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How injurious is the air quality in the trains of Emoji?

A judge from Middle Finger Emoji left his house after the breakfast. Outdoors there sat two Emojis and complained of the bad air quality in the local trains. The judge started to listen more exactly to these Emojis. He sat down quite carefully beside them. He wanted to work in such a way, as if he read just a newspaper or a book. In reality he took several notices for the new laws of Emoji which he took down at home during the last days. Both Emojis were not easy some discontented personalities, but an Emoji worked as a chemist. The other Emoji was a theoretical aerial professor and researcher. The chemist got in his spare time from boredom during the journey in the train his measuring instrument with whose help he could measure the air quality in the train. The other Emojis looked at the chemist with curious looks. First the chemist thought that it was only one snapshot.
He repeated his tests later at least 10 times. In most cases the trains were overcrowded during the journey exceptionally. In some cases the chemist had to look even long for a fairly free small place for his measurements. The aerial professor was interested in these practical proofs of his interlocutor. This is why he wanted to go together with the chemist on the same day by the train. The judge already forgot that he should go to the gathered lawyers. That's why he wanted to go together with both Emojis by the train. The aerial professor bought his ticket. Then both Emojis entered on the town border in a train. The judge followed them. He sat down near both Emojis. More and more Emojis got into the train from different small villages. The aerial professor wanted that his friend carries out several measurements of the air quality. Already at the beginning the values of carbon dioxide were exceptionally high, although at the beginning many passengers were not in the train. The chemist measured the air quality.
The aerial professor took down all results in writing. The judge concentrated upon this research. Both Emojis agreed that they should inform the authorities about the problem. At the same time they feared additional bureaucracy on the part of the first dictator and his government. The judge felt obliged as a personality with certain authority to help both Emojis to discuss with their results at least with the gathered lawyers in the legislation at the round table the subject air quality in trains of Emoji.
Thus the judge left his seat and went to both researching Emojis. He said them that their results of the research should be discussed anyway at the round table of the gathered lawyers. In the beginning both Emojis reacted easily shocked. They were afraid of spies in particular from the Salted Cucumbers. The judge told to both Emojis his occupational function and name. The judge wanted to take even both Emojis for the discussion at the round table. At the same time he noticed that the train had his terminus in the university town Emoji List.
All passengers were asked to leave the train at once. At this second the first dictator with his Minister of Finance and assistant from the Mercury discussed about the future of the higher education. The Minister of Finance said that it was very important that the portion of the Emojis should be increased with an academic degree. The reason was that graduates should automatically pay higher taxes. The Minister of Finance hoped for higher income for his tax authority by studied Emojis. These arguments were persuasive enough to visit the university town by emergency for the first dictator. He commanded to his assistant to organise a modern flying saucer. His subordinated listened and reacted extremely fast. A modern flying saucer was specially ordered from the Uranus still before the end of the last year. The first dictator flew together with his Minister of Finance and assistant to the town of the graduates. In the meantime, the judge was nervous a little bit that he went in the wrong direction with both Emojis. When all three Emojis left the train, they wanted to visit one more restaurant.
At this second the first dictator flew together with his team in the modern saucer. Special engines of this modern flying object expel no injurious pollutants, but according to present passengers their prints. That's why a unique rain began in the university town. It rained strawberries and partially several small parts of Poops. The reason was the composition of the passengers. In the majority were the strawberries which fell on the heads of the clever Emojis from the clouds. Nobody trusted to itself these strawberries to eat. At least, the rain ended after the landing of the saucer with the high-ranking Emojis on a confidential airfield. The aerial professor wanted to present on this day to his students the results of the air quality in the trains. The chemist and the judge stood as an evidence for this theory. The credibility of the results of the research not only should be thereby guaranteed, but be confirmed by both Emojis. At this time the first dictator found out that a short time ago it rained strawberries. This is why he was interested in geography. The geographer had no explanation of this phenomenon. This is why the ruler was sent by Emoji to the aerial professor with his team. The aerial professor, the chemist and the judge could not believe their eyes that the first dictator with two other high-ranking Emojis found the way to them.
The ruler wanted to speak with the professor about the phenomenon of the special rain. The aerial professor steered the conversation in the subject of the air quality in the trains. The chemist confirmed this with his device. The judge confirmed this. Finally, he experienced the experiment in the train. The first dictator knew the judge who worked together at the round table with other lawyers in the legislation of the country. That's why the ruler wanted to undertake something against the problem.
He required from his assistant the confidential phone book. The alien obeyed and handed over to him. The first dictator wanted to find the phone number of the main lawyer. He was nervous a little bit. The judge asked the ruler of Emoji what he just searched. The dictator said that he wanted to dictate the subject of the legislation to the gathered lawyers. The Minister of Finance had a better idea. The haughtiest Emoji wanted to fly together with the remaining Emojis in the capital to the gathered lawyers. The first dictator praised the good proposal. The ruler commanded to the aerial professor to come along to the chemist and the judge together with his team to the gathered lawyers with the flying saucer. The aerial professor appointed two best students under the Emojis as his deputies.
Finally, he had urgent presentation of the results of the research of the air quality in the trains with the gathered lawyers. After a short time six Emojis sat down in the modern saucer and flew from the university town. At this time it rained not only pink strawberries, but it rained the whole way yellow strawberries. In the dusty city of Emoji Meanings the whole dust was wiped off. Emojis of this city did not understand, why yellow strawberries wiped off the whole dust so fast without chimney-sweeps. The mass media nationally reported about this strange phenomenon. Nobody anticipated that flying Emojis in the modern saucer were responsible for this rain. After short flight the saucer on a parking bay landed about 2 walking minutes of the building of the gathered lawyers.
The assistant of the first dictator had to knock at the front door. In the beginning the internal bodyguards wanted to check these Emojis. They did not recognise that among these six Emojis three high-ranking government politicians were. Suddenly the first dictator stood before them and insulted them as idiots. Finally, he worked hard on the fact that every inhabitant of Emoji knows the face of the ruler by heart in his or her dreams. In spite of these incommodities the dictator praised the bodyguards for their stubborn examination of the visitors. Finally, it could also concern phoney Emojis.
After this incident the main lawyer was informed about the forthcoming visit of the first dictator with five other Emojis. The dictator asked the main lawyer which subject was just worked on in the legislation as a next one. The main lawyer said together with his occupational colleagues that they had a quarrel. Nobody knew what should come in the legislation as a next one. Thereon said the judge who experienced the bad air quality in the trains with two professional Emojis: "Today I experienced the proof of the bad air quality in the trains. So I went together with the chemist and the aerial professor from my hometown by the train. The values of the carbon dioxide in the trains were ascertained as alarming."
A defender of the air quality from Star Emoji had immediately a good idea: "We should put several indoor plants in the trains from the beginning of the train wagons up to the end."
The first dictator praised the lawyer for the good idea. Thereon the main lawyer wrote the following sentence in the law book: § Every wagon of a train in the country of the Emojis must have more than at least two plants. Watering of the plants is a thing of the internal staff. The choice of the plants must be carried out carefully.
A responsible manager of the train enterprise with roots from the Ceres reacted strongly angry over this decision. He called this decision as damaging to business. Thereby there rose the personnel expenditure. The manager could not accept this. However, normal Emojis praised this decision as an improvement of the driving quality in the full trains. The manager decided a crisis meeting. There he decided to treble the number of the train wagons in certain distances. In some distances multi-storeyed wagons were used. The lower wagons were reserved for passengers with restrictions in the movement. The uppermost wagons had to use sporty Emojis. In spite of these measures at least one plant had to collect the excessive carbon dioxide in a wagon. After these events the first dictator celebrated his success together with his team. At this time more and more Emojis wanted to know the origin of the yellow strawberries. Many inhabitants of Emoji became amateur researchers in their spare time. The first dictator wanted to honor the judge, the chemist and the aerial professor on the state television before many spectators. He did this also media-oriented. By the lending of the honouring it rained in the TV studio yellow strawberries.


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