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Is this ethically correct to sell more expensive in Emoji the same T-shirt in spite of the same costs?

More and more companies from Mars, Jupiter and Saturn discovered Emojis as cheap manpower. The end of the Circus Union and the death of the last Horror Clowns favoured a deterioration of the terms of employment in particular in Poop Emoji. The uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance of Emoji advertised actively with foreign investors to the cheap manpower from his town. One day a lawyer from Alien Emoji visited Mars. He found several clothes which were produced in Emoji. He found similar clothes later in his native country and he had been surprised very much at the prices. The same T-shirts cost nearly 30 percent more than abroad for Emojis. The lawyer more exactly wanted to deal with this subject. That's why he wanted that his occupational colleagues approach at the round table of the legislation the problem juridical.
The lawyer was hardly with other Emojis in the capital of Emoji SMS, he found out that the day meeting was called off because of icy temperatures. Because of good mood in the musical city of Emoji Pop all lawyers had to go there at the command of the first dictator. There serious Emojis had to look a concert of Monkey Emoji and other bands. In spite of this by the state allowed entertainment the lawyers could not separate from their work. Without law book some Emojis discussed different juridical subjects. The lawyer from 2 town dictator's town said that made in Emoji was sold abroad more favourably. Thereon a long discussion began about how Emojis were ripped off in own country with own products. Other listeners of the concert wanted that these noisy lawyers, finally, calm down. Some Emojis started to insult even loudly the lawyers.
A lawyer reacted to it that a bigger scandal was that Emojis for the T-shirts from local production had to pay 30 percent more. Some misers from the Jupiter in the hall felt caught. They sold their own product to the Emojis to overpriced prices. At this time a spy informed the first dictator about the disturbance of the concert by the gathered lawyers with their discussion. The ruler reacted very much angry that just educated and exemplary Emojis were identified as a noise factor with the concert. That's why he commanded to go to his elite police to the music town by emergency. They should lead away these working Emojis from the concert quite embarrassingly before the audience. In the meantime, a quarrel broke out among Emojis that stingy traders used too high prices of local products in particular T-shirts. When elite policemen landed in the concert hall, they saw furious Emojis who complained to the morbid Jupiter's stinginess once more. Finally, by several passageways these elite policemen reached all seated lawyers.
Then the serious Emojis were led away. All lawyers had to be brought to the first dictator. Finally, the ruler of Emoji wanted to know the exact circumstances of the discussion during the recreation. The lawyer who found the more favourable products from Emoji as a first in Mars told everything the first dictator. The ruler reacted to it very much angry about the abuse with the prices. That's why he appointed the attentive lawyer from Alien Emoji to the uppermost price supervisor and defender against the morbid commercial stinginess. Because of the unsafe situation many misers feared that they would have to sell at reasonable prices products to Emojis. Thus stingy traders tried to save with the quality of the products. A friendly Emoji of a miser got to know about these plans. This annoyed him so much that he rather wanted to cooperate with criminal aliens from the Saturn. For this purpose the friendly Emoji not even had to fly abroad.
He worked as an accountant with his stingy friend. At the same time he had good contacts with Devil Emoji. Finally, he was as a sideline also a spy of the ketchup enterpriser with the stingy aliens. In Emoji Symbols there was a special building where special tomato varieties were stored. There the accountant and spy met the Saturn's aliens and told them exactly, why he planned this. These aliens wanted to discuss the whole with Devil. The ketchup enterpriser recommended the attack against the irritating misers.
In an evening the miser left his house and met at an exclusive hotel other elitist Emojis and aliens. In the meantime, the accountant informed the Saturn's aliens that they might break in the house of the miser. With the help of several paper clips the burglars succeeded in opening the front door. After short search the burglars found a safe deposit which they opened with the help of a welding apparatus. There they found several keys which they took. Moreover, they found a key for a room with several valuable paintings. They opened the room and destroyed several valuable portraits. Moreover, they poured over with petrol the bath.
With the stolen keys they ran to the accountant and wanted to know what they should make with the keys. The accountant sat with other Emojis and drank a forbidden drink. The burglars realised that their furnished damage was so high that they should absolutely wipe off all fingerprints and footprints of the scene. That's why they took several wild boars from a close wood and left them there in the surroundings. When the miser returned from his event, he found at least 100 wild boars before his house. This was very strange for him. He found a destroyed lock in his front door. Later he found a smell of petrol. His bath had completely burnt. The miser was shocked very much. He alarmed the local police. Several policemen required a bribery. Finally, they knew the morbid stinginess of this personality. The miser suffered a throwing away of his ghost from the physical body. In the meantime, Emojis puzzled over the backgrounds of the action, after they were informed about mass media about that. Some Emojis wanted to visit the crime scene of curiosity.
Thus several curious Emojis stood before the house of the miser queue. The miser saw how he came to a wood in the clouds. He saw at least four Emojis who were connected there in a battery charger. The miser feared that he could also experience the same destiny. Really a being with shining eyes appeared before the ghost of the miser. The unknown being calmed and accompanied the miser by the wood in the clouds. By extremely quick wandering the both stood before a big oak. As a preparation the miser had to wear shining glasses for a short time at the command of the being with shining eyes. The alien saw all at once 10 Emojis who were very lively after their connection in the battery charger again. In the meantime, the miser feared that he could never again return in his physical body. At this time an Emoji with a judge's wig appeared and commanded to the being with shining eyes to undertake something with the miser. In comparison to the known Emojis on the planet Halloween spoke this Emoji a foreign language which the stingy alien nowhere heard up to now in his life.
Then the miser was connected to the oak. The executive being looked on a branch of the oak the state of the loading of the energy for the stingy alien. This process can be compared to the loading of the mobile phones with the electricity. A similar process can be also compared while filling the vehicles to petrol. In this case the ghost of the stingy alien in the battery charger of an oak was connected, so that the affected person can function again in his physical body smoothly. After the miser got enough energy of the oak by the battery charger, he saw by the shining glasses at least 100 Emojis in a good mood. They sat on a transparent bench at an unknown place. The miser had to remove the shining glasses. Then he saw on a branch of the oak a strawberry. He absolutely wanted to get this strawberry. The being with shining eyes explained to the miser that these fruits were used as a dog food on another planet. The miser wanted to get more exact explanation of the refusal. Thereon said the Emoji with the judge's wig: "These strawberries form here the spiritual root of a special kind of the strawberries which wild dogs eat in the nature."
After this explanation passed the appetite of the stingy alien. Within short time the ghost was again in his physical body. At this time he was found in the hospital before a big screen. In it was shown how Emojis placed the criminals in a prison. At this second the first dictator came to the miser and congratulated him for his recovery. Moreover, he told him that the destroyers of his things were just arrested. The reason for the personal visit was that the first dictator instructed the miser for the successful import Jupiter's ties still before the elections. In spite of this friendship Emojis could buy their own clothes more favourably. The miser agreed with the first dictator on constant quality in spite of more favourable prices. With it the first dictator did a complicated problem of the Emojis by his friendship with the stingy alien.


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