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The adventures of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run

After his speech the first dictator left the record location where he spoke before several millions Emojis live in Middle Finger Emoji. He concentrated upon the examination of the ordered artificial snow. In the interim all before disappeared Emojis and criminal aliens from the Saturn landed in a gigantic spider net. They did not understand where they were. Suddenly there came several pink dressed Emojis who behaved quite differently. Devil Emoji tried to communicate with them into language Emoji L. To his astonishment these Emojis did not understand this language, although their faces resembled one to one the known Emojis. The other Emojis who disappeared by the ski run began a discussion with the ketchup entrepreneur. The pink dressed Emojis brought absolutely unexpectedly some bodies in the room where they were laid on several bed.
At this second the professor Setag Lib from Pluto came to his students from the Neptune.
They had to solve a special task within 67 seconds. They should store to several Emojis at the same time at least 88,888 words of a foreign language in their brains. They should do this with the help of a code. For this purpose these students had to make a group work. In it they should solve the problem together as quickly as possible. Devil Emoji noted in this time that aliens had his valuable jewellery with themselves. He tried to speak at least with these aliens. The criminals learnt from the pink Emojis to use a foreign language. They communicated in reality into Saturn's language with each other. They tried to wake the impression that they landed by chance here. In comparison to other Emojis the ketchup entrepreneur understood this language which he learnt with his friends once behind the eucalyptuses in Crying Laughing Emoji.
At the beginning he tried to work in such a way that he did not understand them. In the meantime, there came other pink Emojis and wrote in known letter something about the recumbent bodies. At least, these foreign Emojis had the same letters. At the blue table several students could write the following code:
"*///Command, -direction--planet-Halloween; ---disappeared.Emojis/ place; Cute Emoji, skiing Emojis--/copy and paste language of pink Emojis---- ///. :)*"
After Neptune's students explained this code in the programming, Emojis felt in the spider net how something landed in their brains. Now, at least, they could understand where they were real. Devil Emoji read several headings in this room: "Department of the research of the donated corpses". He asked other Emojis: "What should be the sense of this adventure?"
At the same time he concentrated upon the talks of the Saturn's aliens. The criminals started to discuss with each other how they could escape from this spider net. Finally, they wanted to sell the valuable jewellery. The ketchup entrepreneur realised that these criminals took most probably his jewellery before the disappearance from the safe deposit. In the interim the other Emojis concentrated upon several books and newspapers which they found in this space. They thought that they were locked up in this spider net. They did not understand the structure of this spider net, this is why these Emojis remained voluntarily in captivity.
The pink Emojis could go in comparison to their guests also on walls like insects. In the meantime, several medicine students came to the space. They had to discuss every body part with their professors for their education. The criminals tried to get on the wall. This failed. They fell on the ground. The jewellery of Devil fell on the ground. The ketchup entrepreneur took it immediately in his hands. He recognised his valuable jewellery. Thereon he said other Emojis who disappeared together with him first from the ski run that the later came aliens still stole his jewellery from the safe deposit before their disappearance. These Emojis with big fury reacted to it and hit these criminals. The pink Emojis noticed this and threw the criminals from the spider net. The striking Emojis were bound to the beds of the corpse. At least, tried Devil to communicate with the unknown Emojis.

This time a good conversation succeeded. He said that he was with other Emojis before on the ski run in Cute Emoji. The pink Emojis said him that they were here in the university town and research town of Emoji List. They were glad about the fact that these guests were finally talkative. In spite of the portrayal of the situation pink Emojis were very careful to arrest as criminally called aliens. After this friendly conversation the other Emojis were released together with Devil from the spider net with the help of a springboard beyond the building. Emojis from the planet Halloween did not recognise this new reality beyond the spider net. All clouds and the whole atmosphere were pink. Nearby there stood the word "Railway station". Emojis thought that they really came to the railway station of the university town. They searched in vain a railway station there. Instead, was there a drink store. Really Emojis felt strong thirst. They wanted to drink something. Their problem was that they knew no local currency. So they were frustrated very much.
These Emojis stood before the front door and started to pour several tears. The running past pink Emojis reacted very much pleased. They donated these strangers several pink coins. At the same time they took the ground with tears with themselves. Finally, at least, the guests from Halloween could buy local drinks. Then they saw on a sign: "In 111 steps to the city administration." Emojis thought that they met the local politicians there. After some time they stood before a gigantic front door. When they opened the door, they hoped to meet there local political Emojis. Oddly enough nobody was there. There was only one stair. Straight ahead stood:" Number 666 of the city administration". Courageous Emojis decided together to go. It was astonishingly very quiet at this place. Devil opened the door. Instead of city administration he found a big and wide cemetery. Emojis reacted very much disappointed that they could not understand the local language in spite of the same words at all. Better said the words had in this reality other meanings. This was bad enough for Emojis.
They wanted at the beginning to the railway station and came to a drink store. Later they were glad about the visit of the local politicians and came to the cemetery. After these disappointments these Emojis tried to walk quite spontaneously in the surroundings without making hopes for the next adventure to themselves. On a sign they found an unknown concept:" To the smartphone 40 minutes on foot". Because of the new concept curious Emojis decided to go this way. After some time they saw more and more locals on the way. They were made easier that they could come at least to an important place. They were actual at a place where several coaches, trams and trains stood. They took down in their notes that smartphone meant transport in this reality. Other pink Emojis observed the strange guests who resembled them externally. The ketchup entrepreneur tried to find out with big trouble how he together with other Emojis at least in their hometowns could return. They had a big problem: On the one hand they were in their native country, on the other hand, a lot was strange for them. Even the language worked at first sight like theirs. The second time one looks these Emojis noticed that they were not to 100 percent at home.
So they decided to drive together by the train to the capital of Emoji SMS. After short journey the screen showed the name of the known city. Devil and other Emojis from his reality saw at first sight known buildings. They reacted made easier. When they got out, they tried to reach the government. They wanted to know whether the first dictator was the ruler of Emoji in this reality. Emojis were disappointed by several laborious investigations. In this reality was the most important city of Poop Emoji. At least, pink Emojis called their capital clearer than other concepts. The capital was called as the biggest and most important city of the country. The ruler was called as a mushroom collector. About that Devil with Emojis from his reality read in a local newspaper. After other investigations they sat down in the train. This time they wanted to go in the capital of the pink Emojis. This time the train went in the south. Suddenly Emojis started to sweat in the train. The train driver warned all passengers: "Now it becomes very hot in the train. Every passenger may open the window."

The ketchup entrepreneur was glad that he could understand at least this statement. Outdoors he saw absolutely unexpectedly several palms and a beach. Anyway he could not remember with other Emojis that was so hot in their native country. Finally, after several hours journey the train came. At least, all passengers were still fed on fresh strawberries. Devil decided to go quite spontaneously to the left with other Emojis of his reality. Suddenly they saw a known face. It resembled the Minister of Finance of their reality. Devil tried to speak with him. The Poop Emoji understood him easily. By the conversation he found out that in this reality the Minister of Finance was the uppermost head of secret service of the country. So he had to learn in his military education several accents and languages of other Emojis and cultures. Moreover, he was the uppermost mushroom collector as pink Emojis called their ruler in this reality. In comparison to their reality the ruler wore a special mask in this reality if he appeared publicly before the population. Therefore nobody knew his true face.
Moreover, he concealed Devil and his Emojis that he was the mushroom collector. He told them only that his special unity of the Secret Service locked up aliens from the Saturn after their escape from the spider net in a cheese dairy as a punishment.
Devil supposed behind the arrested aliens, the thieves of his jewellery.
In the interim the first dictator put all high-ranking employees of army and police under big pressure. He required from Emojis the immediate finding of all disappeared. Upwards at this second the arrogance of north Mars grew. The foreign minister threatened the Mercury with an attack, if the government not with its demands cancelled. Really prepared Mars its military attack against a small island before. Several flying saucers were sent to the direction by Mercury. While to the flight there exploded a meteorite. So all saucers flew back to North Mars. The local government renounced its attack. The explosion of meteorite caused several falling green stones.
Some of such stones fell on the pink country of the Emojis. A green rain began. Devil and Emojis of his reality became so wet by the green rain that they evaporated from this reality. After some time they stood in the middle of the chocolate factory of Cute Emoji where Devil was in the production before the visit of the ski run.

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