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Is it a Poop Emoji or ice cream?

Ten lawyers wanted to fly after the failed attempt to overshoot of the brown Emojis as a king of Emoji, together for a short time to Mars. These Emojis hoped the laws there to analyze more exactly. The first dictator got to know about these plans in his office. The ruler absolutely wanted to prevent a flight of the lawyers abroad at this time. So that Emojis nationally trust the first dictator and his statements better, he decided to bribe the mass media cleverly. Thus all journalists had to come by command to the first dictator. He told them that the home Secret Service found a bad corpse epidemic at different places in Mars. That's why Emojis should be hindered in a flight to Mars. For this purpose specialists from Emoji App had to fake photos of Mars cleverly. Emojis decided to go to Middle Finger Emoji after the impossible of the flight. 💩👅🍦👎️🫁🖕➕🍨➡️👤❌️. 🍦👎️🫁➕💩🛑.
While to the excavations of the potatoes a former judge found a face in a potato how the case was with every animal normally. He took the potato and more exactly looked. Suddenly this potato changed into a typical Poop Emoji as on the planet Earth will look in the future. The newborn Poop Emoji was the product of the programming of the bored student in Pluto. 👤📖🖕👅🥔🥫, ➡️🪥🍨👅. 👥⬅️💡🔚, 👀➕💩🎞️👅. Particularly Emojis, aliens and stars in Star Emoji were very furious. So they occupied a building of the future local tax authority. 😀⏱️👅➕1️⃣ 🪥➕🍨 . ➕🥫❗️🔙👅💩. 💆‍♀️🪥🪥. 🍦👅➕👎️🫁. ❤️🆕🫁➕🍡. Some lawyers decided to go to Emoji Face. These Emojis had enough of the first dictator and his politics. There they discussed with aliens from the Venus how they could legally stop the first dictator. 😂🧹🥤💯🧹🥤☕️. 🆗💡👥⬅️. 😉📐🍮🐘⬅️🏃‍♂️➕1️⃣ . 😎1️⃣ ➕1️⃣➡️🎂1️⃣ . 🏃‍♂️2️⃣ 3️⃣ 💩1️⃣. 😚2️⃣0️⃣ ➕🍾🪒➕🌒🥫🍦🪒, 🔥➕🔴👋🍭👋. This ice cream Emojis could be consumed by the people of the same name as a dessert.
At least, this present moderated negatively oriented Emojis. Later several diligent Emojis wrote a letter of thanks to the informatics professor from Pluto. The first dictator became envious a little bit. That's why he started to be interested in general programming.


What does the Poop Emoticon mean?

Story: What does the Poop Emoticon mean?

How many Emojis are there in the world?

Story: How many Emojis are there in the world?



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