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Forces in Emoji

The armed forces of the Kingdom of Emoji are divided into the armed services watermelon launcher box launchers, drones stations, tomatoes shooters, bottled water bomber, magnetic stations and underground army with yellow uniform. The strength should be the future by decision of the Parliament of Emoji from the rainy day in the ninth month of the year 28,675 soldiers. The country is trying to progress as much as possible to advance. So should be active in the future only robot in the army. The soldiers are protected on the government's decision fully before the outbreak of war. Here is mentioned as an example of the planet Pluto. There robot for the army and the security be used exclusively. Thus Pluto has long-standing and very successful experience.
Not to the armed forces include 44,568 robots in the troops of the Government Security, 758,687 Emojis need to monitor borders during the whole time. 👣😛🤚🥬🇮🇹😄🌍⏯😄🌕🤚🚯↗️🗣✒️👫🇮🇹😄🅰️🗣🌕🤚🌍🇮🇹🅰️. Often they violate law of fair economy. As an example: to pay very miserly wages in Emoji Town.

At the times of the Kingdom of Emoji before the reign of the First Horror Clowns the army for fear of Horror Clown was formed by the king. 😀💫🌉🐃🔫🌉🎖🌊🔫💦😆🪖. So the city Emoji Face in Horror Clown Faces had to be renamed. Interestingly, the army could only be successful if it consisted only of voluntary and motivated soldiers.
After the event, with the water gun the army of Emoji was significantly reduced on the First Horror Clowns command. He had only the best in the army. So were around 48,988 Emojis voluntarily in the army. They were successful. They could sink the Easter Eggs in the Yellow Sea. This celebrated the army as their greatest success in the history. Back then drowned several Easter Eggs. They came along with the Egoists from the Mars to conquer territory. Later, after the conflict with the Egoists tried Allergies attack the capital city Emoji SMS. At that time the army still small (around 46,856 soldiers). Allergies were quickly after only 286 minutes defeated by the army of Emoji. This time it was without the support of Horror Clowns. Of course, the army of Emoji could benefit from a very good training in the Circus Country. Later the army for a long time remained fairly unemployed. Only when the power of addiction poisonous king Poisonous Snake from the Salted Cucumbers grew so strong that he took the city Emoji Pop days ago about 777 aircraft. This led to a crisis meeting in the Parliament of Emoji. 🤣🧂🥒🍉❌️💡🍉🚯😦🚯😁🔫🍅. But Emojis decided to produce tomato juice. They enjoyed their self-produced juices.


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