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How retail dealers led Emojis by their stores and motivated for the purchase

The growing stinginess of the owners of the companies in different locations of the galaxy also made stingy Emojis look for new ways for more turnover. Thus elitist Emojis flew to Jupiter. These Emojis visited several stores nationally. In particular struck them that a furniture house had a very long footpath for its customers in a medium-sized town. The elitist Emojis came with their notebooks and wrote down everything. They noticed how addicted to shopping aliens something took on every corner and bought. This experience served the stingy Emojis as exemplary. After their return to Emoji these Emojis 😀👤🌭👩👀👤🍳👩🗣️❓️🍫.
The problem reached even the first dictator on his desk in city of Emoji Meanings. In comparison to these elitist Emojis an innovative single enterpriser from Emoji App tried to market a new toothbrush quite differently. He produced the toothbrush in Venus. In Emoji Poop Emojis stuck a logo with the official laughing formula of the state. Many amusing Emojis bought only this toothbrush because of its logo, although the difference was actually only minimum between "normal" toothbrushes without logo. The toothbrush became the best-seller in the amusing city of Laughing Emoji. Because of a lot of discomfort from the population the unsporty first dictator decided to visit those retail dealers who extended their footpaths clearly. 🙃1️⃣ 🆗💡🗣️1️⃣ 🔂👀➕👤🥙👩🚶. The Minister of Finance from Poop Emoji explained that he was already 124 minutes in the furniture house. The first dictator reacted angry that his Minister of Finance so long and should still have been there before him. Suddenly appeared a known judge from Star Emoji and took at least ten products in his shopping cart. ⬆️👤⬅️3️⃣ 👧👀➕😛👀➕🗣️❓️👤⬅️👤🎻😊👩⬅️👧. The first dictator recognised in the dead person the known musician Monkey Emoji whose concerts the ruler visited regularly. The dictator asked the Minister of Finance, why the musician died so young. The stinking Emoji explained particularly in detail: "The musician belonged to a group of criminals from Saturn which produced forbidden drinks and other remedies in Crying Laughing Emoji. Because of fear of seizure of power in this organization Monkey was killed with poison number 777."
The first dictator more exactly wanted to know what happened here. The Minister of Finance said that many Emojis prepared for the end of their existence. 😂🥇❓️🗣️❓️🧬➕➡️🗣️👤😋👩⬅️🥈❌️⚙️💬, 👤😉👩➕🗣️🧑‍💼🔂😍🔂, ❌️⚙️🏪🗣️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿. 👤😑👩😠👤😚👩👉️🤗👌👕➕🧑‍💼⤵️➕👤🤗👩🗣️➕👤🤑👨❌️💡👤👩⬅️😨➕👤🥚👩😡👤⬅️🛠️👤🥣👩⬅️➡️😭👤❌️👤🚚⬅️🍱➕💰️➡️👤👩⬅️🍪. He pressed the suitable button. After a short time the truck started to melt. The first dictator landed in his reality in his study. There he found the new pieces of furniture which he still ordered four days ago.


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