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Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation

After the failed attempt to carry out the first parliamentary elections in Emoji, the first dictator with his few employees tried to deflect the population of the political crisis. The future dictator planned a dirty campaign against the acting ruler of Emoji. He tried several journalists who criticised regularly the ruler to arrest by his fans. At the same time he wanted to accuse the first dictator for these activities. This would work reliably in the eyes of the Emojis. For this purpose the future dictator contacted a friendly bank manager from Emoji Meaning. He promised to him with his own assumption of office to organise special advantages in spite of the existence of the mightiest tax authority. So the future ruler of Emoji with an investment banker might discuss suitable financing. After short conversation the bank promised to finance the financing the reputation damaging measures against the first dictator. A former supporter of the first dictator during the election campaign near the bank was accidental nearby. He was at this time on visit of the economic university in the town. He wanted to find out about investment possibilities at the bank. His curiosity led to the fact that his both ears started to grow conspicuously fast. At least, he could inform the acting dictator on time about the plan. Only he could not call the polluter. Finally, he did not want to influence good contacts with the possible successor of the present dictator negatively. At this second the former supporter decided to observe the exact actions of the future dictator. At least, the first dictator sent several spies to the bank and forced several employees to deliver documents of all applicants for the credit and other professional-expensive of the bank. The bank manager refused personally. Thereon the first dictator was contacted by a spy by emergency. The ruler ordered to the elite army to go to the economic metropolis. There the bank manager was taken by soldiers with other employees of the bank in tanks. The employees and high-ranking managers of the bank had to experience a sort of pre-trial detention in several tanks. In the interim several information about possible enemies of the first dictator was searched.
The future dictator was hardly on the way to the order of fake news about the acting ruler of Emoji he could not pay the promised bribes to the journalists. The reason was that spies could block successfully those accounts. At least, those accounts on the real name of the future ruler were not opened.
At this second the journalist required a pre-payment of the future ruler. This failed. Thus the irritated politician tried to go again to the bank. At the same time he feared his arrest if he appeared there. So he refused his plans to want to damage the reputation of the first dictator anyway. After his disappointment he met a former justice of the peace from Emoji Keyboard near the bus station. Together they went to a shopping centre. There the future dictator tried on a shirt. The justice of the peace observed him. Together they looked in the mirror. After some time the informatics professor Setag Lib activated his programme. Before he reacted very much angry that the future dictator already forgot his adventure. Finally, that Emoji knew that he will soon take over the dictatorship as a successor.
So Pluto influenced the next adventure of the politician. The future dictator was swallowed with the tried on shirt by the mirror. The justice of the peace reacted shocked. He called the employees of the store for the help. Nobody could bring back the disappeared Emoji. Thus the future ruler landed at an unknown place. There he sat tied up in a chair. Before him stood a very big screen. Therein it was shown several times that this Emoji will soon take over the dictatorship from Emoji. The tied up Emoji could not even defend himself against his situation. He wanted to look away after the 100th time. This failed. Moreover, several programmed Emojis appeared before his face which said several times that the tied up Emoji soon becomes the second dictator. Suddenly there came a man with the bald head and tattooed to the future dictator on his forehead with a chocolate the adjective "Impatient".
Then the man brought a mirror and pointed to the tied up Emoji what he had to learn from this adventure. The future dictator had great fear to appear with this heading again in Emoji. After some time disappeared the man with the bald head. Then remained only the Emoji with the mirror. The tattoo disappeared. The future dictator could freely move. After some time he noticed that he was somewhere underground in a hole. Completely on top he saw several eucalyptuses. He shouted: "Can somebody get me from this hole?".
After some time several aliens with Saturn's roots came to the place. These were friends of the ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji. They looked to the Emoji and said: "Can you not wait patiently, until we get you?"
The future dictator remembered the tattoo which the man with the bald head made to him. In short time the concept appeared again on the forehead of the impatient Emojis.
In the interim an alien informed the famous entrepreneur about a strange Emoji underground. Devil wanted to see exactly with his both eyes the Emoji which was there below. After some time the future dictator was got from the subterranean hole. Devil remembered the common adventure with him and the first dictator. He said himself: "He will still have to withdraw from the dictatorship thanks to my action."
At the same time welcomed Devil the future dictator with the following words: "Is this "impatient" your new motto or top name?"
The whole story was too embarrassing for the future dictator. He said only that a tattoo artist tattooed this concept to him underground.
The tattooed Emoji asked where he was. Devil said that he was in Crying Laughing Emoji.
At this second several suspicious Emojis had to be arrested in connection with the bank accounts at the command of the first dictator. The ruler of Emoji wanted to exert in this way pressure. The bank manager accused on it a competitor indirectly. Thus a rich trader from the stock exchange was questioned about possible connections. Later the first dictator felt strongly unnerved by the whole story. So most high-ranking Emojis and misers from the Jupiter were arrested for some time. This measure was looked even with the opponents of the Jupiter's stinginess as complete excessively. In the interim Devil could still let take a photo of the future dictator secretly. Finally, he wanted to use in future such photos against the second dictator in public. Moreover, most talks with the future ruler on Dictaphones were recorded and put into archives inside. At the same time the entrepreneur asked the Emoji to relax.
The future dictator might drink in pleasant atmosphere with Devil warm tea. After a big demonstration in the economic metropolis against the arrest of the elitist Emojis and aliens the first dictator decided to release gradually several inclusively suspects. At the end only the bank manager remained in the prison. The first dictator wanted to put under pressure him under threat of a punishment on a garrotte massively. The problem of the dictator was that the only garrotte were broken in the prison. So he said to the bank manager: "You have had very big luck!."
Thereon the bank manager was dismissed from the prison. In the interim several hidden video cameras were installed in the economic metropolis secretly. The first dictator thereby wanted in future easier to proofs to come. For this purpose the Secret Service was developed in Emoji Keyboard. There all shops were supervised during 24 hours, 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds by employees of the Secret Service. Even at night the employees of the Secret Service had to look at empty chairs. One day this was worthwhile.
Finally, an employee of the bank came in the middle of the night at 2:00 o'clock to his job. He got several documents from his office which he wanted to transmit to foreign government of Salted Cucumbers. Later the employee was arrested by the tried handing over together with the representatives from the Salted Cucumbers by the Secret Service. The first dictator tried to use this success in his favours. In the interim the future second dictator tried to get rid of his tattoo. He visited several dermatologists. They recommended him to repair the skin of the forehead with the help of the fish. He obeyed. Later that Emoji had no more tattoo. The first dictator celebrated himself once more than hero of Emoji.

The failed preparations to the first parliamentary elections in Emoji

Story: The failed preparations to the first parliamentary elections in Emoji

Phoney theft causes problems in Emoji

Story: Phoney theft causes problems in Emoji



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