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May Emojis keep wild animals with themselves at home?

After the election of the first dictator many Emojis started to bring wild animals from the woods in their houses and flats. Some psychologists called this action "The syndrome of the election of the first dictator". Because of this trend stingy aliens from the Jupiter tried to catch wild animals, so that they could sell to Emojis. Really the biggest protection of animals organisation registered an extremely high hunt for wild animals for the purpose of the conversion in domestic animals. This phenomenon was problematic for following reasons: Some Emojis reported that they saw how somebody carried away a sleeping bear from his cave. Other cheeky Emojis took to the rope several foxes from the wood of Middle Finger Emoji. These states were untenable for the protection of animals organisations.
That's why they decided to write several common protest letters to the gathered lawyers. The subject reached the first dictator the next day after his return from the black hole. The ruler of Emoji found on his desk a demand of the protection of animals organizations which the main lawyer was obliged to lay to the first dictator before every new law on the table. 🦒❌️♿️💻️⬆️☎️. 😅🆓➡️🦣👤❌️🛑🏤➕⛏️⬆️👤. 4️⃣ 🆕➡️🐐👤🥫🛒➕🤔➕➡️😛👤➡️👑🦠👥. ➡️🖕👤❌️🌊⬆️8️⃣ 🆕👈️. A clever defender from Emoji Face could find a book about Emojis for Android in a hiding place. In it he found plans of the programmer. He wanted to integrate Emojis by his entrainment into a device with the operating system Android. ➡️🐇👤❌️🦛➕4️⃣ ➡️🐽👤🆓🫀.
🤩📔🐻🥇🐹🥇🧾1️⃣9️⃣ ➡️🦇👤🛒. ➡️🦥👤🏠️➡️😸😽👤➕🦦➡️🦡👤🛒.
The first dictator wanted to know the exact circumstances of the previous disappearance of the lawyers. That's why there came several Emojis who worked for the ruler in the department "Time movements and other strange Phenomena of the modern Emojis" to the gathered lawyers for an irritating questioning. After the story of all experiences curious Emojis still remained with the lawyers. They wanted even more details. Some furious lawyers said that for more details it needed the same experience. 😘🎉👌🥫➡️🌟. ➡️👊🏻🏅👤👏🗄️. 🤗🎊😍❤️🛠️🖖🏻. Afterwards finished lawyers their working day with a healthy strawberry juice.

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