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The Minister of Finance and high-ranking Emojis look for new sources of income

After the return of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run the situation calmed down temporarily. The first dictator wanted to get from his Minister of Finance a report to the financial situation of Emoji. The uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance from Poop Emoji had big mess in his documents. So he said the first dictator that the budget of Emoji in spite of his intensive efforts lay for the introduction of the general tax duty for all inhabitants still in the negative area. Thereon the ruler said his subordinated: "You must search other possibilities, so that the state has more income."
Thereon said the Minister of Finance: "We should invent taxes on forbidden products."
Thereon said the first dictator: "For this purpose we would have to legalise first the unlawful products. However, this is not realistic." The Minister of Finance with the following shining idea reacted to it: "How it would be that the traders of the forbidden products would legally sell. At the same time these products remained illegally for the consumption. At least, traders would have to pay the special taxes directly to the best tax authority of the galaxy."
The first dictator started to laugh. Then he said: "How you want to explain the Emojis that they pay taxes for forbidden products indirectly by higher prices?
At the same time you want to allow to forbid these products still."
The Minister of Finance had an idea: "We will contact the traders directly on this subject. The normal population will not know this. We will conceal before Emojis."
Thereon the first dictator still wanted to hear the opinion of his long-standing friend and assistant from the Mercury. Moreover, hoped the ruler of Emoji that his friend would have better ideas. The alien really had other proposals. Thus he recommended the introduction of a tax for all domestic animals and cattle of the farmers. When several farmers got to know about this discrimination, they demonstrated in Middle Finger Emoji together with thousands of Emojis. The first dictator reacted to the protests unimpressed. Finally, he knew that soon his term of office would be over according to the prophecy in the black hole. So he recommended even the taxes on forbidden fruits and drinks.
In the interim gathered lawyers found out that the Minister of Finance specially persuaded the first dictator to stroke the day meetings in the legislation Emojis for savings reasons at short notice. The readiness of the Emojis should thereby rise to accept higher taxes and even taxes on unlawful products.
This looked real. The reason was that gathered lawyers with their public work were seen by Emojis regularly very much with pleasure. So they paid even voluntarily at least 2 Bitcoins to taxes in the next visit of the military tax collectors.
After the ignorance of the high-ranking Emojis to prevent the discrimination of the farmers with the new taxes, several farmers decided to organise together a bad surprise for the first dictator in his seat in the capital of Emoji SMS. In the interim local aliens with roots from the Saturn informed the ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji about furious Emojis who were on the way to the capital. He wanted to support the farmers in the protests. So he sent several old newspapers together with his friends from Crying Laughing Emoji to the capital. In the interim a spy informed the first dictator about the forthcoming demonstration in the capital among the farmers. The ruler of Emoji commanded to his elite army to protect several important buildings with anti-spam means. At this time the assistant of the first dictator had to go to the demonstrators.
Finally, the ruler wanted that the originator of this idea deals with the protesting Emojis personally. The assistant was hardly before thousands of furious farmers, he was pelted pitilessly with old chips. With delay unknown aliens with old newspapers still came to the furious Emojis and tried to find the first dictator. Their search remained fruitless. They might throw down the old newspapers not on other people than the first dictator. So they wasted simply valuable time. Nevertheless, they still hoped to get the ruler of Emoji. Instead, there came a general of the elite army and threatened all demonstrating Emojis with deadly consequences if they do not calm down. He threatened with a loudspeaker. In this time the assistant of the dictator had to be brought to the hospital temporarily. Finally, he suffered after the attack from an overdose chips before eyes. Exceptionally obeyed the protesting Emojis. The general brought a big screen from his military truck.
He said all that the first dictator wanted to say live on television something. Moreover, the general warned all Emojis that they were shot with a deliberate destruction of the screen by the military.
The first dictator appeared in the screen and began his speech: "I am sorry very much that the new tax looks discriminating. So all Emojis will pay without exceptions at least 4 Bitcoins more in taxes."
Suddenly the Minister of Finance appeared before the first dictator and insulted him with forbidden words on the state television. Thereon the Minister of Finance was laughed so strongly that he could hear this. The first dictator decided a working barrier for his stinking Minister of Finance. At the same time he was glad about the behaviour of his Minister of Finance. Thus all Emojis found out live that the high-ranking politician recommended such ideas. After this disgrace the Minister of Finance decided to take for a short time holidays. The first dictator experienced a bad day of his term of office. Because of these events the ruler of Emoji considered the Minister of Finance to dismiss.
On the same day the first dictator tried to speak live on the state television of the quick dismissal of the Minister of Finance. The problem: The state television had no electricity. This was a bad sign for the dictator. So he renounced the dismissal of his Minister of Finance. Instead, he sent his assistant together with the Minister of Finance for some time to the holidays. At the same time the first dictator contacted some stingy Emojis from Emoji Meaning. He asked them under threat of a punishment on garrotte to produce several bank notes for the treasury. With it the ruler of Emoji wanted to prevent an other conflict with different interest groups in the country.
After this order some stingy aliens from the Jupiter found out that Emojis were in an economic state crisis. They began with a big import of their printers from the company which produced bank notes for Jupiter. One day the first dictator sat in his office and opened a letter after the other. He found out fast that some traders advertised actively to special printers for bank notes. He allowed to put into archives all letters. At least, the first dictator alone could solve the financial crisis in the budget without unpopular measures.
On this day the Minister of Finance and the assistant went together to the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji. There they met several monks. They began the traditional laughing prayer together with other Emojis. Then they left the amusing house. They sat down on a bench nearby. Suddenly appeared a ghost of the most famous monk of the history. The Minister of Finance said to the assistant: "Do you see this strange geometrical shape?"
The alien affirmed. After some time disappeared the geometrical shape from the visibility of both high-ranking politicians. At this second the worst informatics student practiced in Uranus to the 1000. time a program practise. Suddenly he got the breakthrough after long patience. Finally, appeared several wall clocks on his screen. A wall clock appeared before the eyes of the Minister of Finance and the assistant. Both politicians felt hypnotised from this wall clock and attracted. In comparison to other wall clocks this was as big as a building. Other curious Emojis more exactly wanted to look at the wall clock. They were held from a wind of it.
Only the Minister of Finance and the assistant of the first dictator could look at the wall clock closer. They noticed that they could go in. When they were in it, other Emojis also tried to go to the wall clock. The others failed at the entrance. After some time noticed the Minister of Finance with the assistant that they could not leave any more the wall clock. Finally, the worst informatics student celebrated his first program success, while he excluded the return from the wall clock.

The adventures of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run

Story: The adventures of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run

The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock

Story: The adventures of the Emojis in the wall clock



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