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Must tourists pay in Emoji for the entry into a religious house?

The tumultuous year moved to the direction of its end. Emojis wanted to begin the new year with Horror Clown masks. That's why began a big rush of the suitable shops above all in the cities of Emoji Meanings and the capital of Emoji SMS. A stingy alien found out in Jupiter from the popularity of the Horror Clown masks in Emoji. By his business contacts with several factories on the Venus he flew to Emoji and allowed to take a big photo with the face of the first dictator. Then he wanted to allow to produce several masks with the face of the first dictator. In celebration of the common cooperation the stingy alien with other business partners flew to Heart Eyes Emoji.
There the miser wanted to visit together an amusing house with other guests. When a responsible employee found out that among the guests was a miser from the Jupiter, he spontaneously decided to require an admission fee in the religious house. He required identity cards. When he saw Jupiter, he required a fee of 4 Bitcoins. The miser started to get angry loudly. Finally, aliens from the Venus were admitted without fee. The miser officially complained with the diplomat of his homeland. The diplomat contacted the first dictator immediately. By this second big advertisement appeared on the state television. In it was advertised to masks with the face of the first dictator. The ruler saw this advertisement as an attack on the rights of his personality. Moreover, he saw abusive unwarranted enrichment on his costs by a third. He absolutely wanted to know the principal. At the same time the Jupiter's diplomat with him spoke about the discriminating admission fee in a religious house. The first dictator promised to deal with this problem more exactly. In the interim he commanded to get other Emojis information about the Jupiter's tourist and the principal of the advertisement for masks with his face.
For this purpose the uppermost head of secret service from Emoji Keyboard had to use his spies. Moreover, the first dictator commanded the gathered lawyers to invent a law on the subject admission fee for religious houses in Emoji.
By this second Emojis who worked for the mightiest tax authority of the state in Poop Emoji could peruse by chance a document. In it there stood the full name of the Jupiter's trader. Moreover, there stood also the product number. At that time, finally, foreign traders had to announce their products at the tax authority, before they might be sold to Emojis. Moreover, the uppermost tax collector was allowed to require a photo of the products. Exceptionally he renounced it because he had to prepare for the new good year for the tax authority.
Because of active preparations for the new year prison employees had to light at least 77 candles. An unadvised Emoji fell on the ground. That's why there was a small landslide in the prison. So several burning candles fell on the ground. At least, Emojis could release all prison inmates fast. Among them was also the convicted brown Emoji. Some firefighters tried to extinguish in vain the fire.
At the same time there sat the gathered lawyers at the round table and discussed the subject: "Admission fee for religious houses"
Most lawyers were against admission fees for the visit of a religious house. At this time the Jupiter's diplomat wanted to interfere with the discussion: My local stingy alien had to pay an admission fee as the only tourist, while other aliens might visit free of charge the amusing house. For lawyers the case was clear: Unwarranted enrichment of the amusing house
That's why they wanted to obtain the repayment of the fee. The miser got to know from his diplomat about his success with the gathered lawyers. He reacted made easier. Finally, he might get back later the money. At the same time Emojis had to investigate in all directions to find out who got rich at the expenses of the first dictator in the country of the Emojis.
Because of the prison fire all passengers were sent temporarily on custody vacation. The brown Emoji used this chance. He visited his former employer in the tax authority. Moreover, he showed him that he did not break out of the prison. Finally, he had an identity card with himself.
The uppermost prison leader signed to every inmate in writing that because of the fire all prisoners were sent to the vacation. Thus the brown Emoji wanted to improve his reputation, so that he would be released early from the future custody. The uppermost tax collector said him that the ruler looked for the canvasser for masks with his face intensely. The brown Emoji looked shortly before the abandonment of the prison cell the live broadcasting of the gathered lawyers. There he got to know from a disappointed tourist from the Jupiter who had to pay an admission fee for the visit as the only guest in the religious house. The other Emojis in the tax authority showed a document with the product number to the brown Emoji. Thereon the brown Emoji wanted to meet the importer of the product personally. Some former fans of the brown Emojis were glad about his return. That's why they helped him in the search for the miser. After some time the Jupiter's diplomat handed over the contact address of the stingy alien to the brown Emoji. At that time, finally, Jupiter wanted to support the opposition against the first dictator secretly when the brown Emoji was appointed the king.
Therefore the brown Emoji could more exactly analyse the data. Thus he visited together with three other Emojis the miser. The alien wanted to fetch by this second just his 4 Bitcoins at the religious house. The brown Emoji observed the miser very exactly. During the handing over of the paid-up amount a small slip of paper fell from the purse. The brown Emoji took the slip of paper and found the product number of the trader in request. Therefore it was clear to him that this miser got rich at the expenses of the first dictator unwarrantedly. Thus he informed the ruler together with three Emojis. He hoped for a pardon by the first dictator. After the ruler of Emoji found out this, he allowed to deposit all income by the sales of the masks with his face in his favours. The brown Emoji might spend the new year under observation of other Emojis and spies at liberty. Later the brown Emoji had to go again in the prison for the tried conversion of the country in kingdom. Later the first dictator found out that the miser got back even the paid-up admission fee. That's why he wanted to regulate in the law several exceptions. Thus the ruler wanted to treat all misers immediately as they treat others. Thus Emojis had to write the following exceptions in the law book: § Admission fees for religious houses are valid for misers in certain cases. Finally, the law should treat misers in such a way as they treat others.
Stingy Emojis protested against this formulation. Finally, they feared that they would be discriminated by the new law. The opponents of the stinginess said: We must defend ourselves against the morbid Jupiter's stinginess.
At least: Who wants to pray in Emoji, this may also act as a tourist free of charge.
At this time Emojis wanted to drive with a sledge by the snow-covered city of Middle Finger Emoji. During their journey they collided by a standing vehicle on the town border. In it sat an alien from the Mercury who drove as a taxi driver Emojis from the town border to different directions of the country. The owner of the vehicle reacted very furiously. Emojis only wanted to apologise. Later they had to pay their saved property to the taxi driver as compensation. Some patriotic Emojis demonstrated against the judgment that local Emojis were defeated against a foreign alien in the court process. That's why patriots of Emoji tried to incite several riots. The first dictator got to know from these riots. That's why he commanded an unreserved custody without judicial decision. Thus all troublemakers were sent pitilessly to the prison without bureaucratic decisions of a court. Moreover, they were not allowed to appeal against this decision.
Nevertheless, tried a known assigned counsel who worked together in the legislation with other Emojis to defend the troublemakers. The first dictator granted this defence. Finally, the ruler knew that troublemakers could obtain no chance of pardon or lowering of their custody. Grounds: All patriotic Emojis were filmed as they caused riots.
At this time the first dictator commanded the sent of the archaeologists to the dead city of Emoji 2. The ruler wanted to surprise Emojis before the New Year party during his speech. It was his aim that archaeologists would find the old frying pans of the first inhabitants of the extinct town before the end of the current year. For this purpose the first dictator tried to buy advanced devices from the Neptune. The minister for foreign affairs of the west Neptune offered the most expensive devices for archaeological findings to the ruler of Emoji. The first dictator got to know about high prices and decided by an urgent meeting with other high-ranking Emojis a special additional tax rise. Some Emojis wanted to negotiate with high-ranking politicians in Neptune about a reduction of the price. That's why the first dictator sent these Emojis to Neptune by emergency. There Emojis were invited by the tourism minister in a religious house.
These Emojis might see for the first time in their life foreign religion. The experience was clouded at the end. A religious person responsible required with the abandonment of Emojis at least the entire breaking even for the touch of the holy ground. Therefore he wanted to get of Emojis a total of 222 Neptune's Bitcoins. Emojis reacted shocked and said that they did not know that the entrance of the religious house would be so expensive in Neptune for them. After this statement the tourism minister also started to threaten these Emojis. By this second the computer of the informatics professor Setag Lib alarmed his owner in Pluto. The screen pointed: Warning! Warning! The cheekiness of the Neptune reached a highest level!
The professor was annoyed so about the abusive action in Neptune that he reacted fast. After his reaction an earthquake of the middle strength began near the religious house which Emojis visited before. Then the religious house fell on the ground. The cheekiness of the affected aliens ended with it.
After this unfriendly reception of the Emojis in Neptune the first dictator refused to buy the devices at all costs. Thus Neptune lost a valuable order. Emojis saved the money for more sensible things. The first dictator had to contrive something other with which he could inspire Emojis in his New Year speech.


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