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What Emojis undertook against undesirable advertisement

The assistant of the first dictator returned together with three Emojis from a weekend break in Mercury. The repatriates were hardly in Emoji with the collection of their luggage, several meddlesome aliens from the Saturn stood before them. They made a very serious impression on the repatriates. They stood there and tried to stick on a pamphlet on all suitcases. In it they advertised to a sweet drink from a factory of Cute Emoji. The owners of the factory were an Emoji and a stingy alien from the Jupiter who wanted to invest in the country of the Emojis his money after the death of the last Horror Clowns. The assistant could not remember that the luggage with these adhesive tapes was covered thus before the trip. He reacted like other Emojis in his nearness: "What should these glues mean?"
He found the photo of the bottle of the promoted sweet drink with exact looking. On account of his high position in the government the assistant could complain directly with the first dictator. Until it was so far, the assistant with other Emojis still had to wait for some time. An accuser from Laughing Emoji sat with his family in his car when unexpectedly several bicycle drivers drove past. They stopped between different vehicles with the long traffic jam. They left their bicycles between cars on the big highway. In the meantime, these cheeky Emojis advertising pamphlets distributed to the front wind discs of the vehicles. The view of the drivers was thereby disturbed. In these advertising pamphlets an enterprise advertised to a cleaning material of the windows or wind discs. The enterprise advertised particularly to its special ingredients from the city of Japanese Emoji.
The naming of the ingredients hid the enterprise in the pamphlet. At least, a researcher found remains of traditional honey 🍯 in the cleaning material. At this time the first dictator spent his week-end in a tent with the future dictator and his Minister of Finance near the tax authority of Poop Emoji. While three Emojis recovered seated and half-asleep, several unknown aliens and Emojis came to them who not even recognised the faces of the famous government members. They distributed the high-ranking Emojis a newspaper with a perfume. This advertisement made a very serious impression on receivers. This advertisement nationally spread a cosmetics enterprise from the town of the freedom Emoji Free. The first dictator smelt something strange in the seriously working newspaper. He said his stinking Minister of Finance quite ironically: "I give this to you!"
On the same day several enterprises nationally organised a big publicity campaign. Many Emojis received exceptionally many advertising documents in their mailboxes. In the early morning of the first working day of the week many Emojis noticed that their mailboxes were bombarded so properly by advertisement. Some mailboxes could not take so much advertisement. So at least 2,000,024 mailboxes nationally broke. The uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance reacted very much anxiously that the mailboxes became severely damaged. Finally, the tax return could not come so simply to the affected Emojis. With the day meeting almost all lawyers at the round table complained that their mailboxes were filled with advertisement material. Partially advertising pamphlets lay before the entrance and in some cases even on the carpet with the front door in the flats of single lawyers. The gathered lawyers hardly began their discussion, bombed Emojis them with uninterrupted phone calls. From all big and smaller parts of Emoji the population complained of the morbid advertising branch which advertised to the most different products and services. Even the first dictator came with his Minister of Finance and the assistant to the gathered lawyers and asked: "What should be this joke in the mailboxes?"
He said that Emojis should be protected against excessive advertisement. He required from the gathered lawyers the law book. The main lawyer got it from a safe deposit. The first dictator wanted to dictate the suitable law. Moreover, a retired clerk of the court from Emoji Keyboard had to write as the only lawyer in the law book the new law, who the first dictator knew from his former activity. The ruler of Emoji began: § Every citizen of the country may complain judicially against every canvasser's pamphlet in his mailbox. Except expressly desired mass advertisements. This must be evident quite largely on the mailbox. Moreover, with missing place mailmen may bring these advertising pamphlets personally to the Emojis. In such cases the advertisement may also lie before the front door. Important requirement: The receiver signalled his consent on the mailbox. For this purpose the same name must be recognizable before the front door like on the mailbox. Mistakes should be thereby prevented.
Several enterprise associations criticised the easy possibility to sue of the canvassers. The first dictator replied: "Who would like to receive advertisement in masses, this must mark well evidently."
So the ruler of Emoji had no understanding for opponent of his hard law.
At this second several representatives of the enterprise associations came to the gathered lawyers and wanted to protest against the hard law. These Emojis were preponderant from the stingy social layer. At this second an invisible tree appeared gradually in the space of the gathered lawyers. After a short time there disappeared several Emojis. Among them most lawyers, the first dictator, his Minister of Finance and stingy enterprise representatives. They landed on a destroyed forest surface on the planet earth.
Nearby they found several malnourished monkeys who were threatened because of deforestation by the extinction. Several steps away there grew several small palms. On the way Emojis saw several protesting people. Unfortunately, they did not understand against which their protest directed. Responsible programmers from the Neptune had to react immediately. As the first Emoji the first dictator received the understanding of the local language. Immediately he understood what demonstrators wanted to obtain. On their posters was demanded the stop of the deforestation of the natural living space for local animals.
These were above all local protection of animals organisations who protested against the destruction of the woods in favour of the oil palms. The first dictator asked himself, why so many Emojis had to see this demonstration with their eyes personal. Among the Emojis was also a factory employee of the cleaning material which was promoted before actively. He said the first dictator that the enterprise of the cleaning material uses actively palm oil. This was the most confidential ingredient of all. The first dictator commanded his subordinated to take several tests of the palm oil. Finally, the ruler of Emoji wanted that palm oil by several independent researchers was examined for possible dangers for the health of the Emojis. As a result several Emojis went to the direction of the oil palms. They tried to take the fruits of the palms. Several armed people tried to hinder these Emojis in their work. At the same time animal welfarists with big interest looked at the strange Emojis. They thought that these were unknown animal species. At that time no one still knew on the planet Earth real Emojis. The armed people could catch all Emojis. Then they brought these Emojis to their employers. The uppermost boss planned a zoo with Emojis. Finally, he thought that he could win worldwide attention of the tourists for himself with these new animal species.
For this purpose serious reports on the anew discovered animal species were spread worldwide. Several people wanted to marvel at these new animal species from all countries. At least, the first dictator could hide several fruits of the oil palms with himself. The owner of the palm oil plantation rubbed himself the hands that he could earn much more money with the new animal species. That's why he allowed to separate Emojis of each other. Thus at least four zoos were built. The visit duration for guests was limited to 10 minutes. What people did not know, was that Emojis were able to do their language. Suddenly Emojis spoke into different languages of the humanity. Some tourists complained later of caught new kind of the people. Thus the zoos received quickly negative headlines. At this time a strong earthquake occurred near four zoos. All Emojis disappeared from the captivity and several fruits of the oil palms disappeared. The zoo owner had to find out that his zoos were empty. Emojis on the planet Earth nowhere remained at that time.
In the meantime, people started to invent theories on extraterrestrials. Finally, Emojis left an intelligent impression on people because they could understand several languages of the planet and speak at short term. Thus people more and more often seemed in the mass media, who claimed, by aliens to have been kidnapped. Similar stories published journalists very much with pleasure because readers undertook something against their boredom with the reading of the newspaper.
At this second all Emojis from their adventure on the planet Earth returned to their native country. The linguistic proficiency was extinguished from their brains during the return. At least, the fruits of the oil palms remained with the Emojis. The first dictator contacted several trustworthy researchers nationally. He wanted to let from several different researchers examine the palm oil exactly. Representatives of the enterprise associations criticised the research because the palm oil of the planet Earth struck rather negatively. (In comparison to the good palm oil of the planet Halloween.)
Because of this criticism the first dictator got to know from a spy who was among the representatives of these associations that there was palm oil also on their continent. So the ruler of Emoji sent a delegation to all places of the planet Halloween. Later Emojis had to examine palm oil from both planets. While the oil palms on the planet Halloween showed no menace for other plants, destroyed living space and decease of the animals on the planet Earth were the result. The result of the independent researchers in addition: Natural palm oil like it was on the planet Halloween, could be classified for cleaning material as useful.
The palm oil of the planet Earth was classified as a high health risk. So the first dictator wanted to forbid all herbal and other products from the planet Earth for Emojis juridical. After this event Emojis called the planet Earth "environmental dirt". Some Saturn's aliens tried to use this negative setting of the Emojis. That's why were sometimes kidnapped Emojis. Together with a group of aliens from the Saturn they flew to the Earth. There they got a fright single people. Emojis did this involuntarily. That's why aliens from the Kepler-47decided to release all Emojis from their role as ghosts. At least, no one complained for the unsolicited advertising of the Emojis on own planet. Finally, people had to experience a small taste about the future popular picture signs at least visually.


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