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The failed preparations to the first parliamentary elections in Emoji

Many Emojis criticised the first dictator that he was almost an autocrat. They wanted that there were still several Emojis in the politics. This criticism pleased the Minister of Finance and the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji. He felt strengthened. At least, he justified other tax increases for the need of the best financing of other occupants of the parliament chairs. 😀➕😂➕➡️🖼👤🙏👉🏻👑💩. The reproach is not right completely that I rule as an autocrat of Emoji. At least, I can decide according to today's system faster and unbureaucratic. With a parliament every required progress would be clearly delayed. We would have a snail tempo in the politics instead of a tiger's tempo. The whole politics of one day would be thereby paralyzed for the other day."
The speech of the first dictator led in some towns of Emoji to protests against the planned parliamentary elections. In particular stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots in Emoji Meaning planned a pitiless boycott. By now many Emojis suffered from high taxes because of the Minister of Finance. 👍️➡️🍇🙋‍♂️😊👤🌹👤💓👩👉🏻👑👩. 👤👈🏻👩🥫➕🔥👏. Finally, they already had good experiences from the past with the splitting off of the neighbouring city Emoji Meanings.
Some Emojis decided to found several autonomous towns which wanted to make a national name to themselves in Emoji. 👤🙌👩🟡🧥👤💃👩👤😭👩⬅️. 👻➕❤️🦋👻. At the same time the ruler of Emoji decided to do several employees of the Secret Service from Emoji Keyboard for the supervision of the Minister of Finance. Thus the stinking Emoji was supervised by spies secretly.
The ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji reacted allergically to possible parliamentary elections. 😂⚓👴📰⛈️1️⃣💭❌️👍️➕👤😍👨💞🧑‍🎤. 👤💛👨⬅️⌚️. So the ruler visited a magician in Star Emoji.
The magician specialized successfully after the election of the first dictator in the one-sided time movements. 🧙🎥👤🖕👨🗳😁. 🥳💡⛈️➕➡️🧱🧙⌚👤. 👽❌️👀👍️🎥.
The first dictator reacted very much disappointed that his silly plan ended so. At least, parliamentary elections were no longer a topic. Emojis concentrated upon other subjects like heating of the living rooms. Finally, it was still very cold at this second.

How Emojis protected their water sources

Story: How Emojis protected their water sources

Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation

Story: Opponents of the first dictator try to damage his reputation



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