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The aim of the Emojis

The yellow place was in a remote part of a wood in Middle Finger Emoji. There landed four Emojis who had high-ranking functions or would have. The first dictator did not know where he landed with other Emojis. That's why he tried to investigate together with them the place. At this second the programmer pressed in Neptune several keys and caused several strange commands. Suddenly appeared a toast store. Emojis felt strong hunger when they saw that there were several toasts with cheese and ketchup. The Minister of Finance said: "The fact is strange that from nothing a store with so many contents appeared here. Who has prepared the whole?"
Nobody had an answer to this question. The informatics professor Setag Lib from Pluto sent at this second certain important commands to the brain of the responsible programmer in Neptune. After a short sleep the programmer woke up immediately. He moved different codes in his computer. At this second several members of the United Nations assembled in New York city in the headquarters. They sat down on their places. Hardly they could warm up their chairs, every single member of his or her seat began step by step to disappear. Nobody understood what happened here. The acting secretary general wanted to alarm the police. Finally, he feared a new kind of the terror. The order of the disappeared members was striking. Thus disappeared first the members whose states began with A. They disappeared alphabetically.
The police tried to evacuate some remaining members from the headquarters. Nevertheless, there disappeared all members and also those who had only the observer status.
At this time four Emojis discussed with each other. They were interested in it, why they were brought to such a yellow place. Moreover, they wanted to eat of toast. While Emojis ate their toasts, people from the planet Earth appeared step by step. It concerned members of the United Nations. 193 members and several observers were arrived in Emoji. They were irritated. They never were in their life in such an extremely yellow atmosphere. Setag sent to the Neptune's programmer a big praise by code at this time. At the same time the secretary- general of the United Nations appeared before the nose of the first dictator of the Emojis. People tried to communicate with Emojis. This failed at the beginning.
That's why the programmer had to install to all people the language Emoji-L in their brains with all important concepts. After 260 seconds all people could understand the language of the Emojis.
All members of the United Nations and also leading politicians of the non-member states were put on yellow chairs. Then all Emojis were put on yellow chairs. In pleasant yellow atmosphere appeared a big yellow screen. The Neptune's programmer noticed that many people saw too bad because of too much use of their eyes on a distance of at most 10 crooked bananas. He found many wearers of glasses. That's why the eyes of the members of the United Nations had to be repaired. Then people with healthy eyes could see all pictures in the screen sharp. At the beginning the screen showed the following title: "The aim of the Emojis"
In comparison to Emojis the people were brought from 2028 to this event. Therefore members of the United Nations knew Emojis already since long time. What they have not thought up to now about, was the aim of these people for the humanity of the planet Earth. Suddenly people understood quite an other language which they could understand up to now hardly or only badly. On the screen appeared several Emojis in different forms. Therein the conversion of all countries of the planet Earth was picked out as a central theme in Emoji. One day by the expansion of the language of the Emojis people will use for their communication the language Emoji-L. By the right globalisation Emojis will become not only the main language of the planet, but all countries will join voluntarily to the kingdom Emoji. Some people reacted something shocked. Finally, they feared that they could not defend any more their own interests.

Other members of the United Nations praised this as the only means against all conflicts. In the screen appeared other scenes from the future. In it several million people demonstrated peacefully for the joining to Emoji. But what did make present politicians?
Were they stripped of power by the entry to Emoji suddenly jobless or completely?
The present politicians became parliamentarians under the guidance of the Emojis.
The last message for people appeared on the screen: "Intensify learning the language of the Emojis!"
Actually, this sentence was superfluous a little bit because most people already used Emojis in their everyday communication actively. The first dictator looked with three other Emojis the people and asked himself: "When will I continue, finally, my work?"
The Minister of Finance felt strong need for the return to his time zone.
Only Emojis did not miss their politicians. Finally, they had more rest on the state television without big announcements of the first dictator. After the end of the movie people were brought by the yellow space gradually to their places in the UN headquarters. That's why the United Nations decided to solve unanimously every conflict with the help of Emojis. Thus the following resolution was decided in spring, 2028: § From this second all conflicts of the planet Earth are solved with the help of the Emojis. Grounds: Big international acceptance independently of people, independently of religion and independently of race.
According to this decision the United Nations tried to solve every conflict with the help of Emojis. This became the biggest success of all times. The first dictator and three Emojis got an other movie to see. Therein was shown that thanks to Emojis all conflicts of the planet Earth were defeated. Did it become so boring on the planet Earth?
No. All conflicts were shifted to the movie industry, so that the spectators would not have to be bored.
After these events Setag Lib sent several honouring by email and a decoded peace prize with a white pigeon to the Neptune's programmer.
Emojis were glad about their future as peacemakers of a whole planet. The first dictator praised the important role of the Emojis in the future among his colleagues.
The Neptune's programmer experienced very growing pride in his achievement. That's why he allowed to build a tax authority of sand in the shortest time. He took the sand from Cute Emoji. Suddenly the big tax authority stood before four Emojis. So that it was clear, a big heading with "Tax authority by Emoji" was stuck on the big building of sand also. The Minister of Finance had tears of joy when he read the magic favourite word of his life as a heading. The future dictator said with envy: "Now you have got at least your job already from nothing!"
Thereon the first dictator commanded to enter to his Minister of Finance into the building of sand.
The haughtiest Emoji obeyed. The programmer decided to surprise the Minister of Finance in the tax authority of sand. When the Minister of Finance opened the door, he saw an alien from the Saturn. He was the founder of the first tax authority in Sad Emoji. He counted very much intently his income by the tax authority. The Minister of Finance reacted irritated and asked the unknown alien for his name. The alien said: "My name is Why and the tax authority belongs to me!"
The Minister of Finance said: "What this is for a cheek. I am only responsible for the introduction of the general tax duty for all Emojis after the end of the Circus Union!"
Why reacted extremely angry: "Emojis finance my interests!"
The first dictator heard shouts from the tax authority. That's why he decided to enter together with other two Emojis into the building. There he saw how his Minister of Finance was very furiously on Why. The first dictator wanted to hit this alien.

Suddenly an invisible wall separated Emojis from this town dictator of the sad town. Suddenly appeared a sign: RIP Why and his tax authority
The Minister of Finance mourned the death of his like minded in spite of a quarrel. Of curiosity four Emojis wanted to visit another room of the tax authority.
In another room sat the criminal Non Sense who spent long time of his life for fruitless construction of the tax authorities in Crying Laughing Emoji. This time he sat very contently and praised his achievement. Finally, he motivated Emojis the tax authority to be based and to support financially. In comparison to Why reacted Non Sense much more decently on the visit of the unknown Emojis. He asked them whether they also fled from a Saturn's prison. All four Emojis said no. The Minister of Finance respected this alien for his long-standing non-giving up and final-limited success as the first tax collector of the town of the eucalyptuses. That's why all four Emojis wanted to hear valuable tips for a successful tax authority from Non Sense. By this second a pink wall separated Emojis from the town dictator. Then appeared on the wall the following sentence: RIP Non Sense and his tax authority
The Minister of Finance loudly started to cry. Finally, he felt and his favourite authority strongly threatened. Suddenly there disappeared the tax authority of sand. Four Emojis stood again in the yellow space. This time fell from the yellow clouds several toasts with cheese directly in the hands of the high-ranking Emojis. The Minister of Finance got a break of the Neptune's programmer by command. In the meantime, the programmer repeated three Emojis few scenes from the future of their state. Thus they saw that in Emoji the progress will begin only after the entire end of the levy. For this purpose it was shown to these Emojis how aliens and all the other inhabitants demonstrated against the income tax in Poop Emoji one day peacefully. Only then the country could become exemplarily at least in mathematics for the humanity. After these events a miser from the Jupiter landed falsely to the yellow space of the high-ranking Emojis. At first he thought that it concerned a world from coins. Later he saw that everything was yellow here. He reacted angry that he met nothing at all as the yellow colour and four unknown Emojis. After this event the programmer paused in Neptune. He wanted to take a healthy meal to himself. Finally, he was occupied with his programming too long.

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