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Which parties Emojis wished

After several adventurous events in Emoji the first dictator wanted that gathered lawyers wrote exceptionally some parties in the legislation. For this purpose he contacted the main lawyer in the middle of the night. The half-sleeping Emoji answered the phone. The first dictator said him: "Hello, this is me the ruler of all Emojis. I still wanted to dictate the subject of the day to you. You and your occupational colleagues should question Emojis about their wishes." The irritated lawyer said: "We work on just several letters from the population in our day meeting."
The first dictator said: "I mean not only wishes about the legislation, but which parties wish Emojis juridical obligingly."
The main lawyer agreed. Then he fell from tiredness near his phone device on the ground and fell asleep. In the interim the first dictator left his house and went to the big building in Emoji Keyboard.
There a strange surprise expected the ruler. In his job sat a double who resembled him to nearly 100 percent. The dictator exactly wanted to know who was this. Finally, he ordered for this day no double. In comparison to the first dictator reacted this Emoji so quietly as if it was a computer document without characteristics. The double said that he returned recently from the party of the green brains. There Emojis celebrated to his 182,500 life days. The first dictator did not understand what should mean this party exactly. So he wanted to find out from his ancient double more details. Moreover, the official ruler tried to expel his double of the space. At least, he did this deferentially and decently. He renounced threats. The double asked the ruler to sit down somewhere. The reason was the visit of the king. In the meantime, the first dictator feared to have become once more victim of a reality movement. This time it had appeared not his movement in the reality, but some Emojis came from different times to the right time zone at that time.
The double left alone the first dictator behind a thick lamp. The ruler of Emoji observed exactly which kings his double wanted to receive. Really at least 20 Emojis came to company of a king. The dictator recognised the great-grandfather of Devil Emoji among the guests. He was as young as Emojis knew him in the historical archives. The king was the father of the great-grandfather. He discussed with the double who was as a head of the town of the national keyboard, a new party for all Emojis regardless of their social status. It was about the honour all working Emojis nationally who worked then by the majority in the industry. Thus the party was also called: Honour all diligently working Emojis.
The king and the double of the first dictator were discordant to himself on which day this party should take place. Suddenly the ancient Emojis heard that in the morning the clock on the wall showed 4:45. It was very much loudly. They looked at this clock and disappeared from the space as if they all had evaporated in the air like water. The first dictator fell asleep under the lamp. About at 7:00 o'clock the ruler of Emoji woke up. He noticed that everything was in his office immediately like on his last working day.
He was convinced that he only dreamt about historical Emojis and his double. Nevertheless, he wanted to force the subject of the new holidays upon the gathered lawyers. Thus he called up a lawyer from the city of Middle Finger Emoji. His interlocutor knew immediately which party he wanted to suggest. His aim was a party to honour of the valuable ground of his hometown. Most Emojis welcomed such a holiday in their calendar. Finally, still many Emojis searched after the end of the Circus Union for their identity as independent people. In comparison to the rest of the population stingy Emojis with Jupiter's roots wished the day of the general thrift for all Emojis. Prodigal inhabitants of the amusing people were against such day. So the gathered lawyers had the problem that some parties were suitable only for single towns of the country. At least, Emojis themselves might also celebrate holidays of other towns in other towns juridical. Thus six Emojis celebrated the party of the thrift in Laughing Emoji. Many Emojis agreed that they needed one day of the tree. So the first dictator commanded the gathered lawyers to include the party of the day of the tree for all Emojis as a holiday in the law book. Models in this area were above all advanced planets like Pluto, Neptune and Uranus.
In both first planets the population celebrated the general day of the trees and plants two days before the beginning of the spring. Important tradition of this party was the plantation of a small tree. This is why Emojis were asked by the first dictator to plant a tree. Meanwhile, the ruler of Emoji let the lawyers furthermore invent new holidays. At the same time he fell asleep. In his office seated he saw several historical Emojis which he met before at night in his job. These were his ancient double and the king. They said the first dictator: "Again you have come to us?"
He did not know what he should answer to them. Instead, he wanted other proposals for new holidays which Emojis could arouse enthusiasm. A conversation hardly began among Emojis, the Minister of Finance came to the study of the dictator. He did not notice that his boss slept. He shouted to him: "Where are the newest photocopiers from Emoji Copy Paste?"
"We have an emergency. Because of many tax returns we lack the paper."
The first dictator awoken and insulted his surroundings with censored words. Finally, he missed important proposals of the historical Emojis in his dream.
At this second tried several marketing persons responsible to obtain for their enterprises better said partially for their branches a national holiday legally. Thus a cheese trader tried to recommend one day of the cheese for all Emojis as obliging. Instead, agreed gathered lawyers a holiday for milk products. A minority were better said by Emojis (especially Horror Clowns) wanted to obtain a national holiday for meat products legally. The majority of the Emojis was valid as vegetarians. So there failed this wish. At least, those Emojis the day of the meat in the surroundings of the Horror Clowns might celebrate in Emoji Meanings. A Clown wanted to have written the holiday of the circus in the law book of the state. Most Emojis recommended this proposal. In the interim two attentive Emojis noticed in the city of Emoji Face how several unknown aliens from their flying saucer deposited several old vehicles and big outdated trucks on a public parking bay. Then they sat down in their flying objects and left the area. For witnesses of this event this was a disrespectful crime against the country of the Emojis. So they informed local police. The policemen came with several measuring instruments to the parking bay. According to their investigations the footprints of the aliens from the Venus were identified.
The desolate vehicles became a big problem for Emojis. Nobody knew what should happen with them. The news reached the first dictator in the middle of his quarrel with the Minister of Finance. This information annoyed the ruler of Emoji even more than his Minister of Finance. So he swore himself if the persons responsible were found for the rubbish, he will allow to bind them for at least 67 days to a garrotte. His fury led to a tiredness. So the dictator fell asleep in his study again. This time he sat in a room of a medieval Burgs. He had several books before himself. Suddenly there came his double who visited already before twice the first dictator. In comparison to previous meetings his double was clearly younger. He called the first dictator his grandfather. The dictator reacted very much irritated in the dream. He asked him: Which holidays do you wish?"
The double said him: "Grandfather, you have strongly changed. Nevertheless, I am not 3000 days old. I have become 9490 days old two days ago."
Nevertheless, the double said him his wishes: "It would be surely nicely to have the holiday of the free Emojis." After this event the first dictator was disturbed by a phone call of his sleep. It was the Minister of Finance again who had problems with the procurement of new photocopiers. This time the first dictator was so annoyed that he commanded the use of his elite army in the town of the photocopiers. When the responsible enterprise got to know about the march of the army to the factory, the uppermost Emojis reacted with immediate delivery of the best photocopiers of that time. Thus at least 100 more efficient photocopiers were sent to Poop Emoji by emergency. While the dictator dealt with the photocopiers, agreed gathered lawyers the holiday of the animals for all Emojis. With this day the demand of the animal welfarists was regulated legally. The desolate vehicles could be sold by Emojis by a trader to Mercury.

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