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The independent search of the Emojis in the wall clock

Several witnesses in Heart Eyes Emoji were asked by the first dictator to make the specifics the disappearance of both high-ranking Emojis. At this time several researchers and policemen came to the big wall clock. They had to try to open all entrances. In the meantime, the responsible information scientist from the Uranus decided to fly to Emoji to his wall clock. Because of different problems he landed near the harbour of Japanese Emoji. In the interim the first dictator commanded to the gathered lawyers a discussion to carry out live. Finally, the ruler wanted that Emojis deflect themselves from the adventures. Thus the gathered lawyers might simply discuss something without writing down a new law obligingly. Thus the dictator of Emoji said the lawyers that they might discuss the subject voting duty for all Emojis without exception. Several lawyers recommended financial punishments for lazy Emojis who do not vote or elect. A defender of the rights of the citizens from Star Emoji was against the punishment. Emojis were deflected by this discussion really from time movements and other phenomena very well. In this time several attentive Emojis noticed that a strange alien went swimming in the yellow sea of Japanese Emoji, after he parked before his flying saucer about 10 steps away. These Emojis thought that this alien was not normal definitively.
Finally, it was very cold at this time. The water temperature reached just +2. Really the worst information scientist froze to death in the sea. The before carefully become Emojis tried to get the alien from the sea. Moreover, they informed the local police. Among them were police divers. They could get together with other Emojis the alien from the cold water. Then he was brought to a local hospital. In the meantime, the Minister of Finance and the assistant from the Mercury enjoyed their popularity in the country of the strange Emojis. Suddenly at least 500 Emojis came to the Minister of Finance and his assistant with several self-drawn portraits of both high-ranking politicians. Finally, a lot of Emojis in this reality in Emoji Art were very gifted artists. The Minister of Finance wanted to get all portraits with his face. Several Emojis donated to him their pictures. Quick the Minister of Finance had to realise that he had only two hands and very much limited possibilities for the acceptance of all pictures. So he renounced the pictures. At this time the alien recovered from his cold. He was questioned by the medical staff to his residence. Finally, the bill should be sent him by post. The alien admitted living in Uranus. He also said that he wanted to look at his wall clock in the religious town.
At this time several neighbouring Emojis alarmed the local police. Finally, they belonged to a spy's group of the first dictator which collected important tips from the population nationally. Thus several employees of the Secret Service in Emoji Keyboard found out that a suspicious foreign alien wanted to visit exactly the problematic wall clock in the religious capital of the Emojis. So several local policemen came to the hospital. They arrested the alien recumbent on the hospital bed. He did not understand what should mean this behaviour. In the interim the alien was brought to Emoji Meaning in a prison with economic criminals. The first dictator was informed at once about a suspect passenger. Thus the ruler of Emoji commanded to bring the arrested alien to him to the wall clock. However, the hands of the alien would have to be bound. Finally, the dictator feared that the foreign alien could attack him. After some time the alien was brought to his desirable place in undesired form. There the first dictator exactly looked at him with a magnifying glass. Moreover, he commanded to the state television to interrupt the gathered lawyers from the live broadcasting. Finally, millions of Emojis should see the alien who was responsible for the most topical disappearance of both high-ranking Emojis. Several Emojis had to record even with their video recorders this alien. So several Emojis ran to the stores.
Suddenly all video recorders were asked so strongly, how on the first sales day.
The big respect which the Minister of Finance with the assistant experienced in the other reality raised the arrogance of the Minister of Finance for his future duties of his reality. He had to be the feeling the best Emoji of all times. At the end he accepted a portrait of his face of an artist. This happened, after most Emojis wanted to celebrate their Minister of Finance in a private atmosphere.
At this second the first dictator wanted to know how the alien could bring two high-ranking Emojis to the wall clock and lock up. Because of the high pressure the worst information scientist tried to repeat this. This time he disappeared in the wall clock. He landed by a portrait of the Minister of Finance in their new reality. He asked himself where he was. At least, he was glad not to have to see the first dictator with his irritating Emojis any more. The assistant of the ruler asked the alien how he could come. He said that he went by the wall clock to the religious town of Emoji. At the same time the Minister of Finance remembered his previous reality with the assistant. He wanted to prevent the return anyway. Finally, respected Emojis him and his assistant in this reality even more. In the beginning the worst information scientist feared to announce his participation both Emojis. At the same time the assistant of the first dictator wanted to know, why this alien went generally to the wall clock, although the risk of the disappearance existed really.
He decided to say the truth: "I was the worst informatics student in Uranus. One day I could suddenly celebrate my first success. This was that in 1000. practise. I could program several wall clocks in different planets successfully and produce. I placed a wall clock before your eyes which was responsible for your and my disappearance in Heart Eyes Emoji."
The Minister of Finance reacted very much made easier: "I hope that I will never leave this reality. I am respected here very well. Even my assistant could score with the local Emojis very well."
After this statement the alien felt very growing courage. He said: "The first dictator showed my face on the state television. Moreover, he made me open the wall clock. I was under the biggest pressure of my present life to have to perform something. Before I was saved from the yellow sea by several Emojis. I still wanted to go swimming, although the water was almost frozen. Just other patients in the hospital knew that the ruler of Emoji would have searched tips for a responsible cause of the wall clock. Thus I was brought by the hospital directly to a prison. Then I was instructed to the place of your disappearance."
The assistant of the first dictator reacted very nervously. He really feared that it was possible for no return to their reality because of the silly cause.
In the interim reacted the first dictator so much angry that all accompanying Emojis might observe stronger and stronger loss of hair of the ruler. In this event the first dictator got definitively a full bald head. Moreover, he wore a blue shirt at that time. Because of these events several musicians decided to interrupt voluntarily their concert in Emoji Symbols and shift.
The most famous musician was Monkey Emoji. He flew by an emergency airplane with other musicians to the religious capital. At the place of the wall clock several musicians started to make music with their varied music instruments. Their tones caused an echo in the wall clock. Both high-ranking Emojis and the informatics student were swallowed by wind in the portraits of the Minister of Finance like from the vacuum cleaner. For a short time they landed in a computer of an informatics teacher in Neptune. The problem was: The owner of the computer activated the most intensive anti-virus programme. So both Emojis and the worst informatics student were brought in an ocean of the planet Earth. However, it was an ocean in a smartphone. The owner of the device did not realise that he had two real Emojis and a real alien in his device. He thought that there was an update. In the beginning so he did not notice the difference. After some time two Emojis with the alien tried to cause several problems. Finally, they wanted to be able to communicate with other Emojis for Android. This failed. They had to find out fast that the other Emojis were only drawn pictures in the device.
They resembled very much the real Emojis, were only drawn. The new adventure of both high-ranking politicians frustrated them very much. They wished the return to the previous reality or their real native country. At this time the first dictator had many information about the cause of the wall clock in his acts. So he sent an inquiry to Uranus for the help. Uranus explained its readiness to help the Emojis in the return of both politicians and their local in the best way possible. In the meantime, the first dictator commanded to the state television again to transfer the discussion of the gathered lawyers live.

The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock

Story: The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock

The return of the Emojis from their adventures in the wall clock

Story: The return of the Emojis from their adventures in the wall clock



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