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Singer Naive Nation interview

Naive Nation was officially born in Emoji Symbols 8884 days ago. Today she belongs to the best known singers of the town. The extraterrestrial Sweasy26 met her to an interview at a confidential place. The reason for that is of the stage-frights with which she fell ill after her breakthrough. In the last time she more and more often appeared with a mask on the stage. On the 11th of Thursday of the new year Naive Nation appears in the capital city Emoji SMS. During the interview the successful singer speaks of her role as an observer of the promising singers in different telecasts and why she eats of dear strawberries. 🥶🐃❄️🌡️➕🌊.

Mrs. Nation, some pieces for your album „Flying myths and green pears“ have originated in Emoji Symbols.
Naive Nation drinks cold water:
Exactly. I have in Mars, in the kingdom Emoji and the Salted Cucumbers on my songs actively worked. In Emoji Symbols I have written quite many sentences with the songwriter My Stery. He is valid as very mysterious. I like his texts personally.
For the suitable music I worked together with My Stic. She always writes so good music for the texts. This combination of My Sterys and My Stics works plays especially good music with perfect text. Up to now, finally, I liked all songs on which the both have worked. The principal reason for the cooperation was that I particularly like the song "Red strawberries" from their cooperation. With this song red strawberries taste even better.

That is the fact that you consume very much with pleasure strawberries. Do you need always this song to eat red strawberries?
Naive Nation starts to laugh. After 4 minutes she answers:
No. I simply listen with pleasure this song every day, before I go to bed. Then I dream about sweet red strawberries. At night I wake up. 🅰️👩🤚. Later I fall asleep.
If I get up, I must eat at least 12 strawberries immediately. The rest remains in my privacy cupboard.

Do you eat really so many strawberries at home?
Naive Nation takes a strawberry from her pocket.
Yes. I eat a lot of strawberries. Moreover, I simply sit at home and look television. This permits other consumption of strawberries to me.
Besides, my favorite series I always look around 20:20 o'clock. The best series which I like at the moment mostly is "Rolling tortoises and 8 Emojis". The other series which I look with pleasure is "The legendary Tycoon from Middle Finger Emoji". 😍❤️🍷.

Do you meet your old school friends from the preparatory course to piano?
Naive Nation: Unfortunately, all contacts of my school friends were extinguished by a computer fall completely. 💕🌞🍺💜.

Do you have even no contact at least to your best friend?
Naive Nation: Yes. I have the best friend, who studied the politics and jurisprudence in Emoji Opinion at the university for opinion education. We stay in written contact every Friday. 👨‍⚖️⚙️💼🎦📛🤚👩‍⚖️.

You have signed up, up to now, however, only at an university. Why do you not study?
Naive Nation considers: I think that I could study any time.
Now, however, I want to sing. I know an old woman about whom was reported 689 days ago. This woman began her study at the age of 32578 days. This was in Jupiter. 🅰️🍖🏬🤚👩‍⚖️🚮🤚⏳.

Topically you take over the role of the observer of the promising singers in the telecast "Singing Emojis". Which activity do you like especially well?
Naive Nation: I am quite clear, primarily, a singer. The observer's role in the telecast is above all my part-time job. I take over with pleasure other activities. Thus I make something against my free time. Thus I form my diverse everyday life.

In "Singing Emojis" I can experience several gifted Emojis. I like it to discover new singers of the country. Thus I know my competition from direct experience. Of course I can record on this way also with some participants a common song. This happened, by the way, to my predecessor already several times.

What would you change in your life?
Naive Nation looks at the future ball.
I would learn with pleasure Japanese in Japanese Emoji. I think that the learning of languages is a good leisure activity. Otherwise I write with pleasure also song texts for my next album. Finally, I got many letters of my impatient fans.
They also expect songs with life sense. My confidential album is still in the theory phase and is uncalled.

What want you to say our readers in the end?
Naive Nation: I hope that you do not forget to visit me in the capital city on the 11th of Thursday of the year. By the way: I have already sent a spam mail about this event to my fans.

Naive Nation says goodbye to the extraterrestrial Sweasy26 and goes. Outdoors she is fetched at four bodyguards. They cover Nation with several plastic bags. Thus the singer is protected against other onlookers.



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