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Must Emojis work for the same wage more?

The uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance from Poop Emoji visited in the afternoon during his work break a bear's park in his hometown. The Minister of Finance found nearby an employee of the bear's park. The Poop Emoji told to him the story behind this idea:" After the end of the Circus Union several misers from the Jupiter came to the area. They had a very tempting idea. They collected several local bears under the pretext that they wanted to protect the animals. The credulous Emojis took part in this action. Later even a suitable place was granted for the placement of the bears by the city administration. 👤🤮👨🙇‍♂️💰️➡️👤🖕👨⬅️🐻⌛️🤝, 💟⬅️💛🐻➕🖕🤪⬅️. 4️⃣ ➕🤔. At this second several lawyers came to their job. On the state television happened a breakdown. Instead of the round table with the serious lawyers appeared a hunter who shot a flying banana in Middle Finger Emoji live before millions Emojis. A civil rights campaigner from Heart Eyes Emoji complained immediately at the censorship place that it were shown immoderate pictures.
The breakdown reached the first dictator in his break during he ate the national bread 🍠 with cut tomatoes. 👥😉⬅️🛣️👥🐻⬅️🛑🪦🍽️➕✋ in Emoji App. Before the entrance to the cemetery complained several funeral directors that they had to work after the death of the last Horror Clowns 2 hours more per day with the same wage. 🤞🔂↪️😜➕👻. 🤞🧬➕👥🏉⬅️🛣️🆕➕🧀🔙. 🤶3️⃣👤🧙👩⬅️🇬🇹🚸🌀🎃🏘️🏙️. On the screen of a student several Emojis for Android appeared. So the information scientist decided to cause a hurricane somewhere in Emoji by his programming. 🔒️🖕👥👤🎮️👩💰️➡️👤💩👩⬅️💊👤😈👩⬅️💊➕👤🛸👩⬅️🛀. 🤔👤🌴⬅️👤💡⬅️👤💆‍♀️👩💬. 👥🦔⬅️👀👥🐹⬅️. 😹👯‍♀️➕👧➡️➕⚰. 👯‍♀️🗺️🗣️⚰👯‍♀️🪦#️⃣. Among them was also Poop Emoticon. The reason for his visit of the technological town was the construction of a supercomputer. With it advanced Emojis should better be able to forecast own weather. 👣➕👯‍♀️🛠️🇺🇸🛏️➕🌳🌲➕✋📼🪢⚰.🦲🆕🔍️📃👨‍⚖️➕👃⚰➕👮➕🏛️⏺️🆕🇲🇽➕👻😂. 👌💯📃👯‍♀️2️⃣ ➕🎼💬.
👯‍♀️➕👻⚙️➡️👏👥💩👈️🦣🔢. The first dictator told the main lawyer at a common meeting that he dealt with risen Emojis from the cemetery. He experienced this very realistically. Most Emojis reacted to it with a big question mark to the direction of their programmers.

Which parties Emojis wished

Story: Which parties Emojis wished

Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole

Story: Adventure of the Emojis in the horror hole



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