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May Emojis keep wild animals with themselves at home?

After the election of the first dictator many Emojis started to bring wild animals from the woods in their houses and flats. Some psychologists called this action "The syndrome of the election of the first dictator". Because of this trend stingy aliens from the Jupiter tried to catch wild animals, so that they could sell to Emojis. Really the biggest protection of animals organisation registered an extremely high hunt for wild animals for the purpose of the conversion in domestic animals. This phenomenon was problematic for following reasons: Some Emojis reported that they saw how somebody carried away a sleeping bear from his cave. Other cheeky Emojis took to the rope several foxes from the wood of Middle Finger Emoji. These states were untenable for the protection of animals organisations.
That's why they decided to write several common protest letters to the gathered lawyers. The subject reached the first dictator the next day after his return from the black hole. The ruler of Emoji found on his desk a demand of the protection of animals organisations which the main lawyer was obliged to lay to the first dictator before every new law on the table. The first dictator partially defended himself against a ban. His grounds: There are animals who go voluntarily home to Emojis. He called several examples. He began with himself. With him several spiders lived. Before his front door several green butterflies who wanted to protect themselves from the cold also lived. After his examination the first dictator handed over his grounds for the release to the main lawyer. From this second gathered lawyers might deal with this subject.
Exceptionally Emojis had on their working way no obstacles. Thus all lawyers came to their job on the state legislation. The main lawyer explained his occupational colleague what they should deal on this day. The subject was wild animals at home with Emojis. Most lawyers agreed that wild animals belonged in the nature and not as domestic animals. Every criminalisation of the Emojis with voluntary animals was rejected by the majority. Thus agreed lawyers with the first dictator that some insects penetrated voluntarily into the houses of the Emojis. With bigger animals (least size: the smallest mouse) Emojis considered a ban without restrictions. Stingy lawyers tried to defend their stingy traders with wild animals with the legislation. Thus they wanted to permit an exception for trade with the wild animals legally. In this point the first dictator had to intervene. He refused to tolerate the Emojis trade with the wild animals as ethnically unworthy. According to the new law stingy traders with wild animals became all at once criminals. At this time Emojis discussed the further details of the new law. Suddenly the law book started to move.
The main lawyer tried to take it in his hands. When he took the law book, a snail house fell on the table. In short time there came 10 snails from the snail house. Emojis felt unwell because of uninvited visit. Lawyers friendly to animal took these snails in their hands. In the meantime, the snail house grew in rapid tempo. After some time a programmer from the Uranus came to the gathered lawyers. He said them that he worked just on a new computer language in Uranus. Several Emojis got shudder when they might see the whole events live on the state television.
The assistant from the Mercury informed the first dictator about the unauthorised disturbance of a programmer from the Uranus the serious legislation. The ruler of Emoji reacted very much angry that third countries cause disturbances regularly after his election.
He threatened secretly Uranus and other advanced planets with a pitiless war. At the same time he had to recognise that advanced planets could prevent every attack in advance by their programming. He felt unconscious. In the meantime, the rulers from Uranus found out that the first dictator threatened with war thoughts to their direction. They sent their thoughts to the programmer of the snail house by several invisible lines. Then the alien might take these Emojis against their will in the snail house. The lawyers could not defend themselves against it. After some time all Emojis with the programmer landed falsely in a jungle in Venus. The alien became very nervous. Finally, he was not at this moment responsible for the landing in the jungle on an undesirable planet. Suddenly there came several religious aliens and knelt before the Emojis and the programmer. At least the lawyers and their leader thought in such a way. In reality the religious aliens saw something special in the snail house. They felt a main entrance in other times. They believed that they could enquire from their time with the help of a snail house the big galaxy.
Their prophets promised at least this in their books which they read daily before midday food. Thus aliens from the Venus tried to penetrate into the snail house of their visitors. The programmer wanted to hinder them in the entry into his snail house. This failed. At least, he remained with these aliens in the snail house. In spite of intensive prayers of the religious from the Venus the snail house stopped. They reacted disappointed that the promise of their prophets was not realised. In the meantime, there thought Emojis what they should make in the jungle. Suddenly several aliens with scrubber ran by the area and tried to expel their enemies from Aldebaran. Emojis observed the scene with the biggest curiosity and forgot that they belonged not really here. The programmer of the snail house felt strong hunger. So he had to produce urgently sweet strawberries with his programming. After quick programming he missed to the strawberries the desired taste and ate secretly. The programmer changed from the alien into a dragon. Then he shocked local religious.
When they saw him as a dragon, they left the snail house faster than the quickest animals of all times. At this time Emojis saw how the dragon from the snail house came. They did not understand where this big dragon could hide long time in the snail house. So the main lawyer with other Emojis tried to find together the programmer. His problem was that he could nowhere find the responsible programmer. Emojis did not know that the dragon was before the programmer. At this time aliens from Aldebaran tried to flee into the snail house. Emojis tried to prevent their escape in the house. Finally, all lawyers wanted to return without exceptions back to Emoji. A clever defender from Emoji Face could find a book about Emojis for Android in a hiding place. In it he found plans of the programmer. He wanted to integrate Emojis by his entrainment into a device with the operating system Android. For this purpose he had to kidnap these Emojis cleverly. At this second the prince of the Southeast Venus visited the jungle. He noticed a unique animal. It was the dragon.
He left his subordinated to catch the dragon. After a short time the dragon could become leashed. The prince took this dragon as his vehicle. Finally, Venus had no advanced means of transportation as well as most other planets more than 555,555 days ago. The defender tried to find in the book according to the information of which could allow a return to the Emojis in their time and their job immediately without obstacles.
In the meantime, the main lawyer tried to expel the aliens from Aldebaran from the snail house. He asked them for an eucalyptus. So these aliens had to leave quite briefly the house. In the meantime, the defender found several orange bananas somewhere. In the book was exactly described how Emojis should consume these bananas, so that they could cancel all present steps again. Later the defender studied and analysed all information very carefully. Then he said other Emojis that every one small part of the orange banana should eat once seated and once standing.
Then obeyed all lawyers. In short time were cancelled all previous steps. Emojis landed to their places at the round table. The programmer from the Uranus became an alien again. The prince had only his rope as a recollection of the strangest event of his life. At this time lawyers refused to tolerate juridical in their legislation the commercial like non-commercial colouring of all animals independent of the purpose.
The first dictator wanted to know the exact circumstances of the previous disappearance of the lawyers. That's why there came several Emojis who worked for the ruler in the department "Time movements and other strange Phenomena of the modern Emojis" to the gathered lawyers for an irritating questioning. After the story of all experiences curious Emojis still remained with the lawyers. They wanted even more details. Some furious lawyers said that for more details it needed the same experience. In Uranus persons responsible noticed that there were still adventuresome Emojis. So they organised a similar experience for these Emojis.
When they left the room of the gathered lawyers, they stood shortly before the opening of the door. Suddenly a big snail house appeared before them. The programmer hypnotised these Emojis. Then they all went to the snail house. In comparison to the lawyers they did not land in the jungle and not in Venus. Instead, they landed on a ship in Mars. There sat the uppermost Egoist and reworked his war plans. These curious Emojis lost their curiosity. Instead, they had great fear that the dangerous ruler could throw them from the ship in the cold lake. The uppermost Egoist did not notice these Emojis. He was concentrated very much in his plans. At this second a cannon of the first Horror Clowns was shot directly on the ship. The uppermost Egoist reacted fast. He jumped on a lifeboat. The scared Emojis fell in the snail house. Then the programmer had to bring back these inquisitive people to Emoji.
After this experience Emojis had no questions to lawyers. After they told the first dictator what they found out from the gathered lawyers. Their own experiences concealed these Emojis.
The main lawyer wanted to summarise the new law with a short sentence:
§ Emojis may keep no wild animals with themselves at home. The small insects who penetrate voluntarily by open doors and windows into the privacy of the Emojis are excluded.
With this formulation were contented not only Emojis, but also the first dictator and misers from the Jupiter had to search other ethnic commercial possibilities. Afterwards finished lawyers their working day with a healthy strawberry juice.

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