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The adventures of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run

After his speech the first dictator left the record location where he spoke before several millions Emojis live in Middle Finger Emoji. He concentrated upon the examination of the ordered artificial snow. In the interim all before disappeared Emojis and criminal aliens from the Saturn landed in a gigantic spider net. They did not understand where they were. Suddenly there came several pink dressed Emojis who behaved quite differently. Devil Emoji tried to communicate with them into language Emoji L. 😢🔚🥧⬆️🖕🕷🔚🍨⬆️😱➕😈👤🤡👨⬅️. In comparison to other Emojis the ketchup entrepreneur understood this language which he learnt with his friends once behind the eucalyptuses in Crying Laughing Emoji.
At the beginning he tried to work in such a way that he did not understand them. In the meantime, there came other pink Emojis and wrote in known letter something about the recumbent bodies. At least, these foreign Emojis had the same letters. At the blue table several students could write the following code:
"👤🧐🕷👨👽🍾 Cute Emoji, 🙌🎃👤🥂👨➕🕸🛠️👥➕🔪🗺❌️🗻"
After Neptune's students explained this code in the programming, Emojis felt in the spider net how something landed in their brains. Now, at least, they could understand where they were real. 🏛❌️😈1️⃣. 👤🤒👨🏡💯. 😞🧬👤🏯👩🛕🗣️🤔👤🌁👨👤♨🕸👩⬅️🎪➕🎿👤🎡👨🕷👤🚄👩⬅️🚕.
This time a good conversation succeeded. He said that he was with other Emojis before on the ski run in Cute Emoji. The pink Emojis said him that they were here in the university town and research town of Emoji List. They were glad about the fact that these guests were finally talkative. 😳💔⬆️🧶➡️👶🤔➕🌃🔚🕍⬆️😷. 🤥❌️👏➕⚫️➕⚪️🎿🟣➕👤📖. 🥳🕌➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ ❤️👥🗣️🔚🚮➕👍️. 😀⛔💯🏘🎃.
So they decided to drive together by the train to the capital of Emoji SMS. After short journey the screen showed the name of the known city. Devil and other Emojis from his reality saw at first sight known buildings. They reacted made easier. When they got out, they tried to reach the government. They wanted to know whether the first dictator was the ruler of Emoji in this reality. Emojis were disappointed by several laborious investigations. In this reality was the most important city of Poop Emoji. At least, pink Emojis called their capital clearer than other concepts. The capital was called as the biggest and most important city of the country. 😲🔚🚭⬆️🎅🔚👼➕☂️➕👤🧕👨💬➕👸➕👤🤝👤💩🤶. 👷🏼🆗📛🔚. 🥷✖️1️⃣ 💯🔚. 👥⬆️🤓➕😞🔚💯. 🤡🔚🤷‍♂️➕🎃🔚. ➡️😡➡️😷🆕👑🧔2️⃣ 👥🛄🛠️👤😈🤠👩⬅️. After some time they stood in the middle of the chocolate factory of Cute Emoji where Devil was in the production before the visit of the ski run.

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