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Why Emojis in spite of snow wanted to order artificial snow

In Middle Finger Emoji several local Emojis and aliens cleaned the valuable ground of the remaining littering. In the last time particularly many tourists from the Venus celebrated in the surroundings. They did not behave exemplarily and left several rubbish in the town of the most valuable ground. At the national command of the first dictator local inhabitants had to tolerate this behaviour. The reason was that after the election of the new ruler still no tax income came to Poop Emoji from the whole state. So many cities had to admit tourists who might offend even against the local laws. At least, only the rich tourists who should deliver at least 1111 local Bitcoins to the state after the arrival were admitted. At least, local population had enough job after these tourists.
So local politicians recommended this kind of tourism. Several jobless Emojis might collect the rubbish of the tourists. During their work they wished artificial snow in Middle Finger Emoji, although it was snowing. The reason was that the real snow was not too hard.
In the interim the ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji visited a chocolate factory in Cute Emoji. He was invited after the visit by the marketing boss on a ski run. Together with other Emojis Devil went go skiing. The ski run was only 7 recumbent giraffes remotely from the chocolate factory. The problem was that the snow was valid as breakable and therefore as dangerous for the exercise of winter sports kinds.
So ski run owners tried the important guests to convince of short waiting period. Devil and other Emojis reacted exceptionally very patiently. At this time the boss of the ski run ordered snowy cannons by emergency from Pluto.
The reason was that Pluto could program fastest the best snowy cannons on the whole galaxy and produce. In short time the advanced aliens sent nearly 11 full snowy cannons to Emoji. While Devil and other Emojis waited for the production of snow, the ski run owner allowed to lock up the valuables of his guests in the safe deposit.
About this visit several employees with roots from the Saturn knew that the ketchup entrepreneur hid special and very valuable jewellery in his suitcase. A factory employee who went with his boss and other Emojis on the ski run was still enlisted on the previous day as an accomplice by these criminal aliens. Finally, at this time the guests might go skiing. The factory employee went with other Emojis go skiing together. During the journey he remembered that he should steal, actually, the valuable jewellery anyhow. So he disappeared unobtrusively from the ski run.
In the space he asked the boss where was the key of the safe deposit. He said him that he wanted to take another trousers. The boss opened the safe deposit. The factory employee noticed that it was not easy to find the jewellery quick. So he considered what he could make. Quick he remembered that outdoors before the entrance one more alarm bell hung for snowy cannons. He briefly said the boss that he had to go on the toilet and he could not still find his trousers. Thereon he disappeared. He went first really on the toilet. There he got a wonderful idea. He wanted to inform those aliens by the phone cabin. In the interim the enterprise noticed in Pluto that a snowy cannon which was sent to Emoji was an inexpedient for Emojis. So they wanted to recall this snowy cannon. At this second Saturn's aliens were already near the ski run. The factory employee could inform them still about the hanging alarm bell. After his visit in the toilet the factory employee returned to the safe deposit. He might continue to search. The criminals pressed the alarm bell.
The snowy cannons started to destroy the whole produced snow with water. The alarm reached the boss in his study. So he ran outward. There he saw how several snowy cannons poured over water on snow. He tried to interrupt this. This failed. Devil and other Emojis disappeared from their reality. The boss was dealt with the alarm bell and his snowy cannons. The factory employee could find the valuable jewellery. He was glad very much about his finding. He thought fast about the scene of fleeing. He thought that he should try to flee alone with the jewellery. At the same time he had an idea as he could feed the other criminals cleverly on plausible excuses. Hardly he was ready with his thoughts, the criminals came to him. He said them that he could just find the jewellery. In the beginning thereon two aliens took him like a hero upwards. The factory employee felt honoured so much that he calmed down. The third alien bound to the factory employee a cloth on both eyes. Then there came the fourth alien and searched everywhere with the factory employee the valuable jewellery. After the finding the factory employee was put on the chair of the ski run owner and was tied up.
The criminal gang fled with the jewellery and left alone the factory employee there. During the escape the criminals jumped mistakenly in a snowy cannon which they mistook for a flying saucer. The problem was that they could not leave this place from own strength. In the interim the boss pressed several buttons of several snowy cannons. At the beginning he heard shouts. Later the criminals with the jewellery disappeared to other Emojis. In the interim the boss swept to his job. There he found a tied up Emoji. He found the factory employee who struck before by different excuses. He alarmed the local police. After some time several policemen were there. They might take away both cloths of his eyes from the factory employee. Then they began with questionings. The factory employee described the whole situation how it was. He concealed only his participation in the theft. Moreover, he did not mention what the criminals exactly wanted. He said only that he was a victim of unknown Emojis. He did not say that these were aliens from the Saturn. The factory employee looked for policemen as very plausible with his statements. So he might go.
In this time established Emojis in the town of the valuable earth their first ski run with artificial snow. The first dictator praised them for their diligence. So the ruler of Emoji decided to visit this town himself. He wanted to express himself in the opening ceremony on this subject. In the interim the assistant from the Mercury found out by his visit in Crying Laughing Emoji that a famous ketchup entrepreneur and other Emojis in good positions disappeared in the chocolate factory on the ski run in Cute Emoji. He decided to find further information about the disappearance of those Emojis. Really the boss of the ski run told that those Emojis disappeared like from the ground swallowed without a trace. The local policemen could find no tracks of the disappeared Emojis. This helplessness made a bad impression for high-ranking officials of the state of Emoji. This problem reached the first dictator after some time. So he reacted with his speech thus before several present Emojis in the town of the most valuable earth: "This phenomenon increased in the last time more and more. A short time ago Emojis disappeared in the horror hole. Other experienced special adventures by time movements. At this point I would like to give to all Emojis courage on the way in the difficult and unplannable future. It will be costly to find the disappeared Emojis. However, this is not impossible. At the same time I would like to warn that these adventures could concern everybody. We will find all disappeared Emojis unconditional. I promise this to you."
With his speech the ruler of Emoji edged out the positive event which brought him generally to Middle Finger Emoji to this speech. Before he finished the speech, the first dictator remembered that he wanted to praise the local population for their diligence. Moreover, he promised to them to check the quality of the artificial snow better.

Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole

Story: Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole

The adventures of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run

Story: The adventures of the disappeared Emojis from the ski run



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