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Phoney theft causes problems in Emoji

At this second the stinginess of the responsible Emojis grew for the use of the public trains. They decided a price increase above all with long distances. Poorer Emojis reacted very furiously. Finally, they often had to go by the state trains to their work. Moreover, their wages were clearly lowered after the death of the last Horror Clowns. As reasons the economic crisis was called after the end of the Circus Union by employers. Behind the price increase a very unpopular Emoji hid. It was the uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance of Emoji.
He convinced the managers of the road society after the failed attempt of the first parliamentary elections to increase the prices of tickets. Finally, the Minister of Finance wanted to finance together the first parliamentary elections with the future dictator in this way. At this time an alien from the Neptune visited his former costudent in Alien Emoji.
When he met the Emoji, he gave him a video camera. The receiver of the present reacted so pleased that he wanted to film a phoney theft with this device. Before he discussed his plan with some employees of a kiosk. 67 minutes later he came to the kiosk and his friend from the Neptune might film everything. He stood quite cheeky before different products and simply laid so much as possible in his pocket. Then he left quite quietly the kiosk. After the principal character the kiosk left quietly there ended the recording. Some Emojis reacted nearby with immediate establishment of contact of the local police. What these Emojis did not know, was that the "thief" brought back all goods. Nevertheless, the alien from the Neptune was overpowered by other passers-by. His video recordings reached to the police. With it his friend was arrested. At the same time the employees of the kiosk were confronted with the reproach not to have hindered the thief in his work.
So every employee was questioned by policemen individually. In the interim the news nationally spread over the cheeky theft. The stingy stockholders of the kiosk company with roots from the Jupiter reacted very much angry about the employees. They required the immediate dismissal of all employees quite publicly on the state television. The whole story reached the first dictator indirectly by his assistant from the Mercury. The ruler of Emoji decided to look at least 10 times at the theft. He said his assistant: "Why does he take so conspicuously quite many products? Is this not too silly?"
The alien agreed to his friend. The dictator suspected his Minister of Finance that he certainly wanted to change the subject from the unpopular measure of the price increases at the road society by this story. In reality the Minister of Finance knew the Neptune's video recorder from his visit in Neptune of a museum. The most-hated Emoji financed this trip for the alien at the expenses of the taxpayers, so that this story occupies the mass media and the population as a distraction for price increases more.
At least, the Minister of Finance operated very wisely in this connection. He could change all evidences cleverly. Thus he wrote under the issues for the trip of the alien the following text: Visit of the Minister of Finance in Neptune
All receipts were provided by real Emojis and aliens professionally so reliably as possible.
More and more Emojis and aliens analysed the video recording and went on the streets. They demonstrated for the release of the imprisoned Emojis. After several questionings the "thief" was liberated. The release was nationally celebrated from several hundred thousands of Emojis. The Minister of Finance and tax collector sat in his office in the mightiest tax authority in Poop Emoji and observed the events on the state television. At least, he took down the names of the stockholders of the affected kiosk. He wanted to put them on a black list. At least, he was glad about the successful distraction of price increases of the tickets. Secretly the stinking Emoji met the managers of the road society in Crying Laughing Emoji in a wood.
They praised each other for the well explained plan. The future dictator met later single managers and praised them very much. Later he met the Minister of Finance in a subterranean bunker. There he was glad for the protection of the financing of the first parliamentary elections by the price increases for the train journeys.
The whole thing looked very strange for the first dictator. Therefore, the ruler of Emoji decided his assistant for the intelligent supervision and questioning other employees in the government. After an examination the first dictator commanded the astonishing arrest by the military of several so-called high-ranking Emojis and aliens of his government. They were put everybody on garrotte. There they were questioned under psychological pressure about possible participation in a putsch. The first dictator also sent soldiers to his Minister of Finance in the tax authority.
The haughtiest Emoji felt strongly injured in his arrogance when he was asked by soldiers to come along. At the beginning the uppermost tax collector of Emoji defended himself against his entrainment. Later there came a high-ranking officer whose commands to the obedience obliged politicians. Then he had to go along with the soldiers.
In spite of all threats the Minister of Finance stayed down quietly on the garrotte.
At least, the first dictator could hide his behaviour by the employees of the Secret Service successfully from the mass media. Finally, the Secret Service for Emojis organised a special entertainment in this time. The phoney theft did not remain no consequences for the ruler of Emoji. He had sleepless nights because of this theatre.
At least, he could be sure that his assistant was the most loyal employee in his government. This calmed him.
The dictator planned a special vote which should lead to the dismissal of the unpopular tax collector and Minister of Finance. He discussed his plan with his assistant. The alien recommended this proposal. For many employees of the mightiest tax authority the uppermost tax collector was the true number one personality in the government of Emoji. So they defended their boss.
They could prevent every vote against their boss. After some time all suspicious Emojis were released from the prison. The first dictator considered what he could still do for his country. He decided to begin together with other employees a new chapter in the government. So he considered to send the gathered lawyers again to their work on the legislation.
The ruler of Emoji wanted to do more in the background his work. Thus he wanted to meet foreign governments. So he contacted the relevant states with which a cooperation would be possible realistically in close future.

Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation

Story: Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation



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