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Most Popular Emoji from Heart Eyes Emoji interview

Most Popular Emoji was born 14784 days ago in Heart Eyes Emoji. She was registered as a daughter of a farm family in the book of the public figures by Emoji. In her childhood employed Most Popular Emoji to herself with the rulers of the Circus Union. At the age of 6935 days she began the study for religious sciences in Emoji List. When Most Popular Emoji was exactly 7777 days old, she wanted to deal nothing with the amusing religion. Thus she interrupted the study. Then Most Popular Emoji started to argue with her life.
Thus she rather searched for herself a workplace. In her hometown Most Popular Emoji got an employment as a journalist for a local newspaper. After 808 days it became for Most Popular Emoji too boringly in the newspaper. She applied for a place as a radio presenter for subjects like garden and amusing religion. At that time Most Popular Emoji still worked in her hometown. Because of boredom she changed every third Tuesday her job. For her 10000 birthdays Most Popular Emoji decided to continue her education, finally.
She reduced her workload for this purpose. She visited the university for political opinion education and jurisprudence in Emoji Opinion.

More and more Most Popular Emoji understood the political and juridical connections. Then she changed to too different radio stations of Emoji. Then only nationally Most Popular Emoji made to herself a name as a television presenter when she was quite public from the hiding place. Then passers-by on the street pointed at her with their fingers.
According to region Emojis with different fingers pointed at her. The surprised Most Popular Emoji so much that she reported about the cultural differences of the different towns of the country in a new broadcasting. Some passers-by thereby already pointed with both hands at Most Popular Emoji. Her broadcasting was imported even successfully to Jupiter. There looked above all stingy investors this broadcasting. They wanted to adapt their products to the different cultural differences of the population of Emoji.
So banks from Emoji bought in Jupiter just the advertising times of this broadcasting. Also the tourism minister Monkey Emoji got to know about the great success of the presenter.

Thus he decided to spend a lot of money on these advertising times in Jupiter. Most Popular Emoji did not know that she became so successfully abroad. She hoped at least for a decent job with national fame. On account of her great success the presenter had to give several interviews. The extraterrestrial Sweasy26 met Most Popular Emoji in the TV studio. The town may be called not exact for censorship reasons.

Which plant or tree would you like to be with pleasure?

Most Popular Emoji looks confused: Why should I want to be a plant or a tree?

What this is for a silly question. If you ask such questions next, I must admit to you that I have no time for such a nonsense.


Would you give up with pleasure your work for a lot of spare time?

Most Popular Emoji checks her appointment calendar: 👯😛👨🤕🅰️1️⃣ 🚯🚽👑.

Most Popular Emoji gets a land map from her pocket. There she searches for the planet Jupiter. She points at the capital city of the Jupiter with her forefinger. Then Most Popular Emoji speaks voluntarily more:

In Jupiter I spoke with many local inhabitants. There more and more inhabitants try to lower their workload because of high taxes. A yellow Jupiter alien reduced his workload because of the depression. He suffered a very strong depression when he received his tax return with the tax bill. He said me that it is a real theft on the part of the stingy government. Then he went to the doctor: The doctor the diagnosed following illness: Shock state because of the tax load.

Then the yellow Jupiter alien could not concentrate in his job any more. Thus he fell ill very hard. Then his workload had to lower illness-partly up to 20 percent. This led to the fact that he had to go to the labour office. There one sent him to the health insurance. This assurance denied itself the costs to take over. Nevertheless, later he still got payments. Thus the illness costs rise in Jupiter very strongly. I do not understand, why Jupiter does not give up the medieval levy. Luckily I live in Emoji. Here this irritating authority was nationally defeated.


Most Popular Emoji, you speak about the tax authority in such a way as if you suffered personally from that. Have you lived in a country in which the levy was so irritatingly for you?

Most Popular Emoji looks at the different countries of the galaxy in a land map:

Of course. I lived for some time in Mercury. There I studied the local language. In Mercury I lived nearly 266 days. I received a high bill. I was not released from Mercury, until I paid 3333 local Bitcoins. Mercury seems to have reached the level of Jupiter and Saturn with its stinginess. What struck me in Mercury that a lot of inhabitants were jobless there. I can already understand that the tax authority on the citizens looks frustrating and discouraging. I was very glad when I returned again in my homeland.


Which household works do you not make with pleasure?

Most Popular Emoji: 🧻😄🧹🚽➕💅🪥.

Why don't you delegate unpopular activities into third parts?

Most Popular Emoji looks at a paper. It concerns her bank account extract: 🤔🤚⏯🇮🇹🚽👯‍♂️🈶😦🅰️🔉😄😦🥅😦.

Do you have headaches after the work?

Most Popular Emoji: Why must I have headaches if I make voluntarily my work?

Of course I get headaches, but because of loud babies.

In my work I can relax so properly. My activity as a television presenter is a sort of leisure activity for me. But 32 days ago I visited my personal family doctor. He promised to me that I would get right strong headaches and not only in exactly 270 days after his visit. He diagnosed to me an urgent visit in the hospital. 😷👤⬅️❌️🗺️😨🤒👩‍⚕️🍖😄⏮👩‍⚕️🤙🚯🗺➕❌.

Imagine, you would invent your dream place of residence quite anew. How would this place look?

Most Popular Emoji looks at the interviewer: Nevertheless, I have already so prepared as I would have this with pleasure. Something other cannot introduce my brain by this second. I am very contented with my present situation.


How do you react if your family defends itself against your cookeries with the spoons and forks?

Most Popular Emoji: I quite simply say them that they should cook, nevertheless, themselves something for themselves. At least, I experienced in the last time less and less such situations. For my children and my husband I get daily even a school mark for my cookeries. However, unfortunately, I cannot keep up with my parents. If I together with my family visit my parents, at home they eat my food. Then nobody more has desire for my cookeries. That's why I try to meet my parents in a confidential atmosphere.


Would you donate 1,346,878 Bitcoins to an incurable bear in the zoo?

Most Popular Emoji looks with strange look: Why must I donate to an incurable animal money?

I pay already enough for my consumption addiction. I buy another 40 shoe pairs to myself rather.


Which wish have you extinguished from your brain finally?

Most Popular Emoji: I do not want to become a singer. I wanted this when I heard the music to the burial of the Third Horror Clowns.


After the answer of this question Most Popular Emoji suddenly falls from the chair. After ten seconds she gets up.


In which movie would you play the leading role?

Most Popular Emoji: I best play myself in my life movie. To play somebody to others, is not possible for me at all.

After this nice answer Most Popular Emoji says goodbye to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26.



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