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The confidential introduction of the general tax duty for Emojis

Hardly the new year began, the first dictator commanded to march through to the army with several Emojis in the wood of Middle Finger Emoji. There was nothing more uncomfortable, than to march in the snow-covered wood during several hours. The aim of the first dictator was to prepare Emojis better for their function as military tax collectors. Thus soldiers were surprised after 11 hours in the aim. There several masseurs waited for these Emojis. Moreover, Emojis were fed by professional cooks with clean hands. As if this was not enough, the first dictator stood before tired Emojis and congratulated them for their staying power. Then he handed over to every soldier an honouring.
Finally, these especially qualified Emojis had to visit several local inhabitants with the fulfilment of the tax duty personally as military tax collectors. The first dictator appointed this time the uppermost tax collector from Poop Emoji quite officially to the Minister of Finance of Emoji. The military Emojis had to question all tax payers with a questionnaire about their finances. The new Minister of Finance commanded the equipment of an important second placed tax authority in the town of the thrift Emoji Meaning. Worked out near the reconstructed stock exchange the tax authority had to originate. Finally, the supervision of the profits should be easier formed thus. There several military tax collectors were placed. The stingy Emojis might not defend themselves by contract against nationalisation of their income. Finally, they granted state help after the strong earthquake. The first dictator wanted to look after the first tax return better. Thus he took his magnifying glass and examined the questions. He had got a fright very much that the tax return looked so idiotic.
Also the uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance was not contented with the tax return at all. That's why both Emojis flew together to Mercury. They wanted to draw inspiration from the local tax authority. The tax fraud rate was too high in Mercury. Finally, Mercury suffered from trouble-free avoidance on the part of the taxable aliens. Thus Mercury very often had not enough money in the treasuries. The money just still reached for the financing of the political elite of Mercury. Then the first dictator wanted to fly to Venus with his Minister of Finance. Because of political instability both Emojis renounced a flight to Venus. Moreover, both Emojis feared that Venus could force upon them its religion. Because of bad recollections of the big conflict with the egoists in their childhood boycotted both leading Emojis a flight to Mars. Finally Jupiter remained. There the first dictator and his Minister of Finance were received almost royal. Finally, the stingy layer of Jupiter also wanted to build up especially good economic relations to Emoji. Both Emojis were accompanied by several ministers together in several tax authorities.
The Minister of Finance experienced big joy when he saw, how Jupiter punishes its citizens via tax return. The Minister of Finance wanted to have a copy of the tax return of the biggest city of Jupiter. For this purpose both Emojis paid to the local tax authority several hundred Bitcoins from treasury. Jupiter raised its pride by 44 percent after this event. After this event the biggest city of Jupiter organised a big celebration at the expenses of the normal taxpayers. The stingy finance manager praised the local tax authority as the best import product of his term of office. After the return the first dictator with his most important employee (the Minister of Finance) decided to visit a skiing area. Both Emojis were valid as big bureaucrats, but not as especially sporty. Thus both uppermost politicians simply watched other skiers. Both Emojis discussed their flight to Jupiter. They felt big hunger and decided to eat a piece of cheese which both Emojis bought in Jupiter while watching the sportsmen. In the interim a former assigned counsel with his family spoke in Cute Emoji of the preparations for the introduction of the general tax duty for all Emojis.
He wanted to smuggle together with his family several valuables from his native country and several golden and copper coins through the yellow sea by Japanese Emoji. Finally, the assigned counsel thought that because of the first January nobody supervised the state borders. Really the lawyer could flee together with his family because of his work on the legislation Emojis easily by all customs officers and other officials with his valuables. Better said: He did not flee, he made a "normal excursion". What the lawyer did not know, was that Saturn's aliens exactly noticed his statements behind him. These aliens wanted to provoke a national conflict against the first dictator. Thus they spread in Cute Emoji this information. Several Emojis reacted in protest with the graphic combustion of their sneakers before the local office of the future tax authority. Finally, the former assigned counsel advertised regularly also to the local sneakers. This happened above all when the lawyer nationally became known by his participation in the legislation.
While Emojis protested, the assigned counsel left his hometown with his family for the transport of his valuables to the direction of the port. With several police controls the lawyer showed quite proudly his identity card as an important personality of the state. Thus he was not controlled. In the interim furious Emojis tried to penetrate into the flat of the assigned counsel. Suddenly a geometrical being appeared in the form of a dinosaur. With this being it concerned an attempt in the programming in Uranus. There advanced aliens tried to use their knowledge from Pluto. Furious Emojis lost their fury and concentrated upon this geometrical dinosaur. By this second fire brigade had to release the burning sneakers from the fire. Over yellow sea the lawyer with his family reached the country of the pears. At this time several pears repaired an old airplane near a port. The lawyer reacted nervously. Finally, he feared that pears to themselves could notice his face and the other Emojis. Really some pears changed their attention on the lawyer. A pear said him with very friendly voice that he saw him somewhere.
By the nice entrance a changing the subject conversation began between the lawyer, his family and the pears. While some pears further repaired the airplane, other pears tried to assert themselves as helpful luggage bringers with the Emojis. The oldest son of the assigned counsel tried to repulse all assistants. All pears were hindered by his talent in their help. After some time stood also a rent car. The lawyer sat down with his family in the rent car. He left his luggage to his adult children. When Emojis came in their house close to several desolate houses, the youngest daughter because of curiosity wanted to look in the garden whether she could pick potatoes from the last autumn. She took a medium-sized shovel and began with the excavations. Falsely she dug on the other side of the garden. Suddenly a sapphire stone found she. Something stood thereon into foreign language. She ran to her parents and brothers and sisters. She showed this special stone to the Emojis. Because of his former educations and work experiences the former assigned counsel recognised what was written on the sapphire stone. He recognised the old language of modern Pluto. It concerned a book how the galaxy and single planets were programmed generally early.
He spoke of a sort of "encyclopaedia" from the old times. A subterranean safe deposit had the house of the lawyer where he and other Emojis from his surroundings hid valuables and money. Finally, the house should wake no impression that here nearby very valuable things were hidden. Moreover, the subterranean safe deposit with several atomic and highly toxic fences was circled. The assigned counsel bought the advanced technology after the death of the last Horror Clowns from Uranus. The clever lawyer could protect his valuables with the help of his family against the introduction of the tax duty definitively. In spite of the furious Emojis in his hometown the assigned counsel could get rid of all proofs of his valuables cleverly. Military tax collectors visited later the lawyer publicly and media-oriented, with it the lawyer should be shown positively. Thus he was shown as a normal citizen to all Emojis. After this report the first dictator, his stingiest Minister of Finance and the assigned counsel laughed at the successfully widespread lies in the mass media. Finally, it was clear to the elitist Emojis that above all normal Emojis would be concerned by the tax duty. By this second disappointed pears mourned their failure. Finally, they missed the lawyer and his family with the seizure of the valuables. That's why they raised their concentration on the repair of the old airplane.
At this time the former assigned counsel regretted the transport of his valuables. Finally, he thought that he risked no taxes as a member of the state elite. At the same time he feared that both mightiest Emojis could organise a trap for other high-ranking officials. That's why he renounced the return of his valuables to his native country, until he got to know both mightiest Emojis better. More and more often he thought about the sapphire stone which his daughter dug out in the pear country. He wanted to drive even specially because of this stone. One day thus he went to Emoji Symbols. He wanted to go by another route to his hiding place. Later he renounced.
In the meantime, military Emojis had to prepare for regular visits with the taxable population. The first dictator wanted to present to the Emojis his other idea which could be held responsible with the population for bigger understanding of the tax duty. His idea was the construction of a ship tunnel, so that Emoji would become more independently from former member states of the Circus Union. As the first measure the first dictator prescribed the obligation of the true completion of the tax return of all citizens in writing to sign in cooperation with his Minister of Finance.
Moreover, policemen and army had to concentrate above all upon valuables of the Emojis at their work. Other duties became second-rate after the introduction of the tax duty. In the mass media the huge project of the ship tunnel was presented in the best form. Many Emojis reacted positively to this idea. In reality the dictator used this idea as a justified excuse for high taxes.

The year transition of the Emojis

Story: The year transition of the Emojis

Presentation of the first tax return the Emojis by the Minister of Finance

Story: Presentation of the first tax return the Emojis by the Minister of Finance



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