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Which parties Emojis wished

After several adventurous events in Emoji the first dictator wanted that gathered lawyers wrote exceptionally some parties in the legislation. For this purpose he contacted the main lawyer in the middle of the night. The half-sleeping Emoji answered the phone. The first dictator said him: "Hello, this is me the ruler of all Emojis. I still wanted to dictate the subject of the day to you. ❌️🤔🛃. ❌️🎮️, 🥫⬅️✋🎮️🎛️."
The main lawyer agreed. Then he fell from tiredness near his phone device on the ground and fell asleep. In the interim the first dictator left his house and went to the big building in Emoji Keyboard.
There a strange surprise expected the ruler. In his job sat a double who resembled him to nearly 100 percent. The dictator exactly wanted to know who was this. 🙏😈💡🥫🎣➕1️⃣. 🟢🍋➕📞➕🍇. 🇲🇽💭➡️👤😊🥫➡️👤😈🗣️👤⬅️😝🟡🍋. The dictator recognized the great-grandfather of Devil Emoji among the guests. He was as young as Emojis knew him in the historical archives. 😌➕🟢🍋➕🚼. 🗣️🍋👥😈⬅️📞😝🍋📞😔🍋➕🍋😒👥⬅️📞😔📞🍋➕🍇🤞🔶😈➕🍋. Thus he called up a lawyer from the city of Middle Finger Emoji. His interlocutor knew immediately which party he wanted to suggest. 👤❌️😈💣. 😲❣🍋🧠🛑⚙️🥈➕➡️😭👤➡️🥶👤🙏➕👄. Thus six Emojis celebrated the party of the thrift in Laughing Emoji. Many Emojis agreed that they needed one day of the tree. 😷🔂🛃🆔👑🦠📧➕💞➕👤⬅️🙏. He did not notice that his boss slept. He shouted to him: "Where are the newest photocopiers from Emoji Copy Paste?"
"We have an emergency. Because of many tax returns we lack the paper."
The first dictator awoken and insulted his surroundings with censored words. 🗣️💬😈❌️📛. 💩🔙😠➕💭👤⬅️👤🤧⬅️💢➕💬➕1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 🍑😂🇵🇾2️⃣ ➡️👤2️⃣ . At least, those Emojis the day of the meat in the surroundings of the Horror Clowns might celebrate in Emoji Meanings. A Clown wanted to have written the holiday of the circus in the law book of the state. Most Emojis recommended this proposal. In the interim two attentive Emojis noticed in the city of Emoji Face how several unknown aliens from their flying saucer deposited several old vehicles and big outdated trucks on a public parking bay. ➡️👤🇦🇷🤷‍♀️. 😇📅#️⃣4️⃣👤🤥👨➕🖨🍼👤🧐👨🗣️➡️👥👤👿👨🖨❌️🍼👤👾👨. 🗣️❓️☠❓️👤🤖👨🤝🖨👤👹⬅️🍨. When the responsible enterprise got to know about the march of the army to the factory, the uppermost Emojis reacted with immediate delivery of the best photocopiers of that time. Thus at least 100 more efficient photocopiers were sent to Poop Emoji by emergency. While the dictator dealt with the photocopiers, agreed gathered lawyers the holiday of the animals for all Emojis. With this day the demand of the animal welfarists was regulated legally. The desolate vehicles could be sold by Emojis by a trader to Mercury.

Which surprises experienced customs officers in Emoji at their work

Story: Which surprises experienced customs officers in Emoji at their work

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Story: Must Emojis work for the same wage more?



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