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Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole

In comparison to other places of Emoji there remained in the horror hole brightly. All robotised Emojis remained in the same time as they got. That's why the Minister of Finance did not know that it was already a night. In the interim the first dictator had sleepless night. He could not fall asleep. Anyhow he felt that the next day him another problem will expect. Not only the ruler of Emoji had sleeplessness at this night. His assistant from the Mercury could not fall asleep. So he decided to listen to classical music. He wanted to try to fall asleep so. The first dictator considered what he could make against his sleeplessness. Later he simply realised that he was tired not enough. That's why he decided to walk in the middle of the night in the surroundings. He looked the lantern in his garden. Besides there lay the traditional keyboard which was produced in Emoji Keyboard for the first time.
The dictator more exactly wanted to look at the keyboard for the distraction. At this time authorities of Ceres undertook other steps for the return of their shot flying robot. The dictator touched different buttons. On a button he found a strange symbol. He could not remember up to now to find a pale green robot. Of curiosity he decided to press the button. Suddenly a national power failure began. Several Emojis who did not sleep at this time reacted with the biggest panic since long time. The assistant sat absolutely unexpectedly in the darkness without classical music and without light. In the beginning the first dictator did not realise the power failure because of the moonlight. At least, he felt very well after done work. He could fall asleep seated in his garden, although it was cold outdoors. In the interim the Minister of Finance was dog-tired in the horror hole. He wanted to leave together with other Emojis this place. The problem was that most Emojis strongly became robotised. So nobody remembered to leave the horror hole. The Minister of Finance realised that a little bit could not be right. He was extremely tired in comparison to other robotised Emojis.
So he fell asleep. In the interim the assistant alarmed several electric enterprises about the power failure. Then he fell asleep. In the early morning Emojis had to find out that they had no functioning electricity. Moreover, a lot of Emojis froze. At least, most Emojis stocks had in stones. By the friction of two stones they got warm fire. The first dictator wanted to call up traditionally after his breakfast his Minister of Finance. He had to realise the power failure fast. Even the emergency phones did not function. So the ruler of Emoji had to orientate himself by his place of residence differently. In several hospitals the medical staff complained that life-preserving machines did not function any more. The minimum stock in electricity could reach only for 24 hours. So several hospitals tried to reach the first dictator. By a crisis meeting hospital employees from all land parts decided the first dictator by oral propaganda to reach. Thus single employees of the hospital went out into the streets and asked Emojis and aliens the wish to transmit to the quick restoration of the electricity to the first dictator by other people. Thus was completely Emoji involved in the spreading of the information. In the shortest time came three Emojis who saw by chance the ruler.
They informed him about the national power failure and the problems of the hospitals with minimum stocks in electricity for life-preserving machines. In Alien Emoji did not wait Emojis, until the first dictator or electric companies repair the problem. Innovative aliens and Emojis tried to produce energy from the air. After some time this town could produce its own electricity regardless of other companies. In comparison to this solution religious Emojis had discovered quite a special kind of electric production in Heart Eyes Emoji. These Emojis were ordinarily to be recited especially in a good mood because of their kind. Thus they had in their religious houses the especially good energy which they transformed into electricity with the help of a local alien from Pluto.
In this difficult time tried misers from the Jupiter to sell the Emojis for a lot of money electricity. By good interlinking of the population the religious town could supply nationally temporarily all emergency places with electricity. After the electricity could be restored in most towns of Emoji, the first dictator searched his Minister of Finance. He tried him to reach in his tax authority from Poop Emoji.
He searched him in the building where ordinarily gathered lawyers worked on the new legislation. An attentive judge told the first dictator that he could not reach the main lawyer. The ruler commanded to his spies to search nationally the Minister of Finance and the main lawyer. Because of irritating events the dictator ordered a personal emergency concert of the musician Monkey Emoji.
The famous musician had to interrupt at once everything and be brought with a special flying saucer for famous Emojis to the ruler. During the flight the musician had to fly together over the island Emoji Pants with the pilot. Near the horror hole the musician heard shouts. Thereon the pilot informed the first dictator that there was possibly an emergency near the horror hole. At short notice the ruler renounced this on the personal concert. He commanded both Emojis to mobilise local population on the island for the rescue operation.
Near the horror hole also came aliens from Ceres. They parked their flying saucer on the other side of the horror hole.
Their job was to find the flying robot. In the interim several local Emojis sat down on their bicycles. They found out from the city administration that the famous musician heard shouts from the horror hole. Some Emojis were noticed that near the horror hole a very modern flying saucer was stationed. They agreed that it came from abroad. So courageous Emojis went to the flying saucer. There sat several authority representatives from Ceres. They left their flying object. They tried to communicate with the local Emojis. The problem was that they could communicate with each other into no language. Thus they stood helplessly one in front of the other.
In the interim sat the first dictator on his chair. He felt that something will happen. He had to miss the feeling an important event seated in his office. So he called his assistant. After a short time the alien came to the dictator. The ruler of Emoji asked to organise his assistant a flying saucer in the direction of the horror hole on the island as quickly as possible. While the first dictator and his assistant sat down comfortably in the flying saucer, two outlets appeared absolutely unexpectedly in both hands of the ruler. He did not understand what should mean this. The assistant told during the flight that he could not fall asleep at night. Later he tried to become tired by listening to the classical music and to fall asleep. Then a power failure interrupted his attempt to fall asleep.
The first dictator told about his sleeplessness. At this time the pilot informed that soon the saucer on the island lands. The first dictator absolutely wanted to land near the horror hole. The pilot examined the area and had to disappoint the ruler of Emoji: "Unfortunately, all landing fields and parking bays are taken in the whole surroundings of the horror hole. A modern flying saucer stands on a side. A lot of bicycles stand on other sides. Moreover, particularly many police cars park there."
Because of these states the dictator with his eyes wanted to look who was in the horror hole. For this purpose he took his binoculars. After a short time he recognised in the horror hole his Minister of Finance who looked loud. The dictator also saw several Emojis who stood before unknown aliens like trees. He commanded an emergency landing about 10 walking minutes of the gathered mass to the pilot. Then the dictator and his assistant left the flying object. They went to the standing Emojis and aliens and said them that they should get immediately everybody from the horror hole. Emojis said that these aliens understand anyway nothing. The first dictator reacted angry. He got his both sockets from his pocket and pointed to these aliens from Ceres. The dictator wanted to threaten thus them. Aliens smiled and took two plugs and put them in these sockets.
The flying robot could fill robotised Emojis with fresh energy. Then these Emojis had the new forces which gave wings temporary to them. In the interim all robotised Emojis flew together to the surface beyond the horror hole. The Minister of Finance shouted even stronger. He feared that they would leave him below in the horror hole. The flying robot obtained by his energy that other robotised Emojis with him took the Minister of Finance from the horror hole. The first dictator observed together with local Emojis, his assistant and the foreign aliens how in the surface beyond the horror hole absolutely unexpectedly several Emojis and a robot with wing came. Aliens and the first dictator signalled the flying in their kind where they should land. After some time obeyed the flying robot. Robotised Emojis followed him. Some Emojis recognised the main lawyer and would shout: "Now the famous lawyer is a part of the flying Emojis."
After the landing on the ground the first dictator said to the main lawyer and his Minister of Finance: "Now I know where you were both ones all the time."
The foreign aliens took the flying robot in their flying saucer and left both sockets on the ground. All robotised Emojis suddenly had the need to touch these sockets. After the touch these Emojis were normalised. The main lawyer and other before robotised Emojis could not remember any more their illness in the horror hole. Because of danger of infection or remaining health damages these Emojis had to be controlled by doctors. The Minister of Finance wanted that the famous musician Monkey gives a national concert to honour of the first dictator. The ruler of Emoji experienced the biggest respect of his present term of office on the part of the population.

Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

Story: Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

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Story: Why Emojis in spite of snow wanted to order artificial snow



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