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Why Emojis demanded a limited partnership as an enterprise form

After his return the first dictator commanded the resumption of their work on the legislation of Emoji to the gathered lawyers. At this time the Minister of Finance visited the artist's town of Emoji Art. There a big portrait of the new tax return hung with the entrance in the town. The Minister of Finance praised artistic Emojis for their engagement for the future of the country. That's why he contacted the first dictator from a phone cabin and told him very much enthusiastically that Emojis painted the most important 🧓🏑7️⃣ ️⃣2️⃣ 🎨🚢👥⏳️1️⃣9️⃣🔮🔜🪝😂. At this time a religious judge left his flat in Heart Eyes Emoji. He missed the bus because of his viscous shoes. ➡️🪝👤😍🧓🏎🆕🔂🆓4️⃣➕🔑. The judge found out that it was in the university town Emoji List.
In the meantime, all lawyers were present with the exception of the religious judge at the round table. The main lawyer asked his Emojis whether they heard somewhat from the judge. Nobody knew what happened with the judge. Then the main lawyer decided to present the subject: "🐒4️⃣ 📐🦐⚙️➕1️⃣ 👤1️⃣ 🪝🌋.
The main lawyer handed over the law book to a clerk of the court from Emoji Opinion.

The lawyer started to write:" § 🦂4️⃣ 🪝👥. 👹👥💬. 📦️➡️🎨👥📲🧑‍💼⏺️➕🆓👑🦠2️⃣2️⃣. ➡️👽👤🏃‍♂️🏁🥧. ➡️😈👤🥫➡️🚪🥇➕🥊. Later he found a strange receipt. In it a meal was promised, after the affected person at least 10 rounds walked around the building of the old tax authority of Japanese Emoji. By a strong wind a big red door appeared before the face of the assigned counsel.
He was so curious that he opened the door. ➡️🥴👤🥫🏁➡️🚪🏠️⏺️. 🧐⚙️📲🗄️🐕️‍🦺. 👥⬅️🪟⤵️⚪️🏘️🗣️. 👥💩⬅️❌️🤢❌️🐛2️⃣. At this second Egoists threw down a big pink pumpkin on Emojis and soldiers. The soldiers could flee. Both Emojis were brought back by the inside of the pumpkin to their time zone. The religious judge was glad that his vehicle the adventure and his occupational colleague survived.

The return of four high-ranking Emojis in their time zone

Story: The return of four high-ranking Emojis in their time zone

May Emojis keep wild animals with themselves at home?

Story: May Emojis keep wild animals with themselves at home?



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