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What Emojis undertook against seat pains in the job

At this time a journalist felt strong pains in his back in Middle Finger Emoji. He looked what he could undertake against it. He found a butterfly's catcher before his window. He decided to go with it on the hunt of the butterflies. The journalist left his house and tried to deflect himself from his back pains. In the middle of the wood saw the Emoji several butterflies. He tried to approach to them.
Meanwhile, two Emojis went because of sleeplessness to the same wood. These were a defender and an accuser who worked on the legislation of Emoji with other lawyers in the capital. 1️⃣ 👍️🐶⬆️😆1️⃣5️⃣. 🆗🍧1️⃣👤🖕👩⤵️🌷➕👤🔥👩❗️🤰. The Emoji went in this afternoon to Sad Emoji. There fire brigade had to extinguish a fire of a hotel.
Several sad Emojis stood before the building. 🤧⚙️☄️⏱️➡️🙁👤, 👥💐⬅️🍽️. The Emoji fell asleep. The forgers took over the driver seat and drove to Emoji Keyboard. There they parked the vehicle near the seat of the first dictator. Some Emojis informed the ruler about a suspicious vehicle nearby.
👤👩⤵️🌿⬆️🍌➕🗣️❓️🍔, ➡️🍑👤💡🥩🥬➕🍅🥩🍔. Outdoors there stood several Emojis and enjoyed the music of Monkey Emoji.
The forgers reacted something irritated. They did not know where they were. Their devices pointed: You are in the nobody's area.
They did not experience something like that. The reason for this sentence was that they really landed in another reality. The famous musician was a music teacher in a small village. The first dictator was the town dictator of Emoji Copy Paste in this reality.
Suddenly the journalist awoke in the new reality with the foreign forgers. He did not understand, why it was much warmer. An alien said him that it was spring. The journalist really found several flowers in the surroundings. Moreover, Emojis with big cobras played. Among them was Devil Emoji who worked in this reality as a normal circus trainer. The journalist did not think at the beginning that he could land in another reality. Because of his work he knew this phenomenon. 😂👥🌽⬅️🍔🥪. 🗣️❓️👤🍄👩⬅️, ➡️🧄👤🧀➕👤💩👩👀😌➕😂⬆️. 😟👀👤⬅️☠️👀➕💬🧠. 👥🤒⬅️👍️😆😊👤👩⤵️🔙➕👤😵👩⬅️👶. 👤🙁👩⚙️💊🏪👤🍞👩💬🗣️❓️👤🍗⬅️🍧➕🛠️. The journalist landed on his bed in his time zone. When he awoke, he asked himself whether the experienced was a dream. Thereon other Emojis had to search together an answer with the journalist.


What Emojis undertook against undesirable advertisement

Story: What Emojis undertook against undesirable advertisement

How retail dealers led Emojis by their stores and motivated for the purchase

Story: How retail dealers led Emojis by their stores and motivated for the purchase



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