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How Emojis protected their water sources

After the last adventures the first dictator had more time for other problems of the country. Thus he commanded to his subordinated employees all mailboxes to count nationally. Why wanted the ruler to know the number of the mailboxes of Emoji?
After the return from the wall clock the Minister of Finance became a little more lazy. So he wanted to make sure that mailmen should bring once the tax returns to the Emojis. At this second several tax returns were prepared for the next weeks. In the town of the photocopiers Emoji Copy Paste several million tax returns were printed in short time. On the same day the mailmen were asked to bring these tax returns to the taxable Emojis.
On the way to Emoji Pop a very strong rain began. Several transport vehicles were made holes on their roofs. Several tax returns were not only damaged, but fell from the vehicles. They became filthy and by several detours these forms landed in the ground water. Still on the same day Emojis got qualitatively bad water from the tap in the musical town. They had discovered small remains of the tax return papers in the water. A local defender of the musicians noticed with the dental cleaning that he heard noises in the water. Later he filled a full glass with water from the water pipe. He found dirtied water. Because he worked with other lawyers together on the legislation of Emoji, he had an influence. In the evening the assistant from the Mercury informed the first dictator that nationally cases were announced by dirtied water.
The uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance got to know about several destroyed tax returns. He decided to organise a memorial service to commemorate to the destroyed tax returns. The other Emojis wanted better water quality. So several Emojis nationally went to the city centres and demonstrated for good quality of the tap water. The first dictator stroked the subject "Tax returns" from his acts. Instead, he concentrated upon the solution of the water problem. The first dictator contacted several theoretical professors for water from the university town Emoji List. He commanded to search for them in the middle of the night a theoretical solution for the water protection. Some professors recommended first to evaporate the dirtied water and to store the steam in empty bottles afterwards in the same space. Later these bottles had to be put in the fridge.
There the steam should become water again. Then that water should be heated up in closed rooms. This idea was very costly because a lot of electricity needed. It was winter. Emojis used electricity for warming of their rooms. Other professors recommended another procedure. Thus the filthy water should come first by the earth and afterwards by filter to the lines. Later several Emojis on the heating of the dirtied water and the unlimited repair of all water pipes agreed at places where these were become outdated very much and were squalid. Moreover, the first dictator commanded a ban on all injurious materials which could damage the water quality. In the interim the Minister of Finance tried to send several soldiers to collect the taxes from citizens. The first dictator noticed that there was not enough staff. So he reproved his Minister of Finance that he set priorities at the tax authority and not with the water supply. After this event all water pipes had to be checked and be updated when required and be substituted.
The Minister of Finance realised that he could further raise the taxes by this renewal. This is why he commanded the soldiers to guarantee first the water supply. All water pipes got other protection: They were enclosed in their surfaces and under surfaces like in a safe deposit. Moreover, Emojis had to have some stocks in water pipes for emergencies at all places of the water supply. The first dictator also commanded the application of innocuous cleaning agents for water pipes which served as a stock. Finally, new water pipes should be quickly clean and ready for use. After these events water pipes had to be also checked in the buildings by the Emojis and be cleaned. At least, the Minister of Finance was glad about an other possibility for the rise of the taxes. After other considerations the first dictator decided to write a special law for water supply secretly in the law book independently.
For this purpose he searched in his contacts the phone number of the main lawyer. Unfortunately, the lawyer was not accessible. So the first dictator with other Emojis from his team decided to go to that place where the law book should ordinarily be. In the interim the ruler of Emoji took down in several sentences what he wanted to write in the code. He began in such a way:" § Law about water supply of Emoji: Because of the importance of the water in the life of the Emojis, the water quality should be checked in every town and every village at least once per week for injurious materials. The everyday examination or after important events like the new water pipes would be better of course. Prevention for the prevention of the deterioration of the water quality must take place monthly. That is the fact that substitutes for all water pipes according to consumption all from 20 to 30 years, should be repaired or were renewed. Moreover, Emojis must have stores of water for emergencies in every town and every village at special places. For this purpose suitable water supply buildings must be built."
The first dictator perused again what he had written. He was very contented with his notes. Suddenly he still had an idea: Emojis should be allowed to dispose of warm, hot, cold and very cold water. So the first dictator still needed a measuring instrument for the measurement of the water temperatures, without the water would be dirtied with this procedure. Thus suitable measuring instruments should be used by the water pipes in the surface. At this second the first dictator remembered special emergencies: Fires
So wrote the ruler of Emoji: It needs enough water not only for Emojis, but for the fire brigade in the case of a fire. Thus special buildings with qualitatively bad water were established. The dirtied water could be used for fires. After some time an assigned counsel from Star Emoji called the first dictator.
He said him that the law book was locked up for safety reasons because of the last time movements at a safe place. So it needs at least 7 responsible lawyers and several passwords to the unblocking. The first dictator reacted angry that it was complicated so to get the law book of the country.
So he had to organise one more plan if he wanted to write something in the code. According to this information the dictator decided to pass on verbal commands and his decisions to other Emojis. Instead of the code he used the state television. There he told his plans for the water supply.

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