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How many Emojis are there in the world?

A clerk of the court wanted to meet his occupational colleagues in a restaurant in Emoji Meanings. During his journey through the city he saw several Emojis who blocked the highway. Finally, they demonstrated exceptionally not by too much dust in the city or appointment of their area the capital of Emoji, but directed Emojis their fury against lazy authorities. The reason was the closing of the biggest garbage dump of the city. Many Emojis and local aliens threw ostentatiously on several important highways their rubbish. So most drivers and transporters had to use smaller streets for their ways through in the city. This led to the big noise in the residential accommodations of the Emojis. That's why furious Emojis pelted the moving vehicles with decayed eggs. By several detours the clerk of the court came to other lawyers in a restaurant. While Emojis ate a vegetarian burger, an alien programmed at least 20 Emojis for Android in Uranus after his successful final examination with the informatics professor Setag Lib daily.
Suddenly an angel flew in the room of the diligent programmer and sat down on his head. At short notice the programmer interrupted his work. In the interim the angel transferred several thoughts for the next programming of the alien. Then the angel left the programmer and flew away. After this event the alien had another idea what he could program. He started to write some letters in a special order in quick tempo. Then there originated a book about Emojis. The programmer became nervous a little bit. After 33 minutes he asked the long-standing informatics professor Lib from Pluto by telephone what he could make with the book. The professor reacted angry: "As a qualified information scientist with successfully insisted final examination you may use your knowledge yourself and be of use!"
After this conversation the information scientist examined what Emojis just made. He found furious Emojis in the city of Emoji Meanings who protested because of the garbage dump. He found other Emojis in good mood. He discovered several lawyers in a restaurant eating. He wrote a famous command of his former professor in the code. Then there disappeared the book from Uranus and landed in the middle on the table of the eating Emojis. The clerk of the court showed other Emojis with his finger that on the table a book lay. Nobody understood, where from the book came. The clerk of the court wanted to look at the book for the distraction of his previous irritating journey. He read the strange title of the book: How many Emojis is there, actually, in the world?
He decided to read the first sides of the book. He could not calm down any more. He decided to read out some quotations from the book to other Emojis: "On the planet Halloween there are topically about 49,449,449 Emojis. State: 3.5 weeks after the election of the first dictator." The clerk of the court asked his colleagues: When were Emojis counted for the last time in our country?
Who believes this information in this book?
An assigned counsel said that the last official census of the Emojis took place after the seizure of power of the last Horror Clowns. On other sides of the book told the author: One day several millions Emojis will conquer the planet Earth. A lawyer left for a short time his seat. He went to the phone cabin before the entrance to the restaurant. He called up the first dictator. He told the ruler about the strange event in the restaurant. Moreover, he told the dictator that Emojis lived according to this book once on the planet Earth. The first dictator reacted very much angry that there probably were again some reality movements. The ruler understood this as a future emigration of the Emojis from their traditional native country. That's why the first dictator wanted to drive by emergency. The responsible lawyer forgot to inform the ruler that Emojis protested against closing the biggest garbage dump. When the first dictator met several demonstrating Emojis and aliens on the highways, he got out of the vehicle.

He questioned Emojis about their problem. A demonstrator explained that the uppermost waste boss of the town decided the closing of the biggest garbage dump and realized. The first dictator reacted fast to this problem. He commanded the immediate dismissal of the responsible bosses without every mercy. Moreover, the first dictator commanded the immediate reopening of the closed garbage dump temporarily, until at least a more modern garbage dump could be built. This decision brought pluses for quick successful solution of a crisis situation to the first dictator. Then all rubbish was brought back to the former garbage dump. The former waste boss and the whole guidance for the whole disaster had to be put on a garrotte at the command of the first dictator. After the reassurance of the situation the ruler could concentrate upon the strange book about Emojis. He did not want to discuss the subject in the restaurant. Instead, all lawyers were invited to Heart Eyes Emoji by the dictator. There analysed Emojis together with the local monks the contents of the book. They started to add several figures with each other. Thus they came all together on the number: 7,777,777,777 Emojis.
A monk tried to explain this to other Emojis: In the future more and more people and other beings from all galaxies would simply convert to Emojis. This meant that most living beings will be called Emojis. Really there would be only one nationality of the Emojis. His grounds: Once on the planet Earth people will communicate only on the language of the Emojis. This is why would exist only on the planet Earth already more than 7 billions Emojis. On the planet Halloween Emojis would still be with from 50 to 60 millions. The first dictator reacted a little bit allergically to the events of the future. He decided to bring the book about the number of the Emojis to the state museum. There the book was locked up in a hard armed safe deposit. Then nobody trusted the safe deposit to open.
The informatics professor Setag Lib was basically discontented with the concealment of the book by the first dictator, although he granted bigger independence of his former student orally. Lib wanted that original Emojis should know their whole number on all galaxies. The problem was that Emojis would not understand this number at all. On account of the complexity of other more advanced mathematics the professor could not exactly inform Emojis of the right number of their congeners. So Lib had to fall back on qualitatively worse mathematics of the planet Earth. Thus he sent several smaller slips of paper with the help of his programming directly to the Emojis at different places of the state. A slip of paper landed on the table of an accountant of the mightiest and stingiest tax authority in Poop Emoji.
The accountant started to look at the strange slip of paper and to peruse. He found the following sentences: In the original native country of the Emojis these will be nearly 60 millions. On the planets of the solar system a total of 99,999,999,999 Emojis will live. Once some people will express the wish that they would like to become Emojis. That's why some doctors will offer operations to the change of the people in Emojis. In the interim the doctors are strongly criticised because of these operations. The new ruler of the kingdom Emoji would use cleverly this and solve the problem of the humanity: The definitive accession of all countries of the planet Earth to the kingdom Emoji. Then people would be simply naturalized as Emojis. After the accountant read all that up to the end, he separated several parts from the rest. Instead, he ran to his boss and showed that in the future nearly 100 billions Emojis would exist. The haughtiest Emoji reacted very contently and at the same time doubtfully. On the one hand he was glad that there will be more taxable Emojis. On the other hand, he asked himself where just many Emojis in this today's small area had place. What the uppermost official of the tax authority could not consider, was that the tax authority will be defeated anyway in the future by a national opposition successfully. Only after the end of the income tax the popularity of the Emojis on the planet Earth will rise gradually.
Because of many lacks of clarity the haughtiest Emoji decided to put into archives this slip of paper. While the accountant and the uppermost tax collector concentrated above all upon 99,999,999,999 Emojis, another number struck the other Emojis. Thus studied astronomers noticed in Emoji List that by a special programming on every single planet of the Trappist 1 system nearly 1,111,111,111 other Emojis would live. After astronomers were demanded too much by these calculations, they asked mathematicians for help. The specialists for numbers took all formulae from their pockets. Moreover, they used special pocket calculators for the calculation of the number all Emojis. The problem was clearly evident for mathematicians and ended with the following word in the screen: Error
By this second Setag Lib celebrated his success with the mathematicians with big joy. He hoped that Emojis would really argue, finally, with their mathematics. He was fast disappointed. At the end the news were nationally spread in the headlines so: News from the future: Number of the Emojis will be Error.
Therefore headlined some newspapers that once there will be Error Emojis. For the first dictator the statement Error Emojis was the stupidest what he could read in his whole life in the mass media. He wanted to think about a correction of this statement. He had many ideas. His problem was that the next adventure waited for him already before the door. Before his door stood a dressed up stranger. The stranger looked like the main lawyer. That's why both Emojis could be easily mistaken.
The stranger came with a phoney law book and required from the first dictator that he signs with his both hands. The first dictator was unnerved. That's why he faked his own signature. The ruler felt that a little bit was not right. That's why he tried to invite the guest to a dessert. Thus the dictator wanted to hold the unknown Emoji longer with himself. In the meantime, he informed the local Secret Service. Then he remained quiet. By this second the stranger left the ruler with the law book. Outdoors the stranger was spied out. Secretly the stranger contacted a Saturn's alien. He said him that he had the signature of the first dictator. Finally, Saturn exactly wanted to analyse the font of the new ruler. The local Secret Service could follow the whole conversation. Then the spy was arrested. The first dictator got to know about this application and praised the most confidential department of the Secret Service. The spy was placed on a garrotte in the prison for betrayers. In the interim Emojis forgot the whole discussion about Error Emojis.


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