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Must Emojis work for the same wage more?

The uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance from Poop Emoji visited in the afternoon during his work break a bear's park in his hometown. The Minister of Finance found nearby an employee of the bear's park. The Poop Emoji told to him the story behind this idea:" After the end of the Circus Union several misers from the Jupiter came to the area. They had a very tempting idea. They collected several local bears under the pretext that they wanted to protect the animals. The credulous Emojis took part in this action. Later even a suitable place was granted for the placement of the bears by the city administration. In the beginning several Emojis worked quite voluntarily for the reaching of the aim. Later several misers could claim anyhow the bear's park by a bribery for themselves. Several local Emojis might work in enterprise founded anew. The stingy owners of the bear's park advertised actively to the fact that tourists from all areas of the galaxy could visit the bears as a special attraction in this town. The local protection of animals defended the stinginess of the Jupiter."
The Minister of Finance reacted something confused. Finally, the owners of the bear's park should have registered their enterprise at the mightiest tax authority. That's why the Minister of Finance decided to send several subordinated Emojis to an undeclared examination of the bear's park. The spies of the tax authority were called controllers of the state. The employees complained with these controlling Emojis of the state that they had to work more and more for the same wage. The Minister of Finance was annoyed after this knowledge very much. The reason was that the stingy owners caused lower income taxes by working Emojis by more performed work. So the haughtiest Emoji decided to organise a crisis meeting with the first dictator on this subject. At this second several lawyers came to their job. On the state television happened a breakdown. Instead of the round table with the serious lawyers appeared a hunter who shot a flying banana in Middle Finger Emoji live before millions Emojis. A civil rights campaigner from Heart Eyes Emoji complained immediately at the censorship place that it were shown immoderate pictures.
The breakdown reached the first dictator in his break during he ate the national bread 🍠 with cut tomatoes. On this day the day of death of the grandmother of the main lawyer was a year since to the 40th time. So he decided to visit together with other Emojis from his family circle the cemetery in Emoji App. Before the entrance to the cemetery complained several funeral directors that they had to work after the death of the last Horror Clowns 2 hours more per day with the same wage. The funeral directors complained with the mourning Emojis and not with their employers. When the main lawyer wanted to go to the cemetery of reporting tried funeral director to tell him and his accompanying Emojis about their incriminating working day. In the meantime, there came funeral directors with roots from the Mercury with a big coffin. The main lawyer and other funeral directors were asked to keep the entrance. In the meantime, the main lawyer took down the wishes of the funeral directors for the discharge of their working hours with the same wage. In the meantime, beginning information scientists had to write an intermediate examination in Pluto under supervision of the professor Setag Lib.
The subject was: "How is a hurricane so programmed that the wind reaches in the earth of the affected planet?"
24 informatics students dealt with this question at the same time. The result of their programming caused a hurricane on the planet Halloween. On the screen of a student several Emojis for Android appeared. So the information scientist decided to cause a hurricane somewhere in Emoji by his programming. Thus he spontaneously chose the cemetery where the main lawyer with other Emojis commemorated the 40th year after the death of his grandmother. The strong wind could reach after some minutes in the earth. Suddenly the earth worked in such a way as if the earth breathed.
After some time the main lawyer with his Emojis and some funeral directors stood before the grave of his grandmother. In the interim the coffin fell on the ground from the hands of the funeral directors who came just to the cemetery. Absolutely unexpectedly the recumbent corpse came to life in the coffin and complained to the untimely funeral.
Of annoyance the before dead alien left the coffin and made different movements in the air. After some time the dead grandmother after 40 years of the main lawyer from the grave also got up. The monument was strongly damaged. The main lawyer did not understand what and how could happen this. Other Emojis observed the same process with other graves. A funeral directors wanted to inform the urban police about the resurrection of dead Emojis. Finally, some living Emojis feared that there could be not enough flats and houses for them. The local city administration organised an emergency shelter for the rising from cemetery. The main lawyer and his members of the family had a lot of questions to the risen grandmother. They wanted to know where she spent the last more than 14600 days. From the surroundings there came a lot of curious Emojis who lived nearby. Among them was also Poop Emoticon. The reason for his visit of the technological town was the construction of a supercomputer. With it advanced Emojis should better be able to forecast own weather.
Because of bacterial danger by the risen Emojis the city administration wanted to prevent every contact with the repatriates. The news reached the first dictator by his spies. The ruler of Emoji commanded to all doctors nationally to warn the whole population about the contact. A spy of the dictator meant: "The Salted Cucumbers with their propaganda are to blame for these zombies."
Really some Emojis thought that a foreign Secret Service could cause this event. In reality students of the informatics were the persons responsible. Because of the unsafe situation several doctors had to disinfect the risen Emojis. Then those Emojis might surprise their members of the family. Many risen Emojis looked in their surroundings for their lists of wishes which they got before their previous death partially in their coffins of funeral directors. Because of this resurrection of the dead people the first dictator had to inform the population on the state television. He did not want that Emojis too anxiously, curiously or, otherwise, anyhow react panic if suddenly a historical personality stood before them. Actually, only the technological town was concerned by this event at that time. At least, celebrated the main lawyer with his family the return of his grandmother.
When stingy Emojis got to know about this unique event, they hurried up to profit as fast as possible from rising the Emojis financially. Thus they founded the special enterprises which should fulfil the first wishes for the resurrection. For this purpose were recruited in particular Poop Emojis and local aliens from the Venus. The grandmother of the main lawyer wanted to consume a strawberry juice with a sweet cake after her return. Most Emojis could come true their wishes with the help of their members of the family. Own wishes knew how to fulfil without help those Emojis who died only recently and might resurrect on this day. The case of a retired Emojis who went as the first activity to the city administration was problematic. There he required the continuation of the old-age pension payments. The bank required from him a confirmation that he was stamped only falsely as dead. The biggest problem that Emojis were that they had to prove in different offices that they lived really again.
So some Emojis were stressed psychically.
Other risen Emojis became victims of criminal companies. Because of big bureaucracy they became known as unlawful Emojis without residence nationally. They hardly had protection. So many risen Emojis worked even more for a worse wage. Finally, many companies used the ignorance of these repatriates. Thus they received for their work the wage which they felt at their lifetimes as normal. So the main lawyer tried to consider the rights of the risen Emojis quite especially in the law book of Emoji.
The first dictator wanted to see the grandmother of the main lawyer personal. So he surprised the gathered lawyers. In the meantime, most Emojis were against the same wage for more working hours. So an assigned counsel presented a position paper to his colleagues. In the interim misers were obliged to pay decent wages to the employees of the bear's park. The Minister of Finance reacted with it to the discomfort of local Poop Emojis.
At this second professor Setag Lib noticed that an informatics student caused too many adventures in Emoji in his exam. So the whole programming was corrected. After some time several Emojis woke up. Among them was the main lawyer who noticed that he returned from quite an other reality. He felt everything to be able to live at the same time what he before experienced so realistically that he represented the opinion, in several parallel worlds.
This confused him very much. Other Emojis experienced the similar. The first dictator told the main lawyer at a common meeting that he dealt with risen Emojis from the cemetery. He experienced this very realistically. Most Emojis reacted to it with a big question mark to the direction of their programmers.

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