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How Emojis prepared for the first New Year after their independence

In the town of the resident company for the production of the photocopiers Emoji Copy Paste the uppermost boss of the enterprise wanted to surprise the first dictator. For this purpose he ordered several gloves from the famous factory of Emoji for PC. Moreover, the boss wanted to get a bonus with the uppermost official of the tax authority of Poop Emoji. Before the New Year many enterprises tried to bribe two mightiest Emojis anyhow with presents. Thus the boss promised a big discount by the purchase of new photocopiers to the uppermost tax collector as a countermove he expected from the haughtiest Emoji no levy or very low taxes. At least, the first dictator received a photocopier with gloves without conditions on the part of the donor. In spite of these presents the affected enterprises got no discounts with the taxes or other advantages. This annoyed the boss of the photocopier enterprise so strongly that he wanted to support every opposition against the first dictator on the part of Emojis. That's why he consulted with foreign Emojis and two Saturn's aliens.
They recommended to the boss to spread fake news in the mass media about the first dictator. The boss ordered from several big mass media for a lot of money the following article or fake news with phoney video material:
Therein it was shown that the first dictator wanted to forbid farmers of Middle Finger Emoji the use of the valuable earth for the planting of the western yellow cucumbers. For the quick publication of the fake news all mass media received generous presents and a lot of money. The fake news looked for Emojis as real. The first dictator got to know from the dirty campaign in the mass media against him by his bodyguards. As a result he asked to find out who was responsible for this nonsense. In the interim the accountant of the photocopier enterprise in the accountancy had seen so much wasted money for mass media on the same day. At the same time the boss of the enterprise denied himself to raise the wages because of bad economic situation of the enterprise for diligent employees. The fury of the accountant was very big. That's why he printed all proofs.
Then he contacted other Emojis. By different detours the receipts reached the first dictator in the quick tempo. After this event the ruler commanded the arrest of the boss of the photocopier enterprise. Moreover, he was reproved to have abused the money of the enterprise for idiotic purposes. The first dictator pointed quite proudly with his fingers at his enemy live on all TV stations. The boss tried to justify himself that the enterprise belonged to him. So he might spend the money in such a way as he wanted. The first dictator commanded his friendly Emojis to carry out an expropriation proceeding for the imprisoned boss. Other above all stingy Emojis and Jupiter's aliens feared that the ruler could expropriate them. The first dictator assured all stingy Emojis that they risked their money by sensible application no expropriation. In spite of this statement above all stingy Emojis and aliens tried to bring their money because of a possible expropriation in security abroad. The uppermost tax collector feared that rich Emojis would transport their money unpunished.
That's why he wanted to discuss this with other high-ranking Emojis and the first dictator. The ruler of Emoji commanded the entire supervision of all flying saucers and all borders to the foreign countries. With disobedience Emojis might shoot even flying saucers mercilessly. Really above all stingy Emojis and aliens often tried to transport their money to Jupiter exceptionally. Most attempts failed fast. At the latest with the landing the misers with their money were arrested. As a consolation they might spend the New Year in the prison with the count of their bank notes and coins.
By the preparation for the New Year many Emojis assembled in the university town Emoji List. A guest from the Trappist 1 was expected by Emojis. The first dictator was very envious that a foreign guest aroused more interest in the Emojis, than the democratically elective dictator. Nevertheless, the guest appeared before several curious Emojis. He belonged to the marketers of the tourism branch of his native country. Thus he began his long expected speech before thousands of Emojis: "Our government sent me specially to the town of the graduates because our banana secretary found out by his researches that well qualified Emojis would be ready to spend a lot of money on their trips abroad." Some Emojis experienced growing question marks on their foreheads with this speech. The guest further spoke:" Our government will do for it everything that well qualified Emojis might fly free of charge to Trappist 1. Moreover, especially gifted Emojis could work with us and live remain."
Among the listeners of the speech were also three independent Emojis who observed the guest at different places. Moreover, the speech of the alien was recorded on a Dictaphone by these Emojis separately. The first dictator was informed immediately about the fact that a marketer from Trappist 1 tried to poach well certified Emojis for his native country. The first dictator did not want that Emojis were influenced by a stranger so easily. That's why he considered in the quick tempo what he could undertake against it. In the meantime, several Emojis from the amount of the spectators became furious who came mainly from Cute Emoji specially because of this speech to this event. Finally, they thought that Trappist 1 invited all Emojis as tourists. These Emojis were especially factory employees who could show no degree. They came to the event after a baseball game. So these furious Emojis had baseball bat in their pockets. They felt strong discrimination, disadvantage and honour injury with this haughty speech. This led to the fact that these Emojis on the marketer from Trappist 1 with the baseball bats wanted to hit.
When some furious Emojis approached to the guest, they felt an invisible wall. This invisible wall served as a defence of the alien. So several Emojis hit together the invisible wall from all directions. Other temperate Emojis and aliens tried to calm the furious fellow citizens. In spite of their attempts the invisible wall was broken completely. The guest from Trappist 1 felt how he was evaporated. After only 67 seconds disappeared the alien. After this event all Emojis became very distrustful compared with foreign invitations. Nobody planned to leave his or her beloved native country in spite of the rule of the unpopular first dictator. The ruler got to know about this event with the biggest relief. He commanded to his subordinated to honour the responsible Emojis from Cute Emoji by the state before big audience as state heroes. These Emojis were promised as rescuers of their native country against foreign influence. The future king Devil Emoji wanted to celebrate the New Year in new house. His villa at that time was valid as the most luxurious building of the country after the end of the Circus Union.
The entrepreneur provided a long list with desired guests still long time before the celebration. That's why he sat down on his desk and checked whether all present guests fulfilled the demands for the participation. Most guests were invited. There were also many on the list of presents, who Devil had to stamp as his betrayers or internal enemies. After the examination of his guests list, Devil started to prepare a long speech for his fans in writing. Moreover, Emojis should get to know in his surroundings more about his plans for the future as future king by his New Year speech. The support of these Emojis should thereby rise clearly. Moreover, his private cooks had to offer spaghetti with his ketchup as final food of the year. The first dictator sat down on his chair and considered exactly what he could say Emojis with his first New Year speech. The ruler did not know what he should write. That's why he contacted his imaginative assistant from the Mercury. This alien came to Emoji, during the conflict with the Egoists from Mars as a refugee with his parents. Later he visited together with the first dictator the primary school. The ruler was always enthusiastically from the imagination of his colleague. Thus the alien might help the first dictator with his speech.


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