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The adventures of the Emojis in the black hole

The first dictator and his Minister of Finance landed after the last movement in the today's area of Japanese Emoji. Both high-ranking Emojis met several Japanese there. Unfortunately, they understood no Japanese. They were looked with strange looks. The first dictator was annoyed again that he landed with his Minister of Finance probably in old time of the port city. At least, Japanese called both unknown Emojis. The haughtiest Minister of Finance absolutely wanted to reach to the spitting volcano. Finally, he wanted to take several triangular golden pieces. The first dictator thought that it was a good idea. That's why both elitist Emojis tried to find the famous volcano. In comparison to previous adventure did not pass the time so fast. This brought certain problems for both Emojis. Thus ice-cold winter began. The yellow sea froze. The first dictator said the Minister of Finance:" Look, what is there in orange?"
The Minister of Finance went with the ruling Emoji together to this place. There they found a drowned fox in the ice. Both Emojis strongly started to freeze. Finally, it was much colder in this past than in their normal time zone. The first dictator decided to release together with the Minister of Finance the got frostbite fox from his situation. For this purpose these Emojis looked for suitable aid. By this second the future second dictator tried to improve his reputation in the population among Emojis and aliens. Thus he decided the restriction of the power of the tax authority. Moreover, he intensified his visits nationally. He visited strategically important cities of Emoji. Thus he visited Emoji Keyboard. He promised to punish the criminals to the local population harder. Moreover, he wrote in completely capitals: The first dictator is automatically stripped of power if he does not return from the black hole within two days. The temporary dictator wanted to let this sentence write in the law book of Emoji.
For this purpose he contacted the main lawyer. The Emoji with the law book could reject cleverly every meeting with the temporary dictator. In the meantime, the temporary dictator tried to improve his reputation in the stronghold of the Horror Clowns. Thus he visited several monuments to honour of the First Horror Clowns in Emoji Meanings. Moreover, he worked in his speech as if he ran for election for quick elections of the second dictator. The future ruler chose just for his public appearance the monument to honour of the first April. He began his speech with the following touching sentence:" Some days ago the first dictator and the Minister of Finance disappeared in the black hole. Up to now both Emojis could be nowhere found. Even abroad an international searching order was placed. Up to now there failed all attempts of their return. The sad truth is that most probably both Emojis will never again return.
At this point I would like to dedicate the former ruling Emojis two minutes of silence."
Inside the temporary dictator thanked for the destiny which arose from these events. At this time the responsible programmer looked in Neptune the very self-confident and haughty speech of the future second dictator. He started to laugh at him in his room. He said completely loudly:" This dictator stands quite symbolically beside the monument of the first April. Now I want a surprise for millions spectators of his speech."
The programmer permitted an other joke to himself. He sent the black hole under the feet of the temporary dictator. After some time the future second dictator fell in the black hole. Many Emojis saw live on the state television how the third Emoji fell in the hole. At this time Monkey Emoji saw how the temporary dictator fell in the black hole. He informed his related Devil Emoji.
Stingy Emojis and aliens with Jupiter's roots rejoiced particularly. Finally, they thought that they had to pay no taxes after the earthquake in Emoji Meaning. In the country of the Emojis threatened a political crisis. That's why the main lawyer took over quite temporarily the governance up to the next elections. He was called not dictator, but gave himself the title of juridical state leaders. He said that he wanted to leave all laws for the next 30 days so. What concerned the tax authority, he said that the general introduction of the tax duty was shifted for all Emojis temporarily.
In the meantime, the future second dictator landed to both other Emojis. He said to them: "You also are here!"
The first dictator and his Minister of Finance welcomed the future second dictator in their team. Finally, they knew him from former political work. The future dictator said both Emojis that he spoke before beside the monument of the first April about the future of Emoji live. Suddenly he fell to already present Emojis in a black hole. He noticed it only when he was in it in the darkness. Then he fell to the already present Emojis. The Minister of Finance wanted to report about the present experiences to the future dictator. Three Emojis puzzled together over the exact reasons, why they had to fall in the black hole. Up to now the destiny these Emojis owed a detailed answer. Now, at least, they could go third to the next adventure.
The second dictator also wanted to use the chance. He wanted to go to the volcano. Finally, he also wanted to collect triangular golden pieces. Together with other Emojis he went to the volcano. Near the volcano walked a strange monk from the Uranus. He left his native country because he searched a completely lonesome life. By several detours he flew together with conquerors from the Venus to this area. The first dictator said to both Emojis: "I could not remember a strange traveller near the volcano." The Minister of Finance affirmed. In the meantime, the future dictator felt big hunger. He went to an alien from the Venus and took away his bread roll from his hands. The affected alien reacted furiously and tried to get back his bread roll. Among both partners a quarrel escalated. Suddenly several squirrels came to the arguing and started to bite them several times. Then they finished their conflict. At least, the squirrels took the bread roll. For them the bread roll was too big.
This is why it fell on the ground. By this second walked a hungry marten and ate the bread roll and disappeared. Emojis made friends with the monk and the alien whose bread roll the hungry future dictator took away. Emojis were thereby deflected by the collection of the golden pieces. Then three high-ranking Emojis were shifted to other future. They experienced the opening of the first linguistic school in the Japanese-speaking town. The linguistic talent After Adverb welcomed the first Emojis in his linguistic school. At that time many locals had to learn the circus language. At least, three Emojis were glad to experience the interesting events from old time personally.
The first dictator wanted to discuss even with the founder of the famous linguistic school. The founder was very ready to conversation for his luck. Finally, he thought that he could teach these three Emojis a language. This time these three Emojis concealed their exact identity. They did not want to be looked strangely.
Instead, they said that they came from a far away town to the area. Suddenly appeared before three Emojis and the linguistic school founder several protesting Emojis with long posters. Therein was demanded: "Away with the stingiest and haughtiest tax authority!"
Suddenly the Minister of Finance on a poster recognised his cheeky face. He reacted shocked: "Poop Emoji, this may never happen to you!"
The first dictator, the future dictator and Adverb looked at the Minister of Finance with an incomprehensible look. At the same time they recognised the Minister of Finance on a poster. At least, three Emojis felt that the demonstrators could come from any reality which could prophesy their future.
Suddenly three Emojis landed somewhere at an unknown place. They saw how a visitor of a restaurant threw a burning candle in the waste bag, then a big fire began. All eating aliens were evacuated fast and successfully. Within short time three Emojis saw a court hearing. In it the owner of the burnt restaurant was condemned to a compensation for the renter of the house.

The elitist assurance received unlimited protection for the defence of its stinginess. Therefore the owner of the restaurant was condemned judicially in favour of the stingy layer of Jupiter. When Emojis saw this judgment, they understood that they were in the stingy Jupiter. Finally, the legislator protects rather the assurances than the insured persons. After this event three Emojis on a big highway over the clouds were so placed that they could exactly recognise every driver and his passengers. The Minister of Finance observed the drivers especially exactly. He noted well wearing a seatbelt dolls with many drivers. Then he saw how these drivers were probably stopped by policemen. The first dictator supposed the reason of the doll transport with a special tax for single drivers and for drivers with several passengers a sort of compulsion. The Minister of Finance praised the first dictator for these interesting thoughts. He wanted to transfer this idea on Emoji. After this adventure all three Emojis over the clouds were shifted in the quick tempo.
The Minister of Finance was made wet by a grey cloud. Moreover, the stinking Emoji with a special shampoo was given a shower. Then all three Emojis were dropped. Suddenly there sat these Emojis on a softy felt mountain. They thought that they really sat on a mountain. In reality they sat on the back of a dinosaur in Star Emoji. They tried to find the sense of their trip in the black hole again. Suddenly the dinosaur got up. Emojis reacted shocked. They would never have dreamt in their life of the fact that they could sit quietly on the back of a dinosaur. Nevertheless, they tried with all forces to keep to the back of the animal. This failed. Then they fell on the filthy ground. A small dinosaur cleaned all three Emojis with his tongue. Finally, the local earth was sweet a little bit.
At this time the main lawyer decided to begin a more intensive cooperation with the advanced aliens in Pluto after the disappearance of three Emojis. The aim should be the return of three Emojis to their time zone from the black hole. In Pluto responsible aliens accepted this wish of the Emojis. They wanted that the first dictator and both other Emojis experience something else in their adventure, before they would bring these high-ranking politicians back to the power. However, this was not communicated directly because of possible misunderstandings to the main lawyer.
By this second the elitist Emojis had to live on several plants. They followed their models, the dinosaurs. They ate the same plants like the majority of the big animals.

Continuation of the adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

Story: Continuation of the adventures of the first dictator and the Minister of Finance in the black hole

The fall of the fourth Emojis in the black hole

Story: The fall of the fourth Emojis in the black hole



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