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When must Emojis fulfil the contract?

This question the lawyers of the kingdom Emoji asked themselves at the round table. A lawyer from Japanese Emoji wanted to tell from his experience: An Emoji signed a purchase contract with a supplier. It was about piece of furniture. It was silly in this contract that themselves both Emojis agreed over temporal fulfilment not by contract. Besides, the buyer waited long time and wanted to sue even the supplier because of the not fulfilment of the contract. Besides, I had to find out that in the contract no certain time was planned for the fulfilment of the purchase contract. Because there were at that time no laws of the Horror Clowns, I decided with the Emoji to go to the supplier.
Then we agreed for the next Tuesday. Finally, thus the Emoji got his sofa. That's why present lawyers decided to write down the following sentence in the legislation of the Emojis:
§ If the contracting parties agreed on no time of the fulfilment, the fulfilment must be finished immediately.
How should Emojis react to the following appointments of the fulfilment and what they understand by it?
About this question a retired lawyer expressed himself:
In an employment contract the employer wrote to an Emoji that he should start to work middle of the July. However, the Emoji did not understand which day the employer meant. Finally, the July has 31 days. 31/2 = 15.5 That's why the Emoji wanted to know exactly, when he should start to work. Thereon he asked the employer. Surprisingly the boss also did not know exactly, when the Emoji should start to work with him. Thereon he had to consult a mathematician. The mathematician also calculated the number 15.5. However, then he required that he might offer no juridical consultation. That's why my occupational colleague was asked as the advice.
Together we decided to define at the middle of a month so: Because most months have between 28 and 31 days, the average of all months is known in Emoji as a middle of the month together: 15.2 days. However, this was a little bit too silly for us. This is why we agreed for the 15th day of a month.
After this story agreed Emojis to define at the middle of the month also so. In other cases agreed the lawyers that at the beginning of a month always the first day should be. Exceptions form holidays like the first April. Therefore month is valid in Emoji as a beginning in April the second April. At the end of a month moves from month by month. Thereon all Emojis agreed.
In this time a lawyer remembered the following regulation of the term: In a contract being to me the concept one quarter of a month was mentioned. The responsible Emojis explained to me that they meant the seventh day of the month.
After a quiet break a light earthquake began. Several lawyers looked anxiously at the falling books. At this time would shout on the street many Emojis: It shakes!!!
After some time lawyers had to interrupt their work urgently. They had to contact the earthquake service immediately. A geologist explained: You should write new laws urgently!!!
Thereon Emojis have laid the phone back. The main lawyer asked after this event:
What is valid in Emoji if the fulfilment falls in a weekend day or holiday?
A retired judge answered this: In this case in the Circus Union the settling day was shifted to the next normal working day. Nevertheless, this should remain in current Emoji also so. In this point all lawyers agreed. The death of the last Horror Clowns will change here nothing.
Can the term be extended for the fulfilment of the contract in Emoji?
In addition said a lawyer:

The contracting parties can extend the term to the fulfilment of the contract after common arrangement. If they could not agree, however, here, the following sentence should be forced in the law book of the Emojis upon both contracting parties:
§ If both contracting parties could not agree by the time extension, the first day is valid after the expiry of the old term. If this day comes for a holiday, the day is valid after the holiday.
Can an Emoji fulfil the contract earlier?
Lawyers on this question hardly wanted to come, they were disturbed at their respected work.

Suddenly somebody knocked very strongly at the door. Thereon opened a former lawyer. Before the lawyer stood two Emojis with forms. They said that they all should collect information about the income of all present lawyers. They came from Poop Emoji.
Then lawyers interrupted their work. They started to fill the forms of the mighty tax authority. After the death of the last Horror Clown Emoji needed quite a lot of money. Thus the tax authority sent officials to the citizens. After all lawyers took down all information about their income in the forms, both Emojis with amusing faces disappeared.
The main lawyer explained at this second: Just we have filled the forms for the taxes of this year. Ordinarily we would have to deal only next year with these forms. This is why we fulfilled our duty prematurely. Thus every Emoji can fulfil his contract prematurely.
How are contracts fulfilled in Emoji with several requests?
In addition said the former judge: The first request should be ordinarily fulfilled first. However, this is valid only if both contracting partners could not agree. Otherwise Emojis should have here big freedom of choice.
By this second a retired lawyer remembered about an interesting case: My client had lent to some Emojis at the same time in a contract several amounts of money as a credit grantor. Specifically it was about 767,676 Bitcoins of the Circus Union. The contract had been signed with several Emojis. Later most Emojis paid the debt. But three Emojis paid back nothing. My client tried to get even with the vacuum cleaner to his property. As this nothing used he contacted me. Then the retired lawyer did not react any more. His occupational colleagues alarmed the police and the outpatient clinic. After 11 seconds came the outpatient clinic.
The retired lawyer had to be examined by the doctors. Then the doctors waited for the arrival of the policemen. Only when policemen came, they tried to reanimate the lawyer. Thereon doctors decided to bring the lawyer to hospital. On account of this situation the main lawyer wanted to finish the meeting of the day. In the meantime, the retired lawyer felt much better. He asked from the doctors strawberries. On the way three Emojis were with several baskets with strawberries. They heard the wish of the lawyer. Thereon they handed over to him 1 megabyte of strawberries. In the interim the lawyers wanted to leave the room of their discussions.
Suddenly the retired lawyer came back to them. He said to the other Emojis: You can believe me or not. I wanted to eat strawberries after my awakening. At this time exactly these three Emojis with the strawberries who could not fulfil the contract at that time as only ones were on the move. This time they handed over to me 1 megabyte of strawberries. At that time this although I condemned them to the hard labour with the creditor. Today these Emojis thanked me for this decision. Now they told me that they sell cake from strawberries with great success.
At this time the lawyers decided to return to their places. Thus they discussed other questions.
Now a former broker who made a continuing education as the notary wanted to know the following answer to his problem:
In which currency should a debt be paid in Emoji?
In addition said a former tax official who worked as a notary by the local tax authority:
A miser from the Jupiter owed to the tax authority 5095 local Bitcoins for a year. Although the alien from the Jupiter was no citizen of the Circus Union, he had to pay his debt in the national currency. The miser wanted to pay the debt in the Jupiter's currency. He explained his opinion with the fact that by exchange rate change he suffered big losses. The tax authority had to represent, primarily, the interests Emojis.
Suddenly the future ball fell from an unknown direction. Several curious Emojis exactly wanted to look. Suddenly a defender turned the ball to the right. After some time appeared on the ball: In 3285 days a discussion begins in completely Emoji against the mighty tax authority in Poop Emoji. These talks will lead to a demonstration against the stinginess of the authority. Then the tax authority dies an unnatural death. Then the economy Emojis recovers especially well from the crisis.
After the present lawyers got to know about the future of their country, they wanted to hold on these events in writing. Then some Emojis counted the days up to the event.
For the public it was hidden this information with several curtains. Finally, the lawyers had to protect the elite of the country against riots against the tax authority. At this time Emojis noticed that lawyers switched off their microphones. That's why ten Emojis came to the room of the lawyers. They asked, why the lawyers played with a ball. Also they exactly wanted to know what happened with the microphones. Thereon the main lawyer shouted to the cameraman that he simulates technical problems. He made this. About the ball the main lawyer said the Emojis: This ball came to the room from the right side. Thereon several electromagnets were injured.
This led again to the interruption of the live transmission. These arguments left a good impression with the cheated Emojis. After this argument Emojis left the room with contented faces. Thereon the lawyers agreed that all debts should be paid in the kingdom Emoji in the national currency. Exceptions are valid only for debts of the Emojis abroad. Here are valid other laws of the residence of the creditors. In spite of all agreed all lawyers that all debts of the Emojis should be paid towards to aliens from abroad in local national currency. Also if creditor from abroad want to have back the debt in his currency.
For enterprises lawyers also wanted to leave open other possibilities. Thus companies in completely Emoji can pay their debts also in the foreign currency. Private individuals may also choose this. However, they are not obliged.
Can the debtor fall back on other guarantors for the settlement of his debt?
For the lawyers the case is quite clear: Anyway. Finally, guarantor on the takeover of single parts or the whole debt committed themselves. Thus the debtor can settle a part of the request with the bail. The debt of the affected Emojis thereby decreases.

How are the debts settled with a creditor?
In addition a notary public expressed himself: Some time ago I dealt with a talkative Emoji. He called up daily during several hours. Later the Emoji got into debt with his telecom operator. He had not paid several month bills. So this Emoji had to be condemned judicially to the payment of all unpaid bills. Then the Emoji paid any amount. The telecom operator did not find exactly this amount. The Emoji said that he simply paid for single parts of his debts. The telecom operator wanted to settle one more warpage interest by the height of 12 percent.
However, the enterprise did not know from which day the warpage interest was to be settled. So the telecom operator contacted the court. When Horror Clowns got to know about the high warpage interest, the uppermost boss of the telecom operator was kidnapped by his chief armchair. Finally, after nearly 6 years the Emoji could pay his debt back. With a warpage interest of 2 percent the debtor paid another four months.
After the portrayal of this case a lawyer wrote the following sentence in the law book of the Emojis:
§ With several debts with the same creditor the debtor can explain to him which debt he paid up to now. If the debtor expressly does not say which debt he exactly paid, the creditor can settle the repayment of the debt arbitrarily in his accountancy.
The present lawyers reacted with big satisfaction to their finished work.
Finally, on account of an adventurous day lawyers wanted to finish their work.
They said goodbye to each other. At this time waited outdoors hundred Emojis. They wanted autographs of the legislators. Thereon said a retired lawyer: What do want these Emojis from us?
We make our work, nevertheless, for that we should not pay with our fingerprints. Many occupational colleagues agreed with this statement. Then several lawyers went ostentatiously with high expressions before the Emojis. Some lawyers signed autographs of the Emojis. After other minutes everybody disappeared.
An Emoji shouted to the direction of the lawyers: What do you have censored when the ball came to the room?
But he got no answer. Finally, the group agreed to protect the elite of the kingdom against the Emojis of the future. In spite of the warnings of the lawyers the elite could influence the preprogrammed events of the future under no circumstances. Thus the mightiest tax authority was stripped of power in the future.

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