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Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole

In comparison to other places of Emoji there remained in the horror hole brightly. All robotised Emojis remained in the same time as they got. That's why the Minister of Finance did not know that it was already a night. In the interim the first dictator had sleepless night. He could not fall asleep. Anyhow he felt that the next day him another problem will expect. Not only the ruler of Emoji had sleeplessness at this night. 😀🏡1️⃣🔚🌃💯. Besides there lay the traditional keyboard which was produced in Emoji Keyboard for the first time.
The dictator more exactly wanted to look at the keyboard for the distraction. 😄1️⃣ 👀👫👥💬➕⌨😎❌️😆. 👽1️⃣ 🕳🔚⏱️. 🎃🙏🔚🍽️💩. In Alien Emoji did not wait Emojis, until the first dictator or electric companies repair the problem. Innovative aliens and Emojis tried to produce energy from the air. After some time this town could produce its own electricity regardless of other companies. In comparison to this solution religious Emojis had discovered quite a special kind of electric production in Heart Eyes Emoji. 🧒➕➡️🏇👥😍⚙️➕🧬💩👍️📺️❌️👩. He tried him to reach in his tax authority from Poop Emoji.
He searched him in the building where ordinarily gathered lawyers worked on the new legislation. 🗽🥊❌️⚖️👥⌚️🙏. 😂👂️. 🤣❤️🔚. Because of irritating events the dictator ordered a personal emergency concert of the musician Monkey Emoji.
The famous musician had to interrupt at once everything and be brought with a special flying saucer for famous Emojis to the ruler. During the flight the musician had to fly together over the island Emoji Pants with the pilot. Near the horror hole the musician heard shouts. ➡️😍👥⬇️🛋️⬇️🐵➕⚙️. 🤩🧬🏤🕳🧬🥎📺️👥🛣️⬅️👀➕🤖🤯. ➡️🔫👥👫➡️🪒🧑‍✈️👥. 🤔❗️👫⚙️💀. The ruler of Emoji experienced the biggest respect of his present term of office on the part of the population.

Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

Story: Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

Why Emojis in spite of snow wanted to order artificial snow

Story: Why Emojis in spite of snow wanted to order artificial snow



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