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Phoney theft causes problems in Emoji

At this second the stinginess of the responsible Emojis grew for the use of the public trains. They decided a price increase above all with long distances. Poorer Emojis reacted very furiously. Finally, they often had to go by the state trains to their work. Moreover, their wages were clearly lowered after the death of the last Horror Clowns. As reasons the economic crisis was called after the end of the Circus Union by employers. Behind the price increase a very unpopular Emoji hid. It was the uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance of Emoji. 🥴🔮🙇‍♂️🤝➕🤗👋. At this time an alien from the Neptune visited his former costudent in Alien Emoji.
When he met the Emoji, he gave him a video camera. 👥❌️🎥💡❗️😖🌊⛲️. 💭👥🥺⬅️🦨🌊🏫. 🤒🍽️➕📼💉🕳🥡. 👤😂⬅️🧲.
More and more Emojis and aliens analyzed the video recording and went on the streets. 🧐📼➕🥺👤🤗⬅️🧇💩⤵️🥘❌️🍠⬆️👤💡✈️🌴 in Poop Emoji and observed the events on the state television. 💩➕🤧❌️👥🍒⬅️🥫🎛️⏱️👥🥄⬅️🤧 in Crying Laughing Emoji in a wood.
They praised each other for the well explained plan. 💩🖕💄❌️🏺💄👀👻💄❌️🚘️➕🧉❌️🍴🚘️👀🚶🚪🌝😀.
The ruler of Emoji wanted to do more in the background his work. Thus he wanted to meet foreign governments. So he contacted the relevant states with which a cooperation would be possible realistically in close future.

Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation

Story: Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation



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