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When was Emoji created?

More than 2,108,777 days ago an alien might discover for the first time the higher computer language of the special letters in the history. Then he started to program with the help of these letters different geometrical shapes. The more experience the alien had, the more interesting shapes originated. One day after several attempts originated the first Emoji. This still happened about 2,108,776 days ago. The programmer decided to place the first Emoji only 1,775,443 days later on the planet Halloween as living being. This meant that the first Emojis were occurred as independent people only 333,333 days ago or were born. Before Emojis were placed only in the plan of the long history of the galaxy. By the further development of the descendants of the alien his successors became in the matter of the programming especially aliens in Pluto. Emojis belong like Smiles, Emoticons, Clowns and other people of the former Circus Union to the group of the so-called amusing people. In the past the aim of the programmers the forefathers of the Emojis were to be moved to the fact that they settle the future area of the today's state of Emoji. For this purpose the forefathers of the today's Emojis on a ski runway of a mountain of the today's Circus Country were buried during a vacation sometime by an avalanche.
Because of fear of the death resident Emojis left that mountain to the direction of the today's state area of Emoji. Later developed Emojis as independent people in their area with different specials of their personal area. Finally, every place influenced single Emojis quite differently. For example: Emojis who live in the today's area of Laughing Emoji were valid since ancient time as especially in a good mood and amusing. This was also resulted in their own urban currency. Religious Emojis felt even which area especially suited for the exercise of their religion. Above all monks left cities and founded Heart Eyes Emoji. The royal history of the Emojis was noteworthy at that time when for the first time in the history an Emoji with a sad face was born. He received the whole today's area of the city of Sad Emoji of the same name. Immigrants from Japan took care to reside near the yellow sea. Thus the town of the Japanese-speaking Emojis Japanese Emoji was also founded.
What was the special programming of the aliens in Pluto?
They programmed not only real living Emojis on the planet Halloween, but also planned the other spreading of the Emojis on other planet. One day mostly Emojis should get the planet Earth. As opposed to living Emojis they should substitute on the planet Earth as a picture language in the computers, tablets computer and smartphones for all present languages of the humanity without resistance and quietly.
This development was shifted much further to the future. Aliens planned this almost more than 2 million days before. For this purpose the first people had to deal sometime with the question: Why were Emojis created?
Before the suitable programmer sent the right thoughts of the suitable enterprises of that time. Later Emojis had to deal with their identity. One day, moreover, they had to know according to the old plan that they would become gradually extremely famous on the planet Earth. For this purpose reality movements were included in the plan in the history of the Emojis. These events had to do above all after the election of the first dictator themselves to frequent ones. After Emojis a short time ago dealt with the number of their people in the whole galaxy, criminal aliens from the Venus thought that Emojis did not notice their actions.
Thus the minister of the environment of the east Venus tried to shift several old tyres in the cleanest town of Emoji. His command was: To bring used old tyres secretly on the valuable ground of Middle Finger Emoji. Finally, Venus was very with envy on the very good soil quality of this town. Upwards thus several tyres started to pile up deep in the forest. One day walking Emojis felt a bad smell. That's why they decided to go to the wood deeper. They found several dead mice on their way. The dead mice led these Emojis to the big mountain in old spent tyres. The Emojis were horrified that somebody thoughtlessly loaded the urban environment so strongly. They informed the national security service for the protection of all woods and nature parks of Emoji. The first dictator got to know by a friendly employee of this authority about the cemetery of the tyres. He decided to grant no national publication of the case. Finally, criminals should anticipate nothing that the government of Emoji would know about a little bit of it. Instead, Emojis exactly had to observe the culprits with the next placement of the old tyres and to arrest. Thus special hunters hid behind the trees and waited, until criminals brought the next tyres in the wood. Really there came again several aliens from the Venus with 70 old tyres which they wanted to deposit at the same place. Some Emojis had to look exactly as this criminals transported their rubbish.
They saw a wide flying saucer which parked about 10 recumbent giraffes remotely. The general commanded to some Emojis the flying saucer to look more exactly. Moreover, they should prevent a takeoff. The other Emojis had to shoot the criminal aliens with a WC-paper gun. The opponent was thereby weakened, but was not killed. Then were arrested all criminals. These aliens were brought at the command of the general to the first dictator. The ruler sent them to a prison for economic criminals in Emoji Meaning. These events had to be nationally shown to the Emojis as a great success of the rule of the first dictator. Some Emojis were glad especially strongly about the end of the present year. Above all stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots wanted to celebrate the New Year differently than earlier. Thus they ordered particularly many drones from Uranus. The first dictator found out from his Secret Service that especially dangerous flying objects were imported from abroad above all by stingy layers to Emoji. Because most airplanes and other flying objects had quite become outdated, the ruler feared the destruction or damage of the airplanes by dangerous drones.
That's why the flight of the drones from the first dictator was nationally officially forbidden temporarily. Several stingy Emojis and aliens complained of the ban. The ruler cannot be impressed and said quite officially: The security of the aviation is much more important, than the pleasure of the misers. At least, agreed advocates of the drones and the first dictator that there would be a small airfield near a mountain in future.
At this time a judge with other Emojis visited a natural area on the island Emoji Pants. Local mountain guides tried to persuade the famous Emojis of the rope in the deep horror hole. The courageous judge wanted to know how deep the hole was. The mountain guide explained that the depth corresponded to 4 recumbent giraffes. The judge with three other courageous Emojis proceeded to this short conversation in the depth of the horror hole. When Emojis came, finally, below with the mountain guide, a wooden table with several chairs presented itself to them. The tired Emojis decided to sit down on it. They enjoyed the good wintry air in the horror hole. Finally, there was on the ground still much white-yellow snow.
The mountain guide wanted to discuss with the judge and other Emojis the legislation of the country. Suddenly a thick book about the history of Emoji as state and people appeared on the table. Not a single one Emoji dared the book to take in his hands. In addition the present courage was absent exceptionally. By this second the judge decided to look at the book in spite of his internal opposition. Finally, his curiosity won over the fear. He found in the book several interesting information about Emojis of all times from the first Emoji up to the latest born Emoji of this day. From this book Emojis found out that they were programmed, actually, by a programmer by several codes. They found several details of the plan. Really aliens wanted in Pluto, finally, that Emojis got to know their life aim. The book was written into complicated and incomprehensible language for Emojis. That's why readers had problems to understand several contents. Thus the book was stamped as a confidential book. Emojis called this book as a beginning of a new confidential science. At least, Emojis started to think in the horror hole about the sense of their life. Thereby they did not speak any more of the legislation. The judge turned the pages through the book further. Suddenly he found a sketch. He understood this as a program code of the Emojis. He expected by this sketch to understand how Emojis were programmed.
Moreover, he thought to be able to apply even this knowledge. This failed. Finally, only advanced aliens in Pluto could program, Emojis and other beings any time by their wish. After long conversation and discussion among Emojis at the table of the horror hole they decided to rise again upwards. The courageous judge took the thick book in his backpack. The other Emojis did not want that he took the book. While to the rise from the horror hole on the surface of the mountain the judge experienced an extremely quick rise to the surface. Completely on top a letter of thanks lay with the judge for his courage. The judge more exactly wanted to deal later with the thick book. The other Emojis who were with the judge together became after this event with envy on the judge and informed the first dictator that the judge took a thick book from the table of the horror hole. The ruler of Emoji became very curious and one day wanted to get the book. The judge could hide the thick book successfully from envious looks of other Emojis.


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