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Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

After the last experience the main lawyer wanted some distraction in his life. Finally, the disappointment was big that after the return of the dead Emojis like his grandmother and more different from the cemetery again everything disappeared. The first dictator of Emoji got to know about this experience of the main lawyer. So he prescribed for him and his members of the family paid-up free days. On this day the ruler of Emoji wanted to send not only the main lawyer in the absence, but his Minister of Finance might freely have. The first dictator wanted to present his plans for the next week before millions of Emojis on the state television. 🛸⏱️⚙️1️⃣ 🗺️➕🚃.
So he chose as a broadcasting studio a small room of an old house in Emoji Face.
Nearby was a water well. Several local Emojis got water for their livestock.
When they saw the first dictator, they wanted to cover him with questions. The first dictator said that he wanted to present a special plan for more jobs for Emojis on this day. 😂➕✋➕👤🕳👨⬅️🍽️➡️🎃. Stingy Emojis and aliens in Emoji Meaning rubbed themselves the hands. 🧙➡️🚪🎭️💨👤💩⬅️🕳⏱️. At this time the Minister of Finance flew to the direction of the popular island Emoji Pants. Because of his unsporty occupation he decided together with local Emojis with the help of a rope in the horror hole down get on.
At this time the train with the main lawyer had problems because of the power failure.
So all passengers from Emoji Symbols by truck had to be transported. 👽➡️👔👤👀💺🏇🛠️⏱️. While most passengers were transported to Japanese Emoji, Emojis with the horse carriage went to the place where the first dictator appeared on the state television. They did not know where they were.  ⭐️➕🕳⏳️❌️😯🗣️🏇😃2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣. 💫1️⃣8️⃣🛠️🕳⏳️😲. 👽❌️⭐️🛠️🥫. 😈🧲⤵️👺➕🤖. 🥴🛠️⏱️🪝🗼. 🤡🎟️🏞️🗺️🔍️🕳🎟️✂️🔙🐕️‍🦺🧝🗯️🔂🆓🏨. 🏞️✂️🕳🔙🖕🧑‍🎤🗺️➕🐌⏱️↪️🥶👖. This failed. This time the ruler of Emoji feared that everybody not only was in another time zone, but they could die. Instead, he asked to deal his assistant with the progress in this area. Moreover, the dictator noticed that it was already very late evening. He wanted to prepare for his conversation with the Minister of Finance. The reason was the annual budget.

Must Emojis work for the same wage more?

Story: Must Emojis work for the same wage more?

Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole

Story: Continuation of the adventures of the Emojis in the horror hole



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