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The return of the Emojis from their adventures in the wall clock

The owner of the smartphone with the Emojis on the planet Earth tried to call up his device. The real Emojis caused several problems with the connection. So the owner of the device could call nobody. On the same day he read about hacked software in smartphones. Thus strangers were able to remote control easily these devices. After his recollection of this article the owner of the smartphone decided to check up his device of experts. 😁🧑‍⚕️📱👮🖲💻👨‍🎓️. At this second several informatics students in Pluto programmed Emojis for Android who become very popular in 9000 days on the planet Earth. 💩👀🥈🚪⬆️1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ 🪕🏡🆕🇯🇪3️⃣ . At this time the first dictator insulted everybody because of the disappearance of his assistant from the Mercury, of the Minister of Finance and the responsible information scientist in Heart Eyes Emoji. He did not know any more what he could undertake. At the same time he contacted the government of Uranus. He required written documents of the worst informatics student. In this case official government representatives of Uranus refused a little bit to undertake. At this time the future dictator wanted to set up together with Devil Emoji with the help of the Saturn's aliens from Emoji his reputation under the Emojis better. So several local Emojis from Middle Finger Emoji were invited to fly to Uranus for research purposes.
Curious Emojis and aliens flew together as tourists to Uranus. 👮👤📲👨⬅️🛳️💺. 🌃🎃2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣➕🔌. 🤣👤📞👨⭐️👤⌨👨⬅️🚘️➕👤🎥🎬👨🚶‍♂️🛣️💬.
😅💭👤📷🎞👨🎯👤🧮📟👨⬅️. 😆💩2️⃣9️⃣👽👤💔💘👨🌃⚫️😷🥇➕🟤👤📔👨⬅️. 😋☠️❌️2️⃣ 💝. 😍2️⃣ 🏠️💩👃🔙💺👽➕↪️📞💛👤💥👨💬. At this second the Minister of Finance remembered the historical lessons of his school hours. He shouted: "Are you Avoid, the town dictator of Alien Emoji and founder of several factories in this town?"
👃🔙🤔➡️🤗👤🎯,🗣️👤👽🙄👩⬅️👤😴👨🧱⌚↪️🗼🇬🇧⬆️🏠️. At this time flew several Secret Service employees from Emoji Keyboard over the clouds of the religious town.
They found at least three recumbent and sleeping strangers on the roof of a hotel. 👤😀👨➕💫🖕💩⚓💰➕🕳🤶🧾➕🥽. The Minister of Finance shouted very much loudly: "What should be this disrespect for the most important tax collector from Poop Emoji?"
After this statement the Minister of Finance and the assistant defended the worst informatics student that he was to them helpfully with their return. Then all three were sent to the freedom. Instead of the responsible information scientist his school books were locked up in the prison.

The independent search of the Emojis in the wall clock

Story: The independent search of the Emojis in the wall clock

How Emojis protected their water sources

Story: How Emojis protected their water sources



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