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The year transition of the Emojis

After the movable events like reality movements and heavy earthquake on the last day of the year and after the election of the first dictator, Emojis hoped for the return of the rest. Some witty Emojis organised on the night of New Year in the most amusing city of Laughing Emoji a special party. Before they advertised actively in different towns of Emoji to this party. It was their aim that at least 111,111 Emojis and other guests from all areas of the country come to the native city of the laughing formula and laugh together loudly. The aim was a laughing record. Above all stingy Emojis and aliens from the Jupiter had to laugh nothing. Finally, their economic metropolis was equalised after the strong earthquake to the ground. Particularly many Emojis from Star Emoji came to this event.
Several artists from Emoji Art, singers and musicians from Emoji Pop were represented exceptionally. Of course entertaining clowns from Emoji Clown might not be absent with this laughing record. Finally, the circus town of the Emojis was valid as a sort of parallel city to the town of the laughing formula. The main organizer of the event was so curious that he counted every visitor with his fingers personally and welcomed at the same time. After he welcomed already more than 10,000 Emojis and aliens himself, he felt a bad conscience. He wanted to let count with a device automatically the guests. His luck was that the imported device from Pluto functioned very well. What Emojis did not know, was that information was sent directly to Pluto by the use of the device. In comparison to other aliens, Pluto was very advanced. This meant for affected Emojis who ran past by the device that Pluto could see not only faces of these Emojis, but it was to be known possibly all details of these Emojis like their qualities and occupation.
Moreover, Pluto could filter out every negative thought against own people among Emojis.
Exactly at 23:50 o'clock the device counted nearly 599,878 Emojis. The main organizer laughed quite together with his friends at the forthcoming record. Among the guests was also the assistant from the Mercury of the first dictator. He had to observe the event as an external spy of the government. The notification of the first dictator also counted to his duties whether amusing Emojis did not miss his serious speech. Shortly before 0:00 o'clock the main organizer announced the good message to all participants by a loudspeaker: "Finally, I can welcome in this event 600,000 participants from all areas Emojis here. I thank for it all Emojis!"
Several local journalists wanted to record the laughing record as a historical event on video. The main organizer wished good health and a good start in the new year all Emojis. Then he encouraged Emojis to begin, finally, with the laughter.
Moreover, he asked them to decontaminate all worries. Exactly at 0:00 o'clock Emojis started to laugh completely loudly. Musicians started to make music in addition to the laughing. At this time the first dictator had to show his face with the New Year speech on the state television. The problem was: This speech was outdated because of the heavy earthquake already after few hours. The impression would originate from it with the spectators that the ruler simply ignored the important event. That's why the first dictator had to say his speech live. He began his speech in such a way: "Emoji has reached a lot of progress in the democracy in short time. Nevertheless, the state needs more engagement of the Emojis in close future. This concerns the reconstruction of the economic metropolis of Emoji Meaning after the heavy earthquake. Moreover, Emojis must give their trust to several finance houses in their towns."
With the last indistinct sentence the first dictator meant the new tax offices in different locations of the country. He wanted to speak beautiful the introduction of the tax duty for all Emojis in his New Year speech. Suddenly the assistant from the Mercury contacted the first dictator and informed him that 600,000 Emojis missed his important speech by the uninterrupted laughter. The narcissistic first dictator suffered an injury of his ego. So he could not celebrate the New Year any more with joy. He had to lie down on his sofa. Then he fell asleep. By this second the being with shining eyes appeared before the first dictator and made his ghost come along with him. The first dictator was brought to the laughing Emojis. His main problem was that he was invisibly for other visitors. This disturbed him even more. Finally, he had the feeling to be ignored by Emojis. The invisible first dictator decided to approach the making music Emojis. Because of his touch of the music instruments these Emojis suffered electric shocks. After some time they lost their consciousness. The being with shining eyes also appeared before them. The first dictator started to laugh that he was a little bit able at least. Suddenly these Emojis saw the first dictator before their eyes and got a fright.
They thought that the ruler liked to say a New Year speech them personally. The ruler reacted partly furiously to these formerly making music Emojis that they missed the serious speech together with almost other 600,000 visitors because of the laughter. The dictator said this these Emojis. At the same time he was very glad that he was responsible for this experience of the musicians. At least the whole event conveyed this impression. The joy of the first dictator ended when he felt very strong wind behind his back. A former programmer of the web pages in Neptune discovered his joy in the cruelty of the Emojis. That's why he looked exactly which Emojis he could annoy. He looked in his internal search engine for Emojis. For this purpose he wrote: Which Emojis were pulled a short time ago by the being with shining eyes from their physical bodies?
As a result the first dictator was shown, firstly. Then followed several making music Emojis. The programmer was glad very much to annoy the important ruler at the new year. He pressed several commands on his keyboard. Moreover, he shifted all Emojis in a time machine. Then he pressed 2060 of the planet Earth. Then the first dictator landed beside making music Emojis in an extremely modern smartphone. They were placed under the title Emojis for Android in a newspaper article of a known web page in the news. Therein was advertised to new Emojis of the operating system Android. These were above all making music really looking Emojis. The first dictator looked quite inappropriate beside other Emojis. That's why the journalist tried to extinguish the first dictator. In spite of his attempt the dictator could not be extinguished. The journalist became very nervous and applied for technical support. Nobody could extinguish the first dictator simply so.
Even the most modern anti-virus programmes failed because of the deletion of the ruler. Some people hoped to get rid of the first dictator from the nice article by the integration of a specific flood. Thus several programmers had to integrate a flood Emoji into the code of the web page. The tried flood became easy to the cold shower for the ruler. The first dictator showed from joy to the people his thumb high. The observers of the scene realised that they had real Emojis on the newspaper article online. They considered how they could call the first dictator best. The journalist had an especially innovative idea: Bald Emoji with the thumb high. At this time spread the news on the whole planet Earth that in a newspaper article on the Internet several real making music Emojis and especially strange bald Emoji were to be found. Many curious Internet users looked on the Internet intensely for these Emojis.
Because of strain of the affected web page the whole web site landed offline. The first dictator and making music Emojis used the chance for the escape from the Internet server. By several detours all Emojis managed the successful escape. The first dictator tried to hide with other Emojis near a grey unobtrusive rubbish bin. In the interim the chief editor of the famous web page with the journalist discussed possible auction of bald Emojis directly from the web page. Both greedy people rubbed themselves their hands and dreamt of an enrichment at the expenses of real Emojis. At this time several engineers tried to revive the whole web page. When the whole web page was online available again, the journalist and the chief editor noticed that all before present Emojis from the article disappeared. They asked their engineers where these Emojis disappeared.
In spite of big technical understanding there remained a big riddle for the humanity that Emojis from themselves could disappear.
While the first dictator with making music Emojis still were absently in their native country, celebrating Emojis left the event of the laughing record. Finally, they were dog-tired after the long celebration. By this second the programmer from Neptune felt very bad conscience that he put Emojis on a foreign planet irresponsibly in a newspaper article. That's why he pressed several times on cancel button in his keyboard. Then the first dictator returned to his previous state. The making music Emojis returned to the amusing town. They noticed that it was already 3:00 o'clock at night. Moreover, the other Emojis were away for a long time. The new year began so adventurously for some Emojis.


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