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How can debts be claimed back in Emoji?

On Tuesday several Emojis assembled for the discussion of other laws of the kingdom. At this point a former judge wanted to tell his experiences with Emojis in debt: After the death of the First Horror Clown an Emoji thought that he was automatically released from his debts. The Emoji owed of a total of 222 local Circus Bitcoins. After the death of the ruler of the Circus Union the credit grantors remembered that they wanted to have paid back their credit by the debtors urgently. Thus they decided to apply for the support of the circus army for this purpose. Thus were sent above all Emojis to the debtor by emergency.
They should force the Emoji to the repayment. Some aliens with Saturn's roots were still sent to him as a threat. Together they came to the Emoji in debt and asked for the repayment of 222 Circus Bitcoins. The Emoji did not have so much money. Thus he rejected the repayment. Besides, the credit grantor wanted to negotiate by no means. So he required the circus army unlimited extortion and threat against the Emoji. Moreover, the credit grantor wanted that the debtor was hit so long, until he repaid the whole money. At this time another Emoji heard shouts of the other Emojis. Thereon he alarmed the police of Emoji.
Then several policemen came to the scene. There all soldiers of the circus army and aliens from the Saturn were arrested. The credit grantor reacted with lack of understanding. Then the credit grantor was also arrested. All participants had to be summoned in court because of the fight. The Emoji in debt was delivered first to a hospital. After a short time in custody the credit grantor was expelled from the custody with a broom. In the meantime, the Emoji in debt had to recover in the hospital from his injuries long time. By this second the credit grantor felt an extremely very growing stinginess. That's why he paid to a group Emojis several bribes, so that they kill the debtor with his stay in the hospital together with aliens from the Venus.
These Emojis contacted aliens from the Venus and agreed with them together on an appointment to the homicide of the debtor in the hospital. On account of big mistrust towards third people the regime of the First Horror Clowns commanded at that time the installation several video cameras on public places of the whole Circus Union. Thus the ruling Horror Clown could find out about every crime against his regime always fast. In an evening Emojis and aliens from the Venus came to the debtor to the hospital. They asked him: Do you have money? Thereon answered the Emoji: yes.
Then the ordered visitors became furious: Where do you hide the stolen money?
The gang of the credit grantor wanted to hit the Emoji. By this second immediately two doctors came to the room. They asked these Emojis and aliens what they made here. Thereon an alien from the Venus hit a doctor seriously injured. The doctor must be hospitalized. By this second an automatic alarm sounded at the urban police. Thus 40 policemen came to the hospital. There they hit with the water melons the criminal Emojis and aliens. Then they arrested the criminals. At this time the uppermost judge of Emoji commanded the unlimited arrest of the credit grantor. After some time the credit grantor and the Emoji had to agree in the prison on the repayment of the debt.
All partners of this case were condemned to at least 2888 days of custody. And the beaters and the credit grantor were condemned to 4244 days of custody. During the prison stay the debtor to his credit grantor paid back monthly 10 Circus Bitcoins. Still during the custody the debt was repaid. The former debtor was dismissed early from the prison. On account of strong criminal energy of the aliens from the Venus and the Saturn they were condemned to prison sentences of 6666 days.
After the present lawyers this case listened exactly up to the end, they wanted to invent for Emoji a good law of the recovery of the debts. The main lawyer wrote the following question on the chalkboard: How can debts be claimed back in Emoji by the creditor?

Thereon said a judge: So that in future the debts can be repaid without use of the power on legal way, it needs in Emoji a special authority.
A creditor must contact anyway this authority. For this purpose the lawyers invented the following authority: Emojis court for payment reclaims
Aliens from the Jupiter sent several tears of joy to the lawyers at this second. They would shout: Finally, one can defend in Emoji its stinginess judicially!!!
A lawyer from Japanese Emoji had to write the following sentence in the code of the Emojis:
§ Who owes to a creditor of the country money, the creditor must contact compelling for the reclaim non-arrangement with the debtor at the court for payment reclaims for the defence of his claims. For that the creditor must be able to prove anyway a debt. The court can condemn the creditor because of phoney debentures to a several years' custody because of document forgery.
Here reacted aliens from the Saturn annoys very much. They threatened with the kidnapping of all lawyers who discussed the new legislation Emojis at the round table.
The courageous Emojis rejected the threat to Saturn.
Which duties should fulfil Emojis court for payment reclaims?
A former notary explained: The major task of the court is above all a mediation role between debtor and creditor. The uppermost aim of the court is the reaching of an arrangement between the quarrel parties. Thus the judge can condemn the debtor to the repayment of the owed amount in several shares. The creditor is condemned judicially to the patience.
Here a lawyer from his experience wanted to describe a case: A family Emojis bought a house in Alien Emoji. The family applied for a mortgage at the bank of a stingy alien from the Jupiter.
The bank of the miser required on the repayment of the mortgage that these Emojis should have repaid everything after 2222 days. However, for affected Emojis it was not possible. That's why both parties went to the court of the Circus Union. Emojis received from the court allowed lengthening for the repayment of the mortgage. The enterprise accepted this because, otherwise, the stingy bank owner would have to renounce the whole repayment. Thus nothing else was left to the bank owner.
Suddenly would shout aliens from the Jupiter: Nevertheless, this is an extortion of the Jupiter's stinginess!!!
After the discussion of these cases an Emoji wanted to ask the following question:
What if the debtor has so high debts that the affected person could not repay?
Thereon several lawyers said together: It may not be allowed to come in the kingdom Emoji at all so far!!
In this case the experts on the following sentence agreed in the law book of the Emojis:
§ Grant of credit of every kind is forbidden, if the distribution leads to an indebtedness of the consumer. Moreover, credit grantors must require from the applicant for the credit proofs to other debts. For this purpose an Emoji can be checked in the data bank of the indebtedness.
§ The kingdom Emoji forces all credit grantors to register their applicants for the credit on a coded data bank. Another credit grantor can thereby check whether the applicant for the credit pays his debts on time. Also it can be checked whether the applicant for the credit has unpaid debts. This law is valid only in the case of a not paid-up debt after the expiry of the payment.
Which duties does have the creditor if a debtor repays his debt?
Spontaneously said immediately three Emojis: In this case the creditor must deliver a receipt as a proof to the former debtor.
Must the creditor accept an offered achievement in Emoji?
In addition said a lawyer: The creditor must check the offer of the debtor. He may accept, however, does not have to go. However, besides, the court of Emojis can determine something other. In this case there was a case of the aliens from the moon Dysnomia. They did not accept the offer of the Emojis. At that time the debtors wanted to use their worker for the erasure of the debt. The aliens from Dysnomia wanted to accept this offer not as a consideration. Thus Emojis were condemned to the hard labour by the court. Thereby they gained after 1234 days together enough money. Thus the court could transfer this debt for aliens.
After some time felt aliens from Dysnomia growing stinginess. That's why they sued Emojis at default interest. Then their complaint was sent back to the waste bag. The main argument of the judges of Emoji: The creditors would already have had to sue at the beginning at default interest these Emojis. That's why the creditors had to donate their stinginess the people of the planet earth.
Lawyers wanted to bring the subject to another direction at this second. Thus Emojis discussed a situation which dealt nothing directly with money. An Emoji ordered several shirts for his branch. The supplier could not deliver on time his product.
In the meantime, went bad a shirt of cheese. The supplier had to take over according to the judgment of the uppermost court the costs for this damage. The supplier tried to settle the costs to the Emoji. Nevertheless, he failed in court. With that was also clear to the lawyers:
§ If the supplier is in the delay, he takes over the resulted costs for the deposit of the product.
May a thing be sold in Emoji prematurely if the safekeeping costs are too high?
This question was asked by the consumer's protection Emojis to the present lawyers.
Here there was a case of an Emoji from Emoji Meaning. On account of his stinginess bought the Emoji a safe deposit for limestones. The value of the limestones turned out as too worthless for the safekeeping in a serious safe deposit. The owner had to keep these limestones for 7 days with himself. Besides, the safekeeping per day 6 Circus Bitcoins cost at the bank. In the meantime, sold the Emoji these limestones to a building contractor. Thereby he saved other safekeeping costs. After lawyers analysed this case exactly with their ears, they explained:
§ In Emoji the buyer may resell the thing still before the payment of the price if the thing is connected with high safekeeping costs. If the buyer does not pay the purchase price, the court can condemn the debtor in this case to the payment of the gained profit to the original shop assistant.
In this case said a lawyer: If the Emoji had not paid for his limestones, however, would sell these limestones. Then the first shop assistant could claim the whole profit for himself.
Can the buyer take back the product?
Thereon would shout eleven Emojis: Only if the contract has not still run off and is valid.
Otherwise the supplier can already announce his thing for the resale.
Moreover, the buyer can explain his resignation of the contract like minister.
How does a debtor react if a creditor cannot fulfil involuntarily the contract?
At this point a retired defender remembered this case:
An Emoji got from a private individual an amount for the purchase of a new fridge. The credit grantor died after 121 days. The Emoji who received 75 percent of the amount could not buy his device. In this case the wife of the credit grantor required the entire return of the debt. She wanted to bury her husband with this money.
Thus it came to a quarrel between both Emojis. They ran to the nearest court. The judge said that the late Emoji did not give the whole amount at his lifetimes as a loan. That's why the judge required the repayment of the loan to the wife. Thus the Emoji had to search another credit grantor for the purchase of a new fridge. The contract was thereby dissolved between the living one and the dead Emoji judicially.
After this story taken down Emojis the following law:

§ If the fulfilment of the unpaid achievement for reason of the person of the creditors is prevented, the debtor can withdraw from the contract. The court of Emoji can dissolve such contracts. This also concerns the death or heavy illness of a contracting party.

Suddenly would shout several Emojis on the street: Won!!!!
Not a single one lawyer understood who won what.
The main lawyer decided to organise a dance break for his occupational colleagues. Thus came several musicians from Emoji Pop. They made music in all directions of the room.

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