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The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock

Both high-ranking politicians were turned in the wall clock several times to the left and on the right. They experienced a time trip in another reality.
The Minister of Finance and the assistant of the first dictator landed completely in amazement in the town of the laughing formula Laughing Emoji. This time except the town name everything was strange. Even local Emojis looked completely different. They resembled the human ears only with eyes, mouth, legs and hands. These Emojis made a very gifted impression on the assistant from the Mercury. Some local inhabitants sang especially well. Other Emojis made music so well that both guests realised ones that they had heard nowhere such music in their life up to now. Emojis on the right side painted particularly nice portraits. Some artists wanted to portray above all the Minister of Finance. The reason was his special appearance. At least, he was the uppermost tax collector as a sideline in Poop Emoji. Suddenly a square car drove past. After a short time the Minister of Finance and the assistant sat in this vehicle.
In comparison to other cars the small looking vehicle had extremely a lot of place. In it there sat at least 66 Emojis. Only the alien and the Minister of Finance looked different. So the both with strange looks were looked by local Emojis. After quick journey the Minister of Finance and the assistant concentrated upon an interesting shield of a big restaurant. A revolutionary heading stood on it: "Rich parents for everybody!"
Both guests hardly read this heading, they were from the vehicle in the restaurant automatically before the front door got out. Both high-ranking politicians from the other reality of Emoji stood before the front door and looked at the heading nearly 67 seconds incessantly. After exactly 122 seconds came at least 10 Emojis from the restaurant. They asked the both, where from they came. The Minister of Finance reacted furiously: "I am the uppermost Minister of Finance and tax collector of the country!"
Thereon said the owner of the restaurant: "I know no such Minister of Finance in my country. This occupation was written out 240 days ago by the fifth dictator officially after the death of the present finance manager in the middle of the meeting of the high-ranking politicians as vacant. Most Emojis have great fear of this job because they would have great fear of own death."
Thereon said the Minister of Finance: "I would be ready to take over this work in your reality."
The restaurant owner said: "You must promise that all Emojis will have rich parents if you make this."
The Minister of Finance did not know how he could promise such a thing because his primary job was to steal the money from the Emojis via tax authority. Nevertheless, he promised to do this. He had only one requirement: "I make this only if my assistant takes part."
Thus the alien became involuntarily the assistant of the Minister of Finance in the other reality. In the interim the restaurant owner informed the other Emojis that a voluntary Minister of Finance from another reality liked to take over this work with them.
Thereon several local Emojis went out into the streets and would shout: "Long live Emoji Art!
In this reality the town of the artists was an independent autonomy within the state of Emoji. The Poop Emoji thought with the assistant that he becomes a big important Minister of Finance of the whole state. In reality he might make his work as a Minister of Finance of the town. At least, the artist's town was much bigger in this reality. It enclosed the tenfold surface of the town of the same name in the reality of both visitors.
In his role as an urban Minister of Finance he heard the proposals of his assistant better. He considered these ideas. The assistant of the first dictator recommended the construction of printers for special bank notes. Finally, Emojis did not want to disappoint the inhabitants of the other reality. Thus several printers were built after a short time. They were specified everybody on the production of the bank notes and coins. Then the Minister of Finance sent the money to different economic participants. All their prices had to lower upon the command of the fifth dictator by the subsidised amount. The ruler of the artist's town checked up a local army the price reductions. Who did not lower the prices in spite of the preserved money, was arrested. In comparison to the first dictator of the other reality the enriched Emojis were shown on the state television to several Emojis with their cheeky faces. After these events the Minister of Finance and the assistant found out that in this reality a parallel gave to theirs.
There were also several local lawyers who sketched new laws like designers instead of the dictator or the parliament. This time in comparison to their reality aliens from the Venus were very stingy. They lived in Japanese Emoji. They organised every last Friday of the month a special event on the subject: The silly law in the galaxy of the Emojis. The Minister of Finance and his assistant thought that they might explain their positions to the population on the state television. Quick a presenter explained that Emojis need change on the state television. This is why always contradicting broadcastings are shown successively immediately. He explained an example to them:" 20 days ago several lawyers decided a punishment for spitting. According to this decision the fifth dictator sent several policemen for the supervision of the streets because of the distribution of punishments specially for spitting. After the broadcasting with the lawyers the opponents of this law were shown immediately without interruption. On next Tuesday finally Emojis had to appear for an urgent vote. The fifth dictator decided this."
After this story both high-ranking politicians Emojis were interested in the law book. The presenter smiled and said:" With us it goes very chaotically with the legislation. What is valid today, the next day can already have become outdated. In a case a tourist from Mars thought that he might bring the special juices from his native country to us and drink. Hardly he was with us, several lawyers decided a general and unlimited ban of some ingredients of this juice. Immediately several more exactly acting Emojis had to check all tourists by the import. Most tourists from Mars were unlucky with the new law. They might not be admitted to the country. Thus they spent the night at the airport. The next day all Emojis nationally got to know about this event. The lawyers felt constrained to check their own legislation more exactly. The next day forbidden ingredients were legalised before suddenly again."
The Minister of Finance asked critically the presenter: "Do you not know what should be quite simply forbidden and be permitted?"
The presenter replied very self-confidently: "Everything is relative. What should be permitted here exactly or be forbade?"
The assistant of the first dictator could not remain any more quiet. He also wanted to express his opinion: "If a group Emojis hits a stranger simply so for no reason or kills, is there even according to the mood of the lawyers or judges a punishment or even reward for this behaviour on the part of the legislator?"
The presenter said: "We always assume from the fact that we are quite simply actors of our own life. Of course the responsible brawlers or murderers are punished with heavy physical damages for some time. The punishment mostly lasts only at most 60 days.
For it the criminals are punished so unforgettably that they would have to change their life-style. They must hang with engaged feet and hanging heads like bats. This ordinarily lasts 60 days." After this conversation both politicians thanked for the detailed information and explanation to the life of local Emojis the responsible presenter.
At this time passed several moments. The first dictator tried to reach his assistant at home. He noticed that he was not accessible. Several witnesses informed the local police that some time ago two high-ranking Emojis disappeared in a wall clock. So the ruler of Emoji as the first measure wanted to try out something unusual. When he got to know about this event he sat down on his chair and decided to eat the national bread 🍠.
In the interim Emojis celebrated the Minister of Finance and his assistant for the construction of the bank note printers in their country.

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Story: The Minister of Finance and high-ranking Emojis look for new sources of income

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Story: The independent search of the Emojis in the wall clock



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