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The return of four high-ranking Emojis in their time zone

The Neptune's programmer ate popcorn and spontaneously decided to feed Emojis in the yellow space with popcorn. Thus he wrote several commands in his programme. After a short time appeared several bottles. Therein four Emojis discovered nearly 555 kilobytes in popcorn instead of a drink. The stingy alien from the Jupiter who was shifted before to the yellow space also wanted to eat popcorn. Thus the programmer sent him a bottle in the same size like for other Emojis. At this time the main lawyer started to reprove the informatics professor Setag Lib. Finally, he expected from Pluto that, finally, the disappeared Emojis return. Setag promised to the temporarily ruling Emoji that in close future all four Emojis would return. After the first dictator, the future dictator, his Minister of Finance and the future king finished to eat popcorn, they wanted to know about the alien, where from he came. In the interim a conversation began between the miser and four high-ranking Emojis. The miser said that he counted before his earned money in the biggest bank of Jupiter.
Then he was separated from his bank notes and coins by a white wall. After some time he was covered by several yellow palm leaves. Then he landed in an electric supply line. There he saw how several stingy aliens from the Jupiter would lose their morbid stinginess by electricity. Their stinginess was burnt with electricity. The miser was shifted afterwards to the yellow space to the Emojis. Four Emojis came to the yellow space, after they were spitted from the black hole. Setag Lib sent to the Neptune's programmer at this time a big check list with the important destinations which should have gone through high-ranking Emojis. In particular it was important that Emojis would get to know about their aim. Moreover, it was very important that members of the United Nations of the planet Earth would have to experience real Emojis in their life. The programmer from the Neptune also had to prove his performed work.
Then Setag Lib signed an official confirmation to the return of the high-ranking Emojis in their time zone from the yellow space. After the release the Neptune's programmer might shift these Emojis to their time zone legally. He pressed several keyboards of his special computer.
At this time several students of the economics visited their university in Emoji Meaning. There told a stock market juggler how one could handle in the future the problematic tax authority. Suddenly four Emojis were brought invisibly to the hall of the university together with the stingy alien. In comparison to Emojis the miser from the Jupiter was visible. The stock market juggler noticed an additional personality in the hall. He asked him, where from he came. The miser reacted in amazement:
"I ordinarily live in Jupiter. There I counted the earned money. Then I experienced several strange things which I could not understand up to now." He hid his experiences with four high-ranking Emojis. Instead, he exactly wanted to listen the lesson in the defence of the income against the tax authority. The Minister of Finance started to get angry: "Which ingratitude on the part of the stingy Emojis of this haughty town!
We saved this town after the earthquake and they want to avoid the taxes!
This may not be admitted!"
The first dictator and his both future successors agreed to him. They swore each other to strengthen the main focus of the levy on the economic metropolis.
At this time the stock market juggler took the new tax return which the Minister of Finance quite proudly before his disappearance on the state television presented to the Emojis. He said that by a trick stock market jugglers had to deposit, nevertheless, much less at the stingy mouth of the tax authority. He did not know that the Minister of Finance and three other high-ranking Emojis could exactly pursue invisibly his statements.

The stock market juggler showed to the students his trick which they should apply on the stock exchange for the avoidance of the dividend taxes. Finally, stingy Emojis tried to defend the traditional stinginess of their employers and the elite.
The Neptune's programmer had to select the right colours in his programme. Then all four Emojis received their original appearance like before the disappearance in the black hole. Suddenly four Emojis were visible in the middle of the hall during the awkward lesson the tax avoidance obviously for all students. The stock market juggler could not believe his eyes. He had to look several times at four high-ranking Emojis. He felt unwell. The Minister of Finance thanked the stock market juggler for his detailed plan for the tax avoidance. In the interim the first dictator commanded the armed supervision of the whole town of the thrift by army and external-urban police. Moreover, every profit of the economic metropolis had to alarm the tax authority automatically. That's why several verified video cameras were so installed in this town that all income was automatically noticed in the old computer of the stingiest tax authority.
The affected stock market juggler suffered a cardiac arrest. He had to be hospitalised at once. Several students left ostentatiously the hall and would shout: "The first dictator, his Minister of Finance and two other Emojis are healthy again here!"
Several construction workers got to know by the reconstruction of the town from the strange return of the disappeared Emojis. That's why the news spread about their return even faster. The famous journalist Poop Emoticon documented the reconstruction after the earthquake. A construction worker told him that four Emojis returned. The journalist left the building site and tried to find the repatriates. After several steps he saw far away several loud Emojis. He ran to their direction. Then he heard that really four formerly disappeared Emojis were there again. He found out with the students about the exact states. Suddenly Poop Emoticon stood before the first dictator and three other repatriates than he would work for the emergency place. The ruler said: "Again this journalist! He is present always everywhere where something happens." The first dictator mentioned Poop Emoticon because he reported as a first about the earthquake of this town on the last day of the year.
At the same time the journalist wanted to carry out several interviews with all four Emojis. The first dictator sent his thoughts to all three other Emojis. Moreover, high-ranking Emojis were quiet about their experiences in the black hole. Instead, they told about their meetings with the historical personalities from different times. The first dictator explained that there were this time a little longer time movements. After this speech puzzled Emojis what high-ranking leaders concealed. In spite of tempting offers all four Emojis told the same stories.
In the meantime, the population was interested in the health state of the unconscious stock market juggler. The first command of the first dictator after his return was national the extreme supervision of all generated incomes. In particular stingy Emojis and aliens from the Jupiter were stronger observed. For this purpose the ruler had to train additional military tax collectors.
The Minister of Finance felt very well when he found his tax return on his desk. The main lawyer was glad that he might work, finally, again on the legislation with other occupational colleagues.
At this time the ghost of the stock market juggler was separated from his physical body by a being with shining eyes. The stock market juggler saw below several demonstrating Emojis. He did not understand exactly what happened with him. Finally, he informed several students of economics. He had to sit quietly. The being with shining eyes said him that he sees a movie about himself.
He saw his present life. Then suddenly appeared an unexpected alien from the Saturn. He saw several unknown Emojis and aliens in this movie. Then he saw a certain Gossip who came one day to Laughing Emoji. He was responsible for the system change to the first tax authority in the most amusing town of Emoji. Then he saw how he produced the first book from stones on that planet together with other aliens in Ceres. At the end the stock market juggler wanted to ask the being with shining eyes, why he had to see these other people. Then a responsible presenter for the stock market juggler appeared and explained him: "These people lived at too different times and these are no different people. This is everything your roles in former lives!"
The stock market juggler was surprised that he invented once the tax authority for amusing Emojis.
Now said the presenter: "In your current life as a stock market juggler you must pay as a first the full taxes!"
For the reassurance received the ghost of the stock market juggler a pear in his hands. He might feed on the look of the pear optically. Then the stock market juggler had new forces. He landed in an office of the defence minister of a state on Mars. There the head of state granted an increase of the budget for army. Instead, automatic shortenings of the budget were decided for old-age pensions. Then the stock market juggler was brought to a border where several destroyers, tanks and helicopters prepared a military intervention. The stock market juggler asked the presenter, why he had to see this. He answered this: "Use your stinginess for the avoidance of a military conflict!"
The stock market juggler asked: "Soon begins a war?"
The presenter: "No, in your current life there is no important war. This is important for your next life."
At this time fans of the first dictator celebrated the return of the ruler and the other Emojis. In the town of the freedom Emoji Free the population reacted very much disappointed about the return of the high-ranking Emojis. In particular the return of the haughtiest Minister of Finance annoyed the urban population so strongly that they searched a reason for a demonstration in their brains. Near the Trojan donkey sculptures spontaneously assembled 10 Emojis. They decided to demonstrate against the New Year in winter. At least, this small group got bigger and bigger support. In short time the local economy was immobilised. The first dictator got to know by several personal spies about these untenable states in the town of the freedom. That's why he commanded to prepare the levy to the army for the local population on the immediate.
Emojis should be thereby deflected by their demonstration professionally. By the military invasion in the town of the freedom local Emojis feared that there was an attack on the part of Salted Cucumbers or other states against Emoji. So all demonstrators left the city centre. The first dictator praised his military for the psychological fear of the population of this town. Then calmed down Emojis. The future dictator might take over in the government of the first dictator an important confidential position. The future king Devil Emoji became the confidential friend of the first dictator. The future king simulated only big hatred for the first dictator for his friends. Finally, he knew after the adventure in the black hole that he was the ruler of Emoji anyway on the programme.

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