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The consequences of the non-fulfilment for Emojis

This time the main lawyer asked his colleagues: Must the debtor be liable because of the non-fulfilment of his duty for the resulted damage?
At this point said a former assigned counsel: Some time ago I had to defend Emojis at the judicial command against the mighty creditor from Makemake.
These Emojis lent a garage in Laughing Emoji by the alien from Makemake. Emojis worked in the automobile business. They sold different vehicles from different countries.
Emojis imported their cars above all from the Mercury, Mars and the Salted Cucumbers. For this purpose Emojis took over the garage by the aliens from Makemake. They signed a rental contract. One day there came two aliens from the Saturn with the command to cause problems in the area of Emoji. They went to a store. There they bought several matches and candles. Later aliens from the Saturn lighted the candles. Then they ran to the nearest street. There they discovered an interesting entrance. The door was painted silvery-blue.
Because of curiosity they hit with their spam glasses the door. After 70 blows exploded the door. Then aliens from the Saturn came to the entrance. There they found a lift. They pressed the button. After 26 seconds aliens from the Saturn landed with their lighted candles in the garage of the car dealers from Emoji. They found no present Emoji by this second. That's why they threw immediately two burning candles on the ground of the garage.
Then there fled criminal aliens from the garage. They were glad about the caused damage in Emoji. In the meantime, Emojis returned to their garage.
They were shocked when they found the burning cars. Emojis tried quick to save every vehicle from the garage possibly. The other Emojis tried to extinguish the fire. In spite of the erasure of the fire there originated a damage to the remaining vehicles and the garage. A wall of the garage had to be substituted later by the aliens from Makemake.
After the fire the garage was absolutely useless for the car dealers. That's why Emojis paid no rent for garage.
This case led to a complaint against Emojis on the part of the owners of the garage. Emojis defended themselves with all means. Thus they had to prove that they did not cause the fire themselves.
Moreover, aliens from Makemake required compensation from former tenants of the garage. Later the court found out that Emojis had an assurance for damages of the enterprise. The assurance belonged to a stingy investor from the Jupiter. That's why the assurance denied itself to take over the costs for the damage. On account of this difficult situation the judges judged this case during nearly 44 days. In the meantime, researchers looked for fingerprints in the garage. Several qualified police dogs were also used for that. The search led to Saturn. A special unity arrested the criminal aliens in Saturn.
In the prison criminals had to deliver the earned money to the injured people. As long as they remained in their prison cell.
After 2989 days the victims of the fire could have their damages refinanced. The rental contract between Emojis and aliens from Makemake was dissolved judicially.
Because of this story lawyers decided the following sentence for the code of the Emojis:
§ The debtor is obliged to pay compensation for the resulted damage. There are excluded cases with which the debtor can prove that he has no fault in the non-fulfilment.
Can the creditor carry out at the expenses of the debtor's other achievements in Emoji?
A tenant of a flat wanted to know this. In his case the renter of the Emoji wanted that he took over the costs for the repair of a window in the sitting room. Here would shout immediately seven Emojis: On no account. This is an abusive unwarranted enrichment of the creditors. Exception: If the debtor caused the damage, he must also take over the damage.

In this case a retired notary remembered: One day a stingy renter sued an Emoji because the tenant hung up a picture on the wall. The renter wanted 11 Circus Bitcoins for the renovation of the wall.
In this case the Emoji had to paint away the tiny hole in the wall. Judicially a toothpaste was also accepted for this case. The stingy renter had to dream about 11 Circus Bitcoins. The court of Emoji condemned the tenant to the payment of at most 2 Circus Bitcoins. The majority of the judges said that a renovation of the whole wall may not be possible because of a tiny hole.
The next subject of the lawyers was: Must the debtor also take responsibility for the damage if the debtor has a contract of full disadvantages for himself?
In addition a former lawyer wanted to express himself: In my case five Emojis were forced to the hard labour by aliens from the Mercury.
Besides, this was legally organised juridical. Emojis had an employment contract with many disadvantages for themselves. Thus aliens from the Mercury collected very high profits from the hard labour of the Emojis. One day Emojis decided to run down their work specially in such a way that aliens from the Mercury suffered a loss. They sued these Emojis on compensation for that. After the hearing of both sides the majority of the judges decided that Emojis were not liable for damages. The aliens from the Mercury suffered a 5-minute shock state after the announcement of the judgment in their unfavourable.
Can in Emoji be valid in taken advance agreement between the parties, that the takeover of responsibility was excluded?
Here Emojis did not want to release own population from the responsibility. That's why every contracting party must take responsibility for its action in the kingdom Emoji.
Here a judge wanted to mention a special point: Also assurances must have to take anyway responsibility. They can take away not only money from the customer. After this statement applauded Emojis and Stars especially loudly. However, aliens from Mars demonstrated against the takeover of the responsibility.
Finally, many aliens from Mars in the area Emojis very often acted as a supplier of assurances.
At this time a Star knocked at the door. Thereon a lawyer opened the door. The Star wanted to sell fast-food to the present lawyers. However, nobody wanted, besides, this food. As a reason the lawyers called that they move anyway not enough.
Thereon the Star wanted to offer the Emojis to apricot juice or nectarine juice. Against that was no lawyer. That's why they made a break.
During the break an alien from the Jupiter tried to knock completely polite at the door of the gathered Emojis. Then a lawyer opened the door. Thereon the alien from the Jupiter started to ask quite cheeky a question:
I act as an employer in Crying Laughing Emoji. My employees have very responsible job in my enterprise. These are many Emojis and partial Acrobats. They outline plans for different packaging of the countries of the former Circus Union. My question: Who is liable for damages in Emoji according to your laws which my employees could cause?
For example: If a packaging had heavy consequences for the consumer on account of a mistake of the planner.
When all lawyers heard this question, Emojis laid their cups on the side. Then they sat down to the round table.
Then they discussed this possible case. At the end they agreed that the employer should be responsible for the possible damages. Finally, the employer is the head of the enterprise. Then the alien from the Jupiter ran faster than Jaguar to his company. He urgently had to check the approach of his Emojis and Acrobats.
Suddenly lawyers heard several unknown noises in their space. After some time a ghost spoke completely loudly: And who takes, finally, responsibility in the Emoji founded anew for the fact that employees of the hospital in Emoji Meanings stole from me whole 7777 days on the planet Halloween in my physical body?
The ghost worked for the lawyers very much irritated after his unexpected death. This time a former judge wanted to force the responsible employees to the takeover of the custody. He said that something like that may not remain unpunished in the kingdom Emoji.
Then agreed Emojis on the following law:
§ With all areas which do not concern the life of a citizen is liable the main person responsible. In this case it can be an enterprise or an organisation.
In the medicine responsibility takes not only the enterprise, medical practise or hospital. In such case executive and imperious employees take directly responsibility. However, besides, the best trained employee must take the highest responsibility.
By this second a former defender remembered a case: At that time the nurse had to give a medicament to a patient at the command of the doctor.
By mistake the nurse took another medicament and handed over to the patient. The patient had then long time no defecation. The situation was menacing for the patient. In this case the nurse was responsible as an executive strength for the damage. In another case the nurse had to give an Emoji a sleeping medicament. This time the treating doctor mistook the medicament. Then the Emoji could not fall asleep at all. She became quite aggressive. After this event complained Emojis about the patient. In this case the doctor had to take the responsibility.
The ghost listened to the lawyers very carefully. Then he asked them: Who takes, finally, responsibility for my untimely death?
Thereon a lawyer asked the ghost where he was treated. The ghost also had to provide information about his person. Then Emojis promised to deal with this special case. Later the ghost had to testify as witness in a court. Then the responsible Emojis could be punished for the untimely death of the patient. Then rest returned to the lawyers.

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