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The handlings of the Emojis with race discrimination

Several tourists from different parts of Mars wanted to visit in Emoji above all the most famous tax authority in Poop Emoji. At this time stood the student called Emoji Guide at the airport and welcomed new tourists. He had on this day freely from his study. The aliens from Mars looked especially well-to-do. So Guide thought that he could earn a lot of money by the accompanying of these tourists. Immediately he concentrated upon them. By a conversation with them he found out that they wanted to visit the most famous tax authority of Emojis absolutely. Guide organised a rent bus for this purpose. Several local Poop Emojis had to get their binoculars from their pockets when they saw remarkable tourists from Mars. Suddenly these aliens started to enquire the local Emojis more exactly. They could not calm down. They insulted the Poop Emojis into their language. Guide understood no word.
This is why he reacted into international language to these talks. He asked them whether everything was okay. They wanted to look decent and affirmed. After a short time Emoji Guide parked the bus near the famous tax authority. There he knocked at the door. Two working Poop Emojis opened the door. When these tourists saw these Poop Emojis with their eyes, they could not look at them at all. Finally, aliens were valid in Mars especially racist and xenophobic. They rather looked at their prospectuses. Emojis felt these tourists as deaf. In the meantime, Emoji Guide took every contact with other Emojis. Thus he explained to them that he wanted to visit the famous tax authority with these tourists. At this time the uppermost tax collector and Minister of Finance came to the Emojis and tourists. He found out from his employees that these were well-to-do guests from Mars. He spoke first with Emoji Guide. Then the Minister of Finance wanted to shake the hands of the tourists. This was valid as a friendly greeting of the visitors.
The xenophobic aliens could renounce at the sight of the Minister of Finance not their xenophobia. Thus they spitted in their hands, after they touched the hand of the haughtiest Emojis. The Minister of Finance felt this as big insults of a high-ranking state politician. So he commanded the payment of all bank notes in the mouth of the tax authority for insults. In the meantime, Guide tried to defend his tourists. Finally, they owed to him one more payment for his service as a tour guide. The Minister of Finance said that, firstly, the tax authority afterwards all the other obligations come. At least, Guide got 100 coins from different areas of Mars. The rest landed in the tax authority. Moreover, the offenders from Mars were indicated at the elite police according to emergency. The first dictator got to know from his Minister of Finance about the unexemplary behaviour of the tourists. That's why he commanded to the gathered lawyers an urgent meeting on the subject "Race discrimination of the Emojis by strangers".
Most lawyers who come mainly from the town of the mightiest tax authority wanted hard punishments for tourists. Finally, they did not want to tolerate a specific immoderate behaviour.
That's why a defender of the rights of the minorities from Star Emoji wrote in the law book: § Discrimination of the Emojis or other beings in the state of Emoji is expressly forbidden in all areas of life. With suspicion on discrimination of the race with job search, acquisition of a thing, residence changes, to educations and all other areas that who offends against the law with prison sentences of at least 420 days can be punished for light cases with hard labour. By heavy offence a least punishment of 1222 days can be granted judicially with hard labour.
The law of the protection against race discrimination was valid in Emoji in comparison to other states than especially hard. So hard punishments were nowhere granted. The reason for the law was that Emojis were ordinarily no people of the race discrimination. Foreign aliens might get into Emoji even easily in the urban politics. Strangers often had even leadership positions in the city administration.

According to the urgent decision of the law against race discrimination tourists from Mars were condemned to a prison sentence of 2222 days. By very strong hard labour these tourists could get free earlier from the prison. At least, the arrest of the tourists led to a state crisis between Emojis and several countries of the planet Mars. In particular the north and the south of the planet threatened Emoji with an attack. They wanted to send together tanks and other war materials to Emoji.
They did this. Several tanks came with hard armed soldiers in the city of Emoji Symbols. The local population reacted anxiously and alarmed the local police. Policemen alarmed the army. Thus the first dictator got to know about this conflict. He knew that only Emojis could not go forward against strong Mars. Finally, Emoji was after the end of the Circus Union only in its reconstruction phase. That's why the first dictator contacted the defence minister of Uranus. The problem was that Uranus was in an intensive continuing education. That's why the first dictator tried to claim the help of Jupiter. Basically Jupiter explained its readiness for the prevention of the conflict with Mars and Emojis.
A condition was that the amusing people lower their currency massively in comparison to the Jupiter's. Investments should thereby become much more favourable in Emoji for stingy investors. The problem for the first dictator was that he had no time for negotiations. That's why he tried to request the help of Neptune and Pluto. Both planets accepted. In comparison to Pluto, Neptune reacted very aggressively against Mars. Two biggest states of Mars were bombed straight in their military locations. While Neptune attacked the inside of Mars, Pluto dealt with the really come and stationed soldiers in Emoji. They were reprogrammed gradually so far that they could cause no damages. Suddenly soldiers from Mars stood before Emojis as closed. Then several programmers sent several commands to brains of the soldiers which they motivated to the return. In the meantime, both affected states insulted Neptune as an aggressor. Nevertheless, tourists could sit out their entitled punishment because of discrimination after these events easily. Because of their defeat tried aliens from Mars to send several drones with dangerous contents to Emoji. They wanted to provoke no other conflict with Emojis in their name.
Instead, they wrote diligently on the drones "Made in Venus" or "Made in Mercury". Several drones flew to the dusty city of Emoji Meanings. Because of a lot of local Horror Clowns many drones with water pistols were shot. Also several persons responsible for sure flights disturbed these unidentified flying objects. The problem was that by the firing the drone exploded in the air. This caused additional dust in the very dusty town. At this time the first dictator visited this city. He wanted to meet Emojis and the urban guidance. Suddenly several gigabytes of dust of an exploding drone fell on the first dictator. He started to get angry. On a part he found the heading: Made in Venus. This was very strange a little bit for the ruler of Emoji that Venus suddenly allowed to fly over the clouds of his state. That's why he wanted exact investigations of his department for the protection of the Emojis against external spying.
At this second the Minister of Finance left his tax authority. Outdoors it rained very strongly. By the strong rain a drone fell on the head of the haughtiest Emojis. He suffered light headaches.
In his drone he found the heading: Made in Mercury.
Later he still found several drones on his way who should be also produced in Mercury. He collected these drones. Then the Minister of Finance informed the first dictator about his experiences. Because of the suspicion of a cooperation of Mercury and Venus against Emoji the first dictator commanded an extensive investigation. For this purpose he asked his assistant whose roots were from the Mercury. The attentive assistant recognised immediately that the material not at all existed in his native country. He flew to Mercury and intensely questioned the different traders about these drones. Most traders knew no drones at this time. By his other investigations a local alien said that he saw such drones during his research project in North Mars. After this knowledge the assistant presented his results to the first dictator. The first dictator reacted so angry that electrified clouds of Emoji flew in quick tempo to North Mars. In short time an electrifying rain began in North Mars. This time all tanks completely for an exhibition in the museum were made useful. For other purposes tanks were useless. Beside the North South Mars also suffered the same destiny with the clouds. These events cured Mars not of its race discrimination. At least, they had to deal with their last defeats intensely.
Some Emojis spontaneously decided to fly with a balloon. An Emoji with roots from Mars let a Poop Emoji not in the balloon. The affected person threatened with a complaint before the court because of discrimination and a short time ago referred to the incident with the Minister of Finance. Because of fear of the loss of his job the employee let the before rejected go into the balloon.
While the flight with the balloon a group of aliens from Mars tried to kidnap the Poop Emoji from the balloon. The other Emojis could defend themselves successfully against the kidnapping of their friend. After this event the first dictator wanted to discuss with Mars its hatred for special Emojis. For this purpose organised tangerines a meeting between high-ranking Emojis and ruling politicians from Mars.
There politicians did agree not to tolerate their racism towards Emojis at least as tourists and publicly. The ruler of the tangerines was glad about the achieved success in his area. That's why he wanted to invite the high-ranking politicians to a big celebration. Emojis and aliens declined with thanks. Finally, they dealt enough. The first dictator praised the gathered lawyers quite officially for the good law of the protection against race discrimination of the differently looking Emojis or aliens. For the prevention of similar cases distributed Mars to all tourists before the departure suitable pamphlets, so that they would have no fear of Poop Emojis. The first dictator wanted to celebrate his success with the musician Monkey Emoji. Thus he ordered him for a private concert after the end of his working day.

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