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What is the brown Emoji?

The first dictator sat with seven Emojis from the simple population for the purpose of the media-oriented presentation on the state television. Of course other television broadcasting stations also had to show the ruler of Emoji at his command. A group Emojis and two aliens with roots from the Venus saw the first dictator on a television broadcasting station. Then they switched over to other canals. Over and over again they got the face of the ruler before their eyes. Furious Emojis hit almost on the television set. An alien from the Saturn visited his both friends in Middle Finger Emoji. Both Emojis said him that they had enough of this self-explaining dictator. Daily he takes almost every television broadcasting station with his politics. 😈➕👥⬅️🏠️❗️🐌⏱️. 💡🚿👥⬅️🤭💡👱🐶➕👻. A friendly Emoji of the ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji showed this advertisement to his boss. 😲🆓➕⬆️. That's why the deputy of the uppermost tax collectors from Poop Emoji left his job. He absolutely wanted to become the king of Emoji. 😇➕💡👥👨‍🍳⚙️🛒📐🐘➕🤡. The brown Emoji had to go with other Emojis through the whole country with the donkey. For historical reasons they went to Emoji Face first. In the interim spread the news that the brown Emoji appointed himself the king of the Emojis. 🎢🐶👱💺🧥🧻. 🤧➕➡️👤🗣️❓️, 📼🛠️🪥. Meanwhile, the king brown Emoji spoke before several Emojis in Sad Emoji. He promised these Emojis that they would not be sad, finally, thanks to his rule any more. 🐶🏞️🤢🐶👿🏞️⬅️🎁👈️👱🔙🦓💺🛠️🆕🐶.
Instead, a stingy enterpriser from Emoji Meaning organized a special vehicle for national journeys of this Emojis. 🚘️❌️🪥🚪⬆️👱🪢. That's why Emojis looked in their brains where the most discontented Emojis demonstrated after the election of the first dictator most violently. Four Emojis remembered in Saturn's Emojis and aliens in Crying Laughing Emoji. So advisory Emojis recommended to their brown Emoji that they could get the biggest support of this town. ➡️🚪🐯➡️👤🖼️👫🚘️. He brought him on a flying saucer. After some time he flew on a private airfield close to Japanese Emoji. There aliens ordered a private ship for the transport of brown Emoji and his fans. Two Emojis in Japanese-speaking observed the strange aliens by their transport. They alarmed the local sea police which should check these suspicious aliens. In the meantime, the news reached the first dictator that the brown Emoji was with Devil. 🗞️×👑📐🦁🦐3️⃣0️⃣ 😈🥈, 👱👜⚙️🎢➕☠❌️1️⃣. Moreover, the first dictator insulted the brown Emoji as the biggest betrayer in spite of his affiliation of the elite. Some disappointed Emojis did not try to surrender after the arrest of their hope bearer. That's why they also supported other attempts of other Emojis and aliens to substitute for the first dictator.

The ruler became paranoid after these events. He started to see behind every corner or every wall a future enemy. This led to the deterioration of his state of health. He had to search a double urgently who would take over his appearances. 👿➕🧻🆕🛒👶🧑📐🐘🛒. 💻️👧➕😈➡️. Other Emojis who recommended him mourned the failed power change regularly.
Other Emojis were glad that, finally, rest called in again.


Is it a Poop or Chocolate Emoji?

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What does the Poop Emoticon mean?

Story: What does the Poop Emoticon mean?



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