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What is the true meaning of the Emojis?

The first dictator visited an amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji. Of course he did this media-oriented. All important journalists had to go at the command of the first dictator in the religious capital of Emoji. During the prayer the ruler sat beside several local monks. Suddenly a big screen appeared on the front wall. In it every praying Emoji could see an unknown device. After 17 seconds appeared the title Emojis for Android. Then drawn Emojis were shown. The first dictator reacted very much angry and partially offended. He commanded a penal investigation against responsible monks. Finally, he thought that somebody wanted to laugh to itself at him. Local Emojis defended their monks and their religious city. Finally, nobody was able for such magic. That's why the dictator tried to question known magicians about this phenomenon. Nobody could help him. Later the first dictator visited the same amusing house in Heart Eyes Emoji again.
Next time appeared again the same picture on the front wall. This time aliens made even other interesting programming in the events in Pluto. Already after the first incident discussed Emojis intensely their true identity with each other. Suddenly there came a transparent being who was easily visible for Emojis from the movie about Emoji. That is the fact that transparent being jumped out of the screen to the Emojis. It said that on the planet earth will be used one day Emojis as a picture language. The first dictator and other Emojis required exact description where this planet was. Moreover, the dictator considered business relations with the biggest states of the planet as far as possible prematurely to be based. This plan failed because no one could think at this time about Emojis, although Emojis lived on the planet Halloween for a long time before their official appearance on the planet Earth. (Like all undiscovered people or natural laws)
The transparent being explained the present Emojis that on the planet Earth Emojis will be used only as a picture language. Real Emojis will be accepted there as animated pictures. The first dictator explained thereon: I am a real Emoji!! Also other millions of Emojis are real!!
We must inform of this these people so. The transparent being explained the Emojis that people will communicate with their faces and expressions.
The ruler commanded to the gathered lawyers to deal juridical with the true meaning and the identity of the Emojis. Thus they should compile a law which would exactly describe what or who is an Emoji.
Several defenders of the minorities in Emoji feared that a discriminating definition would be compiled by this new law. That's why they threatened with protests, although in the state of the Emojis basically no discrimination of the minorities was usual. Foreign aliens often had no problems to settle down among Emojis.
The situation for Emoji Poops was problematic. They were often discriminated by other rulers.
Because of this special legislation all professional Emojis went to the religious town of the famous monks. There they decided in an amusing house to deal with the identity of all Emojis.
The defender of the rights of the minorities in Emoji asked other present lawyers:
Who is, actually, an Emoji?
How do we define an Emoji in our legislation?
Before the gathered lawyers expressed themselves on this subject, a person from the future of the planet Earth appeared from the front wall. This person explained the Emojis exceptionally understandably: You are the future language of our planet!!
The main lawyer asked this person who was he. This person said that really will be created in more than 2190 days first Emojis in Japan. He explained the lawyer that Japanese had something else of Emojis from old times with themselves in their subconsciousness. That's why Japan becomes the first country on the planet Earth where Emojis will be created and become famous.
Gathered lawyers asked for this statement this person together: What does this information bring to us?
The person said: You should advertise actively and cleverly to your people. This will be of use to your tourism much later. The first dictator and his government did not take seriously these predictions. They refused to promote the marketing of the Emojis.
Finally, the elective government was a little bit doubtfully towards future predictions.
The first dictator and his government decided together not to recognise Emojis as a picture language.
For them Emojis were proud people usually in a good mood.
The gathered lawyers accepted together that Emojis are perceived in the future on the planet Earth as a picture language. By this second lawyers decided to define the concept Emoji in the legislation of the country officially:
§ An Emoji is an inhabitant of the country of the same name. As an Emojis can be named to local aliens from all regions of the galaxy. Moreover, local Stars and Poops from the traditional city of Poop Emoji also belong to the local Emojis.
Special Emojis who have another divergent appearance are valid as Emojis.
With this formulation of an important law most spectators and the first dictator with his government were contented.
Secretly gathered lawyers wrote in the law book that Emojis on the planet Earth could be recognised as a picture language by certain conditions. These regulations were so formulated that outdated Emojis could hardly understand this.
By a collision of several metal wires of Uranus and Pluto several lawyers disappeared in the past of the religious city of Heart Eyes Emoji. The lawyers could not believe their eyes. They see the most famous monk of Emoji from all times. It was the monk after whose name the town was called. They decided to ask him what it meant for him the identity of an Emojis.
Of course there reacted the monk with a strange look at the more modern Emojis. The suit of the lawyers betrayed that they came from another time.
The monk said that the laughter is a very important component of the Emojis. The positive mood of the Emojis distinguishes these people from other people. Then the monk apologised to the lawyers. He said that he had to go for the laughing prayer.
After some time a religious Emoji came to the lawyers and asked them where they lived. They said that they lived in the state of Emoji under the first dictator. The religious Emoji said that he meant not the country, but the city. He said that he was called Smell. It was the first city guide of the religious town. By this second realised Emojis that they completely landed at the beginning of the history of the town.
After the laughing prayer the monk came to the city guide Smell and the lawyers. They were interested in the life of the modern Emojis. The main lawyer and his occupational colleagues wanted to get to know, actually, more from the religious Emojis about their life. At the same time they asked themselves how they came generally to this past.
In spite of this situation Emojis from different times could build up unexpectedly good communication with each other. Everybody told the other about his normal life. After some time disappeared all lawyers from this time. Suddenly they appeared in the other past "future". This time Emojis met the famous monk who wanted to drive together with his donkey on a trip by the kingdom Emoji. The monk asked these lawyers who they all were. Emojis thought, actually, that the monk had to recognise them from previous conversation.
However, they remembered that they landed unplanned in his reality. That's why Emojis told him everything about the beginning from which reality they came. He said the lawyers that he wanted to go on a long trip through the country. That's why he did not want to be disturbed by foreign Emojis with his way. Suddenly a strong wind began. All lawyers landed in the burial of Smell. The monk prayed for the dead first city guide. Moreover, there stood an active Neptune's alien called Biky. He said something. The gathered lawyers felt a certain honour that they might experience something what their history teachers in dull books told them at school once.
Suddenly the time turned in the quick tempo. The lawyers saw how the monk Heart Eyes Emoji was occupied to bury an other dead city guide.
Later gathered lawyers left in the time of the construction of the houses from limestone's. At that time local Emojis praised the clever city guide Baton from Deimos.
A defender of the rights of the Emojis wanted to know about the city guide how Deimos discovered the small settlement. Baton explained that his team and he dealt a lot. That's why he said that Emojis should ask later their questions.
Some lawyers longed for experiencing the opposition of the minority against the majority. Thus lawyers landed in the middle of the war between Emojis and Saturn's aliens.
Both war parties did not understand, where from these strange Emojis came. Thus Saturn's aliens fled to their native country. The local soldiers and policemen praised the unknown Emojis for their unexpected support. The city guide Backton wanted to give the peace prize to the lawyers.
During the ceremony of the recognition of their achievement, aliens in Pluto and Uranus repaired their metals. By this second the proud lawyers disappeared out of sight of the Emojis of that time.
Instead, they landed on the planet Earth in a smartphone of a person. The owner of the smartphones wanted to produce one more Selfie for Social media profiles. On the photo this person noticed several unknown Emojis. Strangely, thought the user. Then he sent this Selfie to his friends worldwide. These photos were passed on several times. The lawyers felt that they were shifted by a place to the other. It was disagreeable for them. Finally, they wanted to land in their time in their country.
An informatics professor in Pluto reproved those who repaired the metal. By his intervention the suffering of the gathered lawyers ended in the device of a person. Then there disappeared all Emojis from all Selfies. For people this was a big riddle. Never there disappeared Emojis or other objects from the photos which were already taken up. After this trip in the past and a short visit on a device of the planet Earth all lawyers were without exception at home.


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