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The festivities of the new year and a heavy earthquake in Emoji

The first dictator sat in the city of Emoji Meanings in his local study and wrote every sensible sentence for his New Year speech. In his speech in Emojis he wrote the following sentences: "In the today's first New Year after the end of the Circus Union experienced Emoji tumultuous, strange and interesting times. After the death of the last Horror Clown happened unbelievable stories. Although many Emojis mourned the end of the Circus Union, we must look forward. At this point I would like to thank the gathered lawyers, for their intensive and active work on the new legislation Emojis." After this point the first dictator wrote that an artificial applause should interrupt his speech on the state television. Then there came the next sentence:" ☠️💩⚓💰🚪⬆️💲1️⃣. 🗣️❓️🤶💸👤👩💬." The first dictator decided to contact his assistant from the Mercury. He read out the present text according to him. His long-standing friend praised the dictator. He said him that he says first the bitter truth the Emojis, then he sweetens the truth at least for the ears of the Emojis. Then the first dictator wrote his speech further: "The competent professional specialist from Poop Emoji prepares successfully the introduction of the tax duty nationally."  🤑🇳🇴💩🆕👂️➡️⚓💰7️⃣👥🥶. With the last sentence the first dictator wanted to signal his readiness for a dialogue with his opponents.
At this time Devil Emoji with his Saturn's Emojis sat in a big tent in Crying Laughing Emoji. There he told his next friends what he would say exactly with his New Year speech: "👤👨8️⃣🚘️💣️➕🤧🔫⬇️➡️👥⚒️🎉🏕️.
After his preparatory speech his fans applauded the ketchup entrepreneur. On the last day of the year the famous journalist Poop Emoticon wanted to make a special report about the work of the brokers in Emoji Meaning. The stingy Emojis and aliens with Jupiter's roots worked even into the night on the New Year on the stock exchange.
👤🧐👨🛑👣🏴1️⃣ 💬🛑👥⬅️⚪️➕👻. 👤👨🗣️🛑👮➡️👥🎁. 🖕❌️🙏👀🗣️👨‍⚖️💬.👤👨⬅️🦵🗣️🛠️💬2️⃣1️⃣ ❗️⚡️👤💩👨. Because of the strong earthquake the first dictator had to change his New Year speech. He sat down to his chair and mentioned the disastrous earthquake in his notes as the main topic. Finally, Emojis had the strong earthquake above all as the last recollection of the present year.
In the city of Emoji Free the local population started to celebrate the New Year diligently without to be informed about the earthquake. Emojis chanted slogans, such as: " Finally, our country became independent in this best year of all times!
Thereon there rejoiced thousands of Emojis on the place of the freedom. 🏛️👤👨⬅️😂💬👤😱👨⬅️🗽.
After this statement all celebrating Emojis and aliens remembered that at the beginning of their freedom began the new tax duty and state supervision of the cash flows. The good mood of the celebrating Emojis ended with it fast. They left the place of the freedom and went home. At home they observed a strong wind with rain and snow. In spite of the negative headlines of the last day most Emojis decided to stick to their good mood.


How Emojis prepared for the first New Year after their independence

Story: How Emojis prepared for the first New Year after their independence

The year transition of the Emojis

Story: The year transition of the Emojis



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