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How retail dealers led Emojis by their stores and motivated for the purchase

The growing stinginess of the owners of the companies in different locations of the galaxy also made stingy Emojis look for new ways for more turnover. Thus elitist Emojis flew to Jupiter. These Emojis visited several stores nationally. In particular struck them that a furniture house had a very long footpath for its customers in a medium-sized town. The elitist Emojis came with their notebooks and wrote down everything. They noticed how addicted to shopping aliens something took on every corner and bought. This experience served the stingy Emojis as exemplary. After their return to Emoji these Emojis changed their stores in such a way that visitors bought those products which did not stand on their purchase list. The new footpaths of the stores forced Emojis automatically to touch every product with own eyes at least. Because of these states complained more and more Emojis from bigger cities about inexplicable purchase addiction with the gathered lawyers.
The problem reached even the first dictator on his desk in city of Emoji Meanings. In comparison to these elitist Emojis an innovative single enterpriser from Emoji App tried to market a new toothbrush quite differently. He produced the toothbrush in Venus. In Emoji Poop Emojis stuck a logo with the official laughing formula of the state. Many amusing Emojis bought only this toothbrush because of its logo, although the difference was actually only minimum between "normal" toothbrushes without logo. The toothbrush became the best-seller in the amusing city of Laughing Emoji. Because of a lot of discomfort from the population the unsporty first dictator decided to visit those retail dealers who extended their footpaths clearly. The ruler noticed that he was quite tired after some time. He wanted to sit, actually. At the same time he had to go up as the next step the stair. This annoyed him exceptionally. This is why he wanted to find an abbreviation to the cash register. Instead, he contacted a group of own spies which should release him. An employee said the dictator that there was an escalator on the left side. In the meantime, the ruler used this escalator.
The next problem of the ruler was the slow driving tempo of the escalator. Finally, the journey was specially slowed down, so that moving visitors also take the products on the way. Other Emojis emptied in the interim the shelves which were filled with these products. In this time a programmer changed the hard disk in Pluto. So the first dictator was completely surprised to find his Minister of Finance in the same furniture house. Not only this was very strange for the ruler of Emoji but the fact to meet the tax collector on the afterwards higher floor. The Minister of Finance from Poop Emoji explained that he was already 124 minutes in the furniture house. The first dictator reacted angry that his Minister of Finance so long and should still have been there before him. Suddenly appeared a known judge from Star Emoji and took at least ten products in his shopping cart. The first dictator knew him from his election campaign. He asked the judge, why he took so many things. The judge answered: "Don't you know any more that our planet comes to an end in 60 days?
The first dictator hit on his forehead and shouted: "Again an idiotic time movement!
The Minister of Finance tried to defend the judge: "What is so bad at the end if all Emojis and even misers deliver their products free of charge to all buyers?"
At least, there reacted the ruler of Emoji made easier because he found out from another reality that he acted anyway only 10 weeks as a dictator of the country.
Thereon the first dictator also decided to take goods free of charge.
When the ruler, his Minister of Finance and the judge left the furniture house, a dead Emoji with a violin lay. The first dictator recognised in the dead person the known musician Monkey Emoji whose concerts the ruler visited regularly. The dictator asked the Minister of Finance, why the musician died so young. The stinking Emoji explained particularly in detail: "The musician belonged to a group of criminals from Saturn which produced forbidden drinks and other remedies in Crying Laughing Emoji. Because of fear of seizure of power in this organisation Monkey was killed with poison number 777."
The first dictator more exactly wanted to know what happened here. The Minister of Finance said that many Emojis prepared for the end of their existence. That's why the police pursues no criminals. Everybody can make everything what he or she wants. After this statement the Minister of Finance tried to hit the first dictator with a chair. The first dictator was much stronger in this reality than all the other Emojis.
Thus he made only small movements with his middle finger to the direction of his Minister of Finance. After a short time the Minister of Finance melted like snow. The mood on the streets was absolutely uncontrolled. Several Emojis would shout: "We have only one month, until the end of our existence comes. The first dictator noticed that the time passed much faster in this reality, than in his time zone. He tried to calm the other Emojis. His sentence was legendary and psychologically very suitably for the unsafe situation: "After every end comes a new beginning!"
Emojis suddenly felt very well after this statement. They called the first dictator as their rescuer. Suddenly the ruler of Emoji never felt been there respect of his personality. He was celebrated as a hero of the Emojis. Really the so-called last day of the planet also passed without problems. Emojis thought that the first dictator prevented the end of the existence. Suddenly there flew several big mosquitoes who wore sunglasses. They circled the first dictator. He feared that they would attack him.
Instead, the ruler of Emoji was shifted from this place to his office. In the beginning he was made easier that he was again in his reality. This was not in such a way. The future dictator came to the office and asked very furiously: "What does the loser of the last elections make here?"
The first dictator asked back: "When were there the last elections?"
The future dictator said cheeky: "What should be the silly question?"
Thereon the first dictator tried to touch his successor with the following code #128587. After a short time the future ruler of the Emojis also melted like snow.
This event left several questions with the first dictator. He did not know in which reality he was. He looked in the calendar. He was surprised that this time he was away only two days from his right date. He decided to leave his job. Outdoors there waited the main lawyer who was in this reality as a Minister of Justice in the government. He asked the first dictator quite cheeky where the topically elective ruler of Emoji was. The first dictator could not accept it that he lost so fast his power. He said that he was as the only and irreplaceable ruler of the Emojis. The main lawyer tried ones to become violent. This time the first dictator used the following code: #128583.
Upwards after a short time the main lawyer jumped. He got stuck in the big lamp. There he changed into a bottle with a shampoo. The first dictator called this time movement as the strangest of all present.
He started to speak with himself: "He never saw in his life such a nonsense in the so shortest time."
He wanted to prepare for the next surprise. So he left the study. Even before he opened the door, he looked from the window what happened outdoors. He saw several Emojis who were dressed mainly in red colour. He feared that these Emojis planned an unallowed demonstration. Finally, the first dictator did not know what he could still expect in another reality. At this second the ruler felt strong thirst. So he looked in the kitchen for a glass. Moreover, he looked which drinks were there. He had been surprised very much at his findings. He found a drink of stones and different metals. The first dictator realised that he had no desire for such drinks. The reason was that Emojis produced no drinks in his reality from these ingredients. So the first dictator quite simply decided to try out the tap water. Instead of clean and transparent water everything flowed into pink ones. The first dictator started to get angry. He searched a repair service for damaged tap water in the phone book. After long search he found an enterprise. He contacted the responsible Emojis by telephone. After a short time several assemblers with an alien appeared in the building. The first dictator said them that the tap water was pink and smelt of the chemical potassium permanganate. The assemblers checked the water and said that everything was okay.
The first dictator reacted angry and threatened with criminal results for the enterprise and its bosses. He already forgot that he was in another reality. Thereon the alien called Non Sense came to the ruler of the Emojis. He said him: "I never saw in my long life thus a headstrong Emoji who still impersonates himself as a ruler of the country."
He said him that he was the uppermost tax collector of Crying Laughing Emoji. As a sideline he had a repair enterprise. The first dictator lost his patience and got from the window a pot with outdated earth and pelted the alien. After a short time the owner of the company melted like snow. His employees (all Emojis) reacted with the biggest fury to the end of their employer. They took the first dictator and ran on the street. There they would shout: "This Emoji kills our race!"
"He claims himself to be our dictator. In reality he requires of us that we should drink transparent tap water!"
In the meantime, the first dictator regretted his big and cheeky statements. He tried to apologise. Most Emojis concentrated upon the statements of the assemblers.
At this time the generous Jupiter tried to surprise Emojis of this reality positively. Thus flew several flying saucers over the clouds of the demonstrating Emojis and pelted them with several gigabytes cheese. The demonstrators were not interested any more in the strange first dictator, but took cheese in their hands with big joy. Even the furious assemblers left the first dictator in the freedom. The ruler of Emoji found a truck nearby. He sat down. Then he decided to leave. He pressed the suitable button. After a short time the truck started to melt. The first dictator landed in his reality in his study. There he found the new pieces of furniture which he still ordered four days ago.


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