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The fall of the fourth Emojis in the black hole

After the first dictator with other Emojis ate enough, he wanted to enquire Star Emoji of that time. On the way there lay several big hotdogs. In comparison to hotdogs from the planet Earth, these were produced exclusively of healthy ingredients. Of course the name of the manufacturer might not be absent. The first dictator: "What PR campaign in ancient time!
The Minister of Finance said that he never read in his life about big hotdogs in the history books of Emoji.
Suddenly there came extremely many Emojis from an unknown direction. They came with their bags and brought a lot of own things like ideas. The future dictator wanted to talk with them. These Emojis asked the future ruler whether he and two Emojis lived here. He said no. Then these Emojis said that they fled because of an attack from the Venus on their religious houses in Heart Eyes Emoji. Something was not right in the ears of the high-ranking Emojis. ➡️😂👤🐕️‍🦺🔗👥⬅️📲. 👥😃⬅️☀️🧓⭐️. The first dictator saw the device and reacted panic. He feared that he could be swallowed again by the device with the Emojis for Android. He ran away. His Minister of Finance ran behind him. 👨‍🔬≡☀️☠️📅. 😆⚙️🏐🧑‍💼. At this second fans of Devil Emoji tried to persuade him for the takeover of the state dictatorship. Thus even aliens with roots from the Saturn in Crying Laughing Emoji tried to increase motivation of their idol. For this purpose a juice was produced of eucalyptuses. 👨‍🔬🧑‍💼🔑👈️☀️, 🔚🧬🕳. The main lawyer lived with the fear to have to fall one day in the black hole. Because of tense situation the main lawyer appointed the famous musician Monkey Emoji his secretary. 🌝💀☀️👨‍🔬💜☀️🧬🐒🔚😎🕳🔜5️⃣ . The main lawyer signed only the demands with his serious signature. Moreover, neglected Monkey police and army with his activity. This led above all in Emoji Town to big demonstrations. 🙂👈️⭐️👥😘⬅️🍽️. ☀️👥🤩⬅️💡☠️.
His fans criticized him that he missed before the chance. Devil calmed his fans. Finally, Monkey was only a high-ranking secretary of the temporarily ruling main lawyer. Devil wanted to go with other friendly Emojis and aliens to Emoji Symbols. For this purpose he organized a private bus.☀️🔴🛑🚌💬➕⏱️.
The whole bus with all Emojis was swallowed by the fog. The whole bus landed in Sad Emoji on the clouds. Several snowy people took the bus and threw it from the clouds on the ground. 🔂☀️🖕⬆️🚌➕🌬️☀️😈🪘🌐, 💩🧭🏑. 😥⏱️💭🧬. In the meantime, the bus with the Emojis on a mountain landed in the right time zone. Then the bus within short time was put before the seat of the main lawyer in Emoji SMS. The temporarily ruling lawyer saw that suddenly a bus stood nearby. From this bus its driver ran. He knocked at the door. The main lawyer opened the door.  ☀️🤐💡☀️😤☠️❌️👷.
👨‍🔬🌊☀️. ⏱️☀️🌋🔅🔟. While the present and future rulers a future movie about Emoji looked, the Minister of Finance landed in a special restaurant of an university in Emoji List. There the Minister of Finance might observe several studying Emojis during food and afterwards. 🌐👨‍🔬💬❓️👥🛰️🚕➡️🎷➕⛈️👥🌱⬅️. ❌️🎁➡️👥🦂⬅️🆕🏠️➡️☀️☠️🌐.
They did not know that their adventure ended in the black hole. At the same time there ended an adventure, a new adventure began. The Minister of Finance shouted the other Emojis: "It is too yellow here!" The other Emojis agreed to him. They already forgot that they had high-ranking function in their country. Only Devil remembered the interesting future. At the same time he doubted his quick rise how was shown in the screen.

The adventures of the Emojis in the black hole

Story: The adventures of the Emojis in the black hole

The aim of the Emojis

Story: The aim of the Emojis



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