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The independent search of the Emojis in the wall clock

Several witnesses in Heart Eyes Emoji were asked by the first dictator to make the specifics the disappearance of both high-ranking Emojis. At this time several researchers and policemen came to the big wall clock. They had to try to open all entrances. In the meantime, the responsible information scientist from the Uranus decided to fly to Emoji to his wall clock. Because of different problems he landed near the harbor of Japanese Emoji. 😀🧛‍♀️🔚➕💩. 😲🆕😂⚓🔚🚧. A defender of the rights of the citizens from Star Emoji was against the punishment. Emojis were deflected by this discussion really from time movements and other phenomena very well. 😊☠️1️⃣ 🔍️👉️🛢👌💅💆‍♀️❗️😰➕🧱⌚💭. 🛣🧑‍🎨➕😀. Finally, a lot of Emojis in this reality in Emoji Art were very gifted artists. The Minister of Finance wanted to get all portraits with his face. 😄⌚️➕👤⛴⬅️. 🖕➡️🚦👥🥫👀🖼➡️💺. Thus several employees of the Secret Service in Emoji Keyboard found out that a suspicious foreign alien wanted to visit exactly the problematic wall clock in the religious capital of the Emojis. So several local policemen came to the hospital. They arrested the alien recumbent on the hospital bed. He did not understand what should mean this behaviour. In the interim the alien was brought to Emoji Meaning in a prison with economic criminals. The first dictator was informed at once about a suspect passenger. 🤤🔚🗺️🦸🔚💅. 😌🥃👠💆‍♀️. ✍️🔚😏➡️✂️⚫️🗣️➡️🤑👤☠️. 😬❌️🪂🔚. 1️⃣ ⏱️➕👥🛸⬅️🗣️🛠️🛰. In this event the first dictator got definitively a full bald head. Moreover, he wore a blue shirt at that time. Because of these events several musicians decided to interrupt voluntarily their concert in Emoji Symbols and shift.
The most famous musician was Monkey Emoji. He flew by an emergency airplane with other musicians to the religious capital. 😖➕👥🪠⬅️🥫🐵⬅️🎁🧬👤😰👨⬆️⚫️🧬🔚. 😷❗️⌚️❌️🎶💡🧷🧻❓️. After some time two Emojis with the alien tried to cause several problems. Finally, they wanted to be able to communicate with other Emojis for Android. This failed. They had to find out fast that the other Emojis were only drawn pictures in the device.
🥺💬💯💞💜👌🏻🔥🎉🧱⌚🔚😁🖼😁👍🏻. In the meantime, the first dictator commanded to the state television again to transfer the discussion of the gathered lawyers live.

The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock

Story: The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock

The return of the Emojis from their adventures in the wall clock

Story: The return of the Emojis from their adventures in the wall clock



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