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Is it a Poop Emoji or ice cream?

Ten lawyers wanted to fly after the failed attempt to overshoot of the brown Emojis as a king of Emoji, together for a short time to Mars. These Emojis hoped the laws there to analyse more exactly. The first dictator got to know about these plans in his office. The ruler absolutely wanted to prevent a flight of the lawyers abroad at this time. So that Emojis nationally trust the first dictator and his statements better, he decided to bribe the mass media cleverly. Thus all journalists had to come by command to the first dictator. He told them that the home Secret Service found a bad corpse epidemic at different places in Mars. That's why Emojis should be hindered in a flight to Mars. For this purpose specialists from Emoji App had to fake photos of Mars cleverly. Emojis decided to go to Middle Finger Emoji after the impossible of the flight. There they wanted to visit a farm of a friendly lawyer. Moreover, Emojis wanted to pick healthy potatoes from the ground. At this time the informatics professor Setag Lib taught at his university in Pluto.
He explained to them enthusiastically about the difference of the special Poop Emojis. He said the student that according to planet these Emojis look different. For example, on the planet Earth these Emojis will look rather like Poop, chocolate or ice cream. On the planet Halloween these Poop Emojis would be hardly survivable because of the climate. That's why they had to be differently programmed at that time. Nevertheless, all these Emojis belong to the same ethnic group of the so-called brown Emojis. An informatics student was bored very much. That's why he took his mininotebook and started to program something.
While to the excavations of the potatoes a former judge found a face in a potato how the case was with every animal normally. He took the potato and more exactly looked. Suddenly this potato changed into a typical Poop Emoji as on the planet Earth will look in the future. The newborn Poop Emoji was the product of the programming of the bored student in Pluto. The newborn Emoji started to cry strongly and very much loudly. The other Emojis reacted with big surprise that from a potato a similar Emoji could originate.
A friend of the first dictator among the present Emojis informed the ruler about this experience. The first dictator wanted to see this former potato with his both eyes. Moreover, he commanded the seizure of this newborn child for the purpose of the internal research. By this second a button on the shirt of the informatics professor Setag Lib alarmed him. The professor looked what problem happened. In reality Setag found out that a student experimented during the lessons with the programming. He reacted very much angry. He said the student that the affected Poop Emoji was not survivable on the planet Halloween. The student defended himself: I wanted to find out whether your statement, professor was really right. After some time that Emoji passed away, before the first dictator could still come generally. Emojis decided to organise a state grief. In reality the Poop Emoji was shifted to the research lab of the Unicode centre in the future. The first dictator reacted very much angry that he came too late. That's why he said and threatened other Emojis: No experiments without presence carry out!
The first dictator decided to pull back his widespread lie in the mass media about the states on Mars. Thus journalists Emojis had to report that in Mars no extremely dangerous illnesses were spread. Several Emojis reacted very much angry that they had to renounce before because of this warning their flight. Finally, stingy owners of the airlines with Jupiter's roots denied themselves the paid-up flight tickets to refund. While Emojis still understood the statement of the first dictator at the beginning, this time Emojis became very furious that they organised several demonstrations nationally. Particularly Emojis, aliens and stars in Star Emoji were very furious. So they occupied a building of the future local tax authority. Several local officials were expelled from the building by furious Emojis. They began with the spraying of all walls. The expelled officials informed their boss from Poop Emoji. The haughtiest Emoji of the country contacted the first dictator by emergency. He told him what furious Emojis arranged in the most important building of the town. Among these Emojis were also two adult children of the urban health minister. The first dictator decided to send his soldiers as assistants of the local police. The ruler commanded the pitiless defence of the future tax office of Star Emoji.
What the first dictator did not know, was that Emojis of this town particularly were gifted in the self-defence. That's why all assistants were completely surprised by these Emojis with icy shower. Many soldiers of the ruler frozen and left the occupied building. The local police negotiated in written form with the occupants. At the end the first dictator got to know from his defeat in Star Emoji. That's why he decided to apologise publicly on the state television for his lie about Mars. After his public excuse former furious Emojis calmed down. Moreover, they left the occupied building. At least, several drawings remained as recollections of this demonstration on the walls. The local tax office left long in such a way. Some lawyers decided to go to Emoji Face. These Emojis had enough of the first dictator and his politics. There they discussed with aliens from the Venus how they could legally stop the first dictator. The Secret Service of the ruler got to know from these plans and informed the first dictator. That's why he suspended these lawyers from the participation in the legislation of Emoji. An assigned counsel started to screw from frustration of his dismissal a broken lamp. Besides, he forgot to switch off the electricity in his house.
That's why several positive and negative waves were sent by the whole power line in the subterranean ground. This caused a strong earthquake in the whole town and its surroundings. The special was that houses of the Saturn's aliens above all collapsed. Several Emojis discussed with each other the earthquake. In Saturn the people reacted indignantly that Emojis abused them as a hatred figure. That's why the most important religious leader wanted to allow to transfer his religion once more in Emojis like a contagious illness. His plan failed thanks to stubborn defence of the local religion of the Emojis under the rule of the first dictator. With the entry all books of the Saturn's religion were confiscated by customs officers. The uppermost religious leader of Saturn's Rings decided to send his marketing specialists to Pluto for the continuing education in informatics. The aliens flew falsely to the planet system Trappist 1. There these aliens were received by advanced Emojis of the future. They thought that they could learn the programming of the Emojis. Instead, Saturn's aliens were transformed into Emojis. They were transformed into Poop Emojis. Later they were sent in the devices of the planet Earth by WLAN. Some people asked themselves: Is this a Poop Emoji or ice cream?
Finally, these aliens looked in the form of the Emojis thus.
50 percent believed that these were Poop Emojis. Other 50 percent recommended the version that these were ice cream Emojis. The advanced Emojis rejected a return of the aliens from their role as Poop Emojis. The informatics professor Setag Lib decided to stop these advanced Emojis. Moreover, he threw away the Saturn's aliens from the devices of the people. After this adventure the advertising industry of the Saturn's religion calmed down.
At this time the situation also calmed down in Emoji. The first dictator sat in his chair and analysed his present finished activities of his office times. Finally, he wanted to write a report for Emojis. He wanted to summarise the success of his government into it. By this second an alien from the Mercury knocked at the door of the office of the ruling dictator. The ruler opened the door and had got a fright that his bodyguards did not check the stranger before. That's why he contacted the uppermost general of the elite army. The general had to catch all Emojis who worked as bodyguards of the first dictator militarily. Later all present bodyguards were arrested and put on garrottes. The alien from the Mercury handed over a press release to the ruler. Later realised the first dictator that his employees were bribed very successfully by an enterprise. That's why he wanted that gathered lawyers write a law against corruption in the code. But what did the first dictator receive from the alien from the Mercury really?

It was an advertising pamphlet over self-driving cars of an enterprise from the distant future for time relations at that time. It was strange for the ruler of Emoji that not a single one of his employees noticed the alien from the Mercury on the way in his office. The next day reported several journalists about the strangest advertisement of all times. Then there puzzled Emojis whether the alien from the Mercury came because of reality movements easily to the first dictator. The informatics professor Setag Lib felt responsible for this incident. That's why he sent a letter of apology to all Emojis that their ruler received an undesirable guest with advertisement for self-driving cars. In addition were programmed several millions in ice cream Emojis. This ice cream Emojis could be consumed by the people of the same name as a dessert.
At least, this present moderated negatively oriented Emojis. Later several diligent Emojis wrote a letter of thanks to the informatics professor from Pluto. The first dictator became envious a little bit. That's why he started to be interested in general programming.


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