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Which surprises experienced customs officers in Emoji at their work

A magician from Star Emoji wanted to fly on a rainy day to Mercury. In his luggage had the Emoji two big potatoes and seven flavoured and artificial cherries. On this day the assistant of the first dictator might make a work-free excursion. So he wanted to fly with the friendly magician to his native country. Just the assistant took a raw egg of a snake on the trip to Mercury. He wanted to eat the egg during the flight. At this time three Emojis planned a flight to the capital of Saturn. Most Emojis flew because of fear of the first dictator of the airport of the city of Emoji Meanings. They rather had the dust than the energy of the ruler of Emoji. In comparison to other towns and airports worked in the dusty town particularly a lot of Horror Clowns in the duty. Sometimes they required of travelling Emojis that they should get undressed up to the underpants. The assistant of the first dictator experienced a bad surprise with the duty. A responsible Horror Clown confiscated the raw egg of the traveller.
The assistant got angry about it and threatened the employee that he will be dismissed by the first dictator after his return. He showed his identity card to the customs officer. Therein there stood his function. The magician experienced a similar problem with the duty. His both potatoes were confiscated because of the overweight. The assistant could get finally his raw egg. Other travelling Emojis were angry at the fact that the assistant the ban might handle by his function. The magician had to renounce the import of both big potatoes to Mercury. Here the attempt was of use to threaten of the assistant nothing. Finally, after long controls all Emojis were admitted in the flying saucer. After the departure the assistant felt strong thirst. So he required of the staff a warm tea. After 124 seconds the assistant got his warm tea. In the meantime, other flying Emojis tried to deflect themselves from the irritating assistant of the first dictator. Thus they closed their ears with candy floss. Because of shaking hands the assistant poured over mistakenly the raw egg with warm tea. The assistant could drink only half of the full glass. At the same time the magician took his cherries from his bag.
The smell of the cherries reached not only the noses of other Emojis nearby, but influenced the next adventure of the passengers. The assistant wanted to get a cherry of the magician. He wanted to ask him whether he could give him a cherry. The magician wanted to prevent this. So he steered the conversation to another direction. Suddenly the magician felt the need to go urgently on the toilet. Thus he left his place. The assistant remained patiently with his egg and the recumbent cherries. The smell of the cherries increased more and more. Suddenly the raw egg was made holes. After some time the assistant had unnoticed a very small baby snake in his hand instead of a raw egg. When the magician returned, he asked the assistant, where from he had this small snake. Now only the assistant noticed what he had in his hand. The other Emojis heard that a passenger had a small snake with himself. So they alarmed the staff. Some Emojis recognised the assistant and said that this cheeky high-ranking employee of the first dictator threatened the customs officer because of the raw egg before with the notice. Among the passengers was a veterinarian who might take the small snake as a professional specialist. The veterinarian could calm the fearful passengers according to an investigation. Then several curious Emojis tried to touch the snake with their eyes. On arrival in Mercury the local authorities were informed about the unusual birth of a snake.
The animal had to be confiscated for a short time by the local authorities for an investigation. After an examination the assistant might take the snake. He decided to donate the animal in a local zoo. Finally, he wanted no other problems not only with duty, but with the first dictator. After these events the magician from Emoji might inspire local spectators with his tricks. The assistant sat in the first row.
At this time three Emojis had to experience a control with the duty. These Emojis wanted to fly to the capital of Saturn. The Horror Clowns found by their careful control earth in the bags of the Emojis. The customs officers had a costly problem: Normal earth might be taken from Emoji. However, valuable earth from Middle Finger Emoji strictly had to remain because of the balance of the nature at its place. The luxurious examination of the earth delayed the departure of the flying saucer. Anyway a customs officer had an interesting idea: He wanted to test both potatoes which were confiscated before with the magician in the earth. If these potatoes produce the first two leaves within one minute, it concerns the valuable earth. Another Horror Clown wanted to hold the risk minimum. So only one potato was buried in the earth. All customs officers and Emojis had to look patiently at their watches and wait.
After one minute not only two leaves, but several small potatoes grew from the earth. While the customs officers with the Emojis discussed the ban on exports, a big plantation of potatoes grew underground. The pot exploded in the hands of the experimenting customs officer. The whole surroundings became filthy. Three Emojis might not fly for the time being. They had to clean the whole mud. Moreover, these Emojis wanted to sue Horror Clowns. The whole story reached the first dictator during his preparation of a new speech before the population. The ruler of Emoji exactly had to consider what he wanted to make with these Emojis. His Minister of Finance recommended a tax rise for these Emojis. The first dictator commanded the search of the valuables of these Emojis. In their flats policemen found several pots with earth which were confiscated at the command of the dictator.
In the meantime, the first flying saucer had to depart without these Emojis. These Emojis might fly, at least, with the second flight to Saturn without earth.
There expected Emojis that they could be injured by their receivers life-menacingly. So they bought to themselves the masks of the Horror Clowns which hid their true faces. Local soldiers feared an invasion of the Horror Clowns in the capital. So they decided to ask without their officer to shoot these dressed up Emojis. The masks were made holes. Two Emojis easily injured themselves. The third suffered light shock. After this event tried Emojis to find immediately the local court. They wanted to sue the shooters for compensation. Because of high criminal activity in Saturn the Emojis were not considered by the court at all. The Emojis swore themselves revenge. So they made friends with the emigrants from Emoji who had adapted themselves very well to Saturn's rules. They taught their guests as local aliens faked bank notes successfully. These Emojis became so addicted to the professional forgeries that they would have missed already almost their departure. In comparison to their native country customs officers could be bribed in Saturn very easily. All three Emojis showed several shining bank notes which were faked of course. The customs officers accepted these bank notes with pleasure. Then Emojis were accompanied even royal to their places in the flying saucer. They received even softy seats. At this time the magician and the assistant of the first dictator finished their trip to Mercury.
In comparison to Saturn all passengers were checked before the departure very carefully by the duty. This time customs officers had no problems with Emojis. The flying saucer received the approval for the departure from the Mercury. At this second several high-ranking politicians of Ceres and different Trappist 1 to leaders met. They discussed their cooperation with the plan one day Pluto with the progress to overtake. In Pluto aliens laughed at these plans of the high-ranking politicians. They moved a few buttons of an old keyboard. In short time all high-ranking politicians of that meeting flew without aid. They could undertake nothing against it. Their flights influenced the atmosphere of the whole galaxy. So both flying saucers from Mercury and Saturn with the Emojis on the clouds of Sad Emoji landed. There was a house of cotton. All passengers left their flying saucers. They did not understand where they were. Finally, the majority of the Emojis did not know that the founder of the sad town built once a house in the clouds. Moreover, all passengers were surprised by snowy people in the house. Then all passengers were thrown away together with the flying saucers from the clouds. The first dictator got to know about several problems with the duty. So he visited several duties nationally. A Horror Clown told the ruler of Emoji that his assistant with a forbidden egg flew to Mercury.

He did not know yet that from the egg a baby snake was born. To their luck both flying saucers landed in an empty parking bay for wind drones. Because of the danger of import of the forbidden things the municipal authorities decided to check up the passengers with their arrival exceptionally from the duty. This time became three Emojis the disaster that they returned with many phoney bank notes from the capital city of Saturn. Their bank notes were confiscated by the majority. The assistant of the first dictator had to deliver his imported bananas from the Mercury in duty. He wanted to complain with his friend to the ruler of the country. However, the story was too embarrassingly for him.
Meanwhile, the known media entrepreneur Big Face wanted to fly together with the ketchup enterpriser Devil Emoji to Jupiter. The customs officers made a spectacular finding with both Emojis. Devil had several small golden pieces of the famous volcano in Japanese Emoji in a ketchup bottle. The bottle was confiscated temporarily, up to Devil after his return the special tax paid. Big Face was treated by customs officers very deferentially, although he had a packet with 10 ants with himself. After the long control the ruler of Emoji wanted that there was a reasonable law in connection with the duty nationally. The worries of the Minister of Finance led to a movement of this wish in wide distance. At least, nearly 54 percent felt all questioned Emojis in a big study the work of the customs officers as an envy attack.


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