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The aim of the Emojis

The yellow place was in a remote part of a wood in Middle Finger Emoji. There landed four Emojis who had high-ranking functions or would have. The first dictator did not know where he landed with other Emojis. That's why he tried to investigate together with them the place. At this second the programmer pressed in Neptune several keys and caused several strange commands. Suddenly appeared a toast store. Emojis felt strong hunger when they saw that there were several toasts with cheese and ketchup. The Minister of Finance said: "The fact is strange that from nothing a store with so many contents appeared here. Who has prepared the whole?"
Nobody had an answer to this question. 💻👽⚪️🖕🏘️🍅🧀🆓1️⃣9️⃣ 🥈🇺🇳🧑‍🏭️🆕🏙️⬇️🛋️⬇️. 193 members and several observers were arrived in Emoji. 😈🆕🟨🇺🇳⬇️🟡📃➕🍟⛽️. 🆕♿️🔪🥞.
That's why the programmer had to install to all people the language Emoji-L in their brains with all important concepts. After 260 seconds all people could understand the language of the Emojis. ⚪️🥨🏘️🛒➕🇺🇳🟡🪑1️⃣⤵️. 🔚🥍🆕🛠️👥🔎🥖1️⃣9️⃣➕🦟. 🌚👥🥃.
At the beginning the screen showed the following title: "The aim of the Emojis"
In comparison to Emojis the people were brought from 2028 to this event. Therefore members of the United Nations knew Emojis already since long time. 💩❌️❗️🔎🆕⤵️🟨🌈. Thus the following resolution was decided in spring, 2028: § 😃🚿🧹🧼🥇🔫💥🥫🗺4️⃣ 👥➕👥🏃‍♂️😋.
The Neptune's programmer experienced very growing pride in his achievement. That's why he allowed to build a tax authority of sand in the shortest time. He took the sand from Cute Emoji. Suddenly the big tax authority stood before four Emojis. 😹🔮🦘🥇🏛1️⃣ 🥫💰👪️🗣️🟡. He was the founder of the first tax authority in Sad Emoji. 🙀🆕1️⃣9️⃣ 🐛.
In another room sat the criminal Non Sense who spent long time of his life for fruitless construction of the tax authorities in Crying Laughing Emoji. This time he sat very contently and praised his achievement. 🐾⬅️🎁🆕🟡☁➡️☠️👤❓️. 🆕➡️😻👤🐪🆓. In the meantime, the programmer repeated three Emojis few scenes from the future of their state. Thus they saw that in Emoji the progress will begin only after the entire end of the levy. For this purpose it was shown to these Emojis how aliens and all the other inhabitants demonstrated against the income tax in Poop Emoji one day peacefully. Only then the country could become exemplarily at least in mathematics for the humanity. 4️⃣ 🏠️➡️👥🟡➕🎖️💰. After this event the programmer paused in Neptune. He wanted to take a healthy meal to himself. Finally, he was occupied with his programming too long.

The fall of the fourth Emojis in the black hole

Story: The fall of the fourth Emojis in the black hole

The return of four high-ranking Emojis in their time zone

Story: The return of four high-ranking Emojis in their time zone



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