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The fall of the fourth Emojis in the black hole

After the first dictator with other Emojis ate enough, he wanted to enquire Star Emoji of that time. On the way there lay several big hotdogs. In comparison to hotdogs from the planet Earth, these were produced exclusively of healthy ingredients. Of course the name of the manufacturer might not be absent. The first dictator: "What PR campaign in ancient time!
The Minister of Finance said that he never read in his life about big hotdogs in the history books of Emoji.
Suddenly there came extremely many Emojis from an unknown direction. They came with their bags and brought a lot of own things like ideas. The future dictator wanted to talk with them. These Emojis asked the future ruler whether he and two Emojis lived here. He said no. Then these Emojis said that they fled because of an attack from the Venus on their religious houses in Heart Eyes Emoji. Something was not right in the ears of the high-ranking Emojis. According to their knowledge several Emojis left the religious town because they were religious not enough. By this second a programmer permitted a big joke to himself in Neptune.
He shifted several high-ranking politicians from the planet Earth to the old Emoji. These politicians did not notice at all that they were on another planet. They concentrated upon their most expensive smartphones. Moreover, they sent each other Emojis. Suddenly they noticed that they were before real Emojis. Not only this surprised them but to have the fact their contact partners beside them. The first dictator and both Emojis asked themselves, where from these unknown beings came. They tried to communicate with them. Also other local Emojis noticed that several strangers were in their area. A minister of culture of a country showed their drawn twins in his device to the real Emojis. People and Emojis could thereby come to an agreement. The first dictator saw the device and reacted panic. He feared that he could be swallowed again by the device with the Emojis for Android. He ran away. His Minister of Finance ran behind him. The future dictator reacted in similar kind like the haughtiest Emoji.
The politicians did not understand, why real Emojis reacted so. Finally, a conversation began between them. At this time the main lawyer tried with the help of the aliens in Pluto to bring back three high-ranking Emojis. The informatics professor Setag Lib was contacted by the main lawyer by telephone. The helpless lawyer wanted to give the power as quickly as possible to the first or future dictator. Finally, he rather wanted to work on the legislation of the state. At this second fans of Devil Emoji tried to persuade him for the takeover of the state dictatorship. Thus even aliens with roots from the Saturn in Crying Laughing Emoji tried to increase motivation of their idol. For this purpose a juice was produced of eucalyptuses. The main lawyer decided to look on the state television publicly for a high-ranking secretary. Thus he wanted to save the complicated elections with its whole process in so short time. Fans of Devil motivated and performed conviction work. The ketchup entrepreneur wanted to know nothing about the untimely takeover of the dictatorship.
He said that he forced the dictatorship only after a certain number of days. The high-ranking offices were very unpopular one at this time among Emojis. They rather wanted to enjoy their normal life instead of risking a fall in the black hole. The main lawyer lived with the fear to have to fall one day in the black hole. Because of tense situation the main lawyer appointed the famous musician Monkey Emoji his secretary. In comparison to his relative he did not fear that he would fall in the black hole. Instead, he tried to improve the mood of Emojis with the help of the cultural support. Thus he organised several theatres and persuaded the serious main lawyers to raise the budget for culture clearly. For the financing he produced several bank notes of several active banks. Moreover, he renounced taxes. In comparison to typical politicians he was a quickly reactive artist. He did not hesitate, but acted what he held just for right. The main lawyer signed only the demands with his serious signature. Moreover, neglected Monkey police and army with his activity. This led above all in Emoji Town to big demonstrations. Finally, the military wanted much higher budget. The reason was that the army and police wanted to be always ready to war. Army wanted to prepare for a war with foreign. Police wanted to prepare for a war against own people.
At this time Devil praised his relative in the office of the high-ranking secretary. At the same time he became extremely envious on him. Finally, he wanted to become a dictator. That's why he appointed several Emojis from his surroundings to a crisis meeting on the subject: How further with the seizure of power?
His fans criticised him that he missed before the chance. Devil calmed his fans. Finally, Monkey was only a high-ranking secretary of the temporarily ruling main lawyer. Devil wanted to go with other friendly Emojis and aliens to Emoji Symbols. For this purpose he organised a private bus. On the way Emojis had to stop because of a warthog. Finally, was valid in Emoji the precedence right of the animals over driver on bigger highways. Devil left the bus for a short time. He looked at the tyres. Then he put back himself. At this time the programmer from Neptune within short time darkened the daylight at the night. Emojis reacted scared. Devil did not understand, why it was getting dark so.
The whole bus with all Emojis was swallowed by the fog. The whole bus landed in Sad Emoji on the clouds. Several snowy people took the bus and threw it from the clouds on the ground. The bus was not destroyed exceptionally or was damaged. Moreover, there were no injured Emojis. Three running Emojis were brought at this time by the application of a special invisible code on the way by the bus of Devil. The ketchup entrepreneur recognised the first dictator and his Minister of Finance and said his fans: "Look, here are these three high-ranking dictators!"
All friends of Devil got out of the bus. They waved to the high-ranking Emojis. The first dictator was glad that even more Emojis from his time came. At the same time he asked them how they could come by the black hole by the whole bus. The driver said that it was suddenly getting dark. Then they landed anyhow unsolicited on the clouds and were thrown away by the snowy people. In comparison to other Emojis the driver also had a Dictaphone with himself. That's why the programmer sent him several important thoughts. Thus the driver had to record the voices of the first dictator and the other Emojis absolutely. The future dictator wanted to sit down in the bus. At the end all three high-ranking Emojis sat in the bus with Devil and his friends. They wanted to go to a city.
At this time several strangers looked at the bus with very envious look. That's why the bus could not go on. The first dictator wanted to look what was the problem. The whole conversation was recorded by the driver. Also other Emojis left the bus. The first dictator found out from the driver that he had one more camera. He wanted to take together with the Minister of Finance, the future dictator and Devil Emoji a reminiscent photo. The driver obeyed. Then all Emojis of the ketchup entrepreneur by the bus disappeared from the point of view of the first dictator. Devil, Minister of Finance, the future dictator and the present ruler remained alone in the black hole. In the meantime, the bus with the Emojis on a mountain landed in the right time zone. Then the bus within short time was put before the seat of the main lawyer in Emoji SMS. The temporarily ruling lawyer saw that suddenly a bus stood nearby. From this bus its driver ran. He knocked at the door. The main lawyer opened the door. The driver told and proved his statements with the help of the Dictaphone that the first dictator and the other Emojis were somewhere in another reality in Emoji. He showed the last photo. The main lawyer reacted made easier.
He loved evidence. Thus he showed very proudly on the state television that all three Emojis were in good health. Nationally there puzzled Emojis, why just these four Emojis had to experience adventure in the black hole.
By this second Devil with other three Emojis discussed, why just they should experience this. They had no notion.
The main lawyer sent the proofs to Pluto because he thought that programmers could use these infos. In reality the future king of Emoji together with three high-ranking Emojis had to experience something important. These Four tried to solve the riddle. Suddenly an invisible wall separated the Minister of Finance from other topical and future rulers. The first dictator was brought with his successors in a space with a big screen. There these Emojis had to sit down on their places. They got specifics. Later they saw how the future of Emoji will look in next decades. The first dictator saw that he should withdraw after 70 days in the office.
Then the second dictator was elected. Later Devil Emoji took over the dictatorship. Sometime came the demonstration against general tax duty. While the present and future rulers a future movie about Emoji looked, the Minister of Finance landed in a special restaurant of an university in Emoji List. There the Minister of Finance might observe several studying Emojis during food and afterwards. He saw, how these cheeky Emojis the forks, spoons, knifes or everything together in their pockets hid. He reacted very much angry that by the state sponsored restaurant so simply and without consequences was robbed. He made a slip with his return to install several surveillance cameras at these places. Moreover, he swore himself to adapt the taxes for these students after their study especially. The polluter-pays principle should be thereby strengthened.
At this time the famous scene was repeated: Fans of Devil Emoji pelt the first dictator again with old and stinking newspapers.
The dictator asked Devil: "Will you do really to me?"
Devil: "If stands thus on the programme, I can do nothing against it."
Then the second dictator reacted to his future as a ruler of the state and to his end in this office: "Devil, will you me really expel so improperly with old and stinking newspapers from the dictatorship?"
Devil: "If in this screen our future is promised thus, I would probably feel in addition constrained, that to make one day."
The Minister of Finance was brought at this second to three Emojis to the hall. He saw himself in the screen as a Minister of Finance and Minister for Economic Affairs in the times of commencement of Devil Emoji. At the end they heard loud applause in the screen. Then all four Emojis might leave the hall. After they saw, finally, the ground and the sun, a dark cloud fell on all four Emojis. They landed in a lift, which them from the black hole spat away. This time all four Emojis on a very yellow cloud lay somewhere.
They did not know that their adventure ended in the black hole. At the same time there ended an adventure, a new adventure began. The Minister of Finance shouted the other Emojis: "It is too yellow here!" The other Emojis agreed to him. They already forgot that they had high-ranking function in their country. Only Devil remembered the interesting future. At the same time he doubted his quick rise how was shown in the screen.

The adventures of the Emojis in the black hole

Story: The adventures of the Emojis in the black hole

The aim of the Emojis

Story: The aim of the Emojis



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