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What does the Poop Emoticon mean?

The next day after the tried foundation of the kingdom Emoji by a brown Emoji the first dictator planned a hard punishment for the self-appointed king. For this purpose he appointed all lawyers to Emoji Keyboard in his residence for foreign guests. Moreover, the main lawyer had to bring the law book. The first dictator wanted to dictate a new law personally from his mouth. The building was prepared for every meeting regularly by at least seven Emojis. Two Emojis belonged to spies of the Salted Cucumbers and the Jupiter. Finally, cucumbers wanted to influence after the death of the last Horror Clowns the former states of the Circus Union in their favour stronger. Moreover, cucumbers wanted to make the dependence of other states on their economy. Their spies had to inform the uppermost cucumber about every new law of the Emojis immediately. The first dictator started to dictate the new law with his speech:" § The majority of 50.1 percent of the population may allow to prescribe to the other minority of 49.9 percent everything by the elective government. The aim of the democracy is the strengthening of the scanty majority and the preference of their interests over the rest."
Two lawyers from Emoji Meanings criticised this law. They wanted to boycott the new law. At this time both Emojis informed their principals in the Salted Cucumbers about the cheeky law of the first dictator. The spies did not know that their confidential signs could be decoded by professional musicians. In a space the musician Monkey Emoji sat highly concentrated. He practiced just his new works for the next appearance. Suddenly he felt by his violin that strange musical notes were sent. Immediately realised the musician that somebody used his violin for the transmission of a new law to the Salted Cucumbers. He was very curious. That's why he started to decode the new law. The musician reacted indignantly that the minority of the Emojis was insignificant for the first dictator. That's why he let by anonymous springs spread the new law nationally. A relative of the brown Emojis was most active. The other Poop Emoji was a citizen of the independent state of the Emoticons. So he was called Poop Emoticon. He worked in different areas of the former Circus Union as an independent journalist and writer.
Poop Emoticon visited regularly the other Emojis and his relatives in Poop Emoji.
The hard punishment for the brown Emoji was looked as unfair among Poop Emojis. That's why Poop Emoticon wanted to find some negative headline in connection with the first dictator anyway. In this case thus he found as the first journalist. When the first dictator found the confidential law in detailed formulation in the mass media, he reacted very much angry. Finally, many Emojis feared that they could belong to the called minority. After this event the first dictator commanded the immediate dismissal of seven Emojis. Among them were five innocent Emojis who wanted to protest against their termination. Together with a trade union these Emojis organised a demonstration in Heart Eyes Emoji. Emojis specially chose the religious town for their demonstration because they could get so the biggest attention in the whole country. Both spies tried to hide at this time in the city of Emoji Face.
There Emojis knew the gifted aliens from Mars who could produce exact corpses really looking. Moreover, these aliens with the money of the Salted Cucumbers were financed. The aim was national the spreading of the news that both Emojis were killed. For this purpose real corpses should be released deceiving for the reporting. Both spies contacted the journalist Poop Emoticon for this purpose. Finally, he was valid in the area of the former Circus Union as a plausible journalist. The first dictator also wanted to meet this Poop Emoticon. Finally, the ruler wanted to know, where from this information came originally. Poop Emoticon noticed how he was put under pressure by both different sides. That's why he contacted several important big television broadcasting stations. He invited them secretly to that place where he wanted to meet the first dictator and both spies.
Poop Emoticon organised several surveillance cameras with the help of several television broadcasting stations. The first dictator came with his bodyguards to the journalist. Both spies came with other unsuspecting Emojis to the meeting place. Poop Emoticon wanted to begin the conversation with the first dictator. At this time both spies might enter into the room. Poop Emoticon welcomed all Emojis separately. Moreover, he spoke with the first dictator briefly. Then he spoke with both spies briefly. Later he left alone all hostile Emojis together unexpectedly to a table.
There stood several sweets from the production of the factories of Cute Emoji. The first dictator started to insult both spies. He reproved them that they abused their work at the expense of all Emojis. Both spies answered that they came by chance during their work on the new law. The first dictator threatened publicly both betrayers with the punishment on a garrotte. He started to question both Emojis who instructed them with the spying of his activities. He promised to them not to punish them if they mentioned the names of the command givers to him immediately. Both spies risked and said the first dictator that the uppermost cucumber signed a confidential document. In it the command of external spies stood in favour of the Salted Cucumbers. The first dictator commanded to his bodyguards both spies to arrest temporarily. At this time both Emojis would shout that the ruler promised to them freedom. The first dictator rejected his statement. Suddenly there came the self-confident Poop Emoticon and explained that promises should be kept. The first dictator insulted the journalist as a big swindler who made a trap with both spies to him.
Poop Emoticon said that the first dictator to him should be very thankfully for it. Finally, the exit of the situation could end quite differently. Poop Emoticon became more courageous and said other present journalists that several Emojis had nationally seen this case live. The first dictator reacted much angry as before. He commanded the immediate closing of all television broadcasting stations which broadcasted live everything. Moreover, the ruler wanted to see Poop Emoticon indefinitely in the prison. Several Emojis reacted indignantly that their elective ruler behaved so unexemplary. After the abandonment of the space came several furious Emojis with old stinking newspapers and pelted the thankless dictator. His bodyguards were injured even seriously by the dropping of the old newspapers. After this event the ruler with other friendly Emojis and aliens from the Neptune considered what he could make for his reputation.
The first dictator decided to improve his reputation in own population something. He decided to release publicly the journalist Poop Emoticon not only from the prison cell, but he paid his application for the defence of the interests of the Emojis. Moreover, the ruler gave Poop Emoticon a flat in Emoji Free. The whole story had to be reported nationally media-oriented. With this action the first dictator could calm some opposing Emojis. In the interim the journalist Poop Emoticon became a number 1 in the Salted Cucumbers the topic of conversation. All cucumbers and snakes wanted to know more about the mysterious journalist who uncovered their spies in Emoji. And not only this made him famous. What other did not know, was that Poop Emoticon was valid as a reliable journalist planet-far. In comparison to other occupational colleagues he uncovered true mismanagement. As opposed to other journalists tried Poop Emoticon to organise with possibility a surprise for opposing parties media-oriented, without both sides would know this. Opponents ordinarily did not remember that Poop Emoticon could make to them such a surprise. That's why not only cucumbers, but also several Emojis asked themselves the following: Which meaning has Poop Emoticon for the future of own state?
In the Salted Cucumbers even several researchers devoted themselves of the meaning of Poop Emoticon. They exactly wanted to investigate this phenomenon. Finally, he was the only journalist who uncovered the foreign spies courageously. Many Emojis wanted to meet the most gifted journalist personally. His popularity rose upwards after the story with both spies and the first dictator. Some Emojis wished even that Poop Emoticon should take over a leading function in the government. Some stingy aliens from the Jupiter wanted to use the good reputation of Poop Emoticon in their favour. For this purpose they sent him an interesting offer. In it misers promised to the journalist that he could earn as an employee for a newspaper from the Jupiter particularly a lot. Poop Emoticon said that he exchanged his independent and independent activity under no circumstances for a salaried employment. Finally, certain Poop Emoticon his working hours always. Moreover, the journalist feared that the first dictator did secretly several Emojis for supervision of his activity. Really tried some cucumbers to come above different ways in Poop Emoticon.
The uppermost cucumber sat on his chair and discussed with aliens from the Venus how they could win the trust of the journalist. They planned to kidnap Poop Emoticon. For this purpose tried aliens from the Venus to arrange something with Emojis. They tried to convince especially factory workers of the glove factory in Emoji for PC for their concern. The aim was that the famous journalist would fly to Venus voluntarily for a report. The aliens from the Venus organised a party in an area in their native country where Emojis lived. An Emoji had to make friends with Poop Emoticon and persuade him to fly to Venus. Finally, the Emojis there should be visited, be interviewed and be presented to the compatriots in their native country. The idea worked for the journalist as testworthy. At the same time the first dictator on the advice of his advisers, Poop Emoticon wanted to nominate for the communication boss in his government. At this time the ruler found out that the journalist wanted to fly to Venus to other Emojis. He feared that Poop Emoticon could be kidnapped there by a Secret Service. That's why he sent a letter to Poop Emoticon. In it the dictator mentioned not his offer for the job as a communication boss, but wrote to him an important warning. Finally, Venus was valid long time as an unsafe planet.
The journalist wanted to select the bodyguards himself. The ruler accepted this exceptionally. Thus Poop Emoticon with 20 Emojis flew to Venus. There he might question the emigrants there about ther life. In the interim bought aliens tried to bring the journalist on a building nearby. There they wanted to show to him something. In reality they planned to lock up the journalist in complete silence and to send to the Salted Cucumbers. His bodyguards should be deflected by special smells. 16 Emojis could be deflected in this way. Other four Emojis were valid as very carefully. They pursued successfully the journalist with the foreign aliens. Thus aliens tried to lock up him in the flying saucer. Four attentive Emojis hid behind the wheels of the saucer. They had to react fast. Finally, Emojis should prevent a takeoff of the saucer anyway. They tried to separate several wheels from the saucer. They managed this. In the interim the kidnappers tried to explain Poop Emoticon that he should go with them to the capital city. The gifted journalist became nervous. He tried to defend himself against his kidnappers. In the meantime, his kidnappers themselves became very nervous.
Finally, they noticed that the flying saucer was not at all functioning. That's why two aliens had to check fast the wheels. Outdoors there waited two Emojis who hit on both kidnappers with a thick wheel. Both aliens lost their consciousness. In the meantime, four Emojis ran together in the flying saucer and would shout so loud that the remained kidnappers got strong headaches. They could not concentrate upon their kidnapping. Poop Emoticon thanked his bodyguards for their courageous application. After this event the journalist with other Emojis returned in his native country. He could report proudly about the life of the emigrants. The first dictator could improve his reputation thanks to the preventive strategy for the protection of the most prominent journalist clearly. An alien from Eris handed a special honouring in Poop Emoticon and the first dictator of Emoji. His grounds: The successful defence against Salted Cucumbers and aliens from the Venus.


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