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Is this ethically correct to sell more expensive in Emoji the same T-shirt in spite of the same costs?

More and more companies from Mars, Jupiter and Saturn discovered Emojis as cheap manpower. The end of the Circus Union and the death of the last Horror Clowns favoured a deterioration of the terms of employment in particular in Poop Emoji. The uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance of Emoji advertised actively with foreign investors to the cheap manpower from his town. One day a lawyer from Alien Emoji visited Mars. 💩🍽️🛑👍️🍽️🔬👤🥼⬅️😭🦺🤔🏤1️⃣ 👥💬❌️💡, 🧣🍆➕👕.
The lawyer was hardly with other Emojis in the capital of Emoji SMS, he found out that the day meeting was called off because of icy temperatures. Because of good mood in the musical city of Emoji Pop all lawyers had to go there at the command of the first dictator. There serious Emojis had to look a concert of Monkey Emoji and other bands. 👥😂⬅️🛠️👥❌️💡👥. 🥰⤵️👕⬇️☎️. 😚❌️♿️👤📖➕🧦. 🤪👥🥫🛍️👀⬆️❗️☎️, 🙃🎚️🤷. 👥💬📅1️⃣8️⃣.
He worked as an accountant with his stingy friend. At the same time he had good contacts with Devil Emoji. Finally, he was as a sideline also a spy of the ketchup enterpriser with the stingy aliens. In Emoji Symbols there was a special building where special tomato varieties were stored. There the accountant and spy met the Saturn's aliens and told them exactly, why he planned this. 😅👥🥤⬅️🛑😆#️⃣7️⃣ ➕🖕. 👤✍️🍽️➡️👕👥. 🤩📞❌️👥🩲⬅️➡️👛👥. 👥❌️♿️➕🐕️‍🦺➕🎉➕⚙️3️⃣ ➕🥳❌️⏱️➡️🧐👥👤📖➡️😇👥➕😈👥🔆➕🤔⏱️👥👽⬅️🛑➕👥. With it the first dictator did a complicated problem of the Emojis by his friendship with the stingy alien.


Why Emojis forced car manufacturers juridical to discounts

Story: Why Emojis forced car manufacturers juridical to discounts

How injurious is the air quality in the trains of Emoji?

Story: How injurious is the air quality in the trains of Emoji?



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