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What Emojis undertook against seat pains in the job

At this time a journalist felt strong pains in his back in Middle Finger Emoji. He looked what he could undertake against it. He found a butterfly's catcher before his window. He decided to go with it on the hunt of the butterflies. The journalist left his house and tried to deflect himself from his back pains. In the middle of the wood saw the Emoji several butterflies. He tried to approach to them.
Meanwhile, two Emojis went because of sleeplessness to the same wood. These were a defender and an accuser who worked on the legislation of Emoji with other lawyers in the capital. At the same time two aliens from the Venus visited the town of the most valuable earth. They wanted to advertise to their religion with the Emojis secretly.
During their complicated trip they already forgot their original aim of the trip. Suddenly they fell on the ground. An alien felt something hard. Both guests from Venus found a weapon. They wanted to test the weapon for its functionality. They saw a flying banana on a branch seated. The alien tried to shoot the animal. The flying banana reacted faster than they would like. The ball flew several steps and made holes in the butterfly's catcher of the journalist. Suddenly both Emojis appeared before the strangers from Venus. The alien suffered a light shock. This is why he moved the found weapon on the accuser. Thus the lawyer became slightly injured, although the alien had not shot at all. The defender had to defend the stranger against his friend. At least, both Emojis could fall asleep in the middle of the wood. The journalist forgot that he had strong back pains before. In the meantime, he concentrated upon his damaged butterfly's catcher. He wanted to find the causes. So he visited the urban police.
The policemen said him that he should pay a bribery by a decent height to every policeman, before a policeman could switch on his internal electricity generally. After this experience the journalist tried to threaten the policemen with a disagreeable report in his radio station. He promised to them that Emojis would know about these policemen of all negatives immediately. The uppermost police chief felt during the summary of his reports after 244 minutes of strong muscle pains in his legs. So he wanted to drink a tea mixed with lemons and peppermint. At this time several Emojis came to him and said that the cheeky journalist wanted to damage the reputation of the urban police in a report of a radio station. Immediately the police chief forgot his pains and decided to find the affected journalist. Because of his contacts with forgers from the Saturn the police chief could satisfy the journalist with a new butterfly's catcher. The forgers exactly wanted to observe the journalist. The Emoji went in this afternoon to Sad Emoji. There fire brigade had to extinguish a fire of a hotel.
Several sad Emojis stood before the building. In particular a stingy Emoji with an alien from the Jupiter attracted attention. The both missed their valuables in the safe deposits. With the rescue the life of the Emojis and other guests was in the foreground. This did not fit both misers. They insulted the fire brigade that valuables should be saved first. The journalist wanted to report about the fire in the sad town. In the meantime, the forgers tried to kidnap the working Emoji. They could put another vehicle instead of his parked car to the journalist. Both vehicles looked very similar. The journalist did not notice at all that he got at the same place into another car. In this vehicle several forgers from the Saturn hid. During the long journey the journalist on a big highway stopped. He wanted to get out for a short time of the car. In the meantime, forgers used a special perfume which made the journalist quickly tired. The Emoji fell asleep. The forgers took over the driver seat and drove to Emoji Keyboard. There they parked the vehicle near the seat of the first dictator. Some Emojis informed the ruler about a suspicious vehicle nearby.
In the meantime, forgers noticed that they were observed by unknown Emojis. They wanted to leave the dangerous place.
In short time they left the place. The first dictator found out that before a strange vehicle left for a short time after the parking again. So the ruler of Emoji commanded to his spies to find the vehicle. While in Uranus millions of locals froze because of icy cold, the defence minister visited a warm place abroad. His flight caused several movements of the weather planet-far. Thus the car of the forgers was separated from a wall in the middle of the highway. They were instead of in the wintertime absolutely unexpectedly in the spring. The kidnapped journalist still slept. Outdoors there stood several Emojis and enjoyed the music of Monkey Emoji.
The forgers reacted something irritated. They did not know where they were. Their devices pointed: You are in the nobody's area.
They did not experience something like that. The reason for this sentence was that they really landed in another reality. The famous musician was a music teacher in a small village. The first dictator was the town dictator of Emoji Copy Paste in this reality.
Suddenly the journalist awoke in the new reality with the foreign forgers. He did not understand, why it was much warmer. An alien said him that it was spring. The journalist really found several flowers in the surroundings. Moreover, Emojis with big cobras played. Among them was Devil Emoji who worked in this reality as a normal circus trainer. The journalist did not think at the beginning that he could land in another reality. Because of his work he knew this phenomenon. The curious Emoji wanted to know whether this reality could be the close future of the Emojis. So he left the forgers and enquired about the connections. He found a shield: Parking bay for flying cars. Suddenly a known Emoji parked. At least the journalist recognised the first dictator among the parking Emojis. He wanted to make an interview with him. He called him in such a way as elective rulers were called. The first dictator said: "It would be nice if I was the president of our state."
The journalist reacted something surprised: "Who is the president?"
The first dictator said that the long-standing mayor by Middle Finger Emoji was appointed the president because of his exemplary role as an employer after the death of Scary Clown. The journalist wanted to see him personal. At this second the president Tycoon parked his flying truck on a presidential airfield for high-ranking Emojis. In this truck several different birds from all areas of the galaxy were imported. In the meantime, forgers were attacked by wild Emojis. Finally, there were in this reality also such Emojis who did not recognise the presidential system as anarchists. In this system the parliament existed of all town presidents and the uppermost politician was the president. The journalist experienced together with the flying vehicles also cooking Emojis. At first sight he thought that these were real Emojis. In reality these were the cloned robots which were adapted to their owners. In the middle on the street the journalist was surprised by an opened screen.
In it Tycoon told that Emojis on good way were to fight against the morbid stinginess successfully. At least, this statement reminded the journalist of stingy Emojis and aliens in his reality. In this case in comparison to his understanding of the concept Stinginess meant something other. This did not hinder the journalist in the fact that he believed to have understood these Emojis.
At this time forgers were thrown in a closed fridge. Wild Emojis celebrated their success with several lemons. The journalist wanted to interview Tycoon absolutely. The president of Emoji suffered perceptible back pains. Suddenly appear a request in Emojis in the screen: Please, send positive thoughts to the president Tycoon!
The journalist did not understand this request. Really he observed how other Emojis with positive sentences praised their president completely loudly. Back pains of Tycoon disappeared within short time.
Suddenly the president of Emoji stood before the journalist and reproved him: "Why have you sent me no positive thoughts?"
The journalist apologised and said that he probably came from another reality. Thereon a conversation began between the both. The president said the date in which they were. The journalist reacted in his inside with some awkwardness. Finally, Emojis were only much more advanced in this reality timewise in the same year than in his reality. For the first time an Emoji had to find out that other realities were even better in the same time zone. The journalist wanted to know more. Thus he asked Tycoon whether events took place like the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. The president explained that there was a putsch attempt in South Mars. The putschists were fought by the military successfully with support of other planets. Among them were the so-called Egoists who began a planet-wide conflict in the reality of the journalist successfully. Tycoon also said that after the death of Scary Clown at the age of 35,044 days took place at the government point of the Circus Kingdom a public election.
Thus Tycoon took the rule because he received at least 111 awards as the best employer of the dead ruler at his lifetimes. The journalist was interested in the role the Horror Clowns in this reality. Tycoon said: "Really Scary had several friends from the circle of the Horror Clowns. They had an accident fatally after an extremely quick journey."
The journalist found out that Emojis were clearly healthier because of intelligent use of the valuable earth of Middle Finger Emoji. Moreover, the life expectancy of the Emojis and other people rose during the rule of Tycoon for 43,077 days.
At this time forgers were covered by hot clouds. They disappeared from this reality in the shortest time. The journalist was covered by a pink cloud. He disappeared from the point of the president. Tycoon meant only: "Strangely!"
In the meantime, the forgers sat in a hard guarded space. They automatically landed in a prison for prisoners of war in Saturn. The journalist landed on his bed in his time zone. When he awoke, he asked himself whether the experienced was a dream. Thereon other Emojis had to search together an answer with the journalist.


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