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What is the brown Emoji?

The first dictator sat with seven Emojis from the simple population for the purpose of the media-oriented presentation on the state television. Of course other television broadcasting stations also had to show the ruler of Emoji at his command. A group Emojis and two aliens with roots from the Venus saw the first dictator on a television broadcasting station. Then they switched over to other canals. Over and over again they got the face of the ruler before their eyes. Furious Emojis hit almost on the television set. An alien from the Saturn visited his both friends in Middle Finger Emoji. Both Emojis said him that they had enough of this self-explaining dictator. Daily he takes almost every television broadcasting station with his politics. The guest from the Saturn recommended the furious Emojis with Saturn's roots that they found, nevertheless, a kingdom Emoji. For this purpose Emojis should select a local. These Emojis were very much enthusiastically from the idea of their friend. That's why they nationally looked for a suitable candidate. A friendly Emoji of the ketchup entrepreneur Devil Emoji showed this advertisement to his boss.
The enterpriser rejected the advertisement as unserious. Finally, he had other plans. Other Emojis felt the advertisement as very serious. That's why the deputy of the uppermost tax collectors from Poop Emoji left his job. He absolutely wanted to become the king of Emoji. The other Emojis who published the advertisement nationally accepted him. Moreover, the former high-ranking employee of the tax authority had to invent a simple title for himself. Finally, Emojis should easier be able to identify with their king. Thus he became known as brown Emoji nationally. Thus several donkeys were taken. The brown Emoji had to go with other Emojis through the whole country with the donkey. For historical reasons they went to Emoji Face first. In the interim spread the news that the brown Emoji appointed himself the king of the Emojis. The first dictator got to know about this possible opposition against his legitimate rule. He contacted the haughtiest official from the tax authority and reproved him as was such a thing possible. The stingiest Emoji answered that his employee appointed himself the king without his knowledge.
At this time the number of the fans of the brown Emojis grew steadily. Many Emojis hoped that the brown Emoji strips of power the tax authority as a king again. They did not know that the brown Emoji himself was an important employee of this authority. The first dictator decided to send the whole army against the appointed king. Moreover, the uppermost tax collector supported the first dictator in his plan against the former employee. Meanwhile, the king brown Emoji spoke before several Emojis in Sad Emoji. He promised these Emojis that they would not be sad, finally, thanks to his rule any more. An alien with roots from the Mercury started to laugh at the brown Emoji loudly. The brown Emoji commanded to his fans to arrest this laughing alien. After this event several Emojis reacted very dissatisfied with the self-appointed king. At least in Sad Emoji the brown Emoji lost most fans as fast as they came. The king with his supporters did not go to this speech any more with the donkeys.
Instead, a stingy enterpriser from Emoji Meaning organised a special vehicle for national journeys of this Emojis. Thus the sponsor advertised by this vehicle to his products.
The miser with relatives in Jupiter had an enterprise which produced nasal masks for Halloween and sold to all prospective customers. In the meantime, fans of the brown Emojis went by several other places. By this second the brown Emoji found out that the first dictator sent the whole army against him. That's why the brown Emoji looked together with his fans for a solution. That's why Emojis looked in their brains where the most discontented Emojis demonstrated after the election of the first dictator most violently. Four Emojis remembered in Saturn's Emojis and aliens in Crying Laughing Emoji. So advisory Emojis recommended to their brown Emoji that they could get the biggest support of this town. Really local Emojis were glad that, finally, something was undertaken against the rule of the first dictator. Devil Emoji observed the whole events in the strategically important town for him with big worry. He wanted to accept no other king as a real successor from the former royal family. Finally, Devil one day himself wanted to become a king of Emoji. That's why he instructed his fans that they would bring this brown Emoji by a skilful excuse to him. A good friend of the entrepreneur could play, finally, the role as a big fan of the brown Emojis. Thus he looked very plausible. So he could persuade him later to get to know Devil Emoji. In the interim the first dictator hoped that the army would find the first tracks to the self-appointed king limited. At least, furious Emojis from Sad Emoji told that the brown king behaved very embarrassingly in their town.
This information reached the first dictator. So he decided to instruct the local police with the tracks of the appointed king. At this time Devil Emoji wanted to see the appointed king. Thus the brown Emoji with his fans was brought to the entrepreneur. The brown Emoji refused to go in the house of the ketchup entrepreneur. Thus both Emojis sat down on a bench near the eucalyptuses. Behind the brown Emoji an alien from Mars who hated brown Emojis hid. That's why he organised an intelligent trap. The brown Emoji fell from the bench when he sat down beside Devil Emoji. He did not fall simply on the ground, but in a deep subterranean bunker. His fans reacted anxiously. Devil Emoji was also surprised. He did not think that somebody planned a serious trap for the brown Emoji. Thus other curious Emojis also tried to fall into. Devil wanted to stop them. This failed. Thus several Emojis fell in this trap, although other Emojis were undesirable. The alien from Mars wanted to lock up the brown Emoji for some time. He hoped that the first dictator would be ready sometime to exchange the brown Emoji for ransom.
Finally, the first dictator would make sure with pleasure that his enemy could be arrested definitively. At this time the alien from Mars noticed that fans of the brown Emojis could search him. That's why he took the brown Emoji with his assistants from the Saturn. He brought him on a flying saucer. After some time he flew on a private airfield close to Japanese Emoji. There aliens ordered a private ship for the transport of brown Emoji and his fans. Two Emojis in Japanese-speaking observed the strange aliens by their transport. They alarmed the local sea police which should check these suspicious aliens. In the meantime, the news reached the first dictator that the brown Emoji was with Devil. The problem was that this statement had already become outdated. The first dictator wanted to question the ketchup enterpriser about the visit of the self-appointed king. Thereon several Emojis could prove to the first dictator that the brown Emoji of the bench deeply fell in the subterranean bunker. The first dictator reacted very nervously because he feared that somebody could have a similar plan for him.
That's why the ruler commanded the national search for the kidnappers of the former employee of the tax authority. The kidnappers of the self-appointed king tried to go in quick tempo through the yellow sea. On the way they experienced a strong wave which brought them to the coast of Japanese Emoji. In the harbour the kidnappers were arrested by the sea police. The brown Emoji with other Emojis had to be sent to the police station. There they were questioned. Later the first dictator reacted made easier about the end of the search for the brown Emoji. His kidnappers had to perform hard labour for Emojis in the prisons. The brown Emoji sat in his prison cell. Suddenly visited him his boss and the first dictator. Both Emojis handed to the brown Emoji an instant notice as a deputy of the uppermost official of the tax authority of Poop Emoji. The brown Emoji tried to explain the high-powered Emojis, why he had to hold out as a king for others. In spite of his defensive attempts he could persuade both Emojis not of his innocence. Finally, he applied voluntarily as a king of Emoji. Moreover, the first dictator insulted the brown Emoji as the biggest betrayer in spite of his affiliation of the elite. Some disappointed Emojis did not try to surrender after the arrest of their hope bearer. That's why they also supported other attempts of other Emojis and aliens to substitute for the first dictator.

The ruler became paranoid after these events. He started to see behind every corner or every wall a future enemy. This led to the deterioration of his state of health. He had to search a double urgently who would take over his appearances. With it the first dictator felt big pressure on his personality on the part of Emojis. He intensified his preparations for a possible untimely resignation. In spite of this fear he wanted to reach some important decisions in his reign still absolutely. He rather wanted to prepare for his forthcoming speech before the people at the New Year. This was particularly good for the ruler. Finally, experienced Emojis and the first dictator particularly many active adventures after the first democratic elections. The brown Emoji might hope for a pardon in vain. Thus he remained in the prison still a long time. Other Emojis who recommended him mourned the failed power change regularly.
Other Emojis were glad that, finally, rest called in again.


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