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The adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

While both high-ranking Emojis disappeared, both deputies had to assume their offices. In the interim the nervous programmer tried to find both Emojis by a virus programme in Neptune. Both Emojis on the table of a ruler of the planet Earth were laid by the application of this programme during a big war among his books. The affected ruler wanted to know in his office more about the qualities of the problematic war leader. Thus he took these books in his hands. Suddenly both Emojis fell on his pocket calculator. Finally, the ruler more exactly wanted to calculate the menacing costs of an invasion of the war leader addicted to war in his country. The ruler found both Emojis on his pocket calculator and thought that somebody stuck two-coloured glues on his pocket calculator. Then he said loudly: "The participation in the big war must be prevented anyway. This causes unnecessary costs which guarantee the impoverishment of the population." Then he tried to find out of his subordinated whether a group of students made an unauthorised visit in his office. All subordinated confirmed that nobody visited the office of the ruler after the last official visit of the last week. Thereon the ruler took his pocket calculator and pointed at both drawn Emojis. Several employees tried to scrape away both Emojis. The first dictator and his Minister of Finance started to shout. No one heard these shouts of the Emojis. Thus they became a road-scratched. By this second both high-ranking Emojis were shifted to the dictator by Saturn. The Saturn's dictator planned just an air attack on the city of Emoji Keyboard. This time the first dictator and his Minister of Finance were no viscous pictures like before. They could communicate with the Saturn's dictator. When the first dictator heard that his favourite town should be attacked by the bad alien, he ran quite furiously to the direction of the bad alien and bit him several times on his ears.
The Minister of Finance had to expel something stinking on the Saturn's dictator. After several attacks of both Emojis the bad dictator of Saturn passed away. An attack on Emoji was thereby prevented. The first dictator and the Minister of Finance had big pride that they could prevent a big air attack on their native country by their presence. They tried to peruse the documents. The problem was that they could not understand the Saturn's language. That's why both Emojis decided to burn the office of the killed dictator. The first dictator found a lighter in the room. Then he let together with his Minister of Finance burn the whole building.
Both Emojis left the burning building with very contented faces. Their luck was that both Emojis were invisible for Saturn's aliens. The silly aliens did not understand, why their ruler committed suicide. Then a military general had to take over the dictatorship from Saturn. In the interim both Emojis left the capital of Saturn. They tried to take revenge with these people for their bad influence on Emojis in the long-standing history. They found a group of local aliens which explained criminal activities. Besides, both high-ranking Emojis used their invisibility and hit with their fists on these aliens.
The criminals thought that the wind injured them so strongly. Pains were quite strong. By this second the programmer looked in Neptune for both disappeared Emojis in his internal search engine. Both Emojis were shifted by his activities to Jupiter. The first dictator and his Minister of Finance landed in the Jupiter's parliament in the capital. The subject of the parliamentarians was to profit economically from the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. For this purpose South Mars should invest its money in Jupiter. Finally, the stingy layer of Jupiter with the help of the additional money wanted to develop own property further. Because of fear of Egoists Jupiter tried to have another politics. Thus the tax return was developed so far that the population would have to deal with the completion of this form more intensely. In particular stingy aliens would be thereby deflected by their fear of Egoists. By this second both Emojis remembered that they missed the time after the presentation of the tax return. They became nervous.

At this time the programmer in Neptune tried to find both Emojis. Instead, he shifted the high-ranking Emojis to Mercury. This time both Emojis experienced how Chips Conqueror provoked his food revolution. Both Emojis were injured because of their invisibility seriously with onions. The Minister of Finance insulted the aliens of Mercury as full idiots, although he himself came from the people of the Poop Emojis who supported to the food revolutionaries at that time with the invasion in Poop Emoji. The first dictator had, in the meantime, enough of all present adventures. He shouted completely loudly: "I want back to my job as a dictator of Emoji!"
The Minister of Finance said that he also missed his tax authority already very strongly. By this second expected Emojis to themselves that the deputies would cancel the introduction of the general tax duty. For this purpose several famous Emojis appealed above all in cities like Emoji Meanings for forbidding the tax return and the tax duty automatically. Fans of ketchup enterpriser Devil Emoji tried to motivate him to take the state dictatorship at once.
For this purpose organised above all Saturn's Emojis a big demonstration in Crying Laughing Emoji. Some Emojis wanted to demonstrate for independence of their towns of the dictatorial state. In the meantime, there reacted a high-powered politician who would be elected one day the second dictator of the country. He commanded the armed protection of all tax offices to all soldiers nationally. Moreover, he wanted to organise, parliamentary elections for Emojis as a signal of their say. Thereby he wanted to slip a little in the role of the mightiest Emojis.
The first dictator decided to kidnap together with his Minister of Finance a flying saucer. Finally, with it these Emojis should fly to their native country. On account of their former education as fight pilots both high-ranking Emojis could fly straight to their native country. They flew over the yellow sea by Japanese Emoji. While most areas hardly followed the flying saucer, Emojis made the unidentified flying object in Alien Emoji make a forced landing. When both apparently famous Emojis left the flying saucer, they expected big applause on the part of the local Emojis.
Instead, unknown Easter Eggs came to these Emojis and brought them to their local leader. Because of linguistic barriers Easter Eggs sent both Emojis to the local town dictator who was responsibly for Emojis. He was called Avoid. Traditionally he was together with an alien a dictator of the town. Avoid began with his questioning about the origin of both unknown Emojis. The first dictator and the Minister of Finance reacted something irritated. They said him: "I am the first dictator of Emoji after the end of the Circus Union. And this is my Minister of Finance who is responsible for the introduction of the general tax duty for all inhabitants of the state."
Avoid said: "This is very strange. So much I and the absolute majority of our inhabitants know, we live in a kingdom Emoji. Several towns may profit from big autonomy. In Alien Emoji rule since the town foundation always an alien and an Emoji. Therefore we have two town dictators."
The first dictator asked for this statement his interlocutor like he was called. In the interim he looked in his memory, when Avoid really lived. He realised that he landed together with his Minister of Finance about 100,000 days in the past. He was disappointed very much. The main problem was that both Emojis at the right place landed, however, in wrong time. This made both high-ranking Emojis almost quite depressive. The first dictator shouted: "Damned time movements have returned!"
Avoid did not understand this sentence at all. He wanted to ask, renounced for different reasons. At this time came several Easter Eggs and tried to arrest both strange Emojis. Avoid could persuade the Easter Eggs of a mistake of other Emojis easily. Upwards later the curiosity of the town dictator grew. That's why he tried to find out, why the first dictator was as a ruler of the whole country. He was interested in these both Emojis. Finally, he supposed that they could really come from another reality.
That's why Avoid wanted to listen to their whole story more detailed. The first dictator began with his long story: "More than 27375 days ago were destroyed the kingdom Emoji at that time and several other countries by the ambitious Horror Clown and Scary Clown. They could market their ideology especially well. They became in eyes of a lot of Emojis, Clowns and other people heroes of their times. After the last Horror Clown nobody more had interest in the preservation of the Circus Union. So there ended this union. I was elected as the first dictator. The Minister of Finance was and remained as the uppermost tax collector of Poop Emoji."
Avoid liked the history of the future of his native country. From his view these events were future. From the point of view of his interlocutors these events were for a long time in the history books. In spite of this interesting conversation both Emojis from the black hole could not return to their time zone.

Presentation of the first tax return the Emojis by the Minister of Finance

Story: Presentation of the first tax return the Emojis by the Minister of Finance

Continuation of the adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

Story: Continuation of the adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole



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