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The handlings of the Emojis with race discrimination

Several tourists from different parts of Mars wanted to visit in Emoji above all the most famous tax authority in Poop Emoji. At this time stood the student called Emoji Guide at the airport and welcomed new tourists. He had on this day freely from his study. The aliens from Mars looked especially well-to-do. So Guide thought that he could earn a lot of money by the accompanying of these tourists. Immediately he concentrated upon them. By a conversation with them he found out that they wanted to visit the most famous tax authority of Emojis absolutely. Guide organised a rent bus for this purpose. 🔝😎🛠️➡🦠👤➡️💞👤🥫⛏️⬆️🆓, ➡️🙈👤🖕♠️. ➡️💩👤➡️🙃👤🥫🛄. ➡️😻😍👤😀🥧📜💌📠. ➡️💟✨👤🛄.
Most lawyers who come mainly from the town of the mightiest tax authority wanted hard punishments for tourists. Finally, they did not want to tolerate a specific immoderate behaviour.
That's why a defender of the rights of the minorities from Star Emoji wrote in the law book: § Discrimination of the Emojis or other beings in the state of Emoji is expressly forbidden in all areas of life. With suspicion on discrimination of the race with job search, acquisition of a thing, residence changes, to educations and all other areas that who offends against the law with prison sentences of at least 420 days can be punished for light cases with hard labour. By heavy offence a least punishment of 1222 days can be granted judicially with hard labour.
The law of the protection against race discrimination was valid in Emoji in comparison to other states than especially hard. 😉⏱️⤵️🌺🌸➕💋.
💆‍♀️❌️💗💯💪👌😁🏅❗️🏆. Several tanks came with hard armed soldiers in the city of Emoji Symbols. The local population reacted anxiously and alarmed the local police. Policemen alarmed the army. Thus the first dictator got to know about this conflict. 😍🆕➡️👌💪👤❌️💡⏱️🪝➡️😳👤😷. ➡️🚀👤🥫➕🆕➡️😊👥💰️➡️🌝🏠️.
Instead, they wrote diligently on the drones "Made in Venus" or "Made in Mercury". Several drones flew to the dusty city of Emoji Meanings. Because of a lot of local Horror Clowns many drones with water pistols were shot. 😜➡️👤😘. 🙌❤️🙏➕🌟💩❤️💬🔥➕💕😮. ℹ️➕☎️➡️🙌💐👤🆕. 👥😍😘⬅️💖🌹👥⬅️💙👥👏👌⬅️⚙️➕🏃‍♀️💪👥⭐️😍💩⬅️👥❤💋⬅️🆓🙏🛠️👥❤️💪⬅️👥👍💩😊⬅️⚙️🆓. The first dictator wanted to celebrate his success with the musician Monkey Emoji. Thus he ordered him for a private concert after the end of his working day.

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