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The return of the Emojis from their adventures in the wall clock

The owner of the smartphone with the Emojis on the planet Earth tried to call up his device. The real Emojis caused several problems with the connection. So the owner of the device could call nobody. On the same day he read about hacked software in smartphones. Thus strangers were able to remote control easily these devices. After his recollection of this article the owner of the smartphone decided to check up his device of experts. After the examination even specialists had to say that they could find nothing at all in the device. Instead, they recommended to let to the owner of the smartphone the device for some time without accumulator. This meant that the owner should use his device so far, to in it no electricity remained. He obeyed. After some time the Emojis with the worst informatics student felt that they could fall from the outlet of the USB plug from the device.
In the interim the device on a table lay in the darkness. Finally, after some time three foreign guests could leave the device. At this second several informatics students in Pluto programmed Emojis for Android who become very popular in 9000 days on the planet Earth. The informatics professor Setag Lib looked the results of his students certainly.
At this time the first dictator insulted everybody because of the disappearance of his assistant from the Mercury, of the Minister of Finance and the responsible information scientist in Heart Eyes Emoji. He did not know any more what he could undertake. At the same time he contacted the government of Uranus. He required written documents of the worst informatics student. In this case official government representatives of Uranus refused a little bit to undertake. At this time the future dictator wanted to set up together with Devil Emoji with the help of the Saturn's aliens from Emoji his reputation under the Emojis better. So several local Emojis from Middle Finger Emoji were invited to fly to Uranus for research purposes.
Curious Emojis and aliens flew together as tourists to Uranus. There they found the address of the worst informatics student with the help of local Emojis who lived there nearby. The future dictator was very active with the search for suitable documents. He could find nothing. Instead, Devil found several school books of the worst informatics student. All present Emojis took all important books from the room. Then they flew by emergency to Emoji. At this second a bell alarmed the informatics professor Setag Lib. The professor looked in his minicomputer what happened. He read: A short time ago the books of the worst informatics student were stolen by Emojis because of the caused disappearance.
So the professor renounced exceptionally an immediate reaction. Thus Emojis might study these books and analyse. To their fright understood not a single one Emoji what was written in it. Even local Emojis with linguistic proficiency from the Uranus understood nothing, although they could understand the words.
After all these fruitless attempts the books were handed over to the first dictator. The ruler of Emoji became so furious that he could suddenly understand the connections in this book. He tried to carry out the first steps. His problem was defective geography knowledge of the planet Earth. He read about such a called Big Ben in London. He asked himself what should mean this. For this purpose he searched for specialists of the planet Earth. After some time a Clown who knew a lot about the city of London could be found. The first dictator asked him: "In a book stands that it should be necessary for the return of the disappeared Emojis the visit of Big Ben. How do we bring our Emojis there if we not even know where they are generally?
Moreover, we have no contact with them."
The Clown said: "Maybe we need foreign help from Pluto. Finally, we must find the concrete location of the Emojis, before we can bring them to the Big Ben.
In the interim Emojis left the dark place. Then they left the flat of the owner of the smartphone. They walked absolutely unobtrusively in the town. Suddenly they saw a big wall clock about 109 steps away. The assistant of the first dictator said: "This is a good sign. We must simply go to this wall clock. Probably there is a connection between that wall clock and that wall clock from which we came to the other reality."
Thereon the worst informatics student remembered a sentence in his school book: "This opinion is right. We must use the wall clock of Big Ben. Other wall clocks would bring us other adventures."
The Minister of Finance asked: "Where is generally Big Ben?"
The alien: "Big Ben is in the city of London on the planet an Earth."
This time Emojis had another problem: They understood no language of the planet Earth. So they needed any advice. At least, the worst informatics student remembered that the surroundings of Big Ben resembled very much their current reality. He wanted that Emojis with him go to this wall clock. It was really Big Ben. The problem was that Emojis landed in the future of the planet Earth. So they had experienced by their attempt a disappointment. They went to the wall clock of Big Ben quite carefully. Several tourists took a photo of the whole clock tower with their smartphones. This led to several disturbances. So there waited Emojis, until it was getting dark. In the middle of the night they went again to the wall clock of Big Ben. After some time Emojis landed in the past at the same place before Big Ben. This time they landed in their time zone. Nobody had smartphones. Emojis saw that they should go again to the wall clock. This time they decided to go at 1:55 o'clock at night to the wall clock. In the interim they hid on the roof of Big Ben.
In the interim the first dictator with other Emojis looked for possibilities to get his disappeared politicians from the Big Ben. All attempts of the ruler and his assistants failed. The attempt the help from Pluto to claim, failed because of the bad connection of the phones.
The informatics professor Setag Lib prevented every establishment of contact with the ruler of Emoji because he knew that they were on the right way. Exactly at 1:55 o'clock high-ranking Emojis with the alien went to the wall clock of Big Ben. They chose the figures between 1 and 2. Suddenly three disappeared adventurers from the wall clock came to the religious town of Emoji. To their luck they were not disturbed. It was also in their native country a night. Quite quietly the Minister of Finance, the assistant and the responsible alien went through the religious town. It was very dark. So three adventurers considered in an amusing house nearby to spend the night. After few steps three repatriates could penetrate into an amusing house. There they lay down quite carefully before the prayer space. They fell asleep. Suddenly an extremely special thunderstorm began in the religious capital of the Emojis. After short sleep three adventurers were woken by the strong wind. They heard unknown voices. Somebody shouted: "Avoid, Avoid where you hide?"
The Minister of Finance looked everywhere in the surroundings for the origin of the shouting voice. He noticed that nobody was to be seen. So he asked the assistant of the first dictator and later the alien. The both saw nobody, who Avoid shouted. Suddenly said a voice: "Here I am (Avoid)." The other voice said: "Your next job is to be woken up several religious Emojis by strong noise.". At this second the Minister of Finance remembered the historical lessons of his school hours. He shouted: "Are you Avoid, the town dictator of Alien Emoji and founder of several factories in this town?"
The voice which called itself Avoid affirmed this question. At least, the assistant of the ruler of Emoji expressed the wish to cause no noise at night. Finally, he wanted to recover together with other repatriates from the adventure. Avoid could offer no resistance. So he said that he made up later for the order of the noise.
Suddenly the voice reacted to the statement of Avoid: "You do not obey to cause the noise now. This is why you must get a stamp. With it you must repeat present 70 lessons at least other 5 years."
Thereon the Minister of Finance and both adventurers decided to spend the night at a local hotel. At least, the Minister of Finance had a phoney identity card with himself. Thus he wanted to prevent the alarm of the police at night. The problem was that nobody opened the door. So Emojis entered on the roof of the hotel. There they laid their tired bodies and fell asleep. In the meantime, caused Avoid noise.
In the early morning several observers came to the Big Ben in London. They found several stains between numbers 1 and 2 with the wall clock. So people spread theories on extraterrestrials nationally and planet-far. At this time flew several Secret Service employees from Emoji Keyboard over the clouds of the religious town.
They found at least three recumbent and sleeping strangers on the roof of a hotel. They suspected three Emojis to have planned a theft at the hotel. So they informed the local police. After quick preparation several policemen came to the hotel. They took the flying object of the Secret Service as a support. In complete silence and very carefully three adventurers from the roof were brought directly to the flying object and were shifted. The Secret Service planned everybody three to arrest asleep.
In this time the first dictator considered what he should undertake, so that his assistant returns, finally. He sat and wrote several notes. In the meantime, all three adventurers woke up in the prison. The Minister of Finance shouted very much loudly: "What should be this disrespect for the most important tax collector from Poop Emoji?"
An employee of the prison heard this and ran to the prisoners. He asked them whether they were really this for which they spent themselves. The assistant of the first dictator said: "Inform, nevertheless, the first dictator that his assistant and Minister of Finance are again at home!
The employee asked his boss. The uppermost police chief informed the Secret Service. Then the first dictator got a personal invitation for the identification of his assistant and Minister of Finance. After some time the ruler of Emoji was brought to the imprisoned passengers. He recognised all three. He pointed at the alien from the Uranus with his finger almost in the face and threatened: "You will not be released from the prison so fast."
After this statement the Minister of Finance and the assistant defended the worst informatics student that he was to them helpfully with their return. Then all three were sent to the freedom. Instead of the responsible information scientist his school books were locked up in the prison.

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