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What does the Poop Emoticon mean?

The next day after the tried foundation of the kingdom Emoji by a brown Emoji the first dictator planned a hard punishment for the self-appointed king. For this purpose he appointed all lawyers to Emoji Keyboard in his residence for foreign guests. Moreover, the main lawyer had to bring the law book. The first dictator wanted to dictate a new law personally from his mouth. The building was prepared for every meeting regularly by at least seven Emojis. Two Emojis belonged to spies of the Salted Cucumbers and the Jupiter. Finally, cucumbers wanted to influence after the death of the last Horror Clowns the former states of the Circus Union in their favour stronger. ➡️👤🥫🪤➕👠💩. ⚙️🪥🪤😀. The first dictator started to dictate the new law with his speech:" § The majority of 50.1 percent of the population may allow to prescribe to the other minority of 49.9 percent everything by the elective government. The aim of the democracy is the strengthening of the scanty majority and the preference of their interests over the rest."
Two lawyers from Emoji Meanings criticized this law. They wanted to boycott the new law. At this time both Emojis informed their principals in the Salted Cucumbers about the cheeky law of the first dictator. The spies did not know that their confidential signs could be decoded by professional musicians. In a space the musician Monkey Emoji sat highly concentrated. He practiced just his new works for the next appearance. 👂️🛠️🎻💩➡️➕💎. So he was called Poop Emoticon. He worked in different areas of the former Circus Union as an independent journalist and writer.
Poop Emoticon visited regularly the other Emojis and his relatives in Poop Emoji.
The hard punishment for the brown Emoji was looked as unfair among Poop Emojis. T🐕‍🦺➡️👂️😲🔌💩➡️➕💬1️⃣ 😷🗣️. Together with a trade union these Emojis organized a demonstration in Heart Eyes Emoji. Emojis specially chose the religious town for their demonstration because they could get so the biggest attention in the whole country. Both spies tried to hide at this time in the city of Emoji Face.
There Emojis knew the gifted aliens from Mars who could produce exact corpses really looking. ☔️⏳️😳👂️❗️🌊➕⤵️👂️💩🙈👂️. 😈⚙️➕🗣️👂️, 🍾👂️📼👂️🪥➕🔮🎢👂️. Then he spoke with both spies briefly. Later he left alone all hostile Emojis together unexpectedly to a table.
There stood several sweets from the production of the factories of Cute Emoji. The first dictator started to insult both spies. He reproved them that they abused their work at the expense of all Emojis.  🖼️👑🛒🐱👤👨👂️➕⬆️, 👤👨⬅️👂️⬅️🐌➕🧻😨⬇️. ⬆️❤️➕👂️🐱🛑👤👨⬅️📐👂️➕🪥🍾👱3️⃣💔🔚➕👱. Moreover, the ruler gave Poop Emoticon a flat in Emoji Free. The whole story had to be reported nationally media-oriented. With this action the first dictator could calm some opposing Emojis. In the interim the journalist Poop Emoticon became a number 1 in the 🧂🥒🪄🤬🛠️🦄. 🤷⬅️🎁👱💡❌️💩➕💬👱🌑💊🌑🟤❗️💖❗️👱‍♀️🏳️‍⚧, 👱🚽👱➕➡️⛈️. They tried to convince especially factory workers of the glove factory in Emoji for PC for their concern. The aim was that the famous journalist would fly to Venus voluntarily for a report. The aliens from the Venus organized a party in an area in their native country where Emojis lived. An Emoji had to make friends with Poop Emoticon and persuade him to fly to Venus. 🔒️➕⚙️. ❌️🤥➕🗣️➡️👤👱🔙. 💩➕🏋️🔙1️⃣ ⬅️🎚️. 🧹❌️⏳️👀. The first dictator could improve his reputation thanks to the preventive strategy for the protection of the most prominent journalist clearly. An alien from Eris handed a special honouring in Poop Emoticon and the first dictator of Emoji. His grounds: The successful defence against Salted Cucumbers and aliens from the Venus.


What is the brown Emoji?

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Is it a Poop Emoji or ice cream?

Story: Is it a Poop Emoji or ice cream?



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