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What is the true meaning of the Emojis?

The first dictator visited an amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji. Of course he did this media-oriented. All important journalists had to go at the command of the first dictator in the religious capital of Emoji. During the prayer the ruler sat beside several local monks. Suddenly a big screen appeared on the front wall. In it every praying Emoji could see an unknown device. After 17 seconds appeared the title Emojis for Android. Then drawn Emojis were shown. The first dictator reacted very much angry and partially offended. He commanded a penal investigation against responsible monks. Finally, he thought that somebody wanted to 😍💭➕⬆️. 👱🚿➕😗. 💲🗑️➕🧱. 🔵⤵️🪥⤵️🪥🪥🛠️➕❤️⬆️.
The defender of the rights of the minorities in Emoji asked other present lawyers:
Who is, actually, an Emoji?
How do we define an Emoji in our legislation?
Before the gathered lawyers expressed themselves on this subject, a person from the future of the planet Earth appeared from the front wall. This person explained the Emojis exceptionally understandably: 💩👁️👍️🧹🛒🔂. 💲👜🕯️🏠️. By this second lawyers decided to define the concept Emoji in the legislation of the country officially:
§ An Emoji is an inhabitant of the country of the same name. As Emojis can be named to local aliens from all regions of the galaxy. Moreover, local Stars and Poops from the traditional city of Poop Emoji also belong to the local Emojis.
Special Emojis who have another divergent appearance are valid as Emojis.
With this formulation of an important law most spectators and the first dictator with his government were contented.
Secretly gathered lawyers wrote in the law book that Emojis on the planet Earth could be 🤔🎣⬇️🎶➕🧝. ➕☕️🕯️🧞🕯️⚫️👤👩🧑‍💼🕯️➕🛢️.
🙎🕯️💲1️⃣5️⃣+🧺🚿, 🧑‍🤝‍🧑➕💁➕🚿, ➡️👤🗣️❓️👤⬅️🚿. 👥⬅️🚶🚿➕🏪🚿🤣✂️👥⬅️🛒🧺➕😆💯➕❤️🕳️🧺🧹. For people this was a big riddle. Never there disappeared Emojis or other objects from the photos which were already taken up. After this trip in the past and a short visit on a device of the planet Earth all lawyers were without exception at home.


Must joint-stock companies be checked in Emoji by third?

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Why were Emojis created?

Story: Why were Emojis created?



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