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Which minimum quality of a thing is assumed in Emoji?

After an Emoji among the present lawyers complained to the bad quality of the drink, all Emojis were agreed about the next subject. A lawyer from Emoji Meaning with stingy roots from the Jupiter wanted to recommend the middle quality as a minimum quality. Another Emoji wanted to attach the minimum quality at more than 40 percent. That is in this case the quality would be light among the middle. However, the majority of the Emojis wanted to accept good quality for food and electronic devices as a minimum condition. A lawyer wanted to present his story from his experience to the occupational colleagues: I lived for some time on the planet earth in a confidential country.
There I bought a television set of a popular company. Before I came back to Emoji, I wanted to resell the device. Finally, I needed no television set with broadcastings of another planet. But after only 1689 days of use I had to throw away the device. Uselessly. The television set always showed some lines on the screen. Moreover, all pictures became always yellow-red.
This was a big disappointment about the bad quality for me. Something like that may happen in Emoji under no circumstances. A retired judge said that should be distinguished with the thing between old things and new products. Thereon agreed Emojis on the following points:
§ With new things the quality must be at least good. With old things the middle quality may be never undershort. For certain branches especially hard regulations are given.
Offence against this law is punished quite hard by the uppermost court of Emoji.
When misers from the Jupiter got the last sentence to their ears, their hair from nervousness started to dance.
Suddenly somebody knocked at the door. Thereon a lawyer and a judge opened the door. There stood an Emoji. He wanted to hand over in the name of the Emojis an excuse for the sales of a bad drink to the affected lawyer. Then the Emoji said goodbye.
By this second a defender remembered about a strange case. An alien from the Mercury bought an old wooden chair with a farmer in Middle Finger Emoji.
After some time the buyer complained of the fact that from the chair several real branches grew. I as a defender had to represent the buyer in court. Besides, the judges recommended to the buyer to use the branches for the construction of a new chair. The alien from the Mercury could sell this new chair to Emojis. The process ended with this judgment. All parties were contented finally with it. The alien from the Mercury was active as a carpenter thanks to the old chair. Many Emojis bought with pleasure his products of wood.
At this time several curious Emojis knocked at the door of the gathered lawyers. They wanted to know the new laws of the kingdom Emoji because of curiosity. Thereon explained a lawyer: We decided that new products should have at least good quality. Used things must fulfil the middle quality. Most Emojis applauded, after they heard the new law for their protection. However, among them was a sceptical Emoji. He wanted to know what he might understand by middle quality with a used vehicle. A former judge answered this: In this case a shop assistant may sell you a vehicle which passed at least all tests of the traffic velvet without briberies.
Besides, the vehicle may have been used by several Emojis and aliens. Thereon shouted the sceptical Emoji: Where does this detailed default stand in the code of the Emojis?
Thus the present lawyers were condemned to the supplement of the law by the people.
§ With the things which can have extremely dangerous effects the things must pass all tests of the authorities without every bribery. Besides, every bribery must be informed of the penal authorities immediately. (Reporting obligation)
When Emojis got to know about this formulation, they applauded nearly 111 seconds incessantly.
At this time stingy investors from the Jupiter switched off the television set. They could not tolerate these laws of the Emojis any more in their stinginess.
Can the debtor choose between several achievements if he chooses, for example, achievement X instead of achievement Y?
For the lawyers the situation is clear: If the creditor or the judge gives a choice to an Emoji, the debtor can choose an achievement. Here a defender wanted to tell his experience absolutely: In my case an Emoji was strongly to blame. He had many debts with four Emojis. In the court the parties agreed on the fact that the priority of the repayments came on the first debtor.
Thus other three Emojis agreed on the fact that the debtor should perform an added value by other achievements like work or other activities for them. The reason was that the Emoji would hardly pay back the debts in monetary form in his life. Thus the debtor did several works for the settlement of his debts with the Emojis.
At this time applauded many misers from the Jupiter who specially came to Emoji because of the legislation. The applause was so loud that lawyers had to alarm the army of the Emojis. Thereon misers from the Jupiter had to minimise their applause with the volume clearly.
A lawyer from Heart Eyes Emoji said: But the law must be regulated however, thus that some creditors can be preferred. Thereon the lawyers agreed above all on the following principle:
§ The first creditor or the first creditors have priority. This is no matter whether the creditor knew the present debts of the debtor.
With this law Emojis wanted to strengthen the responsibility of the creditors by the prevention of other indebtedness. Thus every creditor should have to find out in Emoji about the present debts of a citizen. In this case a judge wanted to specify a case from his work: Some time ago was there a case.
I think that this was shortly before the death of the last Horror Clowns. At that time it was advertised actively for the indebtedness of the Emojis, Acrobats, Clowns and other inhabitants of the Circus Union. Thus an Emoji already in debt still took several loans for the financing of his purchase addiction. At the end we decided together with other judges that the Emoji should completely repay, primarily, the first credit. The other credit grantors were condemned judicially to the collection of the data about present debts of a new customer. Thus the decision in unfavorable of the other creditors remained valid. After this case grant of credit was forbidden in Emoji for risk cases.
A stingy lawyer with Jupiter's roots asked after this story his colleagues:
What may be the interest for payment in Emoji?
An irritating Emoji said thereon: Why should I still pay on it if I owe the amount XYZ?
Some lawyers wanted to prescribe an interest of 1 percent per year legally.
Thereon several misers from the Jupiter attacked in the room and required higher interest. Finally, they wanted to be able to fill their stinginess at the expenses of the Emojis.
At that time the lawyers on the following sentence agreed:
§ The interest on a debt can be raised only by delay of the repayment of a debt. (Warpage interest). The interest amounts at most to two percent per year. The formula for the calculation of the warpage interest: (Debt*2 / 100) +debt = repayment with the warpage interest per year. To warpage interest for shorter time are calculated in Emoji so: [Debt*number of days / 365 or 366 (leap years) *2/100] +debt = amount liable to payment
Can Emojis and other inhabitants of the kingdom Emoji require to interest for the lending?
This question and the discussion in this area interested not only misers from the Jupiter, but also aliens from the Saturn exactly wanted to pursue the output of this conversation.
An Emoji with Jupiter's roots wanted to let here absolutely anchor an interest legally. He argued in such a way: Every credit grantor is, primarily, an entrepreneur who should enrich his profit at the expenses of the Emojis and other applicants for the credit. This is why I am for a minimum interest of 5 percent per year. The stinginess should be thereby defended. A retired lawyer reacted to that: Why should I pay for 100 Bitcoins 105 Bitcoins after one year?
I lent only 100 Bitcoins. Because I can pay back on time this amount, I pay 100 Bitcoins. On account of this discussion of the lawyers, the main lawyer had to apply for a vote under the Emojis. Every present lawyer wrote his opinion on his slip of paper. Later the main lawyer read out all slips of paper. He laid all advocates of the stinginess on the left side. All opponents of the stinginess laid the Emoji on the right side. Then he counted the number of the opposing and recommending votes. To his astonishment the number was undecided.
At this time the lawyers did not know exactly how they should handle with the interest for loans. At this time opponents and advocates tried to bring their arguments. An advocate said: An interest is completely justified because of the inflation as a balance interest. An opponent answered: The inflation is already forbidden in the Emoji in general!
Nevertheless, this decided the Horror Clowns during their rule. An advocate: But the loan companies must earn their money at the expenses of the customers. Another opponent reacted irritated: I do not want to be abused for currency depreciation by the loan companies. Nevertheless, this is an unwarranted enrichment!!!
After long discussion several Emojis and aliens from Kepler-47 stormed to the room of the lawyers. They would shout: Never in the life the law book of the Emojis should protect unwarranted enrichment of the misers!!
After this event lawyers feared riots in completely Emoji. So the interest was officially forbidden for loans. The inferior advocates of the payment of interest left the room in protest. Outdoors mourning misers from the Jupiter waited for them. Saturn threatened even with the declaration of war. In spite of the disappointment of the supporters of the interest the following law was accepted by all Emojis:
§ The payment of interest for the loan with the purpose of the unwarranted enrichment is prohibited in the kingdom Emoji. The sales of the money for more money are forbidden.
Every offence against this law can be punished with prison sentences up to 2888 days.
With that misers from the Jupiter and aliens from the Saturn buried their enrichment dreams in the cemetery of the stinginess.
Then a lawyer wrote the following question on the chalkboard:
Where is the place of the fulfilment of a debt?
A retired lawyer said: Both parties on a place of the fulfilment can ordinarily agree.
Thereon said a young Emoji: But if they cannot agree?
Thereon said the retired lawyer: Debts would have to be paid in the residence of the creditor. Thereon said a defender: In my case the creditor did not want to show his residence to his debtor. That's why he went even to a subterranean bunker. There the Emoji handed over his debt. The creditor wanted to have no envious looks at his internal house by the foreign Emoji.
With this point most lawyers agreed, actually.
After some time rest spoke a judge: An Emoji ordered a fridge and a saucepan from an alien from the Uranus. By the completion of the contract between the both the fridge and the saucepan were in the store for culinary accessories.
Where must both things be handed over?
Then answered some Emojis: Of course at the sales place. The judge answered this: Only if both parties had agreed nothing else. In this case the alien from the Uranus delivered the fridge directly to home of the customer. For the pickup of the saucepan the Emoji had to move his legs to the store of the trader.
After this story the following sentence landed in the code of the Emojis:
§ Basically the contracting parties have free choice where they want to fulfil their obligation. If they cannot agree, they read the following juridical obliging sentence:
Debts are paid in the residence of the creditor. No matter whether the residence of the creditor had changed in the interim. Besides, the residence must be compelling in Emoji. The same regulations are valid for international cases. Exception: The creditor is abroad. In this case international agreements are valid between the states.
§ With property debts the place of fulfilment is the place of the completion of the contract of both contracting parties. With special cases a court of Emoji can appoint another place of fulfilment.
Must the debtor search a creditor in completely Emoji for the fulfilment of his debt?
A concerned Emoji asked this the other lawyers. Thereon said a former judge:
Basically it is the thing of the creditor to inform the debtor in this case.
The following supplement followed this:
§ The creditor must inform the debtor about his residence change for the fulfilment of the debt. Otherwise the debtor is not valid as searching-liable.
With this decision all lawyers were contented. Then there came two Emojis and required an advertising break. Lawyers looked at the both with strange looks.
After long work lawyers decided to drink an apple juice. Both Emojis delivered the desired drink to them.

How does the court react in Emoji with a success by unwarranted enrichment?

Story: How does the court react in Emoji with a success by unwarranted enrichment?

When must Emojis fulfil the contract?

Story: When must Emojis fulfil the contract?



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