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Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

After the last experience the main lawyer wanted some distraction in his life. Finally, the disappointment was big that after the return of the dead Emojis like his grandmother and more different from the cemetery again everything disappeared. The first dictator of Emoji got to know about this experience of the main lawyer. So he prescribed for him and his members of the family paid-up free days. On this day the ruler of Emoji wanted to send not only the main lawyer in the absence, but his Minister of Finance might freely have. The first dictator wanted to present his plans for the next week before millions of Emojis on the state television. So his assistant from the Mercury had to allow to forbid all other broadcastings for a short time. At least, the dictator wanted to appear for the first time since long time without his unpopular Minister of Finance before the Emojis.
So he chose as a broadcasting studio a small room of an old house in Emoji Face.
Nearby was a water well. Several local Emojis got water for their livestock.
When they saw the first dictator, they wanted to cover him with questions. The first dictator said that he wanted to present a special plan for more jobs for Emojis on this day. He required patience of these Emojis. After some time the ruler of Emoji appeared on the state television. He began his speech:" In close future I will create at least 4 millions new jobs for all losers after the end of the Circus Union. I discussed the sense of new jobs with my team. We have come in the end that our state needs more tourists. For this purpose we want to work together with aliens from the Saturn. Their methods for the recruitment of tourists are very unique and legendary. At the beginning we will send several advertising Emojis abroad who will advertise to our specials and places of interest. If this uses nothing, we would have to kidnap potential tourists. For this purpose we will work together with other planets."
Several experts appeared anxiously after this speech of the first dictator. They feared that in future quite simply some aliens would be kidnapped, so that they provide as tourists for work of the Emojis. In particular the stingy Jupiter had great fear of this strategy of the Emojis. Finally, yellow aliens from the Jupiter were valid as especially addicted to shopping. So Jupiter tried to warn in advance own yellow social layer about travelling to Emoji. Stingy Emojis and aliens in Emoji Meaning rubbed themselves the hands. They ran to the office for enterprise and registered companies in connection with the tourism branch. They wanted to be to the first dictator in advance. Thereby they wanted to guarantee state investments in their companies.
In the meantime, the first dictator finished his first part of the long speech. He left for a short time the room. He looked from the window what happened outdoors. In the meantime, the main lawyer with his family sat down in a train. At this time the Minister of Finance flew to the direction of the popular island Emoji Pants. Because of his unsporty occupation he decided together with local Emojis with the help of a rope in the horror hole down get on.
At this time the train with the main lawyer had problems because of the power failure.
So all passengers from Emoji Symbols by truck had to be transported. The main lawyer complained with the responsible employees that he should be transported first-class because of his important function. A furious alien with roots from Venus immediately reacted. He organised a horse carriage for the whole family of the main lawyer. While most passengers were transported to Japanese Emoji, Emojis with the horse carriage went to the place where the first dictator appeared on the state television. They did not know where they were. At least, the main lawyer saw the water well at this place. At this second an alien alarmed the local authorities about the escape of his flying robot in Ceres. The local Secret Service found the flying robot in the area of Emoji. In the meantime, several Emojis looked in the sky. They discovered there a flying robot. The local police chief commanded the firing of the flying robot. Finally, he feared that foreign states of Emojis wanted to spy out. After the firing the flying robot fell in the water well.

The youngest son of the main lawyer had big pity on the robot. So he jumped in the water well. The other Emojis were shocked because of the quick reaction and light warmth of the young Emojis very much. After a short time jumped gradually all members of the family of the main lawyer in the water well. The first dictator observed the scene with misunderstanding. He did not understand what happened outdoors. He commanded immediate investigation of the case by the local police. The police chief apologised publicly for his behaviour. The first dictator was angry at the fact that the main lawyer could possibly die because of poisoning by the flying robot with his whole family in the water well. The police chief decided his immediate resignation because of a possible conviction.
In the meantime, the Minister of Finance deeply sat in the horror hole and thought about the sense of his life. The other sporty Emojis quietly discussed the good air in the horror hole.
Suddenly a small crack appeared in the ground. After some time appeared a big grave.
The Minister of Finance and other Emojis looked with curiosity. They were discordant to themselves whether the grave was there before. After other minutes opened the grave. The unknown robot showed the way to the other Emojis. The main lawyer saw the known Minister of Finance and was made easier very much that he lived. He asked him in which time zone they were. The Minister of Finance feared him to be disappointing. He said him the same date which they had. The main lawyer was glad that he remained in spite of the case in the water well exceptionally in the same time zone. What stood out these Emojis, was that the before flying robot still lived after the shot.
The first dictator felt big public pressure. So he commanded the entire opening of the water well. In the interim curious Emojis from all areas of the country made a pilgrimage to the water well. Construction workers and policemen intensely had to diminish the water well gradually. Local Emojis feared that they could not supply their livestock any more with enough water because of the missing water well. The ruler of Emoji calmed them that for emergency case a new water well is built. Really the first dictator commanded the immediate construction of a new water well near the present. In the interim authorities of Ceres tried to find the fled robot. With their search they used a special device which could penetrate into the brains by programming. With a code the mood of the friendly robot changed. He started to make some strange movements. The Minister of Finance and the main lawyer observed the robot very carefully together with other Emojis in the horror hole. In the interim other Emojis were also stuck on in the horror hole by the robot. They started to behave like the robot. They were not recognizable any more. All Emojis were robotised. Only their brain understood that a little bit was not right.
In this time several construction workers with policemen reached in the depth of the water well. They could allow to evaporate the water with the help of a hot stone. To their astonishment they found no corpse and no skeleton. Then they took a photo of everything there. Then they went to the first dictator and informed him that footprints could not even be found by the disappeared Emojis. Thereon the ruler of Emoji commanded an investigation whether the flying robot could leave his imprints. After this event the first dictator had to appear before millions of Emojis on the state television. He said:" I suppose behind the water well a time movement which the flying robot could cause. Policemen and construction workers could find no corpses or skeletons in the water well. This is why I assume from the fact that all disappeared Emojis live without exceptions somewhere. We will do everything, so that the main lawyer and his family will be again with us. Among the policemen and construction workers was also a geologist. He examined the earth in the depth. Somewhere he found a glass wall sure about shot which was of ice.
After other researches he recommended the policeman and construction workers to destroy this glass wall or open. A construction worker anticipated that something could happen. So he wanted to get the consent of the first dictator personally. The ruler feared that several policemen and construction workers could disappear by their work. This is why he handed over to some Emojis confidential phone devices, so that they could contact him. Really there disappeared all involved Emojis who destroyed the glass wall. After some time they landed in a deep fridge. The first dictator tried to contact the single Emojis after some time. This failed. This time the ruler of Emoji feared that everybody not only was in another time zone, but they could die. Instead, he asked to deal his assistant with the progress in this area. Moreover, the dictator noticed that it was already very late evening. He wanted to prepare for his conversation with the Minister of Finance. The reason was the annual budget.

Must Emojis work for the same wage more?

Story: Must Emojis work for the same wage more?

Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole

Story: Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole



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