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Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation

After the failed attempt to carry out the first parliamentary elections in Emoji, the first dictator with his few employees tried to deflect the population of the political crisis. The future dictator planned a dirty campaign against the acting ruler of Emoji. He tried several journalists who criticised regularly the ruler to arrest by his fans. At the same time he wanted to accuse the first dictator for these activities. This would work reliably in the eyes of the Emojis. For this purpose the future dictator contacted a friendly bank manager from Emoji Meaning. 👩🏻‍🎨🇮🇷⬅️✈️➕⚓🏦1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 🛠️👮🤥. 😇🛠️😂🎥👍️. After his disappointment he met a former justice of the peace from Emoji Keyboard near the bus station. Together they went to a shopping centre. There the future dictator tried on a shirt. The justice of the peace observed him. Together they looked in the mirror. 🤷*️⃣❌️*️⃣ 🛠️. 👤🥰👩⬅️2️⃣7️⃣ 🕳👗➕🎨➕🔟➡️🌷👤. After some time he noticed that he was somewhere underground in a hole. Completely on top he saw several eucalyptuses. He shouted: "Can somebody get me from this hole?".
After some time several aliens with Saturn's roots came to the place. These were friends of the ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji. They looked to the Emoji and said: "Can you not wait patiently, until we get you?"
The future dictator remembered the tattoo which the man with the bald head made to him. 👴🥼🎡🎥👥👍️🥇✋⬇️✏️⤵️🇺🇸🛍️⬅️👀🆕1️⃣ 👿➕💡7️⃣🇺🇸.
The tattooed Emoji asked where he was. Devil said that he was in Crying Laughing Emoji. 🤧🤦‍♀️🎳🏑✋🎳🏐👥➕💬✋🍽️🍤🏑🎳🚘️🗺️. So most high-ranking Emojis and misers from the Jupiter were arrested for some time. This measure was looked even with the opponents of the Jupiter's stinginess as complete excessively. In the interim Devil could still let take a photo of the future dictator secretly. ❌️🤔🍽️✋😈🥇. 🙋‍♀️❄️🌡️➕🤣. 😊✖️👪️⬆️🧐👃➡️😎👥➕👥🤗⬅️🤷‍♂️👥😏⬅️👥😴⬅️🙁❌️👪️➕👶. In the interim the future second dictator tried to get rid of his tattoo. He visited several dermatologists. They recommended him to repair the skin of the forehead with the help of the fish. He obeyed. Later that Emoji had no more tattoo. The first dictator celebrated himself once more than hero of Emoji.

The failed preparations to the first parliamentary elections in Emoji

Story: The failed preparations to the first parliamentary elections in Emoji

Phoney theft causes problems in Emoji

Story: Phoney theft causes problems in Emoji



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