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The failed preparations to the first parliamentary elections in Emoji

Many Emojis criticised the first dictator that he was almost an autocrat. They wanted that there were still several Emojis in the politics. This criticism pleased the Minister of Finance and the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji. He felt strengthened. At least, he justified other tax increases for the need of the best financing of other occupants of the parliament chairs. Most Emojis thought that elections could be free. This time the Minister of Finance tried to advertise on the state television to the parliamentary elections.
The first dictator appeared according to his Minister of Finance before millions spectators.
He began his speech with a warning: "The parliamentary elections cost a lot of money. This is a hard reality for working Emojis who do not want to bleed even more financially because of rising taxes. That's why I renounced on too many unnecessary politicians up to now. The reproach is not right completely that I rule as an autocrat of Emoji. At least, I can decide according to today's system faster and unbureaucratic. With a parliament every required progress would be clearly delayed. We would have a snail tempo in the politics instead of a tiger's tempo. The whole politics of one day would be thereby paralysed for the other day."
The speech of the first dictator led in some towns of Emoji to protests against the planned parliamentary elections. In particular stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots in Emoji Meaning planned a pitiless boycott. By now many Emojis suffered from high taxes because of the Minister of Finance. At this second several Emojis nationally protested against the expensive parliamentary elections. The Minister of Finance could get the control of the military. He sent several soldiers to the suppression of the protests. The acting mayor of the town of the thrift decided a crisis meeting because of a menacing tax rise because of the forthcoming parliamentary elections. All stingy Emojis and local aliens from the Jupiter were unanimous against the participation in the parliamentary elections. Moreover, they decided a splitting off of the state of Emoji. They recommended for emergency case the foundation of an autonomy called Emoji Meaning. Finally, they already had good experiences from the past with the splitting off of the neighbouring city Emoji Meanings.
Some Emojis decided to found several autonomous towns which wanted to make a national name to themselves in Emoji. The first dictator felt the biggest support of his supporters. At least, the ruler of Emoji appeared as a capable quick thinker in important situations in spite of his weaknesses in the first days of his term of office. The future dictator knew that he should connect sometime parliamentary elections with the election of the second dictator. Thus he had to consider how the parliamentary elections could take place without tax increases. After several protests the Minister of Finance decided the temporary movement of the parliamentary elections. Thus he commanded to the military to release the protesting Emojis. Instead, the names of the participants of all demonstrations on a black list were put down. The Minister of Finance wanted to steal all enemies of the state before the announcement of the new parliamentary elections from the visibility. So he worked on a new plan. The first dictator reacted made easier about the movement. At the same time the ruler of Emoji decided to do several employees of the Secret Service from Emoji Keyboard for the supervision of the Minister of Finance. Thus the stinking Emoji was supervised by spies secretly.
The ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji reacted allergically to possible parliamentary elections. He commanded his subordinated to collect even more old newspapers. Finally, the royal descendant wanted to climb up to the autocrat of the country. Thus several Emojis who took old newspapers from wastepaper baskets were nationally sent. Suddenly many inhabitants of the country noticed that it became too clean. At least, Devil had special places for the professional safekeeping of old newspapers in several locations near his factories. Because of bacterial danger some newspapers with soap and water were cleaned, before they were placed there. Finally, ketchup should contain no injurious bacteria or microbes. Several aliens from the Saturn supported the royal descendant with the coping of this job. High-ranking Emojis hardly confirmed the movement of the parliamentary elections, several stingy Emojis from the town of the thrift came to Poop Emoji and damaged the building of the mightiest and stingiest tax authority of the country. Some rooms were made wet with water pistols. Several devices became severely damaged.
The Minister of Finance was informed by emergency about the damage. At the same time he commanded a tax rise regardless of the movement of the parliamentary elections. The members of the resistance against the tax authority could hide successfully from the authorities. The mayor of the town of the thrift had an asylum lodging for local misers. After the material damage the Minister of Finance tried to claim the help of the policemen with the search. Policemen had to copy the fingerprints from the devices on papers and transfer. In spite of diligent search misers could not be found.
The first dictator decided to organise after these events to his Minister of Finance a trap. He wanted that the most irritating and haughtiest official experiences, finally, a time movement. So the ruler visited a magician in Star Emoji.
The magician specialised successfully after the election of the first dictator in the one-sided time movements. Thus he could shift unpleasant personalities if requested in another time zone, without he had to kill that person. Thus the first dictator visited the magician and instructed him with the movement of the Minister of Finance in another time zone. The magician feared sanctions against his person after done work. So he tried to explain as incapacitated. He hoped for state money to get hold. The first dictator reacted very furiously and sent several subordinated to the arrest of the magician. In the interim the dictator tried to get rid of the Minister of Finance with the help of a foreign Secret Service. Thus he sent his assistant to Mercury. The dictator invented an international meeting of high-ranking finance politicians there. Thus the Minister of Finance was automatically made fly to Mercury. There the haughtiest Emoji was kidnapped by aliens from the Venus.
The first dictator from the accumulated taxes of his Minister of Finance financed the kidnapping. At the same time the ruler of Emoji felt big internal pressure because he noticed how stupidly he reacted in this case. He saw the end of his rule coming was faster than he would like. Thus he remembered a prophecy that he ruled during only 70 days. At least, he still had time. Thus he tried to transfer several important enterprises to his friends and members of the family. He concentrated exclusively upon the life after the term of office. At the same time he tried to finish with good reputation his term of office prematurely. Thus he controlled the works for the improvement of the water quality. Moreover, he commanded the installation of a filter which made the purchase of the electronic filter superfluous. In this case even his opponents had nothing to say. Emojis were glad that they could drink the water directly from water pipes. Moreover, the first dictator improved the water quality in his short term of office unbureaucratic.
The kidnapped Minister of Finance was brought to Venus. There he was informed by religious scholars about the local religion. Moreover, the stinking Emoji was persuaded to convert in addition to the religion of Venus. The pressure was raised every fourth second on him.
Thus the Minister of Finance had to accept the religion of Venus. At the same time local aliens appeared very contently with their own achievement. Thus the Minister of Finance was brought back faster to Emoji. Venus hoped that a high-powered Emoji allows to inspire other Emojis for the religion of Venus. They did not know that the uppermost tax collector unpopular was with the majority of the population. So the whole trouble of the religious aliens in Venus used nothing at all. Moreover, the Minister of Finance threw all documents of that religion on the side at his return.
The first dictator reacted very much disappointed that his silly plan ended so. At least, parliamentary elections were no longer a topic. Emojis concentrated upon other subjects like heating of the living rooms. Finally, it was still very cold at this second.

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