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Presentation of the first tax return the Emojis by the Minister of Finance

Several monks found out that the first dictator visits a religious house in Heart Eyes Emoji together with the new Minister of Finance. The aim of the visit was a national presentation of the tax return to all Emojis. Moreover, the first dictator commanded the army to force all inhabitants without exceptions to the turning on of the state television channel controlled. Finally, the ruler wanted that all Emojis the most important presentation of his term of office look compelling. Basically the introduction of the tax duty from a religious house for Emojis looked friendlier and more relaxed. Moreover, the famous musician Monkey Emoji with his violin might make music in the background. The Minister of Finance was glad particularly about his most important appearance on the state television before millions Emojis. For the important presentation the gathered lawyers also had to stand in a queue like statues beside both Emojis. Moreover, the first dictator commanded the intercalation of an artificial applause for the presentation. In this friendly atmosphere the ugly tax return was presented the Emojis. In comparison to Emojis aliens from the Jupiter and Saturn looked this broadcasting quite voluntarily in their native country. Their aim was to identify loopholes in the new tax law of Emoji. After a pleasant music the Minister of Finance might begin his presentation. He took the first page and laid it on the overhead projector.
The Minister of Finance began his speech:" Completely on top there stands the name of the taxable Emoji with his exact address and mailbox number. Further Emojis must make specifics their person. The exact date of birth, civil state, occupation, detailed information belongs to it to the employer and place of work. Phone number must be given anyway. Finally, the tax office could apply for a visit with the taxable Emojis at own wish. With married Emojis only one tax return must be filled. Finally, married Emojis must give exactly their names. Of curiosity about future number of the taxable Emojis children with their full name, date of birth and topical employment must be given. With divorced Emojis the profiting parent of alimony must declare this income under income. The alimony payer may draw off these costs from his income. Of course specifics with checkable addresses must be made by all sides. Moreover, Emojis can draw off support contributions for third from their income. At this point the beneficiary must be identified with specifics. Only people with residence are valid in the state Emoji."
Several Emojis reacted very furiously to this statement. Finally, many Emojis after the end of the Circus Union had many members of the family in other states of the former union. Some Emojis supported their member of the family abroad. In spite of their annoyance taxable Emojis had to accept this. After the presentation of the first page the first dictator commanded to the presenter to switch on pleasant classical music.
After some time the Minister of Finance laid the second page on overhead projector.
The haughtiest official from Poop Emoji continued:" On the second page you must give your all revenues from all activities. Employers must deliver a wage annual declaration every year to their employee. With independently working Emojis compelling the whole carefully satisfactory accountancy of the tax return with all documents must be added. With all income the exact reason must be described. For example: Wage from work, income by independent work, old-age pension, invalid's pension, income from assurances, income from supplementary income, income from dividends, income from enterprise participation, income from immovable, other income. With the latter point the income must be exactly described. To every revenue the name of the depositing Emojis must be well evident with detailed information. With lacks of clarity the tax authority can instruct the local tax office with the visit of the tax payer without registration."
The Minister of Finance: "At the end all income must be added. Who has no place for the entry of all incomes, compelling own page with the number 2 must complement."
Many Emojis reacted very allergically to the tax state of Emoji. In the interim examined aliens from Jupiter and Saturn both pages on possible tax loopholes with their microscopes. Up to now they failed because of the finding of a way out for the protection of their income in Emoji.
At this time the Minister of Finance got the third page of the tax return and began with his explanation: "Now the calculation of the net income begins. That is the fact that Emojis might draw off inclusively 10 percent from their gross proceeds. The least punishment for all incomes may not fall short of 100 local Bitcoins per year."
Several Emojis who lived especially in small villages reacted very much angry.
Finally, these Emojis earned per month on an average 30-40 Bitcoins. That's why several Emojis from small villages organised national protests against too high income taxes. They were not considered in their small villages by the political elite. That's why several angry Emojis drove to the city of Middle Finger Emoji. Together with local farmers they demonstrated against too high least tax for income. About these protests the royal descendant Devil Emoji got to know from his Saturn's friends in Crying Laughing Emoji. He sent his friends with several video cameras, so that they recorded the discontented Emojis. After these protests the first dictator commanded the lowering of the least punishment for income on a full gross month wage. This was valid only in small villages.
The Minister of Finance explained that Emojis might effect a special deduction for the investment of their valuable time for the completion of the tax return. An amount of 10 Bitcoins per year and person. After this statement the Minister of Finance changed from third to the fourth page on the overhead projector and said: "With the information of the property big transparency is very important on the part of the Emojis. At the top taxable Emojis must note their whole property on all home and foreign bank accounts. Moreover, all topical values of the shares, immovable, vehicles must be exactly documented and be verified. The tax office reserves itself the right to estimate the things independently. Moreover, Emojis must write how much cash, precious metals they have. Given values do not reach only. Every taxable Emoji must also give the place exactly where the valuables are hidden.
Finally, the state with its stinginess attacks should be able to get rich at the expenses of the citizens easier.
Because of possible indebtedness of the population like in Jupiter the first dictator wanted to draw off the debts at most to a small part from the gross property. Thus an all-inclusive deduction was accepted for debts of 10 percent of the whole gross property.
At the end taxable Emojis must add all documents and proofs to the tax return. The last step is the personal real signature of both punishable Emojis or one single person."
When stingy aliens heard this in Jupiter, they could not sit any more quietly. They started to cry. Finally, the stingy elite in Jupiter might avoid their wealth taxes by high indebtedness. This wanted to accept the Minister of Finance and the first dictator by no means.
At the end the first dictator still wanted to complement: "All Emojis will receive exact tables for all income classes and property classes in close future."
Moreover, the ruler Emojis tried to calm: "The taxes become not so bad, as be their reputation." Afterwards both high-ranking Emojis said goodbye to the spectators. After this long explanation both Emojis left the state TV studio and visited a local restaurant. At the same time the first dictator remembered that gathered lawyers should work in other laws of the state. That's why he took down several subjects. The Minister of Finance felt strong hunger. That's why he ordered the national bread 🍠. Of course the whole menu tasted at the expenses of the taxable Emojis much better. By this second a black hole appeared under the feet of both high-ranking Emojis. The first dictator and his Minister of Finance were swallowed by this hole.
At this time sat down Devil Emoji on his popular chair and considered a special trap for the first dictator together with other friendly Emojis. At the same time the responsible programmer saw in Neptune that he lost both high-ranking Emojis from his black hole. He pressed falsely another button.
Thus appeared absolutely unexpectedly the scene how the first dictator and the Minister of Finance were swallowed by their places of the black hole. This scene appeared just directly on the wall before the royal descendant to Devil and his friends. The future king got very good mood when he saw both elitist Emojis of the black hole swallowed. He asked himself and other Emojis whether this scene was really or a forgery. Several witnesses like monks and restaurant owners noticed that both high-ranking Emojis disappeared unnaturally. In the interim Devil wished that this scene would be shown several times. The programmer from Neptune could not resist this wish of the future king. That's why he repeated the scene with the black hole at least 50 times incessantly. Devil used this chance. He wanted to record this scene on video camera with own hands. Then he sent an assistant to several mass media to the examination of the genuineness of this scene.
In the meantime, nationally spread the information that both high-ranking Emojis were swallowed by the black hole in a restaurant. Friends of Devil called him especially gifted journalist. Above all discontented Emojis felt malicious pleasure for the first dictator and his haughty Minister of Finance. In particular Emojis rejoiced in the city of Emoji Free. They hoped that the introduction of the general tax duty by the disappearance of both Emojis is delayed. Several Emojis decided voluntarily and of curiosity to search both high-ranking Emojis everywhere. Every search remained fruitless.

The confidential introduction of the general tax duty for Emojis

Story: The confidential introduction of the general tax duty for Emojis

The adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

Story: The adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole



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