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Why Emojis demanded a limited partnership as an enterprise form

After his return the first dictator commanded the resumption of their work on the legislation of Emoji to the gathered lawyers. At this time the Minister of Finance visited the artist's town of Emoji Art. There a big portrait of the new tax return hung with the entrance in the town. The Minister of Finance praised artistic Emojis for their engagement for the future of the country. That's why he contacted the first dictator from a phone cabin and told him very much enthusiastically that Emojis painted the most important form of the country quite largely before the entrance in the town. Aliens from the Jupiter who lived in this town reacted very allergically to this painting. At the same time they were reminded of the nationalisation of their income. By this second a local politician with Saturn's roots humiliated the urban writer completely loudly. He parodied the writer, while he copied his grimace.
Several local Emojis reacted indignantly because they feared a deterioration of their whole reputation in the eyes all Emojis nationally. Finally, the high-ranking Minister of Finance visited the artist's town on this day quite officially. This meant that the whole attention all Emojis on this town was concentrated by the presence of the mass media. At this time a religious judge left his flat in Heart Eyes Emoji. He missed the bus because of his viscous shoes. That's why he sat down in his old vehicle. He went exceptionally by his car to the day meeting of the gathered lawyers. By a program mistake in Uranus the judge by his vehicle landed in the middle of the time of the conflict with the Egoists from Mars. He asked himself, why Emojis with tanks and fighter jets formed here the majority. He never thought in his serious life that he could become a victim of the programming at least on his working way. Several birds were also shot by several fights between Emojis and aliens from South Mars. Thus a falcon fell on the front window of the vehicle. The judge reacted very much angry.
Finally, he could not see his way. He left his vehicle and insulted all fighters as unlimited and full idiots. He shouted to their direction: "What should be this kindergarten! Nevertheless, go work properly! We must stabilise our economy and have no times for these child's games."
Emojis laughed at him. A soldier said: "We are in the middle of the war with the Egoists from Mars. This is why we cannot have a normal life."
Then all soldiers concentrated upon their enemies. A general was interested in the judge by his vehicle. Finally, Emojis had almost no own vehicles at times of the conflict. Only very high-ranking leaders of the Circus Union had their own vehicles with bodyguards. The general thought that the judge was a personal assistant of the First Horror Clowns. He asked him for his address. The judge said that he worked on the legislation of Emoji together with other lawyers. Moreover, he told him that with him not a Horror Clown was in the government, but the first dictator was elected after the end of the Circus Union democratically. Then the general left the judge. Finally, he thought that this Emoji was a lunatic. At least, the general took the killed falcon with himself. The judge found out that it was in the university town Emoji List.
In the meantime, all lawyers were present with the exception of the religious judge at the round table. The main lawyer asked his Emojis whether they heard somewhat from the judge. Nobody knew what happened with the judge. Then the main lawyer decided to present the subject: "120 days ago several Emojis wrote that they had interest in a limited partnership as an enterprise form in the local legislation. Up to now we dedicated our time to other important subjects. Now I think, it is to be considered legitimately the wishes of the Emojis in our legislation especially."
All present lawyers agreed to him. Emojis were a little bit too lazy on this day. That's why they wanted to take over the legislation about the limited partnership without big discussions in such a way as the population wished in its letters.
The main lawyer handed over the law book to a clerk of the court from Emoji Opinion.

The lawyer started to write:" § At least two people must found in the limited partnership, a common enterprise. The enterprise must publish shares and dispose of a least capital. All partners must decide the least capital together. The entrance capital may not fall short of 10 local Bitcoins. All decisions must be confirmed by all involved owners together in writing. The members of the management take responsibility, in any case, for their actions in the name of the founded enterprise. If one of the business partners dies, the survivor sticks for at most 50 percent. The liability of the business partners is distributed according to number by this partly. With three business partners the singles stick for 33 1/3 percent. With resignation of a partner the leaving party must pay all demands. Only after the fulfilment of these duties an exit is juridical valid. The end of the limited partnership in Emoji is valid by the decision of all business partners after the entire fulfilment of their duties towards third.
This means that started orders must be finished."
With this formulation not all lawyers were contented, but went several Emojis on the streets and celebrated the success of their desired law. In particular religious Emojis were glad about the new law. The reason was that many religious Emojis wanted to found especially small enterprises like restaurants or other local micro-enterprises together with their friends.
At this second an assigned counsel left the room of the gathered lawyers. He briefly wanted to go on the toilet. There he looked at his face in the mirror. Instead of seeing himself, he saw the First Horror Clown. He reacted very much startled. Then he was swallowed by the mirror. He woke up in a space where before Emojis celebrated the New Year. In comparison to his occupational colleague from the religious town he awoke in the first New Year after the victory against the Egoists. The assigned counsel noticed that he awoke in a space after a fire. There he found ancient disposable mugs from times of the first Clowns in the today's area of Emoji. Later he found a strange receipt. In it a meal was promised, after the affected person at least 10 rounds walked around the building of the old tax authority of Japanese Emoji. By a strong wind a big red door appeared before the face of the assigned counsel.
He was so curious that he opened the door. Then he suddenly sat in the car of the religious judge who came before already to the time of the conflict with the Egoists. He had got a fright very much when he found his occupational colleague beside him seated. The assigned counsel told him what Emojis wished for own legislation. Then they discussed with each other the reasons of their adventure in times of the First Horror Clowns. They did not know that nearby a special microphone was installed. Suddenly appeared several soldiers of the circus army and quite simply explained both Emojis: "We live in the Circus Union and Egoists have attacked us. What should have been misunderstood here?"
Both Emojis asked at the same time in amazement: "Where from do you know that we discussed our existence in this time?"
A general answered: "You have probably pressed a microphone. These touches activate the device and automatically send us signals. This is very important, so that we know in advance where Egoists hide. Such microphones ordinarily have our spies."
Suddenly a military airplane landed before the eyes of the soldiers and Emojis. Quite furiously the responsible pilot threw a passenger from the airplane. He insulted him with indecent words. Both Emojis could not believe whom they saw before their eyes. The away-thrown passenger was the famous long-standing deputy of the First Horror Clowns. Anyhow they felt the action as very strange. They did not understand, why the pilot took thus a high risk by the away throwing of the high-ranking politician. The soldiers of the circus army stood quite quiet as if it was a stranger. The judge said to the soldiers: "How can the deputy of the First Horror Clowns so simply be thrown away from the airplane?"
A general calmed both Emojis: "It is not the deputy himself, but this is one of several doubles of the high-ranking politician."
Suddenly an unknown journalist fell from the clouds to both Emojis and soldiers. He reacted scared. He feared that he would be killed. He excused into language of South Mars. Then he suddenly apologised in the Circus Language which soldiers and Emojis understood.
He said them that South Mars threw away him from a flying saucer because he spread the reputation of the regime of the uppermost Egoist by phoney documents as a journalist nationally. Finally, the journalist wanted to prevent the big conflict which was caused by Egoists anyway for every price. He was ready to fake documents for this purpose. He anticipated that this regime would cause only unnecessary problems. Because of the discovered betrayal the capital punishment threatened the affected journalist by the regime. A friendly officer saved him by the away throwing from the flying saucer in the area of Emoji. The soldiers of the circus army commanded to come to the journalist and Emojis with them. The judge did not want to separate from his vehicle. That's why he persuaded the assigned counsel with him to remain. At this second Egoists threw down a big pink pumpkin on Emojis and soldiers. The soldiers could flee. Both Emojis were brought back by the inside of the pumpkin to their time zone. The religious judge was glad that his vehicle the adventure and his occupational colleague survived.

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