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What Emojis undertook against undesirable advertisement

The assistant of the first dictator returned together with three Emojis from a weekend break in Mercury. The repatriates were hardly in Emoji with the collection of their luggage, several meddlesome aliens from the Saturn stood before them. They made a very serious impression on the repatriates. They stood there and tried to stick on a pamphlet on all suitcases. In it they advertised to a sweet drink from a factory of Cute Emoji. The owners of the factory were an Emoji and a stingy alien from the Jupiter who wanted to invest in the country of the Emojis his money after the death of the last Horror Clowns. 👤📖📚️👥. An accuser from Laughing Emoji sat with his family in his car when unexpectedly several bicycle drivers drove past. They stopped between different vehicles with the long traffic jam. 👥🏤➕📺🚗❌️🚲➡️💻👥. The enterprise advertised particularly to its special ingredients from the city of Japanese Emoji.
The naming of the ingredients hid the enterprise in the pamphlet. At least, a researcher found remains of traditional honey 🍯 in the cleaning material. At this time the first dictator spent his week-end in a tent with the future dictator and his Minister of Finance near the tax authority of Poop Emoji. ➡️🙃👤❌️⏱️. This advertisement nationally spread a cosmetics enterprise from the town of the freedom Emoji Free. The first dictator smelt something strange in the seriously working newspaper. 😬👥➕🛠️. 📲➡️👥💡🎁➡️👤😳👩🫀😩🎁👤😨👩⬅️🤦✋👀💬😂💆‍♀️. The first dictator wanted to dictate the suitable law. Moreover, a retired clerk of the court from Emoji Keyboard had to write as the only lawyer in the law book the new law, who the first dictator knew from his former activity. The ruler of Emoji began: § 🗣️➡️🌀📃👤📔➡️📚👤📗➡️📄➡️🔖👤❌️⚗, ➡️😦👤☄️⏱️. 👥➡️😵👥. 😷➕🌴🍤👤⬅️🍆. 😒🛠️😜➕😆. At this time a strong earthquake occurred near four zoos. All Emojis disappeared from the captivity and several fruits of the oil palms disappeared. The zoo owner had to find out that his zoos were empty. 🤔❌️🚘️. 🥫🎳1️⃣💬🏝️🙈👂️🆗❌️🤥, 👥➕💩. 😝❌️🌴💡🛠️➡️📡.  🙄💡👥1️⃣ ➡️🤠👥🗣️👥❌️🚘️➕🕯. That's why aliens from the Kepler-47decided to release all Emojis from their role as ghosts. At least, no one complained for the unsolicited advertising of the Emojis on own planet. Finally, people had to experience a small taste about the future popular picture signs at least visually.


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What Emojis undertook against seat pains in the job

Story: What Emojis undertook against seat pains in the job



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