tired Emoji Face Laughing Emoji With Tear Ridiculous Emoji Serious Emoji

Devilish Emoji Weird Emoji Worried Emoji Balanced Emoji Relaxed Emoji

Negative Surprised Emoji Angry Emoji Mad Emoji Sad Emoji Sleeping Emoji

Surprised Emoji Crying Emoji Furious Emoji Weary Emoji Alarming Emoji

Wary Emoji Attentive Emoji Drowsy Emoji Talking Emoji Emoji With Big Eyes

Depressive Emoji Blue Head Emoji Blurred Face Emoji Dog Emoji Dog Face Emoji

Poodle Emoji Cat Emoji Cat Face Emoji Big Mouse Emoji Little Mouse Emoji

Mouse Face Emoji Fox Face Emoji Tortoise Emoji Rabbit Emoji Rabbit Face Emoji

Male Chicken Emoji Female Chicken Emoji Chick In Egg Emoji Chick Looks Left Emoji Chick Emoji

Sheep Face Emoji Goat Emoji Raccoon Face Emoji Black Bull Emoji Brown Bull Emoji

Cow Emoji Bull Face Emoji Cow Face Emoji Wild Boar Emoji Pig Emoji

Snake Emoji Panda Face Emoji Pinguin Emoji Elephant Emoji Home Emoji

House Emoji Modern House Emoji House With 3 Roofs Emoji Old House Emoji Hospital Emoji

Bank Emoji ATM Emoji H House Emoji Heart House Emoji 24H House Emoji

Clock House Emoji Church Emoji Fountain Emoji French House Emoji Castle Emoji

Factory Emoji Sculpture Emoji Anchor Emoji Tool Emoji Instrument Emoji

Hammer Emoji Gray Tool Emoji Water Tap Emoji Bathroom Emoji Bath Emoji

Caught Fish Emoji Colored Balls Emoji Bowling Emoji Tennis Ball Emoji Top Emoji

Back Emoji On Emoji Soon Emoji End Emoji Balanced Hourglass Emoji

Hourglass Emoji Alarm Clock Emoji Aries Emoji Taurus Emoji Gemini Emoji

Cancer Emoji Leo Emoji Virgo Emoji Libra Emoji Scorpio Emoji

Sagittarius Emoji Capricorn Emoji Aquarius Emoji Pisces Emoji Ophiuchus Emoji

Silver Crown Emoji Star Emoji Man Woman Emoji Waste Here Emoji Ban Sign Emoji

Tap Water Emoji Dont Drink Emoji A Emoji O Emoji 5 Rounds Emoji

100 Emoji ABCD Emoji ACBD Emoji Pig Face Emoji Pig Nose Emoji

Frog Emoji Koala Emoji Monkey Emoji Monkey Face Emoji Golden Jackal Emoji

Mountain Lion Emoji Bear Face Emoji Reptile Emoji Dolphin Emoji Big Fish Emoji

Whale Emoji Little Fish Emoji Golden Fish Emoji Octopus Emoji Shell Emoji

Jumping Dolphin Emoji Snail Emoji Camel Emoji Bee Emoji Coccinellidae Emoji

Flying Cow Emoji Green Animal Emoji Footprint Emoji Cake Emoji Soup Emoji

Caries Emoji Sweets Emoji Round Sweets Emoji Biscuit Emoji Violet Bread Emoji

Banana Emoji Red Apple Emoji Green Apple Emoji Orange Emoji Lemon Emoji

Mushroom Emoji Tomato Emoji Zucchini Emoji Berry Emoji Green Fruit Emoji

Watermelon Emoji Pear Emoji Cherry Emoji Strawberry Emoji Ananas Emoji

Nut Emoji Growing Plant Emoji Fir Emoji Tree Emoji Palm Tree Emoji

Cactus Emoji Flower Emoji Green Flower Emoji Maple Emoji Leaf Emoji

Leaves Emoji Umbrella Emoji Drop Emoji Lightning Emoji 6 9 Emoji

Snow Emoji Snowman Emoji Sun Emoji Full Moon Emoji Full Moon In Darkness Emoji

Crescent Emoji Crescent Emoji Right Quadrat Emoji Moon In Blue Emoji Almost Full Moon Emoji

90 Moon Emoji 98 Moon Emoji 96 Moon Emoji 67 Moon Emoji 55 Moon Emoji

Moon House Emoji Sunrise Emoji Sunset Emoji Sunrise City Emoji Sunset City Emoji

Darkness Emoji Flash Emoji Night City Emoji Wave Emoji Volcano Emoji

Planet Earth Emoji Africa Asia Emoji Globus Emoji Loudspeaker Emoji Falling Star Emoji

Ghost Emoji Well Done Sign Emoji Check Mark Emoji Lamp Emoji Balloon Emoji

Gift Emoji Caries Cake Emoji Lost Emoji

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